Chapter 70

These days, the Babaoshan Funeral Parlor has obviously strengthened the security. The criminal police of the city bureau and the sub-bureau have been investigating day and night, but they have not found any useful clues. Where did the body of the Japanese sumo wrestler in the ice coffin go?

The visiting delegation of the Sumo Association of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan successfully concluded their performance in the capital and returned home. Unfortunately, the body of the "Ozeki" level sumo wrestler Shinjiro who died of a sudden illness disappeared. The department was disgraced, so they issued a document requesting a deadline to solve the case.

On the second day after returning from Wuyuan, Director Zhang secretly met with Taoist Master Xu Feng of Baiyun Temple in Room 256 of the Beijing Hotel.

"Master Dao, have you heard about the theft of the body of a Japanese sumo wrestler from the Babaoshan Funeral Parlor?" Director Zhang asked him.

"I heard it a little bit." Xu Feng replied.

"This incident has had a very bad impact internationally. Hostile forces abroad have made a big fuss about the public security in the capital. The name of the deceased is Shenjiro. His elder brother will come from Iwate Prefecture in Japan in the near future. It is said that this person He is an onmyoji with a great reputation in Dongpu, and he wants to personally participate in the investigation of this case. But this involves the issue of national sovereignty, so the Ministry politely declined, but this person is likely to act behind our backs So, I would like to invite you, the 'five elements tracker', to go out again and watch him secretly, on the one hand to protect his safety, on the other hand to prevent him from messing around, and not to cause trouble out of thin air." Director Zhang said.

"What's this person's name?" Xu Feng asked.


"Can you speak Chinese?"

"I know a little bit, but it is said that it is very blunt, probably like the Japanese devils in the movie." Director Zhang chuckled.

Xu Feng pondered for a moment, then said: "Didn't there be a corpse robbery case in Babao Mountain last year?"

"Yes, Vice Minister Li personally solved the case and found the body of the old cadre from the abandoned mine in the west of Babao Mountain, but the criminal has never been caught. Therefore, the case of Shenjiro's body being stolen is very likely It was done by the same person, this time the Ministry has gathered some backbone criminal investigators to set up a special case team, and we must bring the murderer to justice." Director Zhang said.

"Then, where did Vice Minister Li get the information from? You don't even know who the perpetrator is?" Xu Feng asked.

Director Zhang smiled bitterly: "It is said that the information was provided by one of his insiders, so it is inconvenient to disclose it."

"May I ask Vice Minister Li to go to the inside to ask for information." Xu Feng said disapprovingly.

"The insider has disappeared."

"Been silenced?" Xu Feng asked in surprise.

"Eighty percent," Director Zhang said with a sigh, "Now we have to rely on ourselves."

Daoist Xufeng thought for a moment, and asked: "Where is the file of the last corpse robbery case? The poor Taoist wants to see it."

Director Zhang smiled slightly: "I knew it, so I brought the dossier, but I can only read it here, and I have to take it back later." After finishing speaking, he took out a yellow brown paper bag from his briefcase and handed it to Xu. The air duct is long.

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Xu Feng flipped through the file, looked at it silently for a while, then closed the file and handed it back to Director Zhang, and said to himself: "This veteran cadre is not light."

"What do you mean?" Director Zhang asked.

"Pindao is saying that the two corpses have one thing in common, that is, they are extremely fat." Xu Feng pondered.

"During the Puppet Manchukuo period, there was such a case in Xinjing. Many newly buried tombs were stolen, and all the corpses disappeared, and all the lost corpses were obese. In the end, the case was solved, and it was a group of thieves. Boil the fat from the dead body into human oil, then make human oil buns and sell them in the area of ​​Qima Road. It is said that the taste is extremely delicious, and there is an endless stream of people who go to buy them, and some are addicted to eating them, while others don’t even bother to buy them. Gu. Later, the Japanese gendarmerie lit sky lanterns for the gang of thieves in public, and this matter was recorded in the case files of the Manchukuo Police Department.” Director Zhang recalled.

Daoist Xufeng smiled lightly and said nothing.

At the Capital Airport, the departure hall is flooded with people.

Wearing sunglasses and a beige windbreaker on his elbow, Shinichiro walked out of the customs inspection channel alone with his suitcase.

"Excuse me, are you Mr. Shinichiro?" A police officer from the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security stepped forward and asked.

"Yes, Shenichiro is me." The other party spoke blunt Chinese.

"I'm a police officer from the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security. I'm taking you to the hotel now." The police officer said.

"Thank you." Shinichiro nodded, and followed him out of the airport hall.

Daoist Xu Feng was wearing a dark suit, standing in the crowd watching silently, exuding the faint fragrance of cologne.

The police car drove Shinichiro to the Beijing Hotel and stayed in Room 259, which is just across the corridor from Chief Zhang's safe house.

Daoist Xu Feng returned to safe house No. 256 and watched Shen Yilang nearby.

This incident probably has something to do with the Hakka nanny, Xu Feng thought to himself, this case happened a few days after she came to Beijing, she must have secretly stolen Shenjiro's body for You Liang to heal his broken arm. Sumo wrestlers are naturally extra fat, and they are the best material for making sweaty corpses. This Hakka nun is the zombie Taoist priest and four evil blood demons . Besides, no one will be interested in fat corpses anymore.

Daoist Xufeng smiled slightly, and thought in his heart, this kid Youliang would rather break his arm and give the little history left to Meiniang, for such a kind and righteous person, he should help him.

