Blood Devil Symbol Haunted House

The ancients believed that everything will show "images". "Xiang" is an all-encompassing image. This is the so-called "everything has an image, and every image has a number." The ancient hexagram images on the coffin cover are very complicated and difficult, but in general, they are basically the same as the hexagram images we study today. It's the same, but the details are more controversial. I was speechless for a long time after watching it. It was not until Shirley Yang and others asked me that I came back to my senses and told everyone that the content engraved in the coffin was: "It shook up and down, shocking hundreds of miles."

On the inside of the stone coffin, ancient symbols similar to insects and fish are engraved with the pattern of the "Zhen" hexagram. The long or short fish bone marks represent the various parts of the Zhen hexagram respectively. "Yi" says: "Heng, Zhen comes, and laughs." His speech was hoarse, he was shocked for hundreds of miles, but he was still unworthy of his dagger." This is a hexagram that "shocks hundreds of miles". Below it is a test and judgment to deduce and refute each of the Zhen hexagrams. It is so different from the acquired hexagrams I know that I can't understand it.

After we experienced the hurricane, we accidentally discovered this stone coffin locked on the turtle bones. This may be a miraculous coincidence, but I don't think it is necessarily the case. The ancient green-headed jade collected from the coral island also hides mysteries. It also happens to be a sign of the hexagram created by lighting the candle. From this point of view, there are too many such ancient artifacts buried in this seabed, so many that they can be seen everywhere, but most of them have been corroded and their original shapes cannot be identified, so they have never been taken seriously.

Shirley Yang and others asked me what is the meaning of the "Zhen" hexagram? I explained that the Bagua has the meaning of smooth access and awakening to self-cultivation. It is difficult to say whether it is bad or good. The earthquake is thunder, shaking up and down, which means the thunder sounds are overlapping continuously. The sky and the earth tremble with thunder, which makes people tremble all over. After a while, they are talking and laughing again. The huge thunder roars, shaking hundreds of miles, but it is an important sacrificial activity. Still have to carry on as usual. It is not known whether the arrival of earthquake thunder is a blessing or a disaster. While people feel fear, they must be cautious to avoid disasters.

When Uncle Ming, Fatty and others heard this, they all said it was a coincidence. They had just experienced a big storm caused by Longshangshui. The thunder and lightning in the sky were so powerful. Isn't this just what "shocked Baili"?

I shook my head and said: "Although the Zhen hexagram has the image of thunder, it does not refer to real wind, rain, thunder and lightning, nor does it refer to earthquakes and collapse. Only charlatan fortune tellers can explain it this way. Moreover, the graphics of this hexagram are ancient and complex, probably related to Zhou Wen Wang Xiantian's sixteen hexagrams are related. It is difficult to understand the deep meaning simply by interpreting the acquired hexagrams that have survived to this day. This is not something that ordinary people like us can guess at will." After saying that, I asked Shirley Yang to take a photo of the coffin cover and keep it. This object is related to the seabed. I'm afraid there is a great connection between "Guixu". If there is a chance to see Zhang Yingchuan again in the future, he might be able to explain the mystery behind it.

Having said that, I have a vague hunch that if I don't solve the mystery of "Shocking Baili" on this voyage, I'm afraid I'm going to run into big trouble, but this will take a lot of thinking. I'm not very sure, but I don't care too much. Anyway, the boat will be straight when it reaches the bridge. No matter what happens in the future, I can just speculate that the way of heaven will take its own initiative.

We arranged the coffin cover and moved it aside to clear a place for opening the coffin. I heard Professor Chen say that the Bronze Civilization of Hentianren is very developed, because it controls the dragon fire and can cast the Heavenly Cauldron. I saw it today, although it is well-deserved. The cover and body of the coffin are all chiselled with nose rings, and are covered with fine copper chains on human arms. After so many years, although the copper has been washed away by the sea water and is generally wrapped in dead coral, the exposed areas are still clear to the bone. It was tough and strong, very different from ordinary bronze, and it was a fine green head. I asked the fat man to keep it without hesitation, claiming to take it back for "research and study".

Everyone gathered around the inner coffin curiously, wanting to see what was in the coffin. Shirley Yang probably knew that it was useless to persuade us, and she was no less curious than me. She just said that the sea was windy, so she opened the coffin. Things are not easy to preserve. If these things really come from the "Guixu" at the bottom of the sea, they may contain the bones of a hater.

I said to Shirley Yang: "So it comes from the bottom of the sea? Isn't it just like a visitor from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean? I don't know whether to wear toad glasses or not."

The fat man said: "It doesn't necessarily come out of the eye of the sea. Didn't you see that it was tied to the lid of the turtle? It must have been crawling around on the bottom of the sea and died in the nearby ocean trough. Let a dark tide bring us up, and in the end we catch up, this is nothing else, this is fate."

After the fat man finished speaking, he took out a box of cooling oil. Each of us picked up the ointment with our fingertips and applied a little under our noses. Only the boss of the ship, Ruan Hei, and the other three people didn't know what it meant. What was this for?

The fat man said: "You who are egg farmers at sea naturally don't understand the rules of raising a coffin to make a fortune. We are all professionals in this field and we all know that if you don't wear a mask, you must put some of this on it to prevent odor, so as not to let the corpse gas attack you. It’s good to choke.”

The ship's boss, Ruan Hei, didn't know what the fat man meant by professional, but since there were such rules, he learned to follow them. Guchai and Duoling were even more curious and afraid of the blood demon symbol . They wanted to see it but didn't dare to see it. They hid behind Ruan Hei and kept looking towards the sarcophagus.

