Cat Yin Yang Face Chapter 39 Confucianism

Although the urine is so corrosive, Professor Wudeng's bladder is not damaged at all. This is the mystery and magic of Confucianism. "Amitabha," the old monk Wuyu stepped forward to stop Professor Wudeng's retreat, and said disdainfully, "You have even used the shameless tricks in the Jianghu. Is this the "Confucian skill" that is unique in the world? "Well? The way of martial arts, you don't have to stick to it. The old man's urine fart is "the record of heaven, silent and odorless, to the end." There are meat and vegetables, neither fragrant nor stinky, full of peace and modesty. … Continue readingCat Yin Yang Face Chapter 39 Confucianism