Shadow Dance

Fei'er and Meng Yu had a fight.

The golden couple eventually broke up.

The reason for their breakup was simple. There were only a few months left in the city dance competition. Feier wanted to dance the dance they were best at, but Meng Yu insisted on doing a brand new one. He had been acting strangely recently, which made her think that this disagreement was just a cover for a breakup.

Sure enough, he gave her a CD and then left her resolutely.

She cried hard and put his final gift to her into her computer.

This is a video of Duan Mengyu dancing with a girl. The girl in the dance is blindfolded and very charming. Meng Yu follows behind with a loving expression.

The meaning of this dance is to show that lovers are inseparable, but there is a hint of sadness in it. The two people in the dance cooperated extremely well, were emotional and full of beauty. If they participated in the competition, they would definitely win the championship.

Mayfair watched the video with sadness . When she turned around, she found a letter on the table, with familiar handwriting on it: Meet in the rehearsal room at nine o'clock in the evening to rehearse the dance.

The rehearsal room was dark, the wiring seemed to be broken and there was no way to turn on the lights.

You came.

Well, it's so dark, how can I practice? She didn't know what to say and the atmosphere was awkward.

To get used to the dark, cover your eyes. A pair of gentle hands tied the blindfold on her back.

The graceful dance steps inspired her to miss him. Because they had broken up, although the two of them were close to each other, they felt out of reach.

The training ended in the morning light, and she took off her blindfold, only to find that he was gone.

Just like that, the game came as scheduled.

It was time for them to come on stage, but he was nowhere to be seen. At the last moment, she put on the blindfold nervously, and then she felt her hand being grasped tightly by him behind her. The two stunned everyone with their impeccable performances.

The solo dance "Shadow Dance" got the highest score in the competition! the host said.

Dancing solo? She hurriedly took off her blindfold.

She saw that she was the only one on the empty stage! The so-called shadow dance turns out to be a performance between people and shadows.

The aunt in the rehearsal room said that she was rehearsing alone during this period.

She was blinded all of a sudden. His clear voice and the real physical contact still stayed in her mind, but in fact they never happened. How could that be possible?

What made her even more incredible was that she found out after going to his house that he had passed away a few months ago. The girl in the video caressed his photo, her eyes red from crying.

A few months ago, he fell from a high platform and died while rehearsing his dance competition. Because I am his sister, he told me that I must give you the most beautiful dance.

Under the sun, the shadows behind her are in pairs, and the two shadows are holding hands tightly.

Breaking up is sometimes a kind of fulfillment.

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