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Beautiful lie, is Fanfan dead? No matter how beautiful the lie is, it will always be a lie. No matter how beautiful the lie is, what is the next sentence?

In the third week after my mother died, my father brought that beautiful woman home.

Maybe it's because of her coquettish and mature appearance. She looks about thirty years old, not much younger than Miliya's mother. She has a pair of long and thin eyes, and at first glance she looks like a smiling fox.

She bent down to greet Miliya amiably, and took out the gift she had prepared earlier in the morning – it was a pink strawberry bear. When she got closer and smelled it, she found that it had a sweet fragrance.

Milia took the bear, responded vaguely, and then returned to her room.

The woman's cooing voice came from outside the door: "What a shy little girl!"

Milia threw the bear on the carpet in disgust. She was almost fourteen years old, how could she be bribed by such a boring gift!

The woman's name was Josh, and she was the nurse when her mother was hospitalized. At first, she worked very seriously and took care of her very carefully. Not only did her mother trust her, but Miliya also liked her very much. After all, she is beautiful, speaks softly, and brings snacks from time to time to comfort her.

During that time, with Josh's encouragement, Miliya was convinced that her mother would recover.

Until one day, Miliya came to the hospital to visit her mother after class. Through the glass of the ward, she could clearly see Josh hugging his father's neck tightly, and the two were kissing passionately. The mother, on the other hand, was lying aside and falling asleep.

She wanted to break in and yell at them, but thinking of her seriously ill mother, she held back. She just deliberately made the footsteps louder and waited until they separated before walking in as if nothing had happened.

Sometimes she wonders, does her mother know these things?

You may know it, you may not know it, and even if you know it, you can't do anything about it.

After this day, Josh entered the house and officially became the hostess of the house. She got rid of all her mother's clothes, even her mother's favorite potted plants. The euphemistic name is: forget the past and start a new life for the whole family.

Miliya was very angry. In order to snatch her mother's clothes, she even scratched Josh's hand. Her father was very angry and slapped Miliya hard. Instead, Josh dissuaded his father . Beautiful lie: Is Fanfan dead? He is still gentle. He asked her if it hurt.

The real pain is in the heart.

After nightfall, Milia missed her mother very much. But now there is nothing around her that can commemorate her mother. Even the teddy bear that has been on her bedside all year round has been replaced by Josh's strawberry bear.

"This little bear is very dirty and old. The strawberry bear is so cute and smells so good!" Josh said when he took the teddy bear away, "Milia, you have to look forward in life."

The whole night was filled with memories of her mother. Miliya met her mother in a dream, and it was already ten o'clock in the morning when she woke up.

Josh was sitting on the sofa drinking black tea, and melodious light music was flowing in the living room. Miliya recognized it at a glance as her mother's cherished tea set, which she rarely used.

"Are you up?" Hearing the noise, Josh didn't look back, "There is milk and cereal in the kitchen . Beautiful Lies. Whether Fanfan is dead or not , you can figure it out yourself! Going to bed so late, even if it's summer vacation, is too lazy, isn't it? "

His voice was extremely cold, and he was completely different from his father when he was around.

Milia didn't want to talk to her and came to the garden alone. The sun is shining brightly and the temperature is as high as thirty-five degrees today. But even so, she felt more relaxed and comfortable than being with that woman.

At this time, she found a postcard in the mailbox. This was the kind of postcard sent at a specific time. The handwriting on it made her cry. It was her mother's handwriting.

"Dear Milia, the scenery here is so beautiful. I still remember the good times when we climbed the tree together. We could really see far and far away."

Milia's heart began to beat fast. When her mother was still healthy, they had a secret base. It was an abandoned tree house, probably built by an elderly grandfather who lived in a back street. Later, the grandfather passed away. He had no children and the house he lived in was gradually abandoned, not to mention the tree house.

Looking at the signature, the date was one month before my mother's death. At that time, my mother could still walk slowly on her own. She would occasionally go out for a walk alone, saying she wanted to breathe fresh air.

Miliya rushed to the tree house immediately, and sure enough, she found a wooden box behind a few cushions. When I opened it, I found inside the paper crane folded by my mother, the leaves picked up by the mother and daughter, and three letters.

She understood that her mother did not send the letter directly to prevent Josh from peeking at it. It seems that in her last days, her mother had seen through Josh's true face behind his gentleness.

"My dearest Milia: time is tight and I cannot say more in detail. In fact, my energy is not enough to support me to say more. Mom feels so tired. This is not because of the illness, but because of your father. He fell in love with someone else and couldn't extricate himself from it. I heard with my own ears that he was willing to do anything for that woman. Miliya, you are my only love. No matter what, please remember that that woman is wearing A beautiful mask, you must not call her mother, this is my last wish. Otherwise, I will die in peace."

Seeing this, Milia burst into tears. She could no longer control her emotions and hid in the tree house and cried loudly, venting all the suppressed emotions during this period.

She did not read the remaining two letters immediately. Since these were the last words her mother left for her, she wanted to keep them carefully and appreciate them slowly.

