The Wolf King Of Gossip And Gossip

Jiang Li rushed home with the freshly washed clothes in her arms. When Aunt Ma and Aunt Zhu next door saw her, they made irresponsible remarks behind her back.

"How long do you think she can last as a beautiful widow? We were kind enough to be her matchmaker and she didn't want her, so why are we pretending to be a chaste and martyr girl! Then Cheng Daluan won't climb out of the grave and erect a chastity monument for her!"

"Look, she looks good, she doesn't look like a widow at all! Maybe at night, there will be a man under the quilt to warm her feet!"

These words became more and more unpleasant to hear, and Jiang Li's face became more and more ugly. She hugged her clothes and ran home in one breath, closed the door and cried bitterly in the room.

"Da Luan, you left early and left me without a word. I wanted to be a widow for you, but I attracted gossip from the neighbors. What do you think I should do? I really don't want to live anymore!" Jiang Li sobbed.

This crying lasted a day.

Until it got dark, she dressed herself up and tied a hemp rope to the roof beam, planning to die in vain.

At this time, there was a knock on the door. Jiang Li ignored the knock on the door. Her despair in life made her resolutely choose to end her life.

Seeing that no one responded, the people outside couldn't wait and pushed the door open. When they saw Jiang Li hanging on the roof beam, they quickly put her down.

"Xiao Li, wake up! Why are you seeking death?" Lang Youqing stroked Jiang Li's nose and finally breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that she was still breathing.

Seeing that she was not dead, Jiang Li said to Lang Youqing, "Why did you save me and let me die!"

Lang Youqing hugged Jiang Li distressedly and comforted him: "There is nothing difficult in the world! As long as you can let go, it doesn't matter what others say!"

When Jiang Li heard the word "others", she suddenly remembered what Aunt Ma and Aunt Zhu said, pointed at Lang Youqing and said, "Why do you come to my house every day at dark! Who are you?"

Lang Youqing smiled and said: "Didn't I tell you earlier? I am Cheng Daluan's living friend! I have to work during the day, so I only have time to see you at night! No, I have sent you rice!"

Lang Youqing said, carrying a bag of rice in front of the gate into the house.

Jiang Li looked at Lang Daqing and couldn't help but feel sour in her eyes.

His husband, Cheng Daluan, went to the city three years ago to catch up on goods. Unexpectedly, he was bitten to death by a vicious wolf on his way home. Jiang Li cried until she died.

Cheng Daluan was the pillar of the family. Without him, Jiang Li's life was in trouble.

After Jiang Li buried Cheng Daluan that day, he fainted from grief and died in the cemetery.

Fortunately, Lang Youqing, who claimed to be Cheng Daluan's friend, came to see Cheng Daluan and sent her home. From then on, Lang Youqing came to see her every night and took care of all her household chores and daily expenses.

Life seems to be back on track, except that Cheng Daluan is gone.

There was more of a smile on Jiang Li's face. After all, people's hearts are easy to warm up. Gradually, Jiang Li's attitude towards Lang Youqing became less cold than before.

After calculating when Lang Youqing would arrive, Jiang Li prepared food and wine, and would have dinner with Lang Youqing as soon as he arrived.

Jiang Li drank a small glass of wine that day. Under the influence of alcohol, Jiang Li had the courage to ask Lang Youqing: "I wonder where Brother Lang lives? How many people are there in the family?"

Lang Youqing smiled and said: "My home is at the foot of that mountain, and now I am the only one in my family!"

"Oh! It turns out we are in the same boat!" Jiang Li sighed.

I also saw that Lang Youqing was handsome, tall, and physically strong. I don’t know why he hasn’t married yet?

Jiang Li just wanted to think about this, but was too embarrassed to ask. If she were a widow and asked this, others would think she had something in mind!

Lang Youqing was particularly happy today. Seeing Jiang Li pouring wine for him personally, he drank one cup after another until his eyes were blurred and he staggered around, with a thick black wolf tail exposed.

Jiang Li was startled and almost threw the wine bottle in her hand.

This Lang Youqing is indeed a wolf monster!

Jiang Li remembered that she went to the city to buy cloth yesterday, and a Taoist priest met her and said that she had a demonic aura about her and asked her if she had met any strange people recently.

Because the Taoist priest just wanted to defraud some money, Jiang Li ignored him and turned around and left.

But the Taoist priest chased her reluctantly and said: "I'll tell you the truth, girl! You have the aura of a wolf demon in your body! I have been chasing the wolf demon for some time and don't want him to escape. I hope the girl can provide some clues so that I can get rid of the wolf demon." Keep it under control so that it will not cause harm to the world in the future!"

When Jiang Li heard what the Taoist priest said, she couldn't help but remember that her husband Cheng Daluan died at the hands of an evil wolf. She hated wolves deeply. The wolf demon can be said to be the most vicious among wolves, so I don't like him even more.

"I didn't meet any strange people! It's just that after my husband left, a stranger came to my house for no reason! That person claimed to be my husband's former friend!" Jiang Li didn't want to hide it.