At the same time, in the opposite room 259, Shenichiro was sitting on the sofa with a glass of whiskey, thinking silently.

There are more than 100,000 surnames in Japan, but the nature of "God" is different. It is the surname of the yin and yang wizards of the ancestors. Shenichiro inherited the mysterious witchcraft of his ancestors. His Taoism is second only to Wakayama in the Japanese archipelago. Mr. Ghost Claw.

Yin-Yang Dao originated from Chinese Taoism, but it focuses on spells and is good at manipulating supernatural creatures. Such creatures with certain supernatural powers are called "Shikigami". The energy of a shikigami is related to the master's skill, and the Shenichiro family is the most prestigious yin and yang wizard sect in Dongying since ancient times.

He drank the spirits in his glass, and then opened the suitcase that was lying on the bed.

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There are two fossilized dog fetuses in the box, the size of a fist. The white one is called "Inugami" and is a shikigami who protects its owner. The other is bright red like blood and is called "Dog". "Ghost" has extremely high magical power and is rebellious. Once the master's own spiritual power cannot be suppressed by it, it may turn back and even eat the master. These two "Shikigami" are the ancestral items of the Shenichiro family, and it has been more than 300 years since the Edo period. This time, Shenichiro brought both Shikigami to China, because he knew that most of the theft of corpses was related to witchcraft, and China has been a country that believes in mysterious Taoism since ancient times, and there are many high-ranking hermits among the people, so it is not allowed. Can't prevent. Besides, not long ago, he visited Mr. Ghost Claw, the number one sorcerer of Yin and Yang in Japan, and he warned him that although the Chinese government promotes atheism, all kinds of witchcraft are not popular among the people. After all, it is something that has been passed down for thousands of years. Among them, the tall hermit, Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, must not be underestimated. Back then, the Dongying Corpse Sect went to mainland China, and finally led to the annihilation of the entire sect.

When he came to China this time, even though the Ministry of Public Security did not allow him to participate in the investigation of the case, how could he stand idly by? They have an old saying, "Cats have their way, and mice have their way." I, Shen Yilang, rely on the Japanese Onmyoji, and I am determined to find Shen Jiro's body and bring it back to Japan.

He put two fossilized dog fetuses and a pair of Shinjiro's thongs into his pockets, then put on a windbreaker and sunglasses and walked out of the room. He hailed a taxi at the gate of the hotel and headed straight for Babaoshan.

Shinichiro stepped into the funeral parlor compound, suddenly a gust of wind swept up the dust on the ground, and the smog filled his nostrils.

Bah, it's so dirty, China's capital is governed like this, how can it compare with the spotless Tokyo?

Shenichiro was thinking about it, but he didn't notice that Daoist Xufeng was jumping out of another taxi not far behind him, and then silently followed.

Babaoshan Funeral Parlor has a large area, and Shenichiro looked around to check the surrounding terrain, then walked under a big tree in the courtyard, sat on a stone chair and lit a cigarette leisurely.

At present, the most important thing is the motive of committing the crime. Shinjiro has never been to mainland China before, so it is impossible to talk about enmity with anyone. What's more, the folk custom here is that "the dead are the most important". If there is no special deep hatred, people will never steal the corpse of others. The only possibility is witchcraft. Shenjiro weighs a full five hundred catties, and it is very difficult to move. Why not choose a lighter corpse?

Chinese folk witchcraft needs to use obese corpses. I don't know about this. When I left Japan, I searched all the information myself, but there is still no record of this.

The mainland police are all atheists , zombies, priests, and four evil gorefiends . They will never suspect witchcraft, so the direction of the investigation was deviated from the beginning. If they follow their thinking, it will never be possible to find the murderer.

Now the only option is to use Shikigami to find the stolen corpse, he thought.

Shinichiro reached out and took out the white baggy thong, which was actually a loincloth, an old item found in Shinjiro's closet. Although it had been cleaned, his body odor still remained to some extent.

Then he took out the bloody "dog ghost" from his pocket, held it in his palm, made a seal with his fingers, and silently recited the pentagram mantra to wake up the "shikigami".

Daoist Xufeng hid in a bush of arborvitae, observing silently.

The dark red color of the canine fossils gradually became more intense and vivid. In Shenichiro's eyes, he could clearly see the canine fetus gradually transforming into a blood-red giant Tosa fighting dog, standing in front of him fiercely with his big teeth bared…

Shenichiro put the loincloth of the thong under the nose of the dog and sniffed it, and then the vicious dog raised its head to the sky and roared, then turned around suddenly, and roared straight to the foot of the west mountain.

However, Daoist Xufeng couldn't see or hear all of this. He was just surprised to find that Shenichiro was holding a pair of white underpants shaking strangely in his hand, and then he got up and walked towards the west of Babao Mountain.

In Director Zhang's case file, the body of the missing veteran cadre was found in a mine at the foot of the West Mountain, and there were photos attached. Could it be that Shenjiro's body will be hidden here again? The elites of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security never dreamed that the perpetrators would reuse the hiding place. This is the blind spot of people's thinking. The more unsafe the place, the safer it is. Thinking of this, he really admired the Hakka nanny.

Daoist Xufeng is known as the "Five Elements Tracker" in Jianghu, and he is best at tracking. At this moment, he is quietly following Shenichiro without showing a trace.

At the foot of the West Mountain, there are some abandoned mines left over from the big steel smelting. Shinichiro stood down, and saw in his eyes that the dog ghost was lowering his head and sniffing the ground, so he waited quietly. He knew that the body of Shinjiro was hidden in a certain mine on the hillside.

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