The Mighty And Ghostly Wife Continues Her Career

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Zeng Xiaolian from Fujian Province went on a trip to the outskirts of the city with two or three new aristocrats after passing the national examination. Occasionally, I heard that there was a fortune teller living in Kunlu Temple, so we rode together to ask for fortune. After entering the door, he bowed and sat down. Seeing his triumphant expression, the fortune teller gave him a few words of flattery. Zeng Xiaolian shook his fan and asked with a smile: "Are you lucky enough to wear a python robe and a jade belt?" The fortune teller solemnly promised that he would be the Taiping Prime Minister for twenty years. Zeng Xiaolian was very happy and even more arrogant. It happened that it was raining non-stop, so I went to the monk's house with my playmates to take shelter from the rain. There was an old monk in the room, with sunken eyes and a high nose, sitting on a futon and arrogantly ignoring them. The upstarts raised their hands slightly and got on the bed to chat. Everyone congratulated him on his upcoming appointment as prime minister. Zeng Xiaolian was very excited and pointed to the new nobles who were traveling with him and said: "When I was the prime minister, I recommended Brother Zhang Nian to be the governor of Yingtian Mansion. My cousins ​​were generals and guerrillas. My old servants were also generals and generals. I Your wish is fulfilled." Ichiichi laughed.

After a while, I heard the rain outside the door getting heavier and heavier. Zeng Xiaolian lay on the bed tiredly and took a nap. Suddenly I saw two envoys sent from the palace, carrying the emperor's personal edict, inviting Master Zeng to discuss national affairs. Zeng rushed to court in a triumphant manner. The emperor listened attentively to his eloquent remarks, moved forward unconsciously, and talked with him for a long time in a pleasant manner. He also ordered officials below the third rank to be promoted or demoted at his discretion. He was given a python robe, a jade belt, and a famous horse. He once kowtowed and walked out of the temple wearing a python robe and a jade belt. When I returned home, it was no longer the mansion I originally lived in. Instead, it was filled with painted buildings and carved trees, which was very poor and luxurious. I don’t understand why I suddenly came to this place. However, he held his beard in his hand and shouted softly, and the response was as loud as thunder. After a while, the ministers brought all kinds of seafood, and people who flattered and fawned came in and out in an endless stream. When the six ministers came, they hurried forward to greet them; when the ministers and others came, they bowed and talked; those who waited for him just nodded. The governor of Shanxi sent ten singing girls, all of them charming and beautiful. The most beautiful among them are Caijuan and Xianxian, who are particularly favored by him. He lived idle all day long, indulging in pleasure and pleasure. One day, I thought that when I was humble, I had been supported by the local squire Wang Ziliang. Now that I was a high-ranking official, he was still unsuccessful in his official career. Why not promote him? The next morning, he went to court and wrote a memorial, recommending him as an admonishing doctor. He immediately After receiving the emperor's approval, he took office immediately. He also thought that Taipu Guo had offended me, so he summoned Lu Gaijian, Chen Chang and others and told them his thoughts. One day later, memorials to impeach Taipu Guo were sent to them one after another, and the emperor immediately ordered them to be cut off. his duties. The grudges are clear, and I feel very happy. One day when he accidentally went out for an outing, a drunkard happened to hit his ceremonial staff. He immediately sent someone to tie up the drunkard and deliver him to Jing Zhaoyin. The drunkard was immediately beaten to death with a stick. Those whose houses and fields were connected to him were afraid of his power and dedicated their farmland and beautiful houses to him. From then on, he became as rich as the country. Not long after, Niao Niao and Xianxian died one after another. He thought about it day and night and couldn't help himself. One day, I suddenly remembered that I had seen the daughter of my neighbor to the east who was very beautiful. I often wanted to buy her as my concubine. However, I was unable to fulfill my wish because of lack of money. Today, I was lucky enough to be able to fulfill my wish. So several capable servants were sent to force the bride price to her family. After a while, a sedan chair carried her through the door, and she was even more beautiful than before. Looking back on my life, I feel that all my wishes have been fulfilled.

