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2. Lost memory

Seeing that Lina calmed down, Tongxin's mother laughed easily: "The car that takes Tongxin to be cremated will not come until noon. Let's go inside and drink some tea first." Everyone was very satisfied with Tongxin's mother's suggestion and discussed the tea in a low voice. The contents are moving towards inner chapters one after another. Fu Jun and Lina were about to go in with everyone, but they were stopped by someone.

"Two classmates from Beiling High School, please stay!" a bearded policeman shouted.

Fu Jun and Lina stopped, but did not dare to look back immediately, fearing that their pale faces and trembling lips would reveal the secrets in their hearts.

Tongxin's mother quickly came to the policeman, bowed slightly, pointed to the inner hall and extended an invitation: "Mr. Policeman is really caring, and you are here to see Tongxin off. Please come to the inner hall for refreshments."

The bearded policeman frowned and said roughly, "We are here to take away the body today."

Tongxin's mother was stunned for a moment, then shook her head desperately after realizing it: "No, absolutely not. Tongxin will be sent for cremation in the afternoon, how can you take the body away? Then the funeral can't be carried out?"

The bearded policeman took out a warrant from his pocket. The bright red seal on it made the childlike mother speechless. She ran to her daughter's body and cried: "Childlike innocence, poor child, his face was broken, and now he has to be cut into pieces!" The elders who were delayed in enjoying tea also complained: "Since it has been judged that it is Why do you commit suicide and do such unnecessary things?"

A young policeman hurriedly explained to the dissatisfied relatives and friends of the deceased: "We suspect that there were other people on the rooftop before Tong Xin fell from the building. Tong Xin may not have committed suicide, but was murdered."

"Didn't Tongxin commit suicide because he was bullied at school?" Tongxin's mother turned pale and excitedly grabbed the young policeman and asked, "Who killed Tongxin? Who killed my daughter?"

"The suicide note found at the scene was indeed left by Tong Xin. According to the confessions of Beiling High School students, we once thought that Tong Xin chose to commit suicide because of being bullied." The bearded policeman said, turning to Fu Jun and Lina with a smile. He approached their pale faces without a smile and said, "Those students may not know Tongxin well enough. Since you two are here to attend the funeral, you must know Tongxin better than anyone else. Can you recall carefully and tell me in detail everything that happened in school before Tongxin's death?" Something?"

The bearded policeman asked the young policeman to send Tongxin's body for autopsy, while he swaggered into the inner hall and listened to Fu Jun and Lina reviewing Tongxin's affairs at school while enjoying tea.

Fu Jun and Lina met in their first year of high school and then in their second year of high school. Fu Jun scratched his head and smiled helplessly: "I can't remember clearly what happened in my first year of high school. Anyway, my childlike innocence has always been rejected by others."

"Oh? Why don't you protect her and be her knight?" The bearded policeman stuffed a whole piece of pastry into his mouth and made an inarticulate sound while chewing.

Fu Jun raised his eyebrows unhappily, glanced at his childlike mother who was busy entertaining other guests, and explained in a low voice: "Lina and I came to the funeral out of sympathy. In order not to make the mother sad , we Only then did he comply with her wishes and claim to be a childlike best friend.”

"Then the memory of childlike innocence is just the same between you and other students? No, if you didn't participate in the bullying of childlike innocence, you might know less about childlike innocence than other students, right?" The bearded policeman took a big sip of green tea. , spoke clearly, but it shocked Lina. He turned to Lina keenly, "Where's Lina, have you ever chatted with your childlike innocence? Don't all girls like to talk about their favorite boys and favorite foods? Are you talking about something?" Seeing Lina's panicked expression, her face getting uglier and uglier, the bearded policeman put away his smile and asked seriously, "Where were you and what were you doing between seven and seven-thirty on the night when Childlike Heart fell?"

Lina stared in horror and opened her mouth wide but couldn't make a sound. Fu Jun reminded anxiously: "Why do you have so little memory? Didn't we go to Yipin Cake Shop? Your favorite blueberry cake is there." Then he He calmly met the sharp gaze of the bearded policeman, "Do you want an alibi? The clerk of Yipin store should remember us, because the blueberry cake was just sold out, so we were waiting there for the cake chef to make it on the spot. When we bought the cake and left, everyone It’s seven o’clock.”

Blueberry cake? The scene of that evening emerged in Lina's mind. Childlike innocence lost her temper as usual and willfully asked to eat the blueberry cake from Yipidian. The blueberries on the cake fell to the ground, and blood dripped on the smooth cream. The moonlight made the childlike smile look particularly scary, as if it was approaching like a devil. The sweet scent of blueberry cake and blood filled the air, banishing all memories. Lina pulled her hair uncomfortably and shook her head desperately: "I can't remember, I can't remember anything, about childlike innocence, about that night. "

The childlike mother came over with the freshly cut cake, placed the cake in front of the bearded policeman, sat down next to Lina, put her arms around her, and woke up the bearded policeman with a dissatisfied tone: "These two children are childlike friends. , it’s already very painful now, please don’t stimulate them any more and force them to recall their childlike innocence.”

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"Then please tell me what kind of child Tongxin is." The bearded policeman ate the cake with butter all over his beard. As he ate, he asked