Zhang Yiqingzhi Solves The Case

During the Tianxi period of the Song Dynasty, there was such a well-known story in Tiannan Mountains: the Tiannan royal family died overnight, and the wealth of the family was burnt to ashes. Thousands of furs are stolen by ghosts, the accumulation of money is like a mountain, the rivers and lakes are hidden, and the people are safe…

mother tells baby

Zhang Yiqing had just arrived in Guliu County of Tiannan Mountain for less than half a year. One day, early in the morning, someone complained of grievances and beat drums, so he tidied up his clothes and ordered his master Tian Huisheng to settle the case.

The plaintiff and the defendant brought it, and Zhang Yiqing took a closer look, and found that it was a woman in her early thirties and a boy in her 14 or 15 years. The woman wore a gold belt and jade on her head, rouge and gouache on her face, and her almond-shaped eyes were straight up, showing her tricky and frivolous attitude. As soon as she came to the court, she knelt down and knelt down. In charge, Chen Li, the woman, sued her son, Chen Cong, for being unfilial." The boy nodded and bowed his head, dressed as a scholar, seeing that the adult was very polite, he said: "I would like to listen to the arrangement of the adult."

It turned out that a mother sued her son for being unfilial. Today's emperor attaches great importance to filial piety. If he meets an unfilial son in court, he can be beaten to death with a stick. Seeing that the child is honest and honest, he doesn't look like an unfilial and treacherous person. The county magistrate Zhang Yiqing was suspicious, and then asked The woman asked, "Is this child your own flesh and blood?"

"It was born of a peasant woman!"

Zhang Yiqing asked Chen Cong again: "Is this woman your own mother?"


Zhang Yiqing paused, then asked Mrs. Chen Li again, "Can you tell me specifically about your son's unfilial behavior?"

The corner of Chen Li's mouth twitched, "The life of a civilian woman is bitter. Her husband died of a serious illness a year ago. During the mourning period for his father, this child left his father's mourning hall many times without permission. If you want to repent, the women have no choice but to give it to the adults to admonish you, and you'd better suffer with a stick!"

Seeing that Chen Cong was still bowed and speechless, Zhang Yiqing did not defend himself, and asked him, "Is what your mother said true?"

"It's true, I'd like to hear from you!"

"My lord, the unfilial children have already pleaded guilty, and they can be beaten to death with sticks according to the laws of the Song Dynasty!" Chen Lishi was proud, and his words were full of acrimony.

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It seems that Mrs. Chen Li wants to put her own flesh and blood to death. Judging from the performance of the court, Chen Cong seems to be a kind and righteous person, but this woman is very tricky, and there must be hidden secrets in it. Wouldn't it add an unjust case? Zhang Yiqing thought for a while, then patted the gavel, and pronounced the verdict: "The facts of the case are clear. The unfilial boy Chen Cong was put in jail for a while, and after he signed the signature and signed the bond, he was beaten to death with sticks. Chen Li's coffin was carried to the cell to collect the body three days later!"

"Thank you, sir!" Mrs. Chen Li thanked Zhang Yiqing and left the court with satisfaction.

After Chen Cong was taken to the cell, Zhang Yiqing ordered the nearby guards Guan Li and Gu Qing to do this, and Guan Li and Gu Qing to retreat…

The case of catching rape in bed

In the middle of the night, the Chen family's mansion was silent. Two of Chen Li's personal maids, Bi He Cui Liu, were guarding the back door. Come in, follow Bi He Cui Liu into Chen Li's boudoir, and then hear the sound of men and women in the room.

Suddenly, the arrester Guan Li Gu Qing jumped down from the roof, Guan Li kicked open the door of Chen Li's room, Gu Qing quickly went to the back door and opened the door, the county magistrate Zhang Yiqing brought his teacher Tian Hui and several other arresters After waiting outside the door for a long time, Zhang Yiqing and his group immediately blocked the men and women in Chen Li's room. After the candles were lit, the man and woman got dressed and were brought to him by Guan Liguqing. The woman was not Chen Li. False, the man was bald. It turned out to be Xuanhua, the abbot of the Lingzhen Temple in the county. The two of them showed shock. At this time, Chen Lishi no longer had the air and arrogance in front of the court, and Xuanhua also lowered I dare not look at Zhang Yiqing.