Seeing that I was ready, I looked up at the sky. Although it was daytime, the sky was cloudy and not raining. The sun was blocked by dark clouds. The wind and waves on the sea were calm, and the black tide was receding. It was daytime, so I didn’t need to prepare anything. The black donkey's hoof was broken, and the fat man who opened the coffin immediately stepped in. Although there are no taboos in the secret art of gold touching to raise a coffin to make money, there is also a saying that "open to the west but not to the north, and to open to the left but not to the right." This "south, east, northwest, up, down, left, and right" all refer to the coffin as a reference, because in ancient times When the coffin is in the Feng Shui position, wealthy people usually place it vertically from the north to the south, with the north as the upper head and the south as the lower head. There are also those who face sideways. Those who believe in Buddhism must face the west, which means they will be reborn in the western heaven and be blissful. Those who follow the Tao face the east, and the purple energy comes from the east.

In addition, "Touching Jin Xiaowei" opened to the west but not to the north, also to avoid the traps in the coffin that could harm people's lives, and also had the meaning of "taking the door of life instead of the door of death". The stone coffin in the sea has a simple and rich shape, similar to the style of the Western Zhou Dynasty stone coffin. Fatty has been around for a long time, and he can be considered an expert in coffin sledding. Now he will push the top of the stone coffin to the upwind vent. If there is any bad smell inside, open it. The coffin will then be blown away by the sea breeze.

The coffin in the stone coffin is also made of stone instead of wood. It is black and translucent. It is an ancient pine fossil that grew on the seabed. It is called "Earth Mirror". It is black and moist in color, with lines like waves, and its lines are caused by sea water. It has been around for thousands of years. The more patterns it has, the older it is and the higher its value. Seeing that this sarcophagus was densely covered with water veins, it must be worth a lot of money, and the surroundings of the coffin were sealed so tightly. The fat man was afraid of destroying this valuable sarcophagus, so he had to endure it, moved carefully, and spent a lot of effort to get it. Use the vaginal claw to pull out the life bolt that plays a fixed role.

I assisted the others and asked the others to take a few steps back. The fat man and I held our breaths and opened the lid of the coffin. Suddenly, a burst of white gas rushed out of the coffin. As the corpse gas appeared, a "bang" sound came out of the coffin. Suddenly a dead man sat up and put the stone cover aside. The dead body seemed to be that of a woman. Her hair was very long and was blown by the sea breeze. It moved with the wind, just like a living person. Maybe the coffin was sealed too tightly, and the body rotted and swollen after being put in. The corpse energy was trapped in it and was difficult to dissipate. With this constant gas, the corpse of the deceased was also preserved in this state after the corpse gas was dispersed. The coffin lid and the action of the outside air caused drastic changes in the coffin. The muscles of the corpse's whole body shrank, and it also looked like a corpse. As if, he sat up after a while.

The white air in the coffin was extremely smelly. Even though we were in the upper reaches and applied some mint ointment to our noses, we still felt the stink was overwhelming. The corpse that suddenly sat up was startled, and everyone quickly backed away. Cover your nose. Fatty and Uncle Ming were still amazed: "Oh my god, why is this eldest sister so smelly? Maybe this beautiful girl… had a vagina during her lifetime and was suffocated to death by suffocating it?"

Amidst the scoldings of Uncle Ming and the fat man who had no moral integrity, the stench quickly dissipated, and they saw the corpse sitting up in the coffin with blue skin, fleshy scales on its body and face, and green face and fangs, making it look like an evil ghost. , my heart tightened: "Is this a fucking human?" But before I could take a closer look, a gust of sea breeze blew by, and the skin of the corpse quickly collapsed and shrank. The color of the corpse changed from green to black, and I watched it turn into a The ashes immediately shattered into black ash layer by layer from the outside to the inside, and were blown away by the sea breeze. The remaining scattered bones were scattered inside the coffin. The physical bones no longer existed. We knew it was over at a glance. The rice dumpling turned into ashes. , even the soul and body, all turned into the dust of history.

Uncle Ming has been dealing with Zongzi for half his life. He has seen the blood demon symbol on almost all kinds of ancient corpses, but the female corpse with flesh scales on its body is still unheard of and unseen. Could it be a shark from the South China Sea? Then it was not a human but a fish, and that thing was not worth much if it died. He walked closer to see if there were any remaining bones and dregs in the coffin, and if there were any fish tails.

But when we got closer to take a look, we found that the remaining bones were black and broken. Except for a few teeth, the rest could no longer be identified. The fat man was not interested in dead people. It was easier to make the corpses melted by the sea breeze. Digging through the remaining things in the coffin, look for beads stuffed in the mouth of the dead body. Those things will definitely not disappear in the wind.

But there weren't many things in the stone mirror coffin. There was only a pool of clear water at the bottom of the coffin, with a few almost translucent shrimps fluttering inside. It looked like they were no longer alive. Shirley Yang found it very strange that the stone coffin was airtight. It has probably been at the bottom of the sea for thousands of years. How come there are still living shrimps in it?

I said this is still difficult to explain scientifically, but the theory of Feng Shui Qingwu has long been mentioned. If the life in the coffin is too strong and the essence condenses, alienated things may be produced in the corpse fluid, that is, some of the dead bodies. The tissue turned into small shrimps and fish, and it was more likely that it grew spontaneously in this rare stone mirror coffin.

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