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I don’t know if it’s bad luck or what happened recently, but my cousin who was studying abroad suddenly contracted a terminal illness. It scared me so much that I was always absent-minded at work. I even made some mistakes in simple tasks and was kicked by my boss. Kicked me home and told me to get some rest.

But it’s good to go home, at least it will be easier for me to take care of my cousin.

I grew up with my cousin. In recent years, my cousin has become more and more beautiful. She has dyed brown hair and her mellow red lips look particularly feminine.

As soon as she got off the plane, her mother immediately packed her up and sent her to the hospital.

As usual, my cousin shouldn't have such a terminal disease. She is only in her 20s. Although no one is looking at her outside, she has always been a very self-disciplined woman and has no bad habits. Movies , and she often goes to temples to do volunteer work and so on. Why did this disease come to her?

I don’t know if I’m too sensitive or something else, but the day my cousin was admitted to the hospital happened to be the seventh lunar month, which is the ghost month, and the hospital is lined with big banyan trees. I believe people with a little common sense also know that banyan trees are… It attracts negative energy.

It was night when I went to see her. From the moment I entered her ward, I felt even more uneasy. When I saw my cousin's face, which was a little thin and pale due to the illness, my first feeling was It's just whether she got some dirty things outside.

I have been a particularly sensitive person since I was a child. Although I cannot see their existence, I can feel it more or less.

There was a sense of oppression in the air, and my breathing seemed to have become particularly difficult. At this time, I glanced around. Except for my cousin, the others in this ward were all old women in their sixties or seventies. Everyone is doing their own thing, and no one has the same symptoms as me.

I stood silently in an inconspicuous corner, listening to her parents' instructions to her, and slowly regulating my breathing.

Now I just want to escape from this ward immediately, but I force myself to stay and chat with my cousin about common things as usual.

Before leaving, I accidentally touched her hand. I found that her hand was cold, as if there was no trace of blood. It was so cold that it made people feel chilly.

Then I left here. After all, I am not a master-level figure. Let alone exorcism, I don't even have the ability to see ghosts. How can I help her?

The next day, I brought a piece of mugwort to visit her. mugwort is a pure yang thing, and it is the best and only evil-proofing product I have at present.

In fact, I smoked it at home as early as the day my cousin came back, and the effect was good. However, in these parts of the hospital, I couldn't smoke it in the ward for fear of being kicked out, so I could only put it on my sister's bedside. On the shelf next to it.

The effect is a little better, but there is still no big change.

The location of my cousin's hospital bed is not exposed to the sun, and there is a central air conditioner above her head. This position is very disadvantageous for her. I suggested that she go out for a walk, but the day's examinations were so packed that she would rather stay in the hospital bed and watch a movie than agree to my request.

After a few days, she will wear a bottle of potion that is very harmful to the body. It is known as fighting fire with fire. After taking the bottle of potion, the poison will fight against the body's immune system, and vomiting, fever, dizziness, and tinnitus may occur.

That night, her parents were unavailable, so I stayed there. She was hanging up with those potions until one o'clock in the morning. She had gone to bed long ago, but I didn't sleep. I stayed with her and waited for her to call the nurse at about twelve o'clock after hanging up to remove the needles.

It was so cold that night. I only had a thin towel covering me. I was woken up by her talking in her sleep in the middle of the night. As we all know, it is difficult for a person to fall asleep when he goes to a strange place. What’s more, Besides, I'm a naturally sensitive person.

I squinted my eyes vaguely and looked over to her bed, and I saw a dark figure sitting next to my sister's bed. Based on its body, I could definitely identify the back of a man at that time.

I only glanced at him, but the next second I woke up completely. I gradually saw his hair, his sitting posture, and what the clothes he was wearing looked like clearly.

Cold sweat began to break out on my forehead, and I couldn't do anything now. Although I was not unable to move like a ghost on the bed, I could move, but there was nothing I could do.

What made me feel even more terrifying was not this. I saw him turn his head and look at me with disdain.

That night, I don’t know how I fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, my cousin told me that she was particularly sleepy today. I fed her some white porridge and she lay down until noon. She didn't wake up even when the porridge was brought.

She slept until two o'clock in the afternoon, but when she woke up, a man in his 30s came from outside the hospital door to her cousin's bed and asked her to borrow ten yuan, saying that he would pay her back in an hour.

The man was very strange, wearing a hat with his head lowered, and holding a paper bag wishing you good health in his hand.

When my cousin woke up and heard someone asking her to borrow money, of course she was very angry (she had a bad temper) and drove him away the next second. The man continued to beg for a few words, but the cousin ignored her. After the man left, she turned over and continued to sleep.

Ten dollars is not much to me, and it is just money for breakfast. After thinking about it, I took the money and walked out and caught up with the man.

The man still wore his hat and lowered his head, heading towards the elevator. The elevator door opened, and I quickly squeezed in. I took out ten dollars from my wallet and gave it to him. He lowered his head, thanked him, and hurried out after the elevator door opened.

Regardless of whether he is a liar or really needs money, there is no harm in accumulating more moral character. But I don’t know why the other people in the elevator looked at me in surprise, with a little fear on their expressions.

I shrugged my shoulders, thinking that if I was deceived, I would be deceived. Is it okay to look at me like this?

Returning to the ward again, an old lady lying next to me put down the newspaper, looked at me and asked: "Young man, why did you run out in a hurry just now?"

"Oh, I gave ten dollars to the man with the hat just now." &rdquo

"But I didn't see anyone come in just now?"

I felt cold and cursed secretly, Old lady, who are you trying to scare? When that man came in just now, you obviously put down the newspaper in your hand and glanced at him. Your memory is too bad!

I smiled and pretended not to know anything and asked: "Really? But when the man came in just now, you also glanced in the direction of the door?"

"No, I just felt so strange. The door was opened even though there was no wind. I thought someone was going to come in." &rdquo

"Haha, how is it possible? You must have seen it wrong." &rdquo

An hour later, the person who asked me to borrow money still hadn't come back. I was convinced that I had been scammed. When my sister woke up, I asked her about it again, but she told me that she had been sleeping just now and had never woken up at all. She also asked me if I was too sleepy just now so I fell asleep and dreamed.

I laughed twice and quickly dropped the topic.

A month later, my cousin's illness suddenly disappeared. Even the doctor kept asking her what magic medicine she had taken.

I laughed twice beside her, and then walked out of the noisy crowd alone.

Thank you.

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