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Introduction 1: They found me to be the leading actor in this movie not because I am handsome, I know this very well. Of course, it's not because of my good acting skills. I have never faced the camera before, and I am still a little afraid of facing the camera. Don't worry, you may not be able to see the camera at all. Just do what you normally do and don't try to act. ——This is what the fat director said to me. The director also gave me a general introduction to the movie: This is a ghost movie, also called a horror movie.It's also a movie


Weird music kept ringing in my ears. I ran all the way through the streets and alleys, and pedestrians backed up on both sides of me.

This is my last job. The director said that it was a bit tiring for me to run aimlessly on the street, but this is art, because adding this shot at the end of the film means that the world is full of people, just like the story that happened to me. It happens in different versions to other people.

Finally, I ran back to the set. Some staff members handed me towels to wipe my sweat, and some gave me thumbs up, but the hateful fat director didn't show up.

"Where's the director?" I grabbed the lighting engineer and asked.

"Don't you know? The director was burned when he went to a nightclub last night and almost died. Now he is saved, but he is blind in his right eye!"

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The shooting time for this great movie was very tight. The director told me that there were only two days left. The original plan was eight months, but it took them seven months and twenty-eight days to hire the ghost of one of the protagonists. .

What I have to do in these two days is two things: find the real ghost and find a kidnapped princess pre-arranged by the director somewhere. The latter one is set up to develop the story, and finding the ghost is the main task.

Finally, the director graciously asked me if I had any requirements. I couldn't help but said for a long time that I thought that in order to enrich the characters in the movie, there should be a beautiful heroine and the hero to complete the task together.

The director agreed with my reasonable suggestion and suggested that I go home and have a good sleep first, and start getting into the role when I wake up tomorrow.

When I left the set, I asked the director again: "Why did you want me to be the leading actor?"

The fat director winked at me and said, "Didn't you write a few ghost stories? I like to read them, and so do the ghosts we invited!"


I opened my eyes at the first rooster crow. From the corner of my eye, I saw some fonts changing in the lower right corner, and there was also some weird music in my ears that is usually used in ghost movies.

I immediately realized that it was the credits and opening music, corny but necessary. I suddenly realized that I forgot to tell the director my stage name yesterday. In fact, I gave myself a very nice stage name "Li Tak Sing", which is a combination of Dawn Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok. But it seems it's too late, they used "5071".

Now I have no choice but to care about the title of the movie. As the saying goes, "If you're not afraid of a bad movie, you're just afraid of a bad title." A good title is half the battle at the box office.

I sat on the bed and waited quietly. Time passed by minute by minute. Suddenly, a light flashed on my forehead, and two large red and bloody official script characters suddenly appeared in front of my eyes – "Ghost Film"! ——What a terrible name.

The music stopped and my work began.

I was still a policeman at this time, and my hair was a little messy. That was because I was informal, my clothes were very casual, and the furnishings at home were messy and ordinary. These hinted that I was an upright policeman. Bad people live in mansions and are well-dressed. Without these benefits, who would be willing to be a bad person?

I also own a private Xiali, which I didn't expect. Fortunately, I can park wherever I want without having to worry about copying license plates and paying parking fees. Otherwise, I would rather walk.

It's just that driving in the movie is a very tiring thing. No matter how straight the road ahead is, I have to keep twisting the steering wheel greatly. The director said this made the picture more dynamic.

Want to be dynamic but not realistic, this seems to be the theory of yaotou*wan!

On the way, I accidentally saw two thieves stealing cars at the corner of the street. I suddenly became furious and immediately stopped suddenly. Just as I was about to get out of the car, I saw one of them bending over and revealing the pistol on his trousers.

I hesitated for 0.003 seconds and then I came to my senses. I am the protagonist. It has only been a few minutes since the opening. Let alone being shot and dying, it is absolutely impossible to even be injured. The thing in front of me is obviously for me to show off my skills and make a difference. prestige.

