Green Sac Shroud Part 5: Insect Master

Seeing this, Da Yan shook his head and said with a smile: "The pig demon has been beaten back to its original form, and its hundreds of years of cultivation have been lost, so there is no demon core in its body."

Xiaojian silently looked at his mother's broken body on the snow, couldn't help feeling sad, and sobbed with tears streaming down his face.

"Let's go with the old man now, I will send someone to take care of your mother's funeral." Dayan comforted her softly.

Xiaojian didn't talk to him, but just kept crying, his lonely and helpless appearance made people feel pity.

"Little girl, think about it carefully. The old man is leaving first, and someone will come to help take care of you soon." Da Yan sighed, took the painting scroll and the dog's teeth and jumped onto the ridge of the roof, disappearing in an instant.

"Mom, Xiaojian is the only one left now, woo…" The more she thought about it, the sadder she became, and finally she burst into tears.

A figure flashed across the courtyard wall and silently came to her.

"Aha!" Xiaojian raised his face when he heard the footsteps, and stared at the person in front of him in surprise.

"Well, my lord asked me to take care of you," Ah He helped Xiao Jian up, and comforted him, "It's cold, so let's go into the house first, and I'll take care of it here."

Xiaojian was at a loss in his mind, and after walking two steps, he seemed to suddenly think of something, so he quickly turned around and ran to the eaves, carefully searching the snow with his eyes, and whispered in his mouth: "Woo hey, shit, Woohoo hissing…"

"Hiss…" came a faint cry from under the bushes.

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Xiaojian hurriedly pushed aside the dry branches, and saw Grandma was shivering from the cold, snuggling up in Ashura's arms to keep warm. The two Gu worms were scorched black all over, their wings were burned off, and they looked like they were in a state of embarrassment and pitiful desolation.

She carefully stretched out her fingers and picked them up, holding them in the palm of her hand, and then took a few breaths of hot air towards the two of them, and led them back to the bedroom.

Xiaojian found a small matchbox from the drawer, put two Gu worms into it gently, and then healed them with the healing witch spell in "Corpse Gu Technique".

Ashura and Grandmother looked at her gratefully…

Ah went to the front yard and opened the gate, and a van was parked under the steps.

Zuozi quickly jumped out of the car, followed Ah'he to the courtyard, first carried the chief's body out, then carried a body bag, squatted on the snow to enshrine Dongdong's broken body.

"Ouch…" At this moment, I heard a slight groan coming from the corridor in front of the living room. It was the servant who woke up.

Zuozi walked over with a blank expression, snapped his neck, and then picked up the body and threw it into the van. Ah He pulled out all the plume and feather arrows on the ground, carried them all into the car, and then came back to clean up the traces in the courtyard.

The old monk Wuyu had been burnt to death by the Nightmare Wheel, not even his ashes remained. A generation of eminent monks who had attained the Tao just because of a trace of covetousness, ended up like this in the end, which is enough to make the world sigh.

In the early hours of the morning, Ah He returned to the bedroom after cleaning up the courtyard, and returned the Bayi-style pistol to Xiao Jian.

"Master, the yard has been cleaned up, and the three corpses have been transported away. Your mother's body will be properly buried, and I will take you to the memorial service in two days." Ah He stood in front of Xiao Jian's bed with his hands down , said respectfully.

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Xiaojian had already recovered from the tragic accident tonight. She sat cross-legged on the bed and meditated for a moment, then asked, "I told you to keep an eye on Youliang, how is the situation now?" , speaking calmly, quite like his father Huang Jianguo back then.

"It's Qingsang Corpse Clothes 2 Ghost Pot , Master," Ah He replied, "You Liang is still staying at Uncle Han's house temporarily, but two new boys have arrived recently, who seem to have a close relationship with him in the past. We talked for several days until late at night. During the day, I went out occasionally to inquire about the whereabouts of Ghost Claw and Wuyu old monk, but obviously there is no result yet."

"Two children, who could they be?" Xiaojian was quite confused.

"Their origins are unknown, and they have never been seen before." Ah He replied cautiously.

"Now this girl is clear that the White Light Nightmare is a Gu. As far as you know, besides the Forbidden City Qianqing Palace, does he have other places to stay?" Xiaojian asked thoughtfully.

"There must be, but the lord never mentions it, and his tone is very tight." Ah He shook his head.

"Okay then, my girl is going to sleep, you can go to another room to rest." Xiao Jian yawned.

"Master, take a good rest, Ahh will leave first." Ahhh said respectfully, then turned around and went out, and gently closed the door.

Xiao Jian watched her leaving back and let out a long sigh.

In "Dunhuang Nightmare Picture", she and Ghost Claw used the profound witchcraft in the second half of the "corpse Gu technique" to drive the corpse insects to seize the seven corpses and achieved complete success.

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While waiting for the re-opening of the painting scroll, Xiao Jian secretly used the "corpse voodoo technique" to instigate rebellion and control Ah He. carry. Therefore, when analyzing who stole the painting scroll and dog tooth, she always aimed her suspicions at Ghost Claw and Wuyu Old Monk, resolutely put aside Ah He, and hid this in her heart as a little private secret. As the undercover agent I placed next to the Gu people, there may be a day in the future when Xiaojian can easily steal the ghost pot with only his own strength, which makes Brother Youliang astonished.

