Dead Black Shell Shrimp, Female Body In Pentagonal Coffin

"Did you see that green thing?"

"Is that the long one, the twinkling one?"

"That's the one. Go over and have a look. It seems to be very valuable. I guess it's jadeite?"

As Zhang Xin said, he crawled towards the green glowing thing, while Zhang Lu followed behind him and slowly squirmed forward.

"Is that something unclean?" Zhang Lu asked weakly.

"We are robbing the tomb, do you think there are any clean things in the cemetery?" Zhang Xin replied impatiently.

"According to common sense, this cemetery should be from the last century. How can there be something shining? Could it be that someone has come first?"

"Impossible. We didn't find any traces when we were digging. How could someone advance. The glowing thing must be something unknown."

"Then you still go, let's go back." Zhang Lu tugged at the corner of Zhang Xin's clothes.

Black Shell Shrimp Dead_Big Eye ShrimpBlack Shell Shrimp_Black Shell Shrimp Cherry Shrimp

"Even if it's an ominous object, we have to discuss it clearly. We dug so deep, and we still have tools. How much energy did we spend? Are you so willing to go back home?" Zhang Xin walked forward while talking.

Zhang Xin climbed up to the green glowing thing and picked it up. It was a fluorescent stick.

"It seems that someone really came before us, otherwise how could a light stick be here, and it is still on, obviously that person is still in this tomb"

"Brother, what should we do now?" Zhang Lu said while backing away.

Boom, the excavated entrance collapsed, burying the entire entrance, Zhang Xin looked back, "God gave us this light stick, and God also blocked our escape route, it seems that we can only move on, regardless of life or death , we chose this path, and we must stick to it.”

"Okay, let's go." Looking at Zhang Lu's trembling shoulders, Zhang Xin knew that his younger brother had always been very timid. The reason why he brought him to rob the tomb this time was because Zhang Lu told Zhang Xin that he found a tomb and that there was a tomb inside. There are many valuable things.

Zhang Xin asked Zhang Lu how he knew. He didn’t say much about the death of the black-shelled shrimp , he just said that someone told him, and then he took his brother to the top of the tomb. The experienced Zhang Xin probed the terrain and quickly confirmed that it was A very large tomb.

Black Shell Shrimp Sakura Shrimp_Black Shell Shrimp Dead_Big Eye Shrimp Shell Shrimp Dead

Moreover, the time has been quite long, and it is easy to judge that there are countless treasures buried here, so the two decided to prepare tools and start to act.

The two crawled for about ten minutes, and found that the road ahead gradually widened, and the two also stood up and walked forward.

The two walked in the empty cave, and the green fluorescent sticks looked particularly scary. After another ten minutes, the two found a huge box with a pentagonal shape. "Is this a pentagonal coffin?"

Zhang Xin looked at this special box with an expression of surprise and fear. Seeing his brother's complicated expression, Zhang Lu asked, "What is a pentagonal coffin?"

"The pentagonal coffin is also filled with black-shelled shrimp , but the way of filling is obviously different from ordinary coffins"

"Can coffins be different?"

"Ordinary coffins contain whole corpses, while pentagonal coffins contain loose corpses, and even for corpses that have been divided by five horses, the limbs, body and head are all severed, they will be stored in pentagonal coffins. The first is to compress To live with the grievances of the dead, the second is to give him a safe and spacious place."

Big Eye Shrimp Black Shell Shrimp_Black Shell Shrimp Sakura Shrimp_Black Shell Shrimp Dead

Zhang Xin stared at the coffin, "I think the valuable things you mentioned should be packed here."

The two walked over and put their hands on the bottom of the coffin lid. With a bang, the coffin lid was lifted off the ground and there was a huge shock. After the two calmed down, they looked inside. Inside was a scattered corpse.

The head is above the five corners, the arms are on the left and right sides, and the legs are on the left and right below the five corners, forming a big character shape, but the limbs and the head are not connected to the body, and the body is placed in the center of the coffin.

"It's actually a woman," Zhang Lu called out.