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Another year passed, and officials in the DPRK and China were discussing secretly, as if they were opposed to him in their hearts but not in their mouths. However, none of them dared to publicly accuse them. Zeng was still arrogant and did not take these comments to heart. Soon, Bao, a bachelor of Longtuge, impeached him. The essay roughly said: "I thought that Zeng was a rogue who was fond of drinking and gambling, a villain in the market. He said something that catered to the holy will. Fortunately, his wife was favored by the emperor. His father wore purple clothes and his son wore red clothes. She loved him to the extreme. However, he did not want to repay the emperor's favor by breaking his body to pieces. Instead, he indulged in wifely behavior and abused his power. Evil conduct that can be punished by death, It’s as hard to count as pulling out hair! He regarded the imperial officials and titles as a rare commodity that could make huge profits. He openly put out prices for buying and selling them according to the amount of official income. Therefore, the officials and soldiers all rushed to his door, and they probably bought the official vacancies. If you can get a profit, you will open up your joints and work hard, just like a businessman. There are countless people who look up to him and worship him. If there are outstanding people and capable ministers who refuse to flatter him, the young ones will If you are assigned to a leisurely official position, you will be dismissed from the official position if you are serious. If you fail to protect him even a little bit, you will offend him, a treacherous minister who treats deer like a horse; if you offend him with a few words, you will be demoted to a desolate and remote area. It was difficult to survive. The court officials felt chilled because of him, and the emperor was isolated because of this. Moreover, he arbitrarily embezzled the good land and beautiful houses of the people, and forcibly married women from good families as concubines. He was filled with evil and grievances, and the turmoil was dark! He As soon as his servants arrive, the prefects and county magistrates will look up to him; as soon as his letters are delivered, local officials such as the governor and governor will also bend the law.

Kamui Ghost Ming hanser _Kamiwei Ghost Ming's Wife

Even his adopted son or distant relative would take the carriage and horse of the inn when going out, which was as majestic as the wind and thunder. If there is a slight delay in the local donation, he will be whipped immediately. They tortured the people, enslaved the government, and looted everything wherever they went, so that the people could not even pick wild vegetables. However, Zeng ignored the suffering of the people and continued to do evil and arrogantly relying on the emperor's favor. Whenever the emperor summoned him to the court to ask questions, he would take the opportunity to slander Zhongliang. Just after returning home from the official office, he immediately entertained himself with singing and dancing. Indulging in the pleasures of sensual dogs and horses day and night, they paid no attention to the prosperity of the country or the livelihood of the people. How can there be such a prime minister in the world? There was a stir inside and outside the court, and people in the society were in turmoil. If he is not killed quickly, it will inevitably lead to disasters like Cao Cao and Wang Mang usurping the throne. The minister was wary and afraid day and night, not daring to live in peace, risking death, listing all kinds of sins, and reporting to the emperor to hear them. Pray to cut off the head of the treacherous minister and confiscate his embezzlement and embezzlement of property, which will eliminate the anger of God above and make people happy below. If what I report is false and untrue, I will be willing to be severely punished by being chopped up and cooked. "And so on. After the memorial was delivered, Zeng was so shocked that he felt like drinking ice water and trembling all over. Fortunately, the emperor was tolerant and kept the memorial for the time being. Then all the courtiers of Ke, Dao, and Jiuqing, The above-mentioned impeachment refers to the people who used to be disciples and cadres of the family, but also turned against each other. As a result, their homes were confiscated and exiled to Yunnan according to the order. As the son of Pingyang Prefect, the court also sent officials to arrest and interrogate. Zeng heard the imperial edict. When he was in panic, dozens of warriors with swords and spears broke into the inner room, stripped off his clothes and tied up his wife.

