Short Ghost Stories

The annual lantern festival has started again. Today is the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, and it is also the most climax of the lantern festival. The streets and alleys are decorated with lanterns, and thousands of lanterns are competing to reflect each other. There are bunches, pairs, all kinds of shapes, some round, some square, some big, some small. Densely packed. Flowers, birds, fish and insects, everything. People watching the lanterns come from all over the world. In this tide-like sea of ​​people, there are two beautiful girls who are more eye-catching than the lanterns. This is the two masters and servants. The young lady’s surname is Mo, and she is called Sister Ping. Sister Ping’s little girl is called Xiaohong. This girl is well-behaved, smart, and has big talking eyes. long eyes. The snow-white little face was reddened by the lanterns tonight. Little Mouth murmured around the young lady. The lady smiled and nodded while listening. Many people were amazed at the beauty of these two women and forgot to watch the lights.

This sister Ping is the daughter of Mr. Mo in the nearby Mo family village. The Mo family is the richest man in this area for dozens of miles. Since the eldest wife outside Mr. Mo gave birth to sons, Mr. Mo really wanted to have another daughter, but this woman just couldn’t give birth to a girl, and gave birth to three sons in a row. . After the woman gave birth to her third son, she contracted a woman’s disease and could no longer reproduce. Member Mo looked at these stunned sons who looked like tigers. More eager to have a gentle, graceful, understanding and good daughter. When Mo Yuanwai was forty-six years old, he took a daughter from a poor family as his concubine. This concubine was very good. Three years later, he gave birth to the daughter of his dreams. The member was nearly fifty years old and got a daughter. She got her wish, and regarded her as a jewel in her palm. When her daughter was a little older, she paid a lot of money to ask someone to teach her how to draw and paint, draw dragons and embroider phoenixes. The lady is also ingenious and can afford everything. There are many rich people who covet Sister Ping’s beauty and come to ask for relatives, but Sister Ping doesn’t like any of them, and besides the old staff, they don’t want to marry their precious daughter too soon. Stay around for as long as you can. In this way, Sister Ping is almost eighteen years old this year. Still haven’t found a lover. Today is the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month. The young lady was upset and begged her father to allow herself to go out to enjoy the lanterns. I begged and begged my father to finally agree, and sent a few family members to follow behind the young lady, protect the young lady, and be smart. The maid, Xiaohong, helped the young lady get rid of the servants, and the two of them were free to play and enjoy the lanterns in the crowd. Seeing so many people looking at her, Sister Ping blushed and pulled Xiaohong, who was two years younger than her, and left the crowd.

Among the lantern-viewing crowd, there was a young scholar who had been stunned by Sister Ping’s beauty for a long time. He had forgotten to watch the lanterns and stared straight at Sister Ping, not daring to blink for fear. In the blink of an eye, such a beauty will never be seen again. Whose young lady is this? She looks so beautiful? Look at her, her jet-black hair is pulled up high, a silver-white phoenix hairpin is inserted into her temples, and the tassel of the phoenix tail is like a weeping willow, swaying as she speaks and gestures, Against the white jade-like face of the melon seeds, the facial features are really embarrassing Chang’e, jealous fairy. The pair of eyes under the slender eyebrows twinkled like stars, and the small scallion nose was just right with a small mouth. The slightly upturned corners of his mouth showed a faint smile. The entire face, delicate and delicate, is so beautiful that there is no human firework at all. He wears a small jacket with red flowers on a white background, and a light green pleated skirt on the bottom. A pair of slender hands that were as transparent as beautiful jade pulled a girl in red beside her and left the bustling crowd. Come to a small bridge. At this moment, the young scholar woke up like a dream, and followed him to the side of the small bridge. The scholar stepped forward to make a deep bow and asked how she was doing. Sister Ping shyly returned the salute, slowly raised her head, and saw a handsome scholar in front of her. Looking at the yearbook, he was similar to himself. His long hair rolled up high was tied with a yellow streamer, and he was dressed in a golden robe with a wide black belt tied around his waist. Mild and elegant, with extraordinary air. The facial features are as distinct as carvings, and under the eyebrows of a pair of swords, the deep eyes are full of passion and tenderness. A tall straight nose and moderately thick lips rippling with a haunting smile. What an extraordinary handsome man. Sister Ping’s heart is full of love. He bowed his head shyly. The two fell in love at first sight. Xiaohong was on guard on the side, the scholar and the young lady complained to each other beside the bridge, and the two met late. At this time, Xiaohong found the family who was catching up, and Sister Ping took off the jade phoenix on her head in a hurry and handed it to the scholar. Tell the scholar that he can go to Mo’s house in Mo’s village to propose marriage. Take Yufeng as proof.

