Little Girl Ghost

There is a young couple in Guizhou who work in Ningbo, Zhejiang. The husband and wife have a five-year-old daughter, Ri your mother's ghost , named Doudou, very cute! Chubby, with two braids. The mouth is very sweet, and everyone calls them uncle and aunt! A family of three who were originally very happy, suddenly unfortunate things happened to this small family!

On this day, Xiao Doudou came back from shopping with his parents in the supermarket and said to his mother: Mom, my head hurts and my body is so hot! Her mother touched her head and it was hot, so the husband and wife hurriedly took her to the hospital. The hospital found that Xiao Doudou had leukemia, and needed a bone marrow replacement. The operation cost hundreds of thousands; and it might not be successful! This news is like a bolt from the blue, hundreds of thousands is an astronomical figure for this small family. Husband and wife may not be able to save 20,000 yuan after working hard for a year!

Doudou's parents were silent, and the couple took Xiao Doudou back to the shabby hut they rented!

At night, Doudou's father lay on the bed and said to Doudou's mother: The child has this disease, what should I do? Where are we going to get these hundreds of thousands of surgery fees, hey! Even if he barely borrowed the money, what if the operation was not successful? In the end, isn't there a shortage of people and money? Why! ! ! After Doudou's father said these words, he let out a deep sigh!

DouDouMo: So you mean to give up the treatment? The child is still so young, but she is our own flesh and blood! Are you willing to do that! After finishing speaking, he looked at Xiao DouDou lying next to him. At this time, Xiao DouDou was lying quietly beside his mother, with his eyes wide open, and his little face was extremely red due to the persistent high fever! Stretched out a pair of small arms to hug mother: Mom, am I dying? I haven't gone to school yet, and I haven't grown up yet! When I grow up, I will earn a lot of money for you and Dad. We live in a big house and eat delicious food every day!

After listening to her daughter's words, Xiao Doudou's mother hugged Xiao Doudou tightly in her arms, with tears streaming from her eyes! Dou Dou is good, Dou Dou will be fine, it will get better soon! You'll be playing with other kids in no time!

It was late at night, and Xiao Doudou fell asleep in her mother's arms! At this time, Doudou's father touched Doudou's mother and said: We are still young, Doudou is gone, we can have another one! If all the money is given to Doudou for medical treatment, and Doudou is gone, what will we use to support our next child in the future! Just be cruel and forget it! So he put his mouth close to Doudou's mother's ear and whispered!

After hearing what her husband whispered in her ear, Doudou's mother said angrily: No, how can this be done? Are you still not human? She is your own daughter! Even Tiger Poison still eats its offspring! You are worse than a beast!

Doudou Dad: I can't help it, so what can you do if you say no? The husband and wife have been arguing until dawn!

Doudou's mother compromised: I can't do it! Take her alone!

Dad Doudou nodded: Yes! Xiao Doudou woke up at noon, and Doudou's father forced a smile on his face and said: Baby! Dad will take you to the park today! The naive little Doudou said: Okay! Mom goes too! Mom won't go, just the two of us will go today, and dad will take you to go boating on the artificial lake. Didn't you keep clamoring for boating before?

There are very few people in the park at noon, and there is no cruise ship on the artificial lake! Dad DouDou rented a small boat and took DouDou to the depths of the artificial lake!

Dad, look at the many small fish in the water! Xiao Doudou didn't know that the danger was approaching her step by step! Looking innocently at the little fish in the lake, he said excitedly!

Dad Doudou parked the boat in a secluded place in the artificial lake, looked around, but found no one! Baby, look at this little fish is so beautiful! Come and see Dad!

Xiao Doudou approached his father and lowered his head to look at the little fish in the lake. Doudou's father suddenly pinched Xiao Doudou's head with both hands, and pressed down deeply! Poor little DouDou kept fiddling with his hands along the side of the boat! After a while, there was no movement! Dad Doudou threw her into the lake!

After disguising the scene, he shouted loudly: Come on! Come on! My daughter fell into the water! help! The administrator of the artificial lake in the distance heard someone calling for help, and immediately jumped into a small speedboat and drove towards Dadou's place! Plop! The administrator jumped into the lake and fished up Xiaodoudou after a while! Xiao Doudou is out of breath!

Doudou's father was crying hypocritically, and later the park management office compensated Doudou's father a sum of money. Back home, burn everything about Xiaodoudou! Just as if Xiao Doudou had never appeared in this family! Even the rented place has been moved, and the couple moved to Wenzhou, Zhejiang, where they are looking for a new job, dreaming of having a child in the future!

On the first night of moving to the new home, the husband and wife were lying on the bed and sleeping. Suddenly, Doudou’s mother heard a burst of patting the ball and the little girl’s laughter! Hee hee hee! so fun! Hehehe Doudou's mother followed the voice and glanced over, and saw a chubby little girl with pigtails, kicking a ball in the upper left corner of the room! Go around! Go around! Doudou's mother shouted Doudou's name!