It was already six o'clock in the evening when I got home. My father stayed at the company to work overtime that day. As the CEO of a large company, he earned a good salary, but his work was very busy. When his mother was still there, he often didn't eat at home. Melia saw him for less than an hour each day.

It was the same now, but Josh didn't take it seriously. She didn't cook, but still sat in the living room watching soap operas, and laughed coquettishly when she saw the excitement.

Seeing Miliya coming back, Josh said in a mocking tone: "You're back? I thought you were like your father and didn't come back for dinner?"

With that said, Josh went to the kitchen to cook a pasta. When he waved the spoon to Miliya, a few drops of hot soup spilled out and splashed on the back of Miliya's hand.

Milia screamed, and Josh immediately threw away the spoon, ran over to hold her hand, and said in a concerned and guilty tone: "Ah! Milia, I burned you clumsily, didn't I? Does it hurt?" ?Does it hurt? I'm going to get some burn ointment right away, my God! I'm so damned!"

The sound of the door lock turning turned out to be the return of my father.

Milia sneered slightly. Seeing that Josh was so anxious, his father comforted him: "It's okay, it's okay. There is burn ointment in the medicine box. It's okay."

"Bitch." Although Miliya said it softly, her father still heard her.

Josh immediately shed tears, and his father sternly scolded: "Apologise! Do you hear me? Apologize!"

Milia ignored the pain on the back of her hand and ran back to the bedroom. After a while, Josh came to the door and whispered to her to come out and apply scalding ointment. After more than ten minutes, when she didn't respond, Josh said the burn ointment was placed in front of the door and left.

The back of my hand was burning, but it was not as painful as Miliya's heart.

As the night grew darker, she opened the second letter.

"Dear Milia, I write this letter in a sad, angry and weak mood. At this moment, I am helpless and desperate, because I know that my life is coming to an end. That woman…she can't wait any longer. She can't wait any longer. She wants to occupy the magpie's nest. She is a nurse and has many ways to deal with me…but I have no way at all. Your father is completely fascinated by her, I know very well…"

Milia's hands were shaking, but not because of pain, but because of the fear that the truth was so close. She didn't bother to turn on the desk lamp, and continued to open the third letter under the dim street light outside the window.

"Dear Milia, by the time you read this letter, I will probably be dead. I saw that woman inject other things into my sling bottle with my own eyes. After every treatment, I have the urge to go there. It feels like hell. The doctor said that chemotherapy is like this, but I don’t believe it. I asked the woman what she added, and she smiled weirdly, and your father actually told me not to worry about it. Miliya, you Do you think my handwriting is crooked and ugly? There is no way. I always feel weak and trembling in my hands and feet. I clearly see the man and woman cooing in front of me, but there is nothing I can do about it. Who doesn’t want to be the wife of a CEO?… …”

The handwriting is getting more and more sloppy, which shows that the mother's physical condition is getting worse and worse.

Milia's tears fell on the letter paper. Yes, she was that woman. In front of her, she was a gentle and responsible nurse; but behind her back, she was a bitch who seduced the patient's husband! Not only that, she also added harmful substances into her mother's hanging bottle, eating away at her mother's life bit by bit, and now takes its place!

No, we can’t just let it go!

Milia sat in front of the window like this for a whole night. She thought a lot and finally made up her mind.

A month later, my father was sitting in the reception room of the Tachibana Mental Health Center with a sad face, without touching a sip of the black tea in front of him. As the CEO of a company, he was sitting upright with his hands on his knees, like a dean waiting for him. of primary school students.

A few minutes later, a middle-aged man in a white coat walked in. My father immediately stood up. The doctor motioned for him to sit down, and then said: "The diagnosis is out. Miss Milia does have delusional disorder. This A bit, exactly like her dead mother.”

The father was stunned and couldn't help but let out a long sigh.

"We have checked the letters she said her mother left for her, and they are all blank paper." The doctor said with a bitter smile, "And she actually poisoned the food, causing Ms. Joshi's death, which shows that her condition is really serious. very serious."

The father lowered his head and said nothing, and after a while he said, "So, can she be cured?"

"We can only do our best and ask our family members to cooperate," the doctor said.

The visiting hours had passed, and my father slowly walked out of Tachibana Psychiatric Sanatorium. At first, his face was full of sadness and his steps were heavy. But when he stepped out of the door of the mental sanatorium, his expression changed and he walked easily towards a luxury car parked at the door.

The car window glass slowly rolled down, revealing a very young and beautiful face.

"Edward, is Milia okay?" She was probably only twenty-five, no, maybe only twenty-two years old, and her voice was soft and beautiful.

The father opened the car door, got in, and kissed the girl's delicate face.

"Her mother is mentally ill, and she is also mentally ill. I have expected this. Now that Josh is dead, no one can hinder us." The father put his arm around the girl's shoulders and whispered in her ear, "Everyone thought that Joe Xi is the third party who intervened in my marriage. Haha, okay, let's use Miliya's hands to deal with that woman who wants to be in power. Irene, the only thing I love most is you. You have to give birth to a healthy baby for me. Baby."

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