"What's wrong with women, people will die, no matter men or women, transvestites are the same, and there is nothing but corpses inside, and the corpses haven't rotted for so long. Now we have come to the end of the tomb, there are more people than us The only explanation for the guy who came in first was to get out from somewhere else."

"Then have we been tricked? After spending so much energy, we saw a broken coffin with a woman lying in it? And it's still broken," Zhang Lu said angrily.

"I understand your feelings, but we still have a possibility, that is, there is a mechanism somewhere here. With such an exquisite tomb and the immortal female corpse in the pentagonal coffin, this place must not be simple."

Big Eye Shrimp Black Shell Shrimp_Black Shell Shrimp Sakura Shrimp_Black Shell Shrimp Dead

Zhang Xin ventured into the coffin and looked around. Suddenly, the coffin fell rapidly and stopped with a bang. Zhang Lu saw that the coffin had disappeared.

The value was replaced by a black hole. He hurriedly ran to the top of the black hole and looked down, and shouted loudly, "Brother, are you okay?"

"It's okay, it's not high here at all, it's just that the coffin is too heavy, so the sound is loud, don't worry, and as I said, it's not that simple at all, and it's more complicated than I imagined, you jump down Right?" Zhang Lu looked at the pitch-black hole, and jumped down bravely.

"I didn't expect it to be only one meter high." I was so nervous. When he looked up, he was stunned. There were dozens of people lying on the ground in front of him. They should not be said to be human beings, but carrion corpses, struggling on the ground. Wriggling, obviously carrying grave-digging tools.

It seems that they are from the same group, and there is not only one of them. Zhang Xin looked at it and said, "It seems that this tomb has long been known to people. According to the five-pointed coffin, the immortal female corpse, and the rotting corpse, this tomb should be It's the resentment hole from 150 years ago."

"What is the resentment hole, and how do you know it was one hundred and fifty years ago?"

"Obviously, the clothes on these carrion corpses are obviously clothes from 150 years ago, and there are also carrion corpses in modern clothes. This shows that many people have been entering this tomb continuously since ancient times, but no one They came out. Because of some kind of resentment, and they didn’t die here, but were cursed, the internal organs of the body rotted, but the soul still existed, and the powerful soul controlled the rotten body.”

Zhang Lu swallowed, obviously out of fear of being attacked, Zhang Xin could see what he was thinking.

"These corpses will not harm us. They have no ability at all. To be precise, they have no strength to stand up at all. They can only drag their bodies reluctantly by their souls."

Suddenly the surrounding area became dark, and it turned out that the light from the fluorescent sticks disappeared. Zhang Xin turned on the flashlight, and suddenly grabbed Zhang Lu and ran forward until he reached the end. I knew something was wrong, but I didn't dare to ask.

Zhang Xin grabbed Zhang Lu, and put his mouth close to his ear, "We are close to death now, I think you should be clear, the light sticks we picked up just now are calculated according to their size, and the duration is within three hours. However, it has only been an hour and a half since we picked it up, so there is only one problem, the female corpse…"

Zhang Lu's expression has obviously become stiff, and the matter has gradually become clearer. "Brother, it's not a problem for us to hide like this. I think we should find a way to escape."

Zhang Xin closed his eyes and didn't answer him. He seemed to be thinking about something. When he opened his eyes, Zhang Lu had disappeared. He went back the same way and called Zhang Lu's name. The rotting corpse was wriggling, and he mustered up the courage to look inside the pentagonal coffin. The female corpse was still the same as before.

But next to the female corpse, there was an extra rotting corpse, curled up next to it, and Zhang Xin recognized it as Zhang Lu at a glance.

"How did this happen, how did this happen, what happened?"

Zhang Xin squatted on the ground with his head in his arms, and slowly pressed his hands on his head. He knew that she would also turn him into a corpse. He closed his eyes and waited for that moment to come.

For a long time, both of them saw countless gold, emeralds, and diamonds, but they could no longer touch them, so they could only lie on the ground and stare blankly.

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