Immortal Legend

"Bring him in!" Before Zhang Guozhong could speak, Old Liu Tou spoke first. He was looking for a chance to study the one with the writing on his body, but Zhang Yicheng would have forgotten it if he didn't mention it.

"Oh!" Zhang Yicheng agreed, and after a while, the "Zi Zhi" tied up with iron chains was carried into the secret door by the big hand Liu. Because the secret door is relatively narrow, it is better to say that it is "stuffed" in instead of "carrying" it in.

Zhang Yicheng followed Liu and Alxun into the secret door. Although he was startled by the motionless "iron-locked corpse" at the door, the strange symmetrical patterns on both sides of the door frame caught Zhang Yicheng's attention, "Dad… ! I recognize this pattern!"

"What do you recognize!?" Zhang Guozhong frowned.

"This pattern at the door…" Zhang Yicheng frowned and tried his best to recall, and suddenly felt a shiver all over his body. "Yes! That's right! That's it!"

"What's wrong?" Seeing that the child's tone was a bit strange, Zhang Guozhong stood up and came to the door. Zhang Yicheng was looking at the pattern that seemed to be able to calm the "iron-locked corpse".

"Dad!" Zhang Yicheng pulled Zhang Guozhong to the side and muttered for a while, which made Zhang Guozhong feel numb, "Old man? Why didn't your Uncle Liu mention this person to me?"

"You didn't tell me either! Regarding the name of the old man, I only heard it from Mengmeng a year after the incident!" Zhang Yicheng said strangely, "There was such a thing in the cultural relics case handled by Uncle Liu. The left and right sides are symmetrical, and there is a dead person who was suppressed by this thing all afternoon and actually came back to life in the morgue at night…" Zhang Yicheng related the matter of Liangzi's resurrection to the fact that the rabbit in Li Shuang's family couldn't come back to life, so he attacked Li Shuangquan's wife. I told Zhang Guozhong about his health, "Later I heard from Mengmeng that the mastermind of this house seemed to be called the old man, but he had never been caught! Listening to the confessions of the captured accomplices, this strange thing seemed to be the old man from somewhere. I learned it from the tombs of the Qin Dynasty!"

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"Qin Tomb!?" Zhang Guozhong was puzzled for a while and looked up at the carvings on the walls around the secret room. "Could it be from here!?"

"No, it seems that from somewhere in Shaanxi, there should be two urinals in the tomb at that time. The old man dug up one! That urinal had this kind of thing engraved on it!" Zhang Yicheng's expression was strange, and he didn't look like that at all. It was a joke, but Zhang Guozhong was confused. What is a urinal and not a urinal? "Yicheng, how much do you know about this matter!? Did Uncle Liu say at that time who's tomb was from Qin!?" Zhang Guozhong was also very depressed at this time. I thought Liu Dongsheng had such a problem, he loved to hide everything. Unless it was absolutely necessary, he would do a good job of keeping things confidential! Why didn't you explain such an important clue before coming…?

"I don't know about that…" Zhang Yicheng spread his hands, "How could I have imagined that we would meet again that day? But according to the confessions of his men later, it seems that this person committed the crime to find something…"

"Guozhong!" At this time, Old Liu Tou has untied the subway chain on "Zi Zhi". At this moment, this thing that was still alive and kicking just now seems to be getting weaker and weaker. It is lying on the ground and can no longer move. "You come here. Look at this business…"

Hearing Old Liu's shout, Zhang Guozhong hurriedly walked to the "zizi" and saw that although the thing was no longer tied with iron chains, it was still lying on the ground motionless. He didn't know whether it was beaten by the big hand Liu or this The odd carvings on the walls of the room served some purpose.

"What do the things carved on the body mean…?" Zhang Guozhong lowered his head and began to carefully observe the "character corpse". He saw a large white gash on his back, which was obviously the one who had been chopped by him just now. The "characters" on his body are generally similar to what Dashou Liu recalled. It is basically certain that they are death inscriptions, but he does not fully recognize them.

"Could it be that the person who left the poem outside…is the old man Yicheng talks about…?" Standing up, Zhang Guozhong kept thinking, "Dai Jinshuang…the old man…Qinglong Red Blood Formation…Maoshan Shu…" Suddenly, Zhang Guozhong suddenly realized, "Senior Brother !I know who Dai Jinshuang is!"

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"Huh?" Old Liu Tou was also stunned when Zhang Guozhong said this. "What's going on? Who is he?"

"Dai Jinshuang is probably Dai Zhenyun, the fourth of the Maoshan Five!" Zhang Guozhong told Liu Dongsheng about the cultural relics case he handled a few years ago and that he was attacked in Mount Tai not long ago. Originally, the other party was completely sure to kill him, but he found that he The story about the sudden departure from the headmaster’s jade pendant in his waist (the story in the external chapter has not been written yet -_-!!) was told in front of several people. Although Qin Ge and Sun Ting were a little confused, they But Old Liu Tou was suspicious when he heard this, "Loyal to the country, if the person who left the poem in the Iron Bamboo Formation was really the fourth child, why did he kill the Liao family? Besides, our Maoshan Sect has an ancestral instruction not to touch the tombs. If he Still caring about the headmaster’s jade pendant, why did he go against the teachings of his ancestors and become the leader of tomb robbers? These days, you can make a living repairing bicycles, so why did he do those things that harmed your moral integrity and killed so many people? "

"People may always change…" Old Liu Tou asked, and Zhang Guozhong was a little dissatisfied. "Since Wang Sizhao can become a traitor, betray his country and kill his brother, then Dai Zhenyun may also take risks for money!"