After Sister Ping returned home, she didn’t think about tea and rice. She hoped that the scholar would come to the house to propose marriage one day earlier. When the two were talking by the bridge, she only knew that the scholar’s surname was She, who lived in Shejiazhuang, at the foot of Nanliu Mountain. Although she had heard of Nanliu Mountain, she knew it was far from here. The son came to propose, and he had to go for a few days. Sister Ping could only wait silently.

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Sister Ping’s mother noticed that her daughter had become a little distracted and worried about her daughter. Ask the maid, Miss Xiaohong, what’s the matter. Xiaohong said he didn’t know. Sister Ping’s mother thought that she could not help her when she was older, and that her daughter had already reached the age of marriage. Just because the master is too spoiled with his daughter, everything is up to his daughter, so far he has not found a satisfactory husband-in-law. The change of her daughter, Mr. Mo, who loves her daughter eagerly, also saw it in his eyes, and was anxious in his heart. He found several matchmakers and asked them to find someone worthy of the young lady. I found one family after another, all of them rich and noble, but the lady didn’t even look at it, she just silently missed Young Master She. Pray for Mrs. She’s early arrival. Sister Ping is unhappy all day. Xiaohong tried her best to tease her, but she just couldn’t be happy, and gradually she fell ill.

Besides, this Young Master She, he is not actually a Young Master, he is a snake spirit who has practiced on Nanliu Mountain for more than 800 years. On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, he transformed into a beautiful man and also came to the lantern festival to watch the excitement. I met Sister Ping by chance and was deeply moved by her unparalleled beauty, and she fell in love with Sister Ping. I thought about what kind of immortal to cultivate, and being able to live with the woman I love would be thousands of times happier than being an immortal. Young Master She put Yufeng, who was tightly clasped in his hands, in his arms. He rushed back to Nanliu Mountain overnight. He wanted to use his magic to create a fairyland-like pavilion on the mountain in the shortest possible time. Then invite the same kind to become a family, and order a group of subordinates to become slaves and maids. He wants to go to Mo’s house to propose marriage as soon as possible. We greeted Sister Ping one day earlier. To relieve the pain of Acacia.

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On the 16th day of the first lunar month, a Taoist priest who traveled around happened to pass by Nanliu Mountain. What a mighty and majestic mountain, with undulating mountains and undulating mountains, the green rock-protecting pines are like the waves of the sea, hazy and smoky, as if shrouded in a thin layer of white gauze. The faint big valley is unfathomable, showing an unusually quiet and cold atmosphere. There seems to be a bright light in the hazy room, and under the light, there are beautiful pavilions and pavilions. The Taoist priest opened his eyes wide and saw that in the mountain, there were demons doing things. The mission of a Taoist priest is to exorcise demons. Since it is incumbent upon encounter. The Taoist priest recited the incantation and came to the mountain. Sure enough, I saw a huge yellow python, with its mouth wide open, spitting out its core, and in the process of doing things, from the mouth of the python, golden rays of light erupted, like a beautiful meteor shower, and pavilions rose from the ground. . Beautiful and spectacular.

The Taoist priest took out his sword and shouted, “Snake monster, die!” The big boa constrictor put away its figure and turned back into a handsome young man. He also took out the sword and fought with the Taoist priest. , the mountains are also trembling for it. Even after fighting for seven, seven and forty-nine days, there was still no winner, and the Taoist priests couldn’t accept or pay Young Master She, and Young Master She couldn’t escape. Seeing that he could not win alone, the Taoist had to take out the magic weapon and seal the entire mountain. I went back to Taoist Temple and asked Master for help.

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Seeing that the Taoist priest was gone, Young Master She rushed through the mountain with all his might, wanting to rush out of the sealed mountain, and hurried to Mo’s house to meet Sister Ping. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get out of the mountain.

In the twinkling of an eye, the movie of Gui Gongzi in March , Sister Ping’s illness was good and bad, and Mo Yuanwai invited a lot of husbands, but there was nothing they could do. Looking at her dying daughter, Mr. Mo outside sighed and sighed all day long, praying to God to save her precious daughter.