So I shouted loudly and pounced on him.

My head hit the car window glass, and my car door hadn't been opened yet.

I opened the car door, shouted again, and pounced.

When the two thieves saw me coming suddenly like a heavenly soldier, they were so frightened that they quickly drew their guns. They saw me move "Tiger Down the Mountain", then "Foshan Shadowless Kick", and finally used "Monkey Stealing Peach" to seize the gun and point it at them. The thief shouted: "Don't move, I'll kill you if you move!"

The thief didn't seem to hear me, so he ran to my car and started to drive away.

The cast of the bad guy_who wrote the bad guy_The bad guy must die director

I hurriedly pulled the trigger, and a long string of water droplets shot out from the muzzle.

I was about to throw away the gun, when a "BMW" drove up. So in a hurry and angry, I walked to the middle of the road, stopped the car with a water gun, dragged the driver out of the car, and wanted to seize the car and chase the thief.

Suddenly, the movements around me and my movements all slowed down, and there was music playing in my ears again. I took a closer look and saw that the person holding my little hand was a stunning beauty. Her flowing long hair slowed down as she got out of the car. Flying slowly, the tips of the hair brushed my nostrils, tickling my nostrils. At this time, the surrounding movements and the movements of the beautiful woman were frozen, and the world suddenly stopped, allowing me to calmly release the hand holding the beautiful woman, He rubbed his itchy nostrils vigorously with his fingers.

I knew this was the photographer's consideration for me. In order to prevent the film from becoming a comedy, he took some time to tickle me.


I made an OK gesture to the photographer, and the freeze frame was over. I grabbed the beauty's little hand again, and after matching her perfect movement of getting out of the car, I never looked at her again, and hurriedly got in the car to refuel and chase the thief.

It's not that the beauty didn't attract me, but I could see from the beauty and slow motion when she appeared that she was the heroine in this film. I will be inseparable from her for most of the rest of the time, so I There is no rush now.

I am very skilled at flying. In the process of chasing the thief, I passed through the streets and alleys, and destroyed three fruit stalls and two outdoor cafes. A man walking on the road holding an eight-layer egg in his hand also died because of it. I let the eggs fly into the air. There were also many people who were scared by my car and fled in all directions, but they were absolutely safe. My car also went down a long flight of steps. When I entered an alley, my rearview mirror was scratched off. When I turned on the street, a long line of cars bumped into each other trying to dodge me. The drivers cursed. They were blaming each other when they got out of the car, but no one pointed at the back of my car and yelled. Do they know that I am a police officer? Or the protagonist?

After causing a series of chaos, I caught the desperate thief. Their charge was attempted theft, and they could be released on bail for about 200 yuan. Later, the furious chief yelled at me, slammed the table, pointed at my nose and said that I was the most unpromising policeman he had ever seen. For the 200 yuan bail, the government would compensate for the cost of catching the thief. for 2 million.

Naturally, I angrily threw down the work permit on my chest, handed over my handcuffs, pistol and other equipment, then slammed the door and walked away.

I am very popular, and my colleagues all came to shake hands when I left. This detail is very important. In the future, when I act misbehaving outside, these colleagues will save me a lot of trouble.

In this way, an upright, conscientious and brave young detective was laid off by the police station.

This nightclub did a really good job, decorating the hall like hell, very decadent style. There were chains hanging on the black wall, and there were bloody hands, feet, and blue-green lights flickering. The people on the dance floor were all dressed up like a Halloween parade, dancing crazily to the music.

I think I might want to bring Xiao Xiao in to relax.

Anyway, two kilograms of wine could not be finished by one person, so I walked out the door.

As soon as I walked out of the nightclub, I was hit by a sudden gust of wind outside the door. The wind must have been mixed with sand or something. Anyway, I couldn't open my eyes for a while.

When I opened my eyes again, everything in front of me no longer recognized me, and I couldn't recognize them either.