The Taoist priest thought for a moment, then took out a packet of medicinal powder and handed it to her.

"This is a demon-dispelling powder! It is colorless and odorless. It is harmless to ordinary people if it is eaten. But if a monster eats it, its true colors will be revealed without a stick of incense!"

Jiang Li looked at the medicinal powder in the Taoist priest's hand and hesitated.

Think about it, even if Lang Youqing is a demon, he has never harmed anyone. In the past three years, he has been taking care of her and helping her without any regrets. How could she retaliate against him and harm him?

"Thank you, Taoist priest! I think that friend is not the wolf demon that the Taoist priest calls you!" Jiang Li rejected the Taoist priest.

The Taoist priest was determined and would not give up until his goal was achieved, and said again: "The girl is kind-hearted! The wolf demon may not be so. If this Taoist priest guessed correctly, the girl's husband died at the hands of the wolf demon!"

Jiang Li's body froze in place as if struck by lightning.

She thought twice and accepted the Taoist priest's instructions to dispel demons.

Jiang Li retracted her thoughts and saw that Lang Youqing appeared in front of her. Not only was the wolf's tail exposed, but his face also changed from time to time.

In the blink of an eye, a huge wolf head appeared with sharp white teeth. It was covered in black wolf fur and had no human appearance.

Jiang Li was so frightened that she broke into cold sweat and her legs trembled.

Lang Youqing noticed something was wrong with him, narrowed his green wolf eyes and said, "It's been three years! You really still don't believe me!"

As he spoke, he staggered towards the door with his wolf body.

Before I reached the door, I saw a bright light outside.

I don’t know how many torches were lit and how many people were waiting for Lang Youqing outside the door.

Jiang Li was panicked. She saw that Lang Youqing had difficulty even moving since he took the Taoist priest's powder. She couldn't bear it. She thought that if the Taoist priest was high enough, why would he resort to such despicable means and use her as a woman? To deal with a monster?

"Don't go!" Jiang Li shouted and ran forward to stop Lang Youqing.

"They're going to kill you! Just go out the back door!"

Lang Youqing looked at Jiang Li and shook his head: "My limbs are weak. Not to mention walking, I can't even crawl! I'm going to die today, and it doesn't matter whether I escape or not!"

Listening to his words, Jiang Li felt that he had known that she had tampered with the drink, but he still drank it calmly. Why did he seek death?

Thinking about the interactions between the two in the past three years, Jiang Li had long regarded Lang Youqing as his eldest brother Feng Mo Kojiro . If Lang Youqing came to atone for Cheng Daluan's death, then what he had done for her in the past three years Yes, it can be paid off already.

Now that she believed the Taoist priest's instigation and drugged him, she owed him something, and since she owed it, she had to pay it back!

Without saying a word, Jiang Li helped Lang Youqing escape through the back door.

The people in the village waited for a long time but no one came out, so they broke in, but the two of them were already gone.

Jiang Li sent Lang Youqing to Feng Mo Kojiro Shiyama at the foot of the mountain. Lang Youqing opened his eyes quietly, grabbed one of Jiang Li's hands and said, "Xiao Li, don't go back anymore, can you follow me?"

Jiang Li shook her head: "Humans and monsters are in different ways, and the world cannot tolerate them!"

When he said that, he turned around and ran away.

When Jiang Li returned home, the villagers naturally would not let her go. They had been waiting at her house early in the morning. When they saw her coming back alone, they forced her to ask about Lang Youqing's whereabouts.

When Jiang Li refused to obey, the villagers used the village rules and said that Jiang Li had an affair with a wolf demon and killed her husband Cheng Daluan. This was the crime of murdering her husband and should be punished by burning.

Jiang Li couldn't argue, so the villagers tied her to a pillar and set up firewood around her.

Lang Youqing couldn't let go of Jiang Li, so he rushed to save her before his power had recovered.

Unexpectedly, he fell into the Taoist priest's trick, and Lang Youqing was trapped by the Taoist priest's demon chain.

The Taoist priest clutched the demon chain and muttered words. As the spell started, the demon chain pierced into Lang Youqing's flesh and bones inch by inch like a sharp knife. Blood overflowed. It was a torture that was worse than life. It is said that as long as the demon-locking chain penetrates three points into the bone, the demon's soul will be extinguished.

Lang You Qingji gritted his teeth in pain and did not resist at all. Instead, he smiled and said to Jiang Li: "Li'er! I am your husband Cheng Daluan! It's because I met the wolf demon when I came back from the city that day. Unexpectedly, my body was completely destroyed during the fight between the wolf demon and the wolf demon. My soul lost its attachment and was unwilling to let go of you, so it possessed this wolf demon and transformed into another human being to see you after dark every day!"

As he spoke, Lang Youqing's figure became more and more blurred, until the last white and transparent soul escaped from the demon chain, and everyone knew that Lang Youqing was Cheng Daluan. (End of this article)

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