The Mysterious Scarred Man

Dreamed about a car accident in which many people died. Dreamed about a serial car accident in which many people died. Dreamed about a serial car accident in which many people died. Dreamed about a serial car accident in which many people died. Dreamed about a serial car accident in which many people were injured.

I always feel unwell during this time. My mother said that I lacked vitamins and gave me a few more pills. After I swallowed them, I quickly fell asleep. In the dream, I saw a man holding a kitchen knife and slashing at a plump woman…

I woke up from my sleep again and found that I was alone in the room. I went to the bathroom to wash up and was surprised to find a beard growing on my chin! Do the medicines I take contain male hormones?

Six months ago, I accidentally lost my memory due to a car accident. After I woke up, I lived in this old building with my mother. Because I had a car accident and spent a lot of money on medical treatment, my mother sold her previous house and bought this cheap old house.

I put on the new dress my mother bought me, a black strapless chiffon skirt, paired with my medium-length purple hair and the crystal bow on my bangs. At first glance, I really looked like a princess. I'm going to dress myself up, go for a walk in the park, and then start looking for a job.

As soon as I walked out of the building, I saw a man wearing a blue plaid coat and sunglasses. He greeted me not far away: "I just moved here, just above your building. My name is Luo Yong." ." He slowly approached and continued: "It's getting dark and it's not safe outside, so don't go out. The TV news said that there was a murder case in Zizhu Community in Jiangbei City, and a man and a woman were killed… "

What he said shocked me. I was about to ask when I saw my mother coming back. She suddenly ran in front of me and said to the man rudely: "My daughter is recovering from injuries after a car accident. She cannot be frightened! Please stay away from her!" After that, my mother grabbed me and ran back home in one breath. .

After her mother got home, she locked the door and said nervously: "Xiaoxian, that man is a reporter and always reports on murders. You must stay away from him! In the future, you should stay away from home so late without mother's permission. !" My mother's expression shocked me. Normally she would not be so cruel to me.

Tonight, I started having nightmares again. This time, I saw a burly man, holding a bright kitchen knife, chop off the head of a very beautiful woman. The woman was wearing a black chiffon dress with a crystal bow on her bangs. This time, I finally saw the man's face clearly. There was a scar on his left chin!

I screamed, am I that woman? My mother came over to me in her pajamas and asked me: "Xiaoxian, are you having a nightmare again?"

"Mom, I dreamed several times in a row that a man with a scar on the left chin wanted to kill me. What happened before I lost my memory? Are you hiding something from me?" My face must have been covered with a layer of white ash. Death in vain.

Mother's face also changed color, as dark as a summer sky filled with dark clouds.

"Xiaoxian, the doctor said that you lost part of your memory in the car accident and your brain was shocked, which is why you have nightmares. He prescribed some sedative medicine for you, and I will get it for you." The mother's voice began to tremble.

I reluctantly took the sleeping pills and some vitamins my mother gave me, but what was my mother hiding in her panicked look?

The next day, I planned to look for a job, but my mother stopped me. She said that my body was not fully recovered yet and she wanted me to rest for a few more months.

After my mother went out to buy groceries, driven by curiosity, I started looking through the cabinets at home. By chance, I found the real estate deed. It turns out that my mother and I just moved here less than a year ago. We used to live in Building 3 of Zizhu Community in Jiangbei.

Zizhu Community! My scalp feels fried! I connected these things together. The reporter who had just moved upstairs said that he dreamed of a series of car accidents that killed many people . There had been a murder case in Zizhu Community in the East District of Jiangbei City. My mother and I had just moved in less than a year ago. Am I the victim?

While my mother was away, I quickly went online to check the cases in Zizhu Community. Sure enough, a piece of news appeared on the Internet: A man and a woman died on the spot, and the police suspected it was love killing.

Perhaps because the murder case affected the reputation of Zizhu Community in Jiangbei City East District, there were not many reports on Baidu.

The door rang, my mother came back from the supermarket, and I quickly turned off the computer.

After dinner, I was worried that my mother was hiding something from me, so I secretly hid the medicines she gave me because I didn’t know what medicines I was taking.

At night, I entered that nightmare again. A man with a scar on the left side of his face grabbed the woman in a black lace skirt and shouted angrily, "You bitch!" He slashed at the woman one after another…

I had been awakened, and my legs were shaking like chaff. Since my mother doesn't want to tell me, well, I'll check it out myself.

Early the next morning, I went to see a doctor. The doctor said that I was not injured after a car accident. Instead, I suffered some kind of mental stimulation that caused nightmares.

I gave the doctor the pills my mother asked me to take, and the laboratory technician told me that they were not vitamins! This is a hormonal drug!

I was shocked. On the way home from the hospital, I always felt like someone was following me. I quickened my pace, and just when I was about to open the door, I suddenly saw a figure behind me!

Like crazy, I picked up the flower pot at the door of my house and threw it hard at the figure!

"Ah", it was my mother who was following me! I hurriedly pulled up my mother. Fortunately, the flowerpot fell to the ground and she was not hurt.

"Mom, why are you following me? I just went to the hospital to see a doctor. I'm afraid you would hide my condition." I said nervously.

My mother looked around and took me home. "Xiaoxian, don't go out without mother's permission in the future!" My mother almost warned me.

Could it be that the man with the scar on the left chin has not been brought to justice, and my mother is worried that he will come to harm me? So I asked: "Mom, do you know the man with the scar on the left chin? Why do I always dream that he wants to kill a woman?"