It turned out that when the court decided the case that day, Zhang Yiqing knew that there must be hidden secrets in the case, so he made a plan to stabilize Chen Li's family first, and return Chen Cong justice when the case is found out. After Chen Lishi left that day, he sent Guan Li Guqing to follow Chen Lishi, just as he thought in his heart, after leaving the county government office and turning two intersections, a man wearing a felt hat came to meet him, and the two entered with a smile. into Chen Li's family. The next day, he learned from the school teacher and classmate Chen Cong that Chen Cong was kind and kind, often helped his classmates, that he would not be an unfilial person, and he felt a little more secure in his heart.

Zhang Yiqing thought that it must be Chen Cong who found out about his mother's misbehavior and deliberately obstructed it. Chen Li thought he was an eyesore, so he and the adulterous man made a living to get rid of this thorn in the side that prevented them from doing good things. Don't refute anymore, it's exactly what Mrs. Chen said. Knowing that Chen Lishi and that man must not be able to bear the loneliness, they sent people to secretly watch the Chen family's mansion every day, and came to catch the adulterer in bed, making it impossible for Chen Lishi and Monk Xuanhua to argue.

Immediately, Chen Lishi and Monk Xuanhua were interrogated in Chen Lishi's room. Chen Lishi, who came back to his senses, cried and yelled: "Please let the little girl go!" She confessed to the adultery in front of the facts. He did not hide, and under Zhang Yiqing's questioning, he admitted to falsely accusing his son Chen Cong.

Zhang Yiqing saw that Monk Xuanhua had pretty features, but he was also a lustful monk. During the interrogation process, he seldom spoke, and only answered Zhang Yiqing's questions with "yes" and "no", knowing that he was a scheming person.

When taking Chen Lishi and Monk Xuanhua back to the yamen, Zhang Yiqing inadvertently saw the mourning hall of Chen Cong's father Chen Tianyou in the Chen family mansion, his brows were frowned, and a cloud of doubt lingered in his heart.

Exhumation of autopsy resolves doubts

On the night of bringing Chen Lishi and Monk Xuanhua back to the prison, Chen Cong was released. Before leaving, he kept kowtowing to Zhang Yiqing, begging Zhang Yiqing to spare Chen Lishi, Zhang Yiqing looked at the filial son in front of him He couldn't help being moved by it, he thought for a while, and asked Chen Cong: "What disease did your father die of?"

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"My father came back from buying and selling tea, and he felt a headache. He asked a doctor to consult him, but he couldn't find anything wrong. Unexpectedly, he fell into a coma one day, and passed away after lying on the bed for a few days."

"Then when did you find out that your mother and Monk Xuanhua were misbehaving?"

"Monk Xuanhua and my parents have been friends for a long time. My father often went to Lingzhen Temple to burn incense and pray for blessings when he was doing business, and my mother often burned incense and worshiped Buddha. As for my mother and Xuanhua's misbehavior, the first time I found out was when I was guarding my father. Xuanhua came to my house to perform rituals for my father, so he stayed at my house, once he found Xuanhua entered mother's room in the middle of the night, and followed her, but mother found out, and she blamed me for leaving father's mourning hall without permission."

The next day, Zhang Yiqing interrogated Bihe and Cuiliu again, and he learned from them that Mrs. Chen Li had secretly flirted with Mr. Chen long before Chen Tianyou passed away. His intentions were wrong, but because of Chen Tianyou, he never went out of line.

Zhang Yiqing combined all the clues of the whole case and had a plan in mind. It seems that to solve the mystery in his heart, he must open the coffin for an autopsy!

The trial was reopened in the courtroom. Mrs. Chen Li and Monk Xuanhua knelt down to wait for the interrogation. Zhang Yiqing looked at the two sinners , the ghost writer , in front of him, and was still thinking about the scene of yesterday's opening of the coffin for an autopsy. There are signs of death from poisoning. Mrs. Chen Li is cruel and ruthless. In order to satisfy her lust, she does not hesitate to get rid of her son, let alone his husband? However, during the autopsy, it was found that Chen Tianyou had eleven fingers, and his identity became a mystery in Zhang Yiqing's mind…

"Yesterday, my lord opened Chen Tianyou's coffin for an autopsy. Mrs. Chen, you and Monk Xuanhua worked hand in hand to murder your husband and falsely accuse your parents and children. Are you guilty?"