Desolate wilderness, weeds half as tall as a man, endless tombs, pale paper money fluttering in the wind, incomplete tombstones…

The surroundings were quiet, as quiet as death. I didn't dare to move. I only felt a chill spreading from my neck to my whole body.

I suddenly remembered something and quickly looked back.

I was actually standing in front of a dilapidated temple door. The tall temple door was covered with spider webs. The door was ajar, with a little light coming from inside. The shadows on the ground were dangling around, as if the yaksha on duty was patrolling. .


There was a shrill scream from behind, which immediately made my hair stand on end. I suddenly turned my head and saw a crow flying on a dead branch not far away.

Damn bird!

A low curse murmured from my throat. Continue to walk slowly into the temple.


There are incomplete pieces of wood everywhere in the temple, and the clay sculptures of the Four King Kongs on both sides are also swaying here and there. The hands and feet of the clay sculpture are covered with dense spider webs. It makes people feel that it did not fall down entirely because of the spider webs!

In the middle of the temple is a large desk, and the firelight is emitted from the ever-burning lamp on the desk.

Approaching the desk, I brushed it with my hand. It was covered with a thick layer of gray, indicating that no one had been here for a long time. So who was adding oil to the ever-burning lamp? Could it be a ghost?

Impossible, why would a ghost need light?

But why don’t ghosts need lights? I'm not a ghost, how do I know?

"Is there anyone?" I yelled, my voice echoing in the temple.

At this time, my fear was close to critical, the pores in my body were extremely open, and my breathing was like a gossamer.

I held the desk tightly with my hands, slowly turned around, leaned my back on the desk, and scanned every corner inch by inch with my eyes wide open.

The cast of the bad guy_The bad guy must die director_The bad guy wrote it

What kind of messed up movie is this? One moment it makes me catch a thief, another moment it makes me pick up girls, another moment it tells me to save an old woman, and the next moment it puts me in this hellish place. Are today’s audiences so perverted? Do you really like paying money to watch someone be scared by ghosts?

I stretched out my hand to wipe the cold sweat on my forehead and decided to give it a go. Isn't it just a ghost movie? It's all just a false alarm, and no one will die. Besides, I'm still the leading actor, so why should I be afraid?

I took out the cigarette case from my trouser pocket, took out a cigarette and put it in my mouth. Just as I was about to light it, I was lightly patted on the back by a hand, and at the same time a voice came: "Sir, your wine is here – —”

Boom – my head went numb,

My feet went weak and my whole body collapsed…


When I landed on the ground, my head hit a hard object hard, and a burst of heartbreaking pain pulled my soul back.

I wiped the bumped forehead with my hand. It was wet. When I opened my hand, I saw that it was indeed bleeding.

The bright red blood proves at least two things, I am still alive and I am not dreaming!

I struggled to stand up straight quickly. At this time, calmness was the most important thing.

The scene in front of me is the same as when I first came in . The director must die , the lively dance floor, the people wearing masks dancing crazily, the bartender with a big smile…

I stared intently at the huge wine glass placed in front of me, feeling an unprecedented nausea boiling in my stomach.

Inside the cup was a thick, bright red liquid, redder than my blood, so red that it turned purple and even glowed black. There is a circle of thin foam on the edge of the liquid, one bursts and another emerges.

I raised my head and glanced at the bartender. His smile was very friendly and his voice was very magnetic: "Sir, this is the finest fresh daughter's red. It's still warm. Drink it quickly!"

I actually spoke: "Why is it warm?"

"Do you still need to ask? The heart is warm after passing through it, only Wuxin is cold!"

After hearing this, I suddenly felt that all the discomfort in my body disappeared. The cup of daughter's red in front of me turned into a magnificent rose nectar, crystal clear and sweet.

I couldn't wait to pick up the cup and drink it in one gulp.

The drunkenness slowly creeps in, and I want to get out of here with the little bit of consciousness I have left.

I want to stand up, I want to walk out!

