Chapter 2 The Old Blind Man

"You're here." A deep voice came from the dilapidated shack by the Black Dragon Pool.

Youliang stood there silently.

"Why don't you talk? Have you figured out that you are willing to worship this old man as your teacher?"

"You're a blind man, how could you recognize me in the kitchen?" You Liang's tone was cold.

"Hmph, do humans only have two eyes?" The old blind man asked dissatisfied.


"No, there is also a third eye, located in the Yintang on the root of the nose, called the 'Tianmu', but it is invisible from the outside."

Youliang thought for a while, but he had heard the saying of "opening the third eye". Maybe the old blind man had this supernatural power, so he continued to ask, "Why did you look for me?"

"The old man is proficient in arithmetic, so he can naturally calculate his own destiny. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this person at this moment on a certain day of a certain year."

"What about my destiny?"

"I will know in the future." The old blind man chuckled.

"I am willing." You Liang knelt down on the ground, and knocked his head three times in a row, "Dong Dong Dong", he decided to end the life of living in the kitchen of Foya Temple for several years.

"Haha, from today onwards you are the second generation descendant of 'Ghost Willow', come in." The old blind man laughed happily.

"Only the second generation?" You Liang was surprised.

"Isn't the second generation not good?" The old blind man said proudly, "This old man has created a lot of things on the basis of the ancient 'Thirteen Needles of the Ghost Gate', 'The blue is better than the blue', of course it is a self-supporting school. "

You Liang said nothing more.

"'The Thirteen Needles of the Ghost Gate' was created by Zhang Daoling in the Eastern Han Dynasty, who was later called Tianshi Zhang by the common people. Since ancient times, it has been a secret of the Yixuan family. Because of cause and effect, needles have been banned in all dynasties." The old blind man explained.

Youliang listened silently.

"The old man's surname is Liu, and his name is Shisan. In the early years, people in the Jianghu called him 'Liu Shisan '. But every 'Thirteen' is very mysterious. Earthly branches are divided into twelve attributes. , There are twelve hours in a day, why not twelve needles at the gate of ghosts but one more needle?" Liu Shisan smiled mysteriously, "The thirteenth needle of ghost seal is the needle for killing ghosts, and the previous twelve needles are like It is the execution, and the last stitch is like the executioner's ghost knife cutting off the head, and the ghost is wiped out."

"Cure your hands." Youliang stretched out his hands.

"There is no medicine at hand now, it will take a while, you have to read and memorize this first." Liu Shisan took out a yellowed booklet from his arms and handed it to him.

Youliang took it and saw that it was a thread-bound book called "Thirteen Needles of Shunzhi Ghost Gate".

"It tells about the causes of Baixie's madness and the corresponding acupuncture points. I will teach you the secret method created by Master in the future. Don't let anyone know about it. In addition, remember to bring some food to Master every day." Liu Thirteen exhorted and said.

Youliang nodded, turned and left the shack and returned to the temple.

It was night, and You Liang was reading at night in the ear room of the Sutra Library, which was arranged for him by the abbot, the old monk Weidu, who took care of his disability.

Opening the title page, there is a picture of a naked human body, with the words "Sneaky and Crazy Acupuncture Map", accompanied by a song "Song of Medicine King Sun Simiao Acupuncture Thirteen Ghost Acupoints":

"Hundred evils and madness are the disease, and the thirteen ghost points are recognized.

The body of every needle is first ghost palace, and the second needle ghost letter is all over.

Acupuncture and moxibustion are performed one by one from the beginning, men from left to women from right.

One needle stops in the ghost palace, and the needle comes out from the lower left needle and the right needle.

The second needle is designated from the big hand, and three points are pierced in Guixin acupoint.

Three needles were designated from Zuda, and two points were stabbed at Guilei point.

Four needles at the Daling point on the back of the palm, five points into the ghost heart.

The five-needle Shenmai is a ghost road, and the fire needle is seven burnt up and down.

The six needles need to find the Dazhui, and enter the famous ghost pillow one inch into the hair.

Five points below the earlobe of the seven needles are called ghost bed needles to be warm.

The eight needles bear the name ghost market, from the left to the right, you can remember clearly.

Nine Needles Laogong is a ghost cave, and Ten Needles Shangxing Ghost Hall is named.

There are three strong cracks under the eleven shades, and the head of Nvyumen is hidden by ghosts.

Twelve Quchi are ghost ministers, and the fire needles still need to be seven burnt.

Thirteen The tongue is in the middle of the tongue, and this acupoint should be named Shiguifeng.

The two sides of the hands and feet are facing each other, if you meet a fox's lair, you can only pass through it.

This is the true secret formula of the medicine king, and the rampant evil spirits will disappear without a trace. "

Under the oil lamp, I wrote down the names and locations of the thirteen ghost caves with good intentions, and then read them page by page, and I still didn't feel sleepy until the middle of the night.

The book mentions that "Hundred Evil Mania" can be divided into two types: middle evil and middle demon. People suffering from evil spirits often experience auditory, visual and hallucinations, which are called "ghost upper body" among the people. Ordinary ghosts are not very provocative to people in the world, but some unjustly dead souls are very vicious and often easily harm people. Among the demons, demons are animals that become spirits, such as "grey and white yellow willow foxes" are mice, hedgehogs, weasels, snakes and foxes. After all, there are very few animals that become spirits. Most of them accidentally eat some fairy grass or inhale the moonlight. They must first learn various bird calls, then imitate human speech, and finally possess humans. After these demons took possession of the human body, the host's temperament changed drastically, and some were particularly willing to drink tea and talk about scriptures with people, and learn knowledge from them. Some make the host possess small supernatural powers, such as the folk "immortals", who like to see and treat diseases for others, and even cooperate with Taoist priests of Maoshan Sect to cast spells, such as "Fuji" divination, or "pen fairy" "Psychic and so on, and never tired of it. There is also a kind of evildoer, attached to the body of young men and women, who specifically have sex with others to absorb yin or yang essence, so as to speed up their cultivation.