Xiao Doudou ignored her, continued to pat the ball, suddenly raised his head, his eyes were wide open, and he opened his mouth: Do you want to come and play? I'll give you a ball, and you can play with it too! After speaking, he pinched his neck with both hands and lifted it up, and the whole head was taken off bloody; he held it in his hands and threw it on the bed! Grinning with his head in mid-air: Is this ball so beautiful! Mom, is this ball good-looking? Hey hey hey!

Seeing that the bloody head was about to hit the bed, Doudou's mother closed her eyes in fright and shouted: I don't want it, I don't want it! DouDou don't scare mom! At this time, Doudou's father woke up in his sleep, and saw his wife sitting on the bed with her eyes closed, shouting loudly! I patted Doudou's mother: what's wrong with you, my wife? Have a nightmare?

Doudou's mother looked at Doudou's father in horror and said: Husband! I saw Doudou, right there, she was playing with a ball, she took her head off and threw it on the bed! Doudou's father looked at the room: there is no one there, wife, you are having a nightmare! There was no one in the room at all, DouDou was already dead! Well, let's go to bed! After finishing speaking, Mom fell asleep with her arms around Doudou!

Thinking about what happened just now, Doudou's mother couldn't fall asleep until dawn! The next day, I was not in a good mood. After dinner in the evening, I went out for a walk with my father who went around. Walking on the road, I saw a chubby little girl with pigtails and bouncing around. It's very similar to Xiao Doudou, so he quickly pulled Doudou's father and said: Husband! husband! Look, isn't that our family's Doudou? She is just ahead! After speaking, he took Doudou's father's arm and ran forward.

When I got to the front, I saw that it was someone else's child! Doudou's father fell hard, and Doudou's mother took her arm and said loudly: "What's wrong with you, our family's Doudou is dead!" She is dead, don't be so neurotic, okay? You wake up, okay? good or not? You go back to your hometown for a while! Come back when your mood is stable! Doudou's mother didn't say a word, but after thinking about it, it might be because of her mental problems! He nodded and said: Well, I will go back to my hometown tomorrow, and you will take care of yourself here alone!

The next afternoon, Doudou's father sent Doudou's mother to the train station, and bought the train ticket back to Guizhou, at 10:50 in the evening! The couple did not return to the rented house, but stayed in the train station hall. At ten o'clock in the evening, Doudou's mother passed the security check and was about to enter the station. Before leaving, Doudou's father said: Remember to call when you get home! Good to go home! Stop being suspicious! I'll be on vacation after a while, I'll go back and pick you up! Doudou's mother nodded and headed towards the security check.

After passing the security check, while waiting for the bullet train at the platform, I saw another couple holding a little girl and waiting for the bullet train. Thinking of my family's Doudou, the more I think about it, the more sad I feel, I feel sorry for my daughter! The Dudu train was about to pull into the station. At this time, Doudou's mother suddenly saw a chubby girl with pigtails and a small ball in her hand. The ball rolled onto the rails, and the little girl went to pick it up, but she lost her balance and was about to fall! At this moment, Doudou's mother stretched her body forward in a strange way, ready to pull the little girl, but just when her hand was about to touch the little girl's hand, the little girl turned her face away, and a weird smile appeared on the corner of her mouth! Disappeared in a blink of an eye!

Doudou's mother lost her footing and fell onto the railroad track, and was crushed into a pulp by the speeding train that didn't stop! Passengers in front of the platform gathered around! No one noticed that behind them, there was a ghost of a little girl watching all this! The ghost of the little girl grinned and laughed! Disappeared in a blink of an eye!

After Doudou's father came back from the station, he fetched a basin of water to wash his hair and take a shower, but suddenly found that he didn't have a towel, so he turned around and went to get a towel. The lights in the room were flickering, just like the voltage was unstable! In a blink of an eye, all the lights went out, and the house was pitch black; the ghost of Doudou came and appeared in front of her father: You are so cruel, take me to the park for boating! Press me in the water and suffocate me to death! I feel so cold! No one to play with me, stay in the water every day, you see my body is white and swollen with blisters! Come and stay with me! Mom is here too, so you're missing!

After saying these words, the ghost went around: quack quack! The ghost smiles! Flying towards her father with both hands outstretched, your mother's ghost , her father couldn't move even if she wanted to, and the wandering ghost pulled her father's hair and lifted him to the water basin! She pinched her father's neck and pushed his father's head into the basin!

Her father waved his hands vigorously in front of the water basin, his nose and mouth were in the water, he couldn't breathe, he tried to raise his head but couldn't, and drowned to death in the water basin! Her father finally realized the pain of his daughter before his death!

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