The Yin Yang Face Of A Cat Chapter 44 Snowstorm Qing Dongling

The north wind is howling, and the sky is full of snow.

At the foot of Yanshan Mountain in Malanyu, two people walked in the wind and snow, supporting each other, trekking hard on the mountain road leading to Xiaoling, leaving two rows of deep footprints in the snow.

Since the fierce battle at the top of the West Mountain in Lintong, Shaanxi, Youliang and Erya, who were seriously injured, traveled northward day and night all the way, crossed the Yanshan Mountains with difficulty, and finally came to the foot of Changrui Mountain.

Where can I settle down in the long rivers and lakes? Youliang followed Erya's wish of "only thinking of a place where no one goes", and thought of the thousand-year-old tomb in the Eastern Tomb of the Qing Dynasty. Now it is safest to hide there to recuperate, not to mention that Erya will give birth in a few months, so there can be no more accidents.

At dusk, they climbed down to the bottom of the valley and came to the huge stone gate.

"It's finally here." Youliang looked down at Erya, whose head was covered with gray hair, and her face was wrinkled and distorted, feeling extremely sad.

"Brother Youliang, you have suffered." Erya stretched out her hand to caress Youliang's empty left sleeve, tears filled her eyes. The torn blue flowered jacket she was wearing was bulging on the chest, and there was a little monster baby hidden inside her body. If it was put in the rucksack, it would freeze to death.

"Erya, from now on, we will never be separated again," Youliang said softly with tears in his eyes, "and our child."

Arya touched her swollen belly, a happy smile appeared on her face, after going through all kinds of hardships, she was finally able to stay with Yuliang now.

Youliang pressed his right hand on the stone door, with true energy gushing out from his palm, and the heavy stone door slowly opened.

"Let's go." The two supported each other and walked into the passage of the ancient tomb, and the stone door behind them closed again.

The corridor was pitch black, Youliang opened his dark eyes, the scene was clearly discernible, he walked forward with Erya on his arm.

Suddenly there was a "buzzing" sound in my ears, from far to near, those nasty scorpion worms flew again. But when he came to him, he suddenly turned around and fled in a panic, probably because he sensed the nightmare aura on Erya.

The Yin soldiers behind the stone wall in the middle, the concubines of the Qing Dynasty arrested in the stone hall, and the undead from the Tangshan earthquake all disappeared. They disappeared with Huang Laoyan's soul flying away.

Finally came to the small stone room, Youliang lit the oil lamp, although the scenery inside was still the same, but things had changed. Right now, the twelfth lunar month is freezing outside the cave, but the underground tomb is as warm as spring.

Erya took out the living teacher's monster baby from her arms and gently laid it on the bed, pulled the quilt over it, and the little guy curled up into a ball and slept soundly, even purring lightly.

"Meow…" At this moment, there was a faint cry from inside the backpack.

"It's Meiniang, it's still alive!" Erya exclaimed in surprise. On the West Mountain in Lintong, Meiniang sacrificed her life for the Savior in a critical moment. here.

Youliang quickly put down the rucksack, untied the tether, and gently carried the heavy old female cat out.

Mei Niang trembled with that stump, and weakly opened her eyes, with two crystal clear teardrops on the corners of her eyes.

"Meow, meow" Meiniang called out with difficulty, as if she was in a hurry.

"What do you want to say?" Arara asked softly, stroking its mane.

Meiniang stretched out her good front paw tremblingly, and pointed to her mouth, her cheeks were bulging, as if they were swollen badly.

"Your mouth is very swollen, so stop talking." Youliang comforted it.

"Meow…" Meiniang became anxious, and roared hoarsely.

Erya felt strange, and after examining it carefully, she stretched out her hand and gently opened Meiniang's mouth, and pulled out a small celadon vase from one side of her cheek

"History!" Youliang exclaimed, he couldn't believe his eyes, the history of Hakka nuns would appear here.

Er Ya burst into tears of joy, hot tears welled up in her eyes, and sobbed excitedly: "Brother You Liang, your broken arm is finally saved."

Youliang was overjoyed in his heart, originally thought that "history" was lost in the melee in Lintong, and there was no hope of regenerating the broken arm. Looking at the dying Mei Niang, You Liang's eyes filled with tears, silently holding the blue and white porcelain vase in his hand, he didn't make a sound for a long time.

"Erya," Youliang finally seemed to have made up his mind, and said resolutely, "Without the blood ganoderma, your appearance can't be restored, and I would rather break my arm and be with you for the rest of my life."

"But why are you bothering?" Erya was in great pain when she heard the words, and tears were already streaming down her face at this moment.

You Liang said softly: "Both of us have disabilities, and neither of us dislikes the other. Isn't that good?"

"Meow" Mei Niang wailed weakly, panting heavily and wriggling hard, slowly spit out the bright red blood ganoderma, then tilted her head and passed out again

In an instant, Youliang and Erya were completely stunned.

With a "wow", Er Ya was filled with grief and joy, and then burst into tears.

Youliang carefully picked up the blood ganoderma lucidum that was covered with Mei Niang's saliva, and the tears couldn't stop flowing down.