Mrs. Chen Li was still happily waiting for the verdict just now. According to the laws of the Great Song Dynasty, his son Chen Cong pleaded for himself and withdrew the lawsuit, and the matter of falsely accusing his son was over. To show punishment, murdering her own husband out of thin air, this would have cost her life in vain, Chen Li immediately became anxious, and shouted "wrong!"

Chen Cong in the hall was also taken aback, could it be that his father was killed by his mother?

As soon as Monk Xuanhua heard about the opening of the coffin for an autopsy, there was a trace of panic on his calm face, but it disappeared in an instant. Like Mrs. Chen Li, he shouted "Wrong! Wrong!"

Could it be that Chen Lishi and Xuanhua were not the ones who killed Chen Tianyou?

Er Tan Ling really has a secret

Seventeen years ago, Chen Tianyou came to Tiannan Mountain with money to buy a big house and started a tea business. The business grew bigger and bigger, and soon became rich. Later, he married the current Chen Li family and gave birth to a child. Cong Chen…

Seventeen years ago, Xuanhua came to Lingzhen Temple to be ordained as a monk. After seventeen years of continuous experience and growth, he changed from an unknown monk to the abbot of Lingzhen Temple…

Is this all a coincidence?

Zhang Yiqing was walking on the street, thinking about the information Guan Li and Gu Qing had collected about Chen Tianyou and Xuanhua, and felt that these two people had such a tacit understanding. These two people seemed to have grown out of thin air seventeen years ago, and they couldn't find any news about them seventeen years ago. His intuition told him that this case was not as simple as adultery between a man and a woman or wife killing her husband…

Because Chen Lishi and Monk Xuanhua refused to admit that they poisoned Chen Tianyou to death, they could not be convicted for a while, which made Zhang Yiqing's thinking about the case broke again.

Chen Cong, Chen Li's, Chen Tianyou, Xuanhua, Chen's mansion… It seems that there is a place that I forgot… Yes! That place is Lingzhen Temple!

The back mountain of Lingzhen Temple is a forbidden place for monks. The monks all say that it is an unknown place, and whoever enters it will be cursed by the gods. On the same day, he bleeds to death from seven orifices.

During the day, Zhang Yiqing led the Yamen people to worship Buddha and burn incense in Lingzhen Temple. He didn’t find anything strange in the temple. When he wanted to enter the back mountain for further observation, he was stopped by the monks. Out of respect for the monks, Zhang Yiqing didn’t force himself into it with everyone. Instead, he retreated and made a long-term plan.

Everyone in the yamen does not believe in the theory of ghosts and gods. Perhaps the answer to the whole case lies in the mountain behind Lingzhen Temple. Guan Li and Gu Qing are both masters of martial arts. In the past, they were helped by Zhang Yiqing and swore to follow Master Zhang Yiqing. They were even more loyal to Zhang Yiqing. A shadow appeared in the mountain behind Lingzhen Temple…

That night, Zhang Yiqing was also sleepless. He and his master Tianhui searched through the files from seventeen years ago, and they seemed to have the answer. They were looking forward to the arrival of Guan Liguqing and the two of them, and stayed in the Yamen until dawn…

ups and downs

The courtroom rose again.

In the hall, Mrs. Chen Li and Monk Xuanhua kept shouting, "I'm wronged! I'm wronged!"

"You are not wronged! Haiquan!" Zhang Yiqing's words were solemn and majestic.

Monk Xuanhua was really surprised when he heard Zhang Yiqing calling Geng Quan's name, because this was the name he had rectified before he was ordained.

"Bring it up!"

According to Zhang Yiqing's order, Guan Li and Gu Qing led the government servants to find five large boxes from the back hall, and when they opened them, they were full of gold, silver and jewels.

When Monk Xuanhua saw the treasure in front of him, he knew that he could no longer hide his identity, and wanted to break free from the shackles, but unexpectedly he couldn't use his strength.

"Don't bother. Although you are very skilled, you are still no match for the power of Mongolian sweat medicine!" Ever since Zhang Yiqing knew Xuanhua's identity, he knew that he had profound skills and had been hiding his inner strength. Drugs were added to the meal.