Kamui Ghost Ming hanser _Kamiwei Ghost Ming's Wife

After a while, I saw many people moving their family's property into the yard. There were millions of gold and silver coins, hundreds of pearls, emeralds and other precious jewelry, and thousands of curtains, curtains, etc., as well as children's clothes. , the woman's shoes and socks fell all over the floor. Zeng saw it clearly and couldn't help but feel sad and dazzling. After a while, he saw someone dragging his beautiful concubine out of the room. Her hair was disheveled and she was crying sweetly. Although she was beautiful and beautiful, no one loved her. My heart was once filled with grief, but I dared to get angry but dare not speak out. After a while, the pavilions and warehouses were all sealed. The warriors then drove Zeng and others out. The prisoners held the rope and dragged them out of the door. The couple swallowed their anger and went on the road, asking for a broken carriage as a substitute, but they didn't get it. After walking ten miles, his wife's legs became weak and she almost fell. Zeng had to use one hand to help her on her way. After walking for more than ten miles, he was exhausted. Suddenly I saw a high mountain, reaching straight into Yunhan. I was worried that I would not be able to climb it, so I often held my wife's arms and cried to each other. But the prisoner glared at him and refused to let him breathe. Seeing that the sun had set and there was nowhere to stay, we had no choice but to crawl forward in tandem. By the time they reached the mountainside, his wife was exhausted and sat on the roadside crying. Zeng also sat down to rest and let those in custody scold him. Suddenly I heard a lot of people making loud noises. It turned out to be a group of thieves jumping forward with sharp blades in their hands. The prisoners were frightened and fled one after another. Zeng knelt down and begged: "I was demoted to a remote place alone without anything valuable in my pocket." Begging for mercy. The gang of thieves stared at him and said, "We are all suffering people who were harmed by you. We only want the heads of traitors and nothing else." Zeng angrily rebuked them and said, "Although I am guilty, I am still an official of the court. You How dare these robbers do anything to me!" The robbers were also very angry and raised a big ax to chop at his neck. Zeng also heard the sound of his head falling to the ground.

Kamui Ghost Ming hanser _Kamiwei Ghost Ming's Wife

Zeng's soul was still wondering, when two ghosts came over immediately, tied his hands behind his back, and drove him forward. After walking for a few minutes, we arrived at a city. After a while, I saw a palace with an ugly-looking King of Hell sitting in the palace, judging people's sins and blessings based on several cases. Zeng stepped forward and knelt down to beg for mercy. The King of Hell opened the case file and read a few lines before he said angrily: "This is the crime of deceiving the emperor and harming the country, and he should be punished!" All the ghosts echoed in unison, with a sound like thunder. Then a big ghost dragged him down the stairs. I saw that the cauldron was more than seven feet high, the charcoal around it was burning hot, and the legs of the cauldron were all red. I once trembled and cried, with no way to escape. The ghost grabbed his hair with his left hand, held his ankle with his right hand, and threw him into the cauldron. I once felt that I was alone, as the waves of oil rolled up and down, my skin was charred and my flesh was rotten, my heart and lungs were in pain, the hot oil poured into my mouth, and my internal organs were fried. I just want to die quickly, but I can't die even though I try my best. About one meal later, the ghost took Zeng out of the cauldron with a big fork and made him lie down in the hall again. The King of Hell looked through the case file again and said angrily: "You should go to the Mountain of Swords to bully others!" The ghost grabbed him out again. I saw a mountain, not very wide, but steep and towering, with sharp knives crisscrossing it like densely packed bamboo shoots. There were several people in front of them whose intestines were hanging on the knives and whose stomachs were pierced by the knives. The sound of howling was very miserable. The ghost urged him to go up the mountain of swords, and he cried loudly and retreated. The ghost stabbed his head with a poisonous awl again, and he endured the pain and begged for mercy. The ghost was furious, grabbed Zeng, and threw it into the air. Zeng only felt that his body was as if he were above the clouds, dizzy and falling suddenly. The blades of the knife stabbed into his chest. The pain was indescribable. After a while, the body fell again, and the knife hole became wider and wider. Suddenly it fell down, and its limbs were rolled into a ball. The ghost caught up with him again and went to see the King of Hell. The King of Hell asked someone to calculate how much money he had gained in total by selling his official position, being corrupt and perverting the law, and seizing property. Immediately there was a man with a curly beard who counted the chips and said: "The total is three million two hundred and one thousand taels." The king of hell said: "Since he gathered here, let him drink it!" After a while, the silver was brought. The pile of wives who were screaming like ghosts on the steps was as high as a hill. Then put it into the iron pot little by little and melt it over a strong fire. Several ghosts took turns pouring the molten liquid into Zeng's mouth with a spoon. The molten liquid flowed to his cheeks, and his skin immediately became burnt and smelly. When it entered his throat, his internal organs immediately boiled. When he was alive, he was only afraid that there would be too little of this stuff, but now he is afraid of having too much of it. After filling it for a long time, I just finished it.

