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There is a Zhaojia Village on the Songliao Plain, and Zhao Guangqing lives in the village. Although he was not living a rich life, he was still quite prosperous. With a family of five and more than ten acres of land, we have more than enough every year.

Liu Xiangdong from Qiancun was unable to open the pot at home. For two bushels of sorghum, he sold his nine-year-old daughter to the Zhao family as a child bride. Liu Xiangdong's wife Li Shi held her daughter and cried until she died. He touched his daughter's thin body lovingly and said, "Xiaohong, you have to do it as a last resort. Mom is reluctant to leave you at such a young age! Xiaohong, when you get home, you must be diligent and discerning. Don't wait for others to do any work. Just keep doing it. Treat your parents-in-law with filial piety and love to the woman. Do not cry out when they are beaten or scolded. No matter whether it is right or wrong, you cannot argue. Don't touch things that cannot be moved. Don't touch things that cannot be looked at. Curious. Think carefully before speaking, and don't talk too much. Ah! Remember! My child, you are so young, Mom, Mom, Mom can't bear to let go… Wu…" Mrs. Li hugged her daughter for a long time. In arms.

Children of poor people become sensible early. Although Xiaohong's eyes were red from crying, she comforted her mother when she saw her grief-stricken look. "Mom! Don't be sad. My daughter will get married sooner or later. Besides, I'm not young anymore. In three months, I will be ten years old. When I get to the Zhao family, I can have enough food. I can do any kind of work. I can't. Those who were beaten and scolded. Mom! Stop crying! Mom!" As she said this, she stretched out her small hand like a stick to wipe her mother's tears. Mother's tears are like Koizumi's. How can I dry those thin little hands? Mrs. Li held her daughter tightly in her arms and cried bitterly.

She left her parents and became a child bride in a strange family. Xiaohong is busy from morning to night every day, with a slim body of nine years old. What I am responsible for is cooking and laundry for a family of seven or eight. The most tiring part is fishing out rice. There are so many people to eat, and they have to fish it out one by one. Then, he bent over and moved into the house holding the rice bowl.

The mother-in-law is quite satisfied with this child bride who can endure hardships and is capable. Although Xiaohong was tired, she was able to eat enough, and her young heart was so satisfied. Those who are content will always be happy. Xiaohong is busy with contentment every day. She always has a sweet smile on her little face, and she serves her parents-in-law with water for washing their face and feet. Every day I see a happy look on her little face.

When eating, I always lower my head to pick up the rice and never reach out to the bowl with my chopsticks. The mother-in-law gradually fell in love with the child bride. When eating, she would put some vegetables in her bowl. I also bought her new clothes during the Chinese New Year. This was the first time she wore new clothes during the Chinese New Year. Thanks to her mother-in-law's care, Xiaohong feels that she is the happiest person in the world.

However, the good times did not last long. My mother-in-law put the leftover meat from the Chinese New Year into a small basket and hung it on a hanging wooden hook on the beam in the kitchen. When I went to pick it up the next day, the basket and the covering cloth were still there, but the items were gone. So, the mother-in-law picked up the broom and walked to Xiaohong who was washing clothes. He beat and cursed: "You little bitch, I gave you three cents of dye and you went to open a dyeing workshop. Treat you as a human being, don't pretend to be a human being. You bitch, you are shameless. I will let you eat like us during the Chinese New Year." , you are not satisfied yet. You are still talking, you, I will beat you bitch to death." Although her mother told her not to defend herself, she was unjustly accused. "I didn't steal anything. I didn't eat anything except eating." Xiaohong defended in a low voice, but the work in her hands did not stop. "You've stolen something, but you've been harsh. You didn't steal it, so what about the things hanging in the basket? Did you let the dog eat it if you didn't eat it?" The mother-in-law scolded her while beating him.

"I haven't touched anything in the basket." Xiao Hong defended herself. "You are still so stubborn." The mother-in-law beat Xiaohong until she was black and blue.