"Chen Tianyou is the eleven-fingered ghost thief Qianqiu, and you are his accomplice Geng Quan! Seventeen years ago, you made waves and amassed money, but suddenly disappeared in the world, but who knew that one became a wealthy businessman, Chen Tianyou, and the other changed?" Xuanhua became the abbot of Lingzhen Temple, you put the stolen money in the back mountain of Lingshan Temple, and killed two monks in response to the ghosts and gods, in order to prevent others from entering the back mountain."

Zhang Yiqing's words were sharp and penetrating, and continued: "Chen Tianyou goes to Lingzhen Temple every time before doing business. The name is worshiping Buddha and praying for blessings. In fact, it is to get the capital of doing business. Later, your selfish desires skyrocketed and you fell in love with his wife, Chen Tianyou. Mrs. Li wanted to steal the treasure all by herself, so she poisoned Chen Tianyou to death a year ago!"

"It was you who killed Chen Tianyou?" Chen Lishi looked at the man next to him who was having fun with him, felt that the two men who were close to him were so strange, and felt a little scared, and kept saying: "It's you? Is it you? Is it you?"

"I didn't!" Monk Xuanhua was serious, as if he couldn't see a trace of hypocrisy.

Zhang Yiqing originally thought that Monk Xuanhua would plead guilty if he told the truth, but he still denied it, and couldn't think of a way to deal with it for a while.

"I killed Chen Tianyou!" Suddenly, a white-haired old man stepped out from the crowd outside the yamen, with an upright and honest face, but also wrinkled from the vicissitudes of life.

Immediately, everyone's eyes were focused on this old man in his dying years.

It's all about grudges

"Uncle Qian?" Mrs. Chen recognized the old man who came out of the crowd. That old man was the housekeeper Qian Bo who left the Chen residence after Chen Tianyou passed away a year ago.

"I'm Qian Bo, the former housekeeper of the Chen Mansion, and Qian Zhong, the housekeeper of the wealthy Wang family seventeen years ago!"

"The Wang family? The Tiannan Wang family whose home was destroyed overnight seventeen years ago?"

"That's right, everyone thought that the Wang family was destroyed by a fire, but they didn't know that the fire was set by the ghost thief Qianqiu. He robbed the Wang family's property and wiped out the Wang family. I was not here to manage the northeast silk business for Master Wang. When I came back, the Wang family had turned into a pile of ashes, and none of the eighty-one members of the Wang family survived, and I will never forget the word 'Ghost Thief' written in blood under Master Wang's body!" The more Qian Bo said, the more excited he became, "Master Wang has kindness to me, and I have to repay my revenge. I never thought that the Chen family, which has tolerated me for more than ten years, is my enemy! What Bao didn't expect is…"

I felt bad when I saw it, and gave Guan Li a wink. Guan Li rushed to Chamber and snatched the dagger that he was about to stab Xuanhua from his arms!

"You never thought that the murderer was actually two people, Qianqiu has an accomplice, right?"

Uncle Qian sat paralyzed on the ground for a while, and kept shouting: "Master! Master! Qian Zhong is incompetent and cannot avenge you!"

"Uncle Qian, you have stayed in the Chen family for more than ten years. Why did you not find out that Chen Tianyou is Qianqiu for so many years, but you found out his identity last year?" Zhang Yiqing asked, but he also had some guesses about the result in his heart. .

"Xuanhua! He told me that Qianqiu, the ghost thief, has eleven fingers, so I paid attention to Chen Tianyou and found out his identity…"

"It really is you!"

"Ha! Bing! Bing!" At this time Xuanhua looked up to the sky and laughed, "I have been with the old thief Qianqiu for many years, and we commit crimes together every time. Why is he so famous in the world, but I am not? Why did I become a monk when I washed my hands in a golden basin, but he married a woman and had children? I don’t accept it! I don’t accept it! I want to take his woman, I want to take his property! I want his son to die! Bing! Bing! Bing! "

"I'll fight with you!" Suddenly, Qian Bo stood up from the ground, hugged Xuanhua and slammed into the wall of the yamen lobby together, blood was all over the ground immediately, and the two of them fell to the ground.

"No—" Chen Lishi yelled, "Ha-that's not the case-ha-" She couldn't help talking to herself, she was crazy…

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