The King of Hell ordered Zeng to be escorted to Ganzhou and reincarnated as a woman. After walking a few steps, I saw an iron beam on the shelf, several feet thick, with a fire wheel tied on it. It was thousands of miles in circumference. It was colorful and illuminated the sky. The ghost whipped him to get on the fire wheel. As soon as he closed his eyes and jumped up, the fire wheel began to rotate with his feet. After a while, he seemed to feel that it had fallen to the ground, and his whole body was cold. When he opened his eyes, he saw that he was already a baby and a girl. Look at your parents, they are wearing rags. In the earthen house, there are only begging ladles and wooden sticks. He knew in his heart that he had become the son of a beggar. Just like this, I followed the beggar everywhere with a broken bowl every day, and my stomach was often so hungry that I couldn't even get a full meal. Wear tattered clothes, the cold wind is biting like a cone. When she was fourteen years old, she was sold to Gu Xiucai as a concubine, and she was able to live comfortably in food and clothing. However, the scholar's head wife was very fierce. She whipped her every day and used a red-hot iron to brand her vagina at every turn. Fortunately, my husband still loves me very much, so I can get some relief. There was a bad boy in the east neighbor who suddenly jumped over the wall and forced her to commit adultery. She thought that she had committed too many sins in her previous life and had been punished by the King of Hell. How could she continue to do evil now? So she shouted loudly, and her husband and eldest wife got up, and the bad boy ran away. Not long after, the scholar was sleeping in her room. She was talking endlessly about her grievances on the pillow. Suddenly there was a loud noise, the door opened, and two robbers broke in with knives. They actually cut off the scholar's head. Head, plundered all the clothes. She curled up into a ball under the quilt and never dared to make a sound again. After a while, the robber left, and she ran into the eldest wife's room, screaming. The eldest wife was shocked. Weeping with her, they examined the body and suspected that she had conspired with an adulterer to kill her husband. So he wrote a petition and reported it to the governor. The governor interrogated her severely and even used torture to force her to confess her crime, and sentenced her to death in accordance with the law. When she was taken to the execution ground, her mind was full of injustice, and she stamped her feet and screamed for injustice. She felt that the eighteen levels of hell in the underworld were not so dark.

While he was mourning and wailing, he suddenly heard his playmate calling him, "Did you have a nightmare, brother?" He suddenly woke up and saw the old monk still sitting cross-legged on the futon, meditating. His companions quarreled with him and said, "It's getting late and I'm hungry. Why did you sleep for so long?" Zeng stood up with a sad face. The monk smiled and said: "Did the prime minister's divination come true?" Zeng became more and more surprised and hurriedly bowed down to ask for advice. The monk said: "If you accumulate virtue and do good, you can be saved by gods and Buddhas even if you are in a pit of fire." What do I, a monk in the mountains, know?" He came here in high spirits, but returned disheartened. The extravagant hope of becoming a prime minister has since faded. Later, he went to the mountains to practice Taoism, but I don't know what the result was.

Yishi said: "It is an unchanging principle of God to bring blessings to those who do good deeds and disasters to those who are immoral. People who are very happy when they hear that they are going to be prime ministers will not be willing to dedicate themselves to serving the country. People can imagine it. At that time, there should be everything in the palace, wives and concubines. However, the dream is certainly false, and the fantasy is not real. Because he has evil deeds in the dream, ghosts and gods are in his dream. When people do not understand that life is short, dreams like this are inevitable, so this story should be regarded as a sequel to "The Story of Handan".

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