The second and third time, every time the mother-in-law hung things in the basket, they would disappear, and Xiaohong would be beaten again and again. I thought I was the happiest person in the world, but now I have fallen into the eighteenth level of hell. No matter what I do now, my mother-in-law will not like it. Both beating and scolding will lead to injuries. A child who is just ten years old has to endure both physical pain and mental torture.

On the sixteenth day of the first lunar month, the family hired a carpenter named Zhu Gui. Buy something to entertain the carpenter, hang the rest and then disappear. Xiaohong was beaten severely again, several times. Zhu Gui thought: This child bride looks very exciting. Why do you have so little memory? Why bother being beaten and scolded just for the sake of your mouth and mouth? But he also wondered, hearing Xiaohong's defense and seeing her aggrieved expression didn't seem like a lie. What is going on? Zhu Gui thought about it while working.

Zhu Gui's craftsmanship is good and there is always business all year round. Now people come to invite him. In order to rush for time, Zhu Gui had to work late at night.

It's the eighteenth day of the first lunar month, probably just after the first watch. Zhu Gui planned to go for a convenience and come back so he could sleep. When he walked to the kitchen window, he accidentally discovered something strange. I saw Zhao's big yellow dog looking up at the place where the basket was hung. So he stopped and watched quietly. I saw the dog watching, turning twice on the ground, and then standing upright on its hind legs, dragging the basket with its two front paws, lifting the basket up and placing it on the ground. He used his paws to open the covering cloth, ate everything, then covered the cloth again and hung up the basket. Wagging his tail contentedly, he licked his lips and walked to the firewood pile and lay down with his mouth between his two front legs and fell asleep.

Zhu Gui secretly felt aggrieved for Xiao Hong. I plan to get up early tomorrow and tell the Zhao family the truth of the matter to prevent the child bride from being unjustly beaten.

Early the next morning, Zhu Gui was woken up by a burst of beatings and scoldings. He felt so uncomfortable that he regretted that he overslept. He quickly got up, and by this time the beating had ended.

Zhu Gui asked Zhao Guangqing to help bring back some pork head meat, saying that he would not work at night today to take it home. Zhao Guangqing brought back pork head meat, and in the evening Zhu Gui said he would not go. He asked the Zhao family to hang up the pig head meat and said: "Your child bride will not eat my food. The weather is cold and it will not spoil. We can take it back tomorrow." He also asked Zhao Guangqing to help him in the evening, and Zhao Guangqing agreed.

When the first watch of the day arrived, Zhu Gui pulled Zhao Guangqing to show him something and signaled Zhao Guangqing to keep quiet. So, the two people quietly came to the kitchen window. At first, Zhao Guangqing didn't know what medicine Zhu Gui bought in his gourd. Before he came to the kitchen, he understood that Zhu Gui must have seen Xiaohong stealing words. She wanted me to catch her and see what else she had to say. After about a pack of cigarettes, I saw the big yellow dog standing up in the pile of firewood. He stretched out and slowly came to the bottom of the basket, turned around twice, then stood upright on his hind legs, dragged the bottom of the basket with his two front paws, raised it, and took off the basket. Zhao Guangqing was dumbfounded.

When the dog had eaten all the food, covered it with cloth and hung up the basket, wagging its tail, licking its lips, and walked towards the firewood pile with satisfaction. Zhao Guangqing's lungs were about to explode. He picked up a shovel and rushed into the house, "You beast, you stole it. If it weren't for Master Zhu, Xiaohong would have taken the blame for you. Today I will beat you to death, you beast, so that I can vent my anger for Xiaohong." "As he said this, Zhao Guangqing picked up his shovel and struck at the big yellow dog. Before the dog could lie down, he heard someone come in and pricked up his ears and looked at him in horror. Seeing that its owner was attacking with a shovel aggressively, it jumped instinctively. The shovel fell, the dog screamed, and ran away with its bloody tail between its legs.