"That's not right…" Old Liu Tou still refused to believe it. "If this old man and Dai Jinshuang are both the fourth brother Dai Zhenyun, their abilities must be higher than those of you and me! Since he can go to England, he must be more capable. Go to Hong Kong! Even the two of us can get tens of millions from old Liao Tou. With his ability, he can do whatever he wants, and there is no problem with eighteen million! While being wanted in the mainland, he went to Shandong to commit crimes. You can’t do it!”

"Have you forgotten Liang Xiaolan?" Zhang Guozhong suddenly realized, "I see in the photos taken by Master Liao, these two people seem to be in love with each other. Could it be that the two of them are having an affair? He is trying to make money to please Liang Xiaolan?"

"Wait a minute and let me do the math…" After listening to what Zhang Guozhong said, Old Liu Tou counted on his fingers, "One, five, one, fifteen, twenty… That's not right, Guozhong, Liang Xiaolan is already over sixty, just do it. Judging from the faces in the master-disciple photo that Yuanguan gave, if Dai Jinshuang is really Dai Zhenyun, he would be over seventy by now. Do you think the two of them… can still do that?"

"It should be no problem!" Although Sun Ting heard this without understanding, he was now more energetic when he encountered the problem of love at dusk. "Recently, there is a new drug called Vign in the United States. I heard that it can make people in their 70s achieve erections!"

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"Vign?" Old Liu was stunned and seemed a little happy, "Who cares about that? How to sell…?"

At this time, Qin Ge, who was standing next to him, really couldn't listen anymore and coughed very deliberately. Only then did Zhang Guozhong realize what a group of adults were studying in front of the children. This was…

"Dad! I said you guys are too off topic…?" Zhang Yicheng's face turned pale. "What I just said is clear. The old man's accomplices confessed that he seemed to have a purpose in robbing the tomb, as if he was looking for something. What are you doing? Is 'Love at Dusk' available?"

"Purpose? What purpose can the tomb robbery have?" Zhang Guozhong frowned. He looked at the strange pattern of the "Iron Locked Corpse" at the door, "Is it for this?"

"I think we should dig here…!" Qin Ge always insisted on his own point of view, "Master Zhang, I heard that the substance 'Red Salt' has special uses in Maoshan Technique, but there is no reason to put it here. There is a lot of red saltpeter and a stone tablet, don’t you think it’s strange?”

"This…" Qin Ge said this, Zhang Guozhong suddenly remembered the "Fire Bureau" where "Zhao Le" was buried in Licun. Logically speaking, red saltpeter is a very expensive mineral no matter what dynasty or generation it was. It once exceeded gold. Although Zhao Le's tomb was related to the treasures of the Later Jin Dynasty, when Zhu Di buried him, he only mixed soil with red saltpeter, not all red saltpeter. Compared with the Ming Dynasty, the productivity of the Qin Dynasty should be much behind, but so much red saltpeter was obtained in this secret room, could it be to bury something? In other words, red saltpeter is not expensive in Suchao?

"Let me dig and see…" At this time, Sun Ting took out a folding shovel from his bag and started digging without saying anything. After digging a few times, he dug out a hard object. After digging for about ten minutes and cleaning up the surrounding red saltpeter, a one-meter-square bluestone slab was gradually exposed from under the thick red saltpeter layer.

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"Sure enough, there is a problem!?" Putting the folding shovel aside, Sun Ting was about to reach out and lift the stone slab, but was stopped by Zhang Guozhong. "Cover it with red saltpeter… there should be something underneath…"

"Could it be that… the person who wrote the poem ascended to heaven from here?" Qin Ge seemed to be still thinking about the matter of ascension. "You see, according to Zhang Jiaojiao's analysis, Zhang Yicheng, the ghost spirit of the three-foot bell digging the grave, had no intention of ascending to heaven. You know. Nature leaves…ascension to heaven behind the grave digging…"

"Mr. Qin… Even if my Taoist sect has the art of ascending to heaven, it is impossible to be here… The person who left the poem must also know this…" Zhang Guozhong was helpless about Qin Ge's "ascension complex", "According to my analysis, it is very likely that they They didn't know the secrets buried under these red saltpetres before. The reason why they dug the red saltpeter here was just to set up the 'Qinglong Red Blood Array'! The water veins of the entire Tingchi Pond are connected, and the water source is It's the spring at Tianmen when we came in! To set up the 'Qinglong Red Blood Array', the water must flow. Since they blocked the 'spring' at Tianmen when they came in, they must have found red saltpeter here to set up the array. They would take the risk to go back and open the spring again, and that poem was probably left by them when they took the risk to go back and open the spring!"

"Then why was the spring still blocked when we came in?" Qin Ge didn't seem to believe this explanation.

"It's… it's very possible that the Green Dragon Red Blood Formation can't completely cure these resentments!" Zhang Guozhong said, "Water belongs to Yin! But the water mixed with red saltpeter belongs to Yang! If the spring is not blocked, the water will continue to flow continuously. If fresh spring water is injected into the water veins in the pool, the effect of the Green Dragon Red Blood Array may disappear quickly. Therefore, after the Green Dragon Red Blood Array is completed, it is necessary to block the spring bell ghost Zhang Yicheng again to prolong the Green Dragon Red Blood Array. Effect!"

"Then if we set up a Green Dragon and Red Blood Formation, wouldn't it be possible to get out safely?" Qin Ge asked.

"It's hard to say…" After the truth was explained clearly, Zhang Guozhong's brows furrowed.

Why Qin Ge is confused.

"Just like your analysis, 'When the canal is washed with red blood, there is red mud by the waterside, and the grave is dug three feet away, there is no intention to ascend to heaven. If there is a way, it will naturally leave'… The red blood will be in front, the grave will be dug in the back, and the ascension to heaven will be the last. If this If there really is a secret passage under the stone slab, they should have gone down there after setting up the 'Blue Dragon Red Blood Formation'…"

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