Chapter 23 The Third Trial Of Liu Changyou

"Sure enough, it was the same group of people who did it…!" Liu Dongsheng said angrily while holding the strange article handed over by Lao Chen.

"The same group of people? What kind of people?" Lao Chen didn't understand.

"It's okay…Old Chen. This body can't be left in the bureau overnight no matter what! It's best to arrange for cremation before getting off work!" Liu Dongsheng said decisively, "You can arrange this!"

"Okay…!" Lao Chen also knew that this kind of corpse had an inexplicable cause of death. "I'll make arrangements right away!"

"You guys, please move this box back to me!" Liu Dongsheng directed the investigation on the spot. "You guys, please go visit the area. For the rest of you, let me search these two houses carefully! If there are any clues, report them immediately. !”

"Yes!" A group of criminal police officers began to work separately. "Erga, you immediately bring someone to put this house owner under surveillance! If you have to, arrest him at any time! Xiao Li! You set out immediately and count the missing cases reported in the city within a week and report them to me. Verify the identity of the deceased as soon as possible!”

"Yes!" Erga Xiaoli began to split up…

As expected, the detectives did not get any valuable clues from the scene or nearby residents. Sitting in the office, Liu Dongsheng was thinking hard when suddenly Erga pushed the door open and entered the room with a sweaty expression, as if he had just lost his wallet.

"What's wrong? Didn't I ask you to monitor the homeowner?" Liu Dongsheng said listlessly.

"It's that… landlord! That landlord, he… he…" Erga kept talking, and even said a complete sentence, "He is Chen Junsheng!"

"Nonsense, can I not know that he is Chen Junsheng?" Liu Dongsheng frowned and handed over a glass of water, "Come on, don't be anxious, drink water and speak slowly!"

"No… he's not Chen Junsheng…! No, no, he's Chen Junsheng!" Erga has a problem, he will knock it off when he's anxious, "The one who died… the one who died just now… he was Chen Junsheng!"

"The landlord was not Chen Junsheng, but the deceased was Chen Junsheng?" Liu Dongsheng was also confused.

"Oh, Captain Liu, I mean, both the homeowner and the deceased are Chen Junsheng! The homeowner is Chen Junsheng! The one who died is also Chen Junsheng! The homeowner is the deceased!" Erga became anxious, "And… Captain Liu, guess what? …Who lives…next door…to Chen Junsheng’s house?”

"Could it be Ryoko?"

"Oh, boss, you are so awesome. You can strategize and win thousands of miles away! You can guess this…" Erga finally regained consciousness. The first thing he did when he woke up was to flatter him.

"It's not planning!… Go and arrange the interrogation room, and then bring Liu Changyou to me!" Liu Dongsheng breathed a sigh of relief, "Wait… bring me the bicycle thief first, let alone the interrogation, just He said someone was here to help him get out!"

"Okay…" Erga drank all the water in Liu Dongsheng's tea jar in one breath and turned around and left the office.

About ten minutes later, Erga poked his head in through the crack in the door again, "Captain Liu, OK, interrogation room three…"

This young man who stole the bicycle seemed to be a bit educated. He wore myopic glasses and looked to be less than 20 years old. His face was pockmarked and his hair was more oily than Liu Dongsheng. He was wearing a sports suit and his feet were It's a pair of sneakers with lumpy soles. At first glance, they look like students, but they don't look like thieves in any way.

"Young man, what's your name? How did you get in?" Liu Dongsheng's attitude towards this child should be considered very kind.

"My name is…Zhang Tao, I…wanted to steal a bicycle…and was caught…"

"Oh?…caught by whom?"

"Being beaten by a lady wearing a red hoop…" The young man was quite honest, and Erga couldn't help but snicker.

"I don't think so… Do you know why I brought you here?" Based on these two sentences and the attitude of this kid, Liu Dongsheng was already psychologically confident. He was a typical "raw melon and egg son", "Tell you, I He's from the criminal police team. Your case is originally not under my control, but the person the Lord asked you to steal is the prisoner we want to arrest."

"No… no one ordered me… I wanted to steal it myself…" As soon as these words came out, even Liu Dongsheng almost laughed, not knowing that this boy was quite loyal.

"Come on, read these eight words to me!" Liu Dongsheng turned around and pointed at the wall behind him.

"Be lenient if you confess, be lenient if you resist…" Zhang Tao said quite calmly.

"Do you know who the Lord sent you here?" Liu Dongsheng began to deceive, "That is a murderer wanted nationwide. I will give you a legal lesson now. If the theft is attempted and the amount is not large, the maximum number of people will be detained by security for five years." After seven days, if someone seriously repented and performed meritorious service, he might even be exempted from those seven days…" Liu Dongsheng kept staring at Zhang Tao's expression, "Those who assist in crimes and deliberately hinder the investigation work of the public security organs, Chen , will be held criminally responsible. The mountain is dead , and it must be dealt with strictly and severely. Young man, do you know what criminal responsibility is?"