As soon as I stood up, I turned around and bumped into a guest wearing a skull mask. I heard a crash and two white hand bones came out of the man's sleeves.

I hurriedly said I'm sorry, sorry, sorry, but he didn't say anything. He bent down and picked up the bone and stuffed it into his sleeve.

When he bent down, I saw that the man's neck was only connected by bones and not a piece of flesh.

"Poor guy, so thin that you can't even see the flesh," I sighed sympathetically and walked out the door.

I didn't know what happened when I raised my feet, and I fell to the ground with a plop. The fall didn't matter, but when I was lying on the ground, I saw something that made me break out in a cold sweat.

All the people dancing on the dance floor had no feet. They were just fluttering, not dancing!

It was probably late at night, there were very few cars on the streets, and the cool evening breeze made me feel less drunk.

"Did you make a mistake? I asked you to find clues, but you were actually drunk." Seeing that I couldn't even find the door handle, Xiao Xiao quickly got out of the car to help me.

"Clue? Hehe… I have a clue…" I sat in the driver's seat, turned the car key, and started the car.

"Wait, don't move!" Xiao Xiao shouted.

"What's wrong?" I was so drunk that she woke up again.

"Listen," she said, as if listening carefully.

"What are you listening to? Didn't you hear anything?"

The cast of the bad guy_The bad guy must die director_The bad guy wrote it

"Yes, yes, didn't you hear?"

"It seems so, so what?"

"Time bomb!" Xiao Xiao said decisively.

"Ah——" I woke up from the wine.

After an intense but simple search, we finally found an alarm clock in the back of the car. It has a Mickey Mouse shape on it.

"It's very beautiful, but my birthday has passed. Is today your birthday?" I asked Xiao Xiao.

"My birthday hasn't come yet, who is so kind?" Xiao Xiao fell into deep thought and suddenly jumped again: "No, it's still a time bomb."

"Are you sick? Do you think such a beautiful alarm clock is a time bomb?"

"It must be. If you don't believe it, if you open the back, there will definitely be many colorful threads."

I opened it dubiously, and sure enough there were many colorful threads.

"So what? It's just some random threads and no explosives."

"If you have a cable and a watch, it must be a time bomb, you idiot!" Xiao Xiao can actually curse.

"Why did you call me stupid?"

"You are an idiot!"

"You are the stupid one."

"You're an idiot."

"Okay, okay, I'm off work. If you are still arguing here, the director will be angry!"

Xiao Xiao and I stopped talking and turned our heads to look together.

Xiao Xiao didn't know this person, but I knew him. He was the bartender.

"What does it have to do with you?" Xiao Xiao and I said together.

"This woman is right. Anything with a cable and a watch is a bomb in the movie. There is no explosive because it doesn't need to explode. It's just used to create tension."

"Then what should we do now?" Xiao Xiao and I asked together.

"What should I do? Find a pair of scissors and just cut off a line inside."


"What if I cut it wrong?"

I didn't answer her and walked directly to the refrigerator and opened the door. The beer was still inside.

I opened two cans and handed one to Xiao Xiao. Then we sat down cross-legged on the ground. After taking a big sip of beer, I said to Xiao Xiao: "We need to have a good talk and sort out our thoughts!"

"Then where do we start talking?" Xiao Xiao seemed to have a good capacity for drinking, and he drank several large gulps.

"Well, let's talk about your family. Where are your parents? Why are you the only one looking for your grandma?"

"I only have grandma as a relative," Xiao Xiao lowered her eyes as she spoke.

I stared into Xiao Xiao's eyes, waiting for her to continue.

"My father died of cancer when I was six years old. He loved me very much. He always smoked a big pipe…"

The cast of the bad guy_The bad guy must die director_The bad guy wrote it

I saw Xiao Xiao suddenly stop talking and look behind me with frightened eyes.