Zhao Guangqing's angry curses and the dog's screams woke up the sleeping family members, who all came out to see what happened. Zhao Guangqing told what happened. The mother-in-law knew that she hit Xiao Hong by mistake, so she hugged Xiao Hong, who was covered with injuries, and said, "Xiao Hong, it's all my fault that I hit you by mistake." The sensible Xiao Hong said, "I don't blame you, it's that A dog is not good." Although it was just a short sentence, my mother-in-law shed tears.

The work for the twentieth day of the first lunar month is finished. In order to thank Zhu Gui, the Zhao family invited him to have dinner. It was already dark when they were about to leave. Because the people who were going to work tomorrow were also from Zhaojiacun, Zhu Gui left his tools at Zhao's house and only took an adze for self-defense.

Zhu Gui's home is only three or four miles away from Zhao's home. After walking for more than a mile, he saw a dog jumping towards him. Zhu Gui turned around and smashed the adze down very hard, hitting the dog's head. The dog was killed on the spot. Zhu Gui looked at the moon and saw that it was the Zhao family's big yellow dog. "You beast, you have done something bad and you have wronged your master and you still have the nerve to take revenge on me? It's really unreasonable." Zhu Gui said, grabbing a dog's leg and dragging the dead dog back home.

Why do dogs behave like this? Why didn't it do this kind of thing before Xiaohong came? It turns out everything happens for a reason.

In Lijia Village, there was a rich man, Li Wanfu, who had two sons. The eldest son, Li Shukui, was married and had children. The second son, Li Shuwei, had just turned 18, but he fell in love with Zhao Xiangzhi, the daughter of Zhao Erbao, a tenant in the village. Zhao Xiangzhi was seventeen years old, a beautiful woman who was as tall as a flower and was famous. The ingenious female workers did a very good job. The flowers they embroidered were so vivid and the butterflies they embroidered seemed to be able to take flight. There were many matchmakers, but she had already made a lifelong commitment to Li Shuwei. They all refused one by one. Her parents thought: It would be a dream to marry into the rich family of Li Wanfu, so they have been silently supporting their daughter.

When Li Shuwei expressed his desire to marry Zhao Xiangzhi, before his father Li Wanfu could say anything, his grandmother Cao said: "No, how could our family marry a poor man from a poor family?" It's wrong to make others laugh. I heard in rumors that you and that vixen are in love, and I'm asking around, and it turns out it's true. From now on, you are not allowed to associate with her. If you are disobedient, don't blame me for being ruthless! "

In the afternoon of that day, the housekeeper Zhang Shoufu and Gou came to Zhao's house with great momentum. He put his foot on the edge of the kang and put his hands on his hips and said: "My surname is Zhao, the old lady told me to stop your vixen from pestering my second young master. If you are so shameless and disobedient, don't blame our old lady for being ruthless." Face. The message has been delivered to you, you can take care of yourself. Hum!" After saying that, he took the two servants and left. However, Zhao Xiangzhi was already three months pregnant at this time.

Li Shuwei did not dare to talk to his grandma about marrying Xiangzhi. He could only ask his parents to put in good words for him and persuade his grandma. Beg for mercy for him and tell his parents that Zhao Xiangzhi is pregnant with his flesh and blood.

Li Wanfu sympathized with his son because he also had a crush on a girl, but his mother's strong opposition prevented him from marrying the girl. He promised his son to ask for his mother. However, when Li Wanfu told his mother that he wanted to marry Zhao Xiangzhi as his daughter-in-law. The mother was furious, "What? My old lady has lost her voice and thinks I'm old. You want to be the head of the family, right? It's just a dream. As long as I'm here, I won't let you marry a poor man and bring shame on the family!" Get out of here and don't say anything else. I don't want to hear it."

Li Wanfu knew that this matter was hopeless, but he really wanted to fulfill his son's wish. So he took out his private money, ten taels of silver. He planned to let his son and Zhao Xiangzhi go away for a while, and then let them come back after a few years when their mother was away. During the few years they are away from home, I can secretly help them.