My mother's eyes were dilated with terror, and she warned me not to think about it again!

At night, I couldn't sleep. After I made sure my mother was asleep, I started looking through the drawers of my house again. I wanted to find some old photos of myself and see if there were any photos of me with the man with the scar on his left chin. But the strange thing is that there are only photos of my mother in the photo album at home, not even my photos!

The next morning, my mother went shopping in the supermarket, and I stood at the door waiting for her. At this time, Luo Yong, who lived upstairs in my house and wore black sunglasses, appeared again. He said he was a reporter for Legal Daily, specializing in reporting on murder cases. I took the opportunity to ask: "What happened to the murder in Zizhu Community?"

"That case is still unsolved. The mistress of the house is dead and the murderer has not been found." Luo Yong explained to me: "I heard that there was a male owner of the house who also died on the spot. There seemed to be something on his left chin. A scar!"

There is a scar on the left chin! Could it be the man I dreamed about? He is actually dead!

Perhaps Luo Yong had already prepared. When he saw his mother coming out of the supermarket, he left.

My mother didn't see Luo Yong and took me back home in a hurry. I was thinking about that case all the way. If the man with the scar on the left face is dead, what does it have to do with me and this case? Did I escape and later lose my memory?

Next, I noticed something strange. Since my mother and I moved here, my mother has never used gas to cook. She has always bought packed lunches. Usually, I can't find a fruit knife even if I want to peel fruit. My mother happened to buy some fruit today, so I secretly watched her peel the fruit. As a result, I found the fruit knife my mother had hidden on the balcony!

I suppressed my pounding heart, and after my mother fell asleep, I began to carefully check the balcony – I actually touched a kitchen knife wrapped in tape and plastic on the outside of the balcony! This kitchen knife was actually stained with blood. Since it was hanging outside the balcony, it was difficult for ordinary people to spot it.

There was a key wrapped in the tape. When I was lost in thought, my lower abdomen suddenly felt swollen and painful. I ran to the toilet and found that my lower body was bright red.

It turns out that I am on my menstrual period, why am I so sensitive these days? I looked carefully at myself in front of the mirror. I have long hair shawl-shouldered and plump breasts. But why did I suddenly grow a beard a few days ago? Why did my mother give me hormones?

I checked online and finally found out the location of the murder. It was Room 404, Building 1, Zizhu Community—it was only one building away from my previous home!

It was already dawn, and before my mother woke up, I opened the door and ran to the place where the murder occurred. I believed that I would definitely regain my lost memory!

Along the way, I vaguely felt someone was following me, but I looked back several times and found nothing. Finally, I got on the bus and finally arrived at Building 1 of Zizhu Community an hour later.

I slowly went upstairs. Everything was so familiar. I used the key tied outside the balcony to open the door of room 404. It seemed that no one had lived here for a long time, and there was a thick layer of dust on the ground. I looked at the room carefully, but there was nothing special. I only saw the wedding photos of a man and a woman on the table. The man in the photo looks familiar to me, but there is no scar on the left side of his face.

When I was about to leave, I was surprised to see a man's face in the reflection of the balcony glass. It was the face of the man with the scar on his left chin in my dream!

I was frightened and wanted to leave here in a hurry. As I was passing by the corridor, I saw out of the corner of my eye that it was not my figure in the corridor mirror, but the figure of the man with the scar on his left chin!

Just as I rushed out of the gate of the community, I bumped into Luo Yong again. This time, he didn't talk to me, and there was a weird smile on his lips.

I quickly ran to the bus stop. Unexpectedly, when I just got off the bus, a group of police officers surrounded me. Afterwards, my mother also came to the police station, crying her heart out.

A week later , I dreamed that many people had been killed in a serial car accident , and a piece of major news was published in Jiangbei's Legal Daily.

Du Xiaoxian, formerly known as Du Dalong, is a male with a scar on the left side of his face. He is a homosexual. He was born with a set of mature male and female reproductive organs in his belly, which is often called an "intersex person". Two years ago, he fell in love with Ouyang Yu in Room 404, Building 1, Zizhu Community. A year later, Ouyang Yu broke up with Du Dalong due to social pressure and planned to marry Feng Yuanyuan. Du Dalong's mother was afraid that her son would get into trouble, so she sold the house in Zizhu Community and bought an old house far away. But Du Dalong still stalked Ouyang Yu, and even completely plastic surgery to become a woman for Ouyang Yu, and the scar on the left side of his face also disappeared due to plastic surgery. But Ouyang Yu did not want to reconcile with Du Dalong because of her plastic surgery. Du Dalong became so angry that he secretly obtained the key to Ouyang Yu's house and killed Feng Yuanyuan.

When Ouyang Yu arrived, it was already too late. When he saw his newlywed wife being killed by Du Dalong, he fought with Du Dalong. As a result, Ouyang Yu died on the spot from excessive blood loss, and Du Dalong was also seriously injured. When he ran home, he wrapped the murder weapon and house keys with tape on the balcony, and then passed out.

Du Dalong's mother changed his name to Xiaoxian and concealed the fact when she discovered that he had amnesia. She secretly gave Du Dalong after plastic surgery estrogen drugs in the hope that he would bid farewell to the past completely.

After waking up, Du Dalong mistakenly thought that he had always been a woman due to brain injury. Because of amnesia, he always wanted to know the truth and did not want to be followed by Luo Yong, who pretended to be a reporter, and was eventually brought to justice. In fact, Luo Yong's true identity is a policeman.

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