I suddenly turned around and saw a middle-aged man sitting on the easy chair by the window sill, holding a pipe in his mouth and swinging it leisurely. His eyes were looking at the night outside the window, the moonlight was covering his body, and the pipe was There seemed to be sparks of light.

I turned around and said to Xiao Xiao: "Is that your father?"

Xiao Xiao's eyes were already full of tears and she nodded lightly.

I turned my head again, and the person on the chair had disappeared, but the empty chair was still shaking.

"What about your mother?" I quickly asked her.

"My mother," Xiao Xiao murmured, "my mother became seriously ill because of the death of my father, and she also died with my father three months later."

"It's so touching, that aunt -" I saw Xiao Xiao's eyes suddenly light up while staring directly behind me. My scalp went numb and I quickly looked back. I didn't know when a middle-aged woman was sitting on the chair. , a light blue floral skirt, and a light blue headscarf on her head, everything is so real…

"Woo~~~~" Xiao Xiao finally couldn't help but lay on my shoulder and cried loudly. The cry was full of helplessness and sadness. It was a kind of release after being suppressed for a long time, which moved me.

"Xiao Xiao…" I couldn't find the words to speak, so I had to caress her hair. Xiao Xiao still cried bitterly, her tears soaked my shirt, and the cold feeling penetrated into my skin and spread throughout my body… …

Looking up again, there was no one on the chair, only the faint moonlight and Yi Ya's voice.

After a long time, Xiao Xiao's crying gradually stopped.

She took another sip of wine and stared at the empty chair with her red and swollen eyes.

"Xiao Xiao, I want to ask you, do you know why the kidnappers kidnapped your grandma?"

"For the money!"

"Are you rich?"

"My father left a building to my grandma and me, and my grandma and I lived on the rent."

“Is the rent a lot?”

"That building has twenty-eight floors." Xiao Xiao said lightly, completely unaware of my open mouth.

"Then why didn't they kidnap you?"

"If I was the one who was kidnapped, then you and my grandma would have to come together to save me. Will anyone watch a movie like this?" Xiao Xiao looked up at me and said, making me feel ashamed.

"My grandma loves me very much. I only have one grandma. I must find my grandma…" Xiao Xiao muttered to himself quietly.


Xiao Xiao said many things in my arms, about her childhood, her parents, her grandmother, and her schooling. Later, she fell asleep in my arms.

I quietly watched Xiao Xiao sleeping, so quiet and peaceful, her long eyelashes beating from time to time, and a slight smile hanging on the corner of her mouth. Maybe in the dream, she was playing with her parents, or with her. Grandma is bickering and acting coquettishly.

I felt my hands were a little tired, so I gently put Xiao Xiao on the floor, stood up and stretched my waist.

At this time, the window door rang, and the window screen flew up.

The wind picked up, so I walked over to close the window.

After closing the window, I closed the window screen. When I turned around, I suddenly saw a figure in front of me, sitting on the rocking chair next to me.

This fright made me take several steps back, my mouth opened but I couldn't scream.

"Don't be afraid, young man, I am Xiao Xiao's grandma." An old and kind voice said.

I held my chest and closed my eyes tightly. When my racing heart calmed down a little, I slowly opened my eyes.

Sitting in front of him was a fat old lady with silver hair and a kind face full of soft wrinkles.

Who wrote the bad guy_The cast of the bad guy_The bad guy must die the director

"Are you Xiao Xiao's grandma?" I was too surprised to be surprised anymore, so I just asked mechanically.

"Yes," the old lady smiled at me.

"and you–"

"Yes, I am already with Xiao Xiao's parents. It was last month. Poor Xiao Xiao, she refuses to accept this fact. She always thinks that I have been kidnapped and is looking for me everywhere. Alas ——”

The old lady's sigh contained the deepest and most caring family affection in the world. It is a kind of helplessness and a kind of reluctance. Even if the yin and yang are separated, this only trace of reluctance is so touching and lingering for a long time.