Zhang Tao shook his head, beads of sweat dripping down his temples.

"Criminal responsibility means sentencing, imprisonment, starting from six months, with a cap of twenty years…The most important thing is the death penalty!" Liu Dongsheng said slowly, "The person who caught you coming in will be punished by death. If you help us solve the case, from now on If you start to draw a clear line with the criminal, then you are an attempted theft. If you continue to hide it, you will be an accomplice of the death row prisoner… Do you want to say it yourself, or do you want us to say it for you?" Liu Dongsheng glanced at Zhang Tao, as if I couldn't bear it anymore, "Young man, are you sixteen years old? I'll give you three minutes to think about it…".

"I… said! It was a little old man who gave me three hundred yuan… to let me…" It didn't take three minutes, not even three seconds before Zhang Tao made the move…

"Little old man…?…Take him to have his portrait taken!" Liu Dongsheng and Erga whispered, "We don't have time to waste time with him…bring Liu Changyou quickly! Don't let this man go just in case one of his accomplices runs away. It’s troublesome…”

"Hey! Brother policeman, you agreed to let me out…!" Zhang Tao raised his eyes.

"I said…your case is not under my control…" Liu Dongsheng shrugged, with a smirk on his face, "Hey, I will consider calling you to plead for mercy…"

"You lied to me…!" Zhang Tao reluctantly followed Erga out. After a while, Liu Changyou was brought in, with the same indifferent expression as last time.

"Liu Changyou, do you know Chen Junsheng?" Liu Dongsheng got straight to the point.

"Who is Chen Junsheng? I've never heard of it!" Liu Changyou rolled his eyes and his legs kept shaking. People who are familiar with psychology can easily see that there are only two reasons why people's legs shake. One is boredom, and the other is boredom. It's because he was overly nervous. Judging from Liu Changyou's current situation, he may still be far from being "bored".

"So you don't know him… This person just died. I originally wanted to inform you and ask you to take some of the money…" Liu Dongsheng took out a photo from the folder and handed it to Liu Changyou, "Look at this person's death. Yes, how righteous and awe-inspiring, look at this expression, does it look familiar?" Upon hearing that Chen Jun was alive and dead, a trace of fear that was difficult to detect quickly flashed in Liu Changyou's eyes, which happened to be caught by Liu Dongsheng.

"Police…comrade police…" Liu Changyou swallowed, "Can you give me a cigarette?"

Liu Dongsheng winked, and Erga took a cigarette and handed it to Liu Changyou.

"He…how did he die…?" Taking the photo, Liu Changyou took two puffs of his cigarette desperately, his demeanor and tone turning completely 180 degrees.

"Hey…? Since you don't know him, why do you care about this?" Liu Dongsheng smiled.

"I know…actually I know…" Liu Changyou said, "How did he die?"

"According to the preliminary identification of the forensic doctor, the cause of his death is exactly the same as that of Liangzi. It is basically certain that the murderer is the same person!" Erga said.

Hearing what Erga said, Liu Changyou immediately started to sweat. He held the photo of Chen Junsheng's corpse in his trembling hands and kept looking silly. His lips trembled and he didn't say a word for a long time.

"Liu Changyou!!!" Liu Dongsheng slammed the table, frightening Liu Changyou. "Do you know why you can survive until now!? That's because you have been staying in the Public Security Bureau!!" Liu Dongsheng said sternly, "You have to see the situation clearly! It's not the government that wants to deal with you now! It's your accomplices who want to kill you and silence you! If you still want to survive, there are only two ways! Either strive for meritorious service, help us solve the case, and bring the criminals to justice. To punish them, they come in and you go out! Or you hide here for the rest of your life!"

Chen Shan didn't know for a long time, but Liu Changyou slowly raised his head, his clothes were soaked with sweat, "Comrade policeman… no… no… brother policeman…" Liu Changyou was so anxious that he even changed his title, " Can you tell me, what is the maximum sentence for my crime?"

"How do I know what sins you have?" Liu Dongsheng really has a way of being soft and hard, and now he has taken the initiative.

"I didn't participate in any of what they did… I was just responsible for selling… I also often advised them to change their ways and do some serious business… I… I swear to God!!" It seems that Liu Changyou is indeed an old fox. Before I said anything, I just wanted to wash myself out first.

"Don't do this! Let's talk about the key points!" Erga replied, "Let me tell you, your crime can be big or small, it all depends on your meritorious service!"

"Okay…I said…I told you everything…" Liu Changyou's cigarette hit the sponge on the filter, "You have to believe some things I said!"

"Yeah! I believe you!" Liu Dongsheng let out a long breath, thinking that he could pry Liu Changyou's mouth open…

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