It turns out that there really are demons and ghosts in the world, You Liang closed the book and fell into deep thought.

The next day, after finishing the fire, he stole some steamed buns and vegetables, put them in a basket and sneaked out of the kitchen, detoured out of Foya Temple to Black Dragon Pool.

"Have you finished reading?" Liu Shisan asked while eating.


"Then you recite "Thirteen Ghost Cave Songs" to Master."

Youliang then recited it proficiently.

"Sure enough, your talent is good. Master has not misjudged you." Liu Shisan nodded in satisfaction.

"How did Goddess Liao die?" You Liang asked suddenly.

"Anyone struck by lightning dies before seeing the lightning, so she sees something else."

"What is it?"

"Have you heard of 'Nine Demons and One Nightmare'?"

Youliang shook his head.

"If a person dies with great resentment, he will turn into a ghost with strong resentment, or even a 'demon'. There is a folk legend of 'nine demons and one nightmare', which means that nine demons and one nightmare can be born in the world. Demons may not be able to form a Nightmare, and the nine demons combined cannot compare to the magic power and ruthlessness of a Nightmare."

Youliang couldn't help being stunned, he had never heard of it.

"The reason why 'Nightmare' is rare is that the conditions for its formation are too harsh. There must be enough resentment to keep it cohesive. Only when large-scale people die miserably, can they form a nightmare."

"Yan killed her?" You Liang said to himself.

Liu Shisan smiled and looked at him.

In the next few days, Youliang studied hard, forgetting to eat and sleep, until he memorized "Thirteen Needles of the Ghost Gate of Shunzhi" by heart.

In Foya Temple, the nympho patients who came to see the doctor were as usual, and the undu old monk still used his own internal strength to force out evil things. He was really tired every day, and he looked much older. Most of the monks in the whole temple looked down on the young monk, thinking that he was just a fire-worker novice with disabled hands and a mute. The Buddhist monk who can't chant sutras naturally looks different. Fortunately, the abbot Weidu has been covering him, so that he will suffer less. Supercilious.

Youliang secretly sent meals to Heilongtan every day. His status in the temple was low, so no one paid attention to him.

"What you are learning now is just the introductory kung fu of 'Ghost Gate Thirteen Needles'. After your hand is cured, the master will teach the exclusive secret technique of 'Ghost Gate Willow'." Liu Shisan told him.


"Then you need to find the Yaowang's tomb first and take out the 'Bitting Needle', but it will take some trouble." Liu Shisan said.

"The Tomb of the Medicine King?"

"In the first year of Emperor Gaozong Yongchun in Tang Dynasty, that is, in 682 A.D., the 168-year-old medicine king Sun Simiao passed away. Now the tomb of Sun Zhenzhen in Wangwu Mountain, a hundred miles northwest of Jiyuan, Henan Province, is nothing more than a tomb of clothes and clothes. The burial site has never been recorded in the history books, and how many people have been looking for his tomb for thousands of years but have not been able to."

When Yuri heard this, his heart went cold.

Liu Shisan laughed a few times, and said, "Master has a reliable clue, and we will start soon."

"What is 'Bitting Needle'?"

"Sun Simiao's 'Ghost Gate Thirteen Needles' used in the past was called 'Big Knock Needle' in history. Master is currently using ordinary silver needles bought in drugstores. From the originator Wuxian's things, it is an unpredictable treasure, but after Sun Simiao's death, it has disappeared in the rivers and lakes at the same time, so the master deduces that he must have been buried with the King of Medicine."

There are good people who are silent, this matter must not be easy. Tomb robbers throughout the ages have been searching for the tomb of the King of Medicine to no avail. Can they find it with the two disabled masters and apprentices? But no matter what, he had been closed in Foya Temple for several years and now he finally had a chance to leave, so he had to go.

Liu Shisan brought that wrinkled old face closer to You Liang, and after looking at it for a long time, he slowly said: "Master will open the third eye for you first."

A bad breath hit his face, it seemed that he never brushed his teeth.

"Me?" You Liang was surprised.

"Of course, how can the master and apprentice travel around the rivers and lakes without Tianmu? This is the unique secret technique of our 'Ghost Gate Willow'." Liu Shisan said proudly.

"What can you see when you open your third eye?"

"Well, I can see evil things that ordinary people can't see. That day in the side hall, the master has already seen that Li Erliu is possessed by the soul of an ugly old woman. You can do the same in the future. Ghost, without Tianmu, you can’t get business,” Liu Shisan explained, “‘Tianmu Yinyan’ is divided into three levels, the first level is to see demons, the second level is to know demons, You can only see Yan on the third floor, and Master is only on the first floor right now, although the advancement is very slow, but if you have a good understanding, you may catch up with Master in a few years."

"open it."

"If there is moonlight tonight, you will arrive at Black Dragon Pool at midnight."

"Yes." Youliang went back with an empty basket.

Looking at the figure of the young monk going away, Liu Shisan showed a cruel smile on the corner of his mouth.

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