During the bloody battle on the top of the Western Mountain, one of Mei Niang's front paws was cut off by the "Tianmendongkai" finger of the ghost baby Shen Caihua, and several ribs were broken by Momo's "Broken Arm Lixue", and her internal organs were also broken. Being severely wounded and displaced, he should have died long ago according to common sense. However, because of the blood Ganoderma lucidum in his mouth, although he fell into a coma, he saved his life, and now he is only extremely weak due to excessive blood loss. As the saying goes, "Good things are rewarded with good things", Mei Niang sacrificed her life to the Savior, and when she was dying, she hid the blood ganoderma that could cure the "corpse slough" for Er Ya, and in the end she also saved herself.

With tears in his eyes, Youliang silently watched this loyal old female cat, and said to himself: "Don't worry, Mei Niang, I will definitely save you too."

Without further ado, Youliang searched quickly, and found that the pots, pans, pans and other living utensils left by Feng Sheng, the original armor corpse, were still there, but there was no rice, flour, oil, salt and other things.

"Erya, you rest here now, I'll go pick up some firewood and come back." Youliang said and rushed out of the stone room.

At this moment, with the blood ganoderma in his hand, his whole body was filled with strength. First, he had to cook soup and decoct medicine for Erya to heal the corpse slough.

In Changrui Mountain at night, the wind and snow are still there, and the wind is biting.

He came to the nearby pine forest, picked up the dry pine branches that fell on the ground and were buried in the snow, and then clamped them under his arm with one hand. Alas, if I had healthy hands, I would definitely hug more.

Returning to the ancient tomb, You Liang came out with a dilapidated steel pot, scooped up a pot full of white snow, and then started to boil the medicine in the stone chamber.

Erya sat on the bed, looked at You Liang who was squatting on the ground decocting medicine, and hummed a folk song from her hometown softly: "Luo Luo, noodles. Pork, fan fan. Lamb, skewers. My baby is a lucky egg "

You Liang put the blood ganoderma into the pot, and the clear water immediately turned red, exuding a strong fungal aroma.

"It's really nice, let's sing one more." Youliang smiled.

"Shepherd's purse, white flowers, when the family (mother-in-law) dies, you are the head of the household. Grind flour, knead lumps (dumplings), pour spicy oil on the noodles, and see how you eat." Erya smiled mischievously, which was self-destroying After the first time so happy.

After the blood ganoderma was boiled, a bowl full was poured out. The soup was as red as blood, exuding bursts of tempting aroma. You Liang sat by the bed, held the bowl with one hand, and gently cooled the medicine juice with his mouth, then handed it to Erya Mao with a yin and yang face , watching her finish drinking the medicine little by little.

Erya put down the empty bowl and asked, "Brother Youliang, let's paint history on your broken arm now."

Youliang shook his head, and said firmly, "I must wait until you are fully recovered before treating you."

Erya sighed softly, with a cat's yin and yang face , and closed her eyes tiredly. The medicine took effect, and she fell asleep in a daze.

The bed in the stone room was not big, and Erya, the live teachers, Weiying and Mei Niang were already full of sleep, You Liang brought a wooden stool and sat by the bed, just looking at her, feeling warm and sore in his heart.

Erya was pregnant with her own child, and was seriously injured, and suffered a lot from the bumps and wanderings along the way. From now on, she will risk her life to protect her mother and child.

You Liang turned to Mei Niang. This old female cat not only saved Er Ya, but also saved her own life in the void of the murals of the Drum and Ten Witches.

He stretched out his hands to test Mei Niang's heartbeat and breathing, and felt much calmer, and its fate was saved. At that time, Master Weidu cut off one of its hind legs with the "Zhi Lu Gui Xi" in the five Bodhidharma poses. Now the front leg on the same side has been cut off. Even if the body recovers, it will not be able to walk.

Just now Cai Liang opened the blue and white porcelain vase, and there is less than one-third of the history left in it, which is barely enough to smear his own broken arm, but if he wants to heal Mei Niang's two legs, there will be no more.

Youliang silently stared at Mei Niang who was in a coma. After a long, long time, he finally made up his mind. He took a broken kitchen knife left by Feng Sheng, burned it on both sides of the burning pine branch, and then cut gently. Remove the epidermis of Meiniang's severed hind legs and the blood scabs of her front severed limbs, clean up the wounds, and then carefully smear the history on them. After all the severed limbs were rubbed, the blue and white porcelain bottle was already empty, just enough, not a single drop.

Youliang wiped the sweat off his head. It was very difficult to do it with one arm, and it took a lot of time.

Not long after, he also sat on the stool in a daze and fell asleep.

There is no natural light in the underground tomb, so I don't know how long it has passed. Youliang woke up suddenly. The oil lamp wick in the stone room was beating slightly, and the orange light was shining on Erya's sleeping face.

He almost didn't cry out, the wrinkles on the Erya's face had completely disappeared, her gray hair became black and shiny, her skin was shiny and tender, and she had returned to her original appearance. Completely cured.

Feeling warm in your conscience, he leaned down and kissed Erya lightly on the forehead.

Meiniang is also still in a coma, and new granulation has grown on the wound of the severed limb that she smeared. A new limb has emerged.

You Liang touched his pocket, and there were some banknotes inside, which Erya carried. The money in his rucksack was given to Wu Fengjiao at the top of the West Mountain as travel expenses back to Xiangxi.

Glancing at Erya who was sleeping soundly, Youliang turned and walked out of the stone room. He was going to the Malanyu market to buy some grain, vegetables and meat. Both Erya and the child in her belly needed nutrition.

When he opened the stone door of the ancient tomb, he found that the blizzard had passed and the sun was overhead, and it was already noon.

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