"Xiao Xiao is a miserable child. She lost her parents when she was six years old and had to live with my old woman. But her dead father left her so much money. When she was seven and eight years old, Xiao Xiao was She was kidnapped three times, and the last time she was locked up in a mountain for seven days and nights. When she was rescued, she was already unconscious. Since then, she has never gone to school, and has been staying at home without going anywhere. She has no friends, no classmates, only me. This old woman plays with her. Alas – now, even me, the old woman, has left her, and she is the only one left in this world. She has a miserable life…"

The old lady walked up to Xiao Xiao, squatted down, and stroked Xiao Xiao's hair lovingly with her hands. The infinite love and reluctance in her eyes and corners of her mouth made me uncontrollably burst into tears.

At this time, Xiao Xiao turned over, put one hand on the old lady's leg, and clasped the old lady's leg tightly. A bright smile appeared on his face, and he murmured in his sleep: Grandma , Grandma, you are back… Xiaoer misses you…

The old lady turned away quickly when she heard this, and I saw her shoulders twitching.

After a while, the old lady turned around and said to me: "Young man, it's almost dawn and I have to leave. Can you promise to help me take care of Xiao Xiao?"

I nodded firmly without thinking.

"Thank you. I am going to be reincarnated tonight, so I came to see Xiao Xiao for the last time. Now that I can entrust her to you, I feel relieved."

"Can you tell me where you were reincarnated?" I suddenly asked a stupid question, and I regretted it after blurting it out.

Unexpectedly, the old lady said: "There will be a fire in the nightclub you go to tonight in the early morning. Many ghosts have rushed there to wait. I will go there too. If I can find a body that is not completely burned out, then I will You will be reincarnated, otherwise you will have to wait a while longer.

"If you were reincarnated, would you still recognize us?"

"No, I can drink Meng Po soup, and I won't be able to remember what happened in my previous life." The old lady smiled and said to me, "In fact, since he is dead, it means that the fate of the previous life is over, so why bother with it anymore?" Where’s Qing?”

"Are you really willing to let Xiao Xiao go?" I asked unwillingly.

"So what if you don't want to give up? That's just fate from the past life." The old lady looked at me and said with a smile.

I suddenly felt a heat in my head and said to the old lady: "How about I go to that nightclub now, and when the fire breaks out, you can reincarnate into me, Xiao Xiao can't live without you!"

"Oh – silly boy!" The old lady turned around and glanced at Xiao Xiao, who was still sleeping soundly. "Not every body is suitable for me. What I am looking for is a body that happens to have a burnt right eye, because my right eye is not suitable for me." He has been blind since his early years."

"Then I-"

The old lady waved her hand and interrupted me, "Okay, good boy, I accept your wishes. As long as you help me take good care of my poor Xiao'er, we will meet again if we are destined."

As soon as the old lady finished speaking, the figure disappeared in front of my eyes. Only the reverberation of those last words still echoed in the room.


The early morning sun shines in from the window, and the dazzling light wakes me up from my sleep.

I found myself sleeping on the floor with a blanket wrapped around me.

Xiao Xiao had already woken up and was sitting in the rocking chair looking at me with a smile.

"Good morning!"

"Good morning!" I promised, and at the same time scanned the surroundings and found that everything was exactly the same as when I woke up yesterday morning. Strange, where are those spider webs?

"Why did you fall asleep on my lap last night, using my legs as a pillow? It hurt me so much, and you drooled a lot." Xiao Xiao pouted and spoke like a child.

"You are in a good mood today!" I said to her as I got up.

"Yes, I dreamed that my grandma came to see me yesterday."

"Oh, what did your grandma say to you?"

"Grandma said she was not kidnapped. She just went on a trip to a place far, far away. It will take a long, long time before she comes back." Xiao Xiao's voice became smaller and smaller as she spoke.

When I heard her words while squeezing out toothpaste, I walked to the chair in surprise. Xiao Xiao was also looking at me with tears on her face.

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