"Mom…" Xiaojian looked at his mother's cold bed beside him, and tears could not stop flowing down.

After a long time, she stopped crying, took out the two demon pills, held them in her palm, and looked at them carefully over and over again. Dayan said that it was formed by the worm monster's hundreds of years of cultivation. If you take it, you can increase your skill, but you don't know whether you should eat it. If you eat it badly, you will have diarrhea.

Suddenly, Xiaojian felt something was different. After holding his breath and meditating, he finally found that there seemed to be a weak suction in his lower abdomen, which rose along his body to his arms, and then followed the meridian to the palm of his hand. Sucking the energy of the demon pill…

She was very surprised in her heart, could it be that the Yao Pill does not need to be swallowed, but just holding it in the palm can increase the skill?

Little Jian didn't know that the "Bardo Sucking Dafa" that had been dormant in her body was finally unable to bear the temptation of the energy of these two demon pills, and was automatically awakened…


In the early morning, there were sparse fireworks and firecrackers not far from the city. At this moment, Xiao Jian realized that the Chinese New Year was coming soon.

In her palm, a ray of warm qi slowly flowed into her Laogong acupoint, this acupoint is also known as "Ghost Road", which is the ghost gate of the Pericardium Meridian of Hand Jueyin.

The tyrant leech and the Satsuma ninja jumping spider are both insect demons who have cultivated for hundreds of years. True Qi can be quickly dissolved and used for her own use, adding to her cultivation base out of thin air.

As the suction power gradually strengthened, Xiaojian felt more and more zhenqi flowing in, and he could control the flow more quickly or slowly according to his own thoughts. Unknowingly, she gradually became proficient in the "Bardo Sucking Dafa", and the dantian under the lower abdomen was warm, as if a small stove had been built in, and she felt extremely comfortable.

Time is slowly passing by, and the morning light has appeared in the east, and the sound of firecrackers is "crackling" everywhere in the alleys of Shichahai. During this period, accompanied by the cheerful laughter of the children, the taste of the new year is getting stronger.

At this moment, Xiaojian suddenly woke up from meditation, looked down, and was surprised to find that the two demon pills in his palm had collapsed to the size of a peanut…

She pondered in her heart, it seems that they have absorbed most of the energy by herself, so they have become smaller, but she wonders if her martial arts cultivation has improved?

Xiao Jian carefully stuffed the two smaller demon pills into his close-fitting pocket, preparing to continue sucking tonight. Alas, it would be great if he could have such a few catties of demon pills, maybe his martial arts would be able to advance by leaps and bounds, and he would definitely scare you Liang by then.

At this time, there was a light knock on the door, and Ah He said respectfully outside the door: "Master, breakfast is ready, do you want to eat now?"

"I'll come out." Xiaojian rubbed his eyes that hadn't slept all night. The strange thing is that he didn't feel tired at all, but he was very refreshed. This must be the effect of the demon pill, she thought.

There are soy milk and deep-fried dough sticks on the table, which Ah He bought early in the morning at a small stall at the entrance of the alley.

I remember that after waking up, my mother would help her wash her face, comb her hair and braid her hair, and prepare breakfast in advance, and then send herself to school, but now…

Xiao Jian suddenly felt sore in his heart, tears filled his eyes uncontrollably, and he almost couldn't help crying. She didn't move a last breath, put on a hooded parka, walked out of the gate alone, and went straight to Uncle Han's house along the Shichahai alley.

As soon as he stepped into the east wing of Uncle Han's house, Xiaojian couldn't help but burst into tears: "Brother Youliang, my mother and grandfather are both dead…"

"What's the matter?" You Liang heard that she just woke up was taken aback, and quickly told her to sit down and speak slowly.

"Ghost Claw and Monk Wuyubai came to my house last night…" Xiaojian cried and told what happened that night from the beginning to the end, but did not mention Yaodan and Ah He's undercover.

After hearing this, Youliang remained silent for a long while in shock…

Alas, Master Huang Jianguo was killed in the Grand Canyon of Western Henan, and now Dongdong died unexpectedly again. It was even more unexpected that the head would be taken away by Uncle Fei, and the scroll and dog's teeth fell into the hands of Baiguang Damai in the end…

"Xiaojian, you are alone now, so you can move to Uncle Han's house, and the big guy can take care of you." Youliang sighed sadly, this change is too sudden, it will take time Think about it carefully, and let Xiao Jian settle down first.

"No," Xiao Jian shook his head, "Da Yan wants to take me in as an apprentice, and only by staying with him can he have a chance to steal the ghost pot and scroll."

"No, it's too dangerous to do so." You Liang shook his head and flatly refused.

"It's so good, as long as the design is thoughtful, the little girl will not be in danger…" At this moment, a childish voice suddenly came from next to my ear.

Xiao Jian turned around and saw two boys standing at the door of the east wing, one was eleven or twelve years old, the younger was only six or seven years old, both wearing new clothes.

"Brother Youliang, who are they?" Xiaojian asked suspiciously.

"Old man Hu Bugui," the older boy smiled, pointing at the little boy who was only six or seven years old with a runny nose and said, "He is the junior Master Weng."

"You are so beautiful, you are definitely a beauty…" The little boy looked at Xiao Jian in amazement, even a snot bubble appeared in his nostrils, but his eyes were burning.

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