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Why can’t you eat river crabs after they’re dead?_Can you still eat river crabs after they’ve died?_How long before you can eat river crabs after they’ve died

Shui Da Bang, or Shui Da Pang, is the dialect name for people who have drowned in Chongqing.

Regarding water sticks, there have always been two strange (supernatural) phenomena that can hardly be explained by modern scientific theories.

One: When the male water stick naturally surfaced, he was lying face down, while when the female water stick naturally surfaced, she was facing up and lying on her back.

Time can’t be eaten

Second: Regardless of the man or woman, and regardless of the time of drowning, after being fished out of the water stick, they will be "white and fat" without a trace of blood. However, as soon as blood relatives arrive, they will inevitably bleed from all their orifices.

Don’t argue with me on the above two points. I grew up by the Yangtze River and swam in the Yangtze River every summer. At that time, people drowned almost every day, sometimes several a day. Some of my classmates and friends have become water sticks. Although I don't like to watch the "giant view" of water sticks, many of my classmates and neighbors have seen them. According to their feedback, without exception, all water sticks , which fully complies with the above two "principles".

Why can’t we eat river crabs after they are dead? How long can we eat river crabs after they die? Can we still eat river crabs after they are dead? Can we eat river crabs after they are dead? Why can’t we eat river crabs after they are dead? How long after death can’t you eat

The first one is easier to understand. It is said that the different body structures of men and women lead to different "disappearances" of men and women. But the second item is really super supernatural – no matter the time, it doesn't matter the soaking time, or the time it is kept after being picked up. In other words, if relatives are present to supervise the removal, the water stick will bleed immediately; if there are no relatives around, even if they arrive a few days later , can the dead crabs still be eaten ? The water stick will still endure it until the relatives meet. Will bleed. (Verified countless times, with at least millions of witnesses across the country)

So, the question arises – can a person who has drowned for a long time still have feelings? This is unscientific! That’s right! It’s not scientific! This post of mine is dedicated to collecting all kinds of unscientific anecdotes in the world.

Time can’t be eaten

During the Republic of China, in the old city of Yunyang County, to the east was the estuary where the Tangxi River merged into the Yangtze River, which was called a small river mouth. There was a backwater tuo called Sanxuantuo below, and the water from the upstream swirled in the tuo. Not easy to wash away. When I was playing on the riverside as a child, I often saw a person rowing a wooden boat (small wooden boat) back and forth on that section of the river. Grandpa Bo'er from the same street said: Old Craftsman Xiong is fishing for water and hitting sticks again.

In the Xiachuanjiang area, middle-aged and elderly people are called Laojiang. In fact, Laojiang Xiong is not yet fifty years old, but his face is old and dark, so everyone calls him that.

Why can’t you eat river crabs after they’re dead?_Can you still eat river crabs after they’ve died?_How long before you can eat river crabs after they’ve died

Old Craftsman Xiong fished out a female water stick, naked, with her limbs tied to a wooden board. It was so weird, I reported it immediately. Old Craftsman Xiong was kind-hearted. After the police took the photos and left, he spent money to pull a piece of plain white cloth, wrapped the female water stick and buried it. The wooden board on which the female water-beating stick was tied was left on the beach on the shore.

A single man in Shibangou below the mouth of a small river saw a wooden plank as he was passing by. Seeing that no one was around, he quickly carried it home to build a bed to sleep. When I slept until midnight, a naked woman came into the house and said that the board belonged to her and she wanted to carry it back. The bachelor woke up from his sleep and saw a naked woman. He thought that since there was such a good thing, he might as well call her "Bunkeng". But if you look closely, you can see that the woman's face is swollen and hideous, and she is clearly a slut. The bachelor was so frightened that he got out of bed, picked up the board, ran out, and threw it back to the river.

The next day, the story of Nv Shui hitting a stick and asking for a wooden board spread in Shibangou. There was a woman in her forties who thought to herself, if I pick it up and use it as firewood, it will be useless to find it with a stick. This woman usually likes to take advantage of small things, but she was still a little worried at this time, so she put it in the firewood shed without daring to burn it. For several nights in a row, Nv Shui Da Stick did not come to see her, so he boldly chopped and cooked the pig food. After cooking the pig food and carrying a bucket to feed it, as soon as she turned around, the thatched stove burned into flames. Although the fire was very big, it was extinguished after burning the thatch, purlins and rafters, without damaging the main roof of the tile-roofed house at all.

The woman was dumbfounded. She sat on the ground and started to cry. She was crying and cursing: You damn water-beating stick is going to commit evil even if you die.

Later, when Mr. Xiong went to the town revolutionary committee to collect the money for burial, he met a policeman whom he knew from the town police station. He heard that the case of the woman playing with a stick was solved: this woman "stole people" during her lifetime. After her husband found out, she tied him to a wooden board and threw him. Lijiang. The husband has been arrested, but the two children are only a few years old… (End of reprint)

The reason why I don't like to watch water sticks is really not because I am timid. I have seen many naked bodies, but water sticks are the least "popular" ones. I like to be clean and don't want to see disgusting things. I remember when I was a child, I once moved crabs along the Yangtze River. Can crabs be eaten after they are dead ? I moved a complete set of human hand bones from a crack in a big stone… Another time I swam in a small river (Tangxi River). I caught a skull without a mandible from the bottom of the river. These conditions did not affect my mood at all when moving crabs and swimming, but the water stick… forget it.

(An additional knowledge point: In addition to the two postures of lying down and leaning up, the water stick actually has another posture – standing posture. However, this posture is very rare. Legend has it that the water stick in this posture is no longer called the water stick, but " "Evil" (very sinister and evil), no matter how much money you pay, traditional corpse collectors will never touch them.)

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