Zhang Yiqingzhi Solves The Case

Zhang Yiqing paused for a moment, then asked Chen Li, "Can you tell me specifically about your son's unfilial behavior?" My lord, the unfilial son has already pleaded guilty, and according to the Song Dynasty's regulations, he can be beaten to death with a stick! "Chen Lishi thanked Zhang Yiqing and left the court with satisfaction. It turned out that when the court decided the case that day, Zhang Yiqing knew that there must be something hidden in the case. During the autopsy, it was found that Chen Tianyou had eleven fingers, and his identity became a mystery in Zhang Yiqing's mind… "Chen Tianyou is the ghost thief Qianqiu with eleven fingers, and you are his accomplice Geng Quan! "You didn't even think that the murderer was actually two people, Qianqiu has an accomplice, right? … Continue readingZhang Yiqingzhi Solves The Case