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March is the romantic season of spring, looking out the window, tender and warm sunshine. Xiaohong looked at the dying young lady lying on the bed, and there was an indescribable sadness in her heart. Tears were rolling in her eyes, and she resisted letting it fall. She shook her head, wiped away her tears, and came to the lady’s bed. : “Miss, don’t torment yourself for a ruthless person. He doesn’t deserve you to do this for him!” Is it human?” Xiaohong grumbled to herself. “Miss, the sun is warm outside, let me help you out to dry.” Sister Ping acquiesced, Xiaohong quickly helped Miss, and the two slowly came to the yard. After Miss Xiaohongfu sat down. I picked a few beautiful pansies from the lawn in the yard, put a few on my head, and took a few more and put them on the lady’s head. Sister Ping raised her sour arm and blocked Xiaohong’s hand holding the flower. Xiaohong bored with the flowers in her hand. He lowered his head thinking about something. Sister Ping looked at the spring, vibrant lawn, with clusters of purple pansies dotted in the green verdant. Pairs of butterflies flip up and down, chasing each other. Seeing this scene made Sister Ping’s lovesickness even more serious. She thought that Young Master She would definitely come, but she was delayed by something and couldn’t come for a while. I must cheer up and wait for Young Master She to marry me. Sister Ping forced herself back into the house and lay on the bed again. Xiaohong was in the yard, watching the lady stagger back to the house. Xiaohong knelt down in the middle of the lawn with a plop. She prayed to the sky, to the ground, and to the sun, praying to the gods from all walks of life, bless the young lady, forget the person who hurt her heart as soon as possible, and bless the young lady to get well soon.

On the second night when the Taoist priest went to invite the master, the sealed mountain suddenly shook, the ground crumbled, and the boulders rolled. For a while, the wind was blowing, and the dark clouds were spreading. The exhausted Young Master She is resting on a big tree at this time. Seeing the sudden change in the weather, Ji Liu jumped down from the tree. Fly away from the mountain. Running all the way, came to Mojiazhuang. It was raining lightly by this time. Young Master She turned over and entered the Mo’s yard, and came to Sister Ping’s window. He was afraid of scaring Sister Ping, so he didn’t rush into the house. Shouting to Xiaohong in a low voice outside the window. Xiaohong turned on the light and opened the door, and saw that it was Mr. She. There is no place to get angry. “He who has no conscience, look at what you have done to my young lady.” “Miss has been waiting for you to propose marriage all day long. You’re good. You’ve been missing for a few months. You’ve hurt Miss.” Xiaohong complained incessantly.

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When Young Master She came to Sister Ping’s bed, she was already in tears. He took out the white jade phoenix from his arms and gently inserted it into Sister Ping’s fluffy black hair. Sister Ping exhausted all her strength, got up and hugged She Gongzi tightly. Xiaohong brought it back to the door knowingly and watched the wind outside the door.

Young Master She lovingly stroked Sister Ping’s black hair like ink, and gently kissed Sister Ping’s jade-like white and thin face, feeling the heart-wrenching pain from the bottom of her heart. He murmured: “They all blame me! They all blame me!” The two peerless beauties were extremely lingering, and they spent a beautiful moment thoughtfully and tenderly. It was almost dawn, and Xiaohong came over to urge Mr. She to leave, and Mr. She was reluctant to part. Said to Sister Ping, “Miss, you must wait for me, I will come to the house tomorrow to propose marriage.” Sister Ping lay on the bed, with a happy smile on her slightly red jade face, she nodded slightly. When Young Master She left, Sister Ping was full of happiness and slowly closed her beautiful eyes forever.

Young Master She didn’t dare to go back to Nanliu Mountain. He hid in a big tree outside the village and waited quietly until dawn, when the tree came down, and changed again until it was impeccable and satisfied. Use a spell to greet a child. Picked up full of dowry gifts and came to Mo’s family to ask for marriage. When he walked outside the door of Mo’s house, he heard crying coming from the door. He instructed Xiaotong to wait outside and go in to see for himself. From a distance, he saw Xiaohong wearing a linen and filial piety, and the entire Mo family was silent in great grief. He dared not take a half-step forward again. A servant was walking towards the gate with a long white cloth. Young Master She asked forward, “Excuse me, who passed away in your family?” The servant cried and said, “Last night our young lady passed away. It’s so sad. She just turned eighteen years old.” When Young Master She heard this, he immediately felt The legs were weak and almost returned to their original shape. He endured the heartache piercing through his bones. He dragged his legs as if they had been filled with lead, and walked out of the gate of Mo’s house. He didn’t know where he was going or where he was going. Just walk aimlessly. His eyes were no longer tears, but blood beads from the bottom of his heart. Young Master She’s heart was completely broken.

A few days later, people found a huge yellow python tightly entwined on Sister Ping’s tomb, day after day, year after year. At first, people tried to drive him away, but he was just wrapped around the grave without moving. Then people got used to it. No one bothered him anymore. The silver-white snakeskin he retired slowly piled up into a hill, and later, the white snakeskin mountain turned into a beautiful and magnificent jade mountain.

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