After Li Wanfu expressed his thoughts to his son, Li Shuwei knelt down and kowtowed to his parents. With tears in her eyes, she took the money and left home secretly. She and Zhao Xiangzhi left the village overnight. When Mrs. Cao learned the news that Li Shuwei and Zhao Xiangzhi had eloped the next day, she was furious and scolded her son and daughter-in-law. She said angrily: "I have to dig three feet into the ground to get that scoundrel back to me." The vixen was sold to a famous brothel in the provincial capital three hundred miles away, and she told the old madam that the evil seed in her belly would be given away when she was born, and she would never be allowed to see it. If you go against me, this is the consequences. Housekeeper, three days You have to sort things out for me within the next few days, or don't come back to see me. These beasts are going to make my old lady mad to death."

After receiving the message, the housekeeper went down and led people on horseback to search everywhere, but Qie kept searching day and night. On the evening of the next day, I found Li Shuwei and Zhao Xiangzhi eating in the store. Without any explanation, they caught the two of them like an eagle catching a chicken.

Li Shuwei was taken away amidst Zhao Xiangzhi's heartbreaking cries. Zhao Xiangzhi was also taken in another direction. Li Shuwei cried and called. The housekeeper was not moved by their true feelings and resolutely carried out Cao's order.

Li Shuwei was escorted back, and his grandmother, Mrs. Cao, was still angry. So she ordered someone to take her grandson back to her room and put her under house arrest. Li Shuwei's spirit completely collapsed due to pain, anger, longing and concern. He is crazy all day long and calls women Xiangzhi whenever he sees them. It's heartbreaking to see.

Zhao Xiangzhi has been sold into a well-known brothel in the provincial capital three hundred miles away from home. At this time, Zhao Xiangzhi endured the humiliation and survived for the sake of the child in her belly. When she was pregnant with a baby girl for ten months, the madam gave the girl away and she became the child bride of an eight-year-old boy just after birth. Zhao Xiangzhi missed Li Shuwei, whom he had only met once, and died of a serious illness. The old bustard said angrily: "I bought a gift for money and sent her away before she was worth enough. I don't do money business." So the old bustard asked someone to wrap Zhao Xiangzhi's body in rags. Throw it into the wild.

It happened that a kind-hearted farmer couple lived there and bought a white coffin to bury her. Zhao Xiangzhi was grateful to the farmer for collecting the corpse. In the subsequent reincarnation, she chose to be a dog to guard the house and courtyard of the farmer's son. Because Cao was a mean and vicious person, she was unkind for the sake of wealth. In the reincarnation, Yan Jun made her suffer the poverty and separation of the poor as punishment for her. So she was reincarnated into Liu Xiangdong's family and became Xiaohong, the daughter of poor Liu Xiangdong.

Who would have thought that the road between enemies is narrow. Zhao Xiangzhi (now the big yellow dog) met the old woman of this big mandarin duck here. She once caused the mother and daughter to separate. The enemy who killed her was reincarnated in disguise. However, she, Xiaohong, is its owner after all, and he cannot bite her. So, it came up with a clever plan to put the blame on others and steal the food from the basket. The owner would never have thought that it was me who ate it. Sure enough, the owner suspected that it was Xiaohong. When the mother-in-law beat Xiaohong severely, the big yellow dog was so happy. It waggled its tail and listened to the sweet crackling and whining sounds. He was walking around in the yard, thinking: I should, I should, I should, beat you hard and beat you to death, you old cunning woman.

Fairy Nanshan once warned the big yellow dog, but Cao has now transformed into little red. She had already suffered the torture of poverty and separation, and she had to do heavy labor, which was more than enough to offend her. Let her stop taking revenge. "When did the injustice embrace each other?" However, at this time, how could the big yellow dog let go of the woman's love and fight to the death ? The joy of revenge filled his whole heart, and he could not listen to any advice. Unexpectedly, its pride was ruined by the carpenter. The big yellow dog, full of evil thoughts, decided to take revenge on the carpenter. But he didn't expect that it would kill Qing Qing and become the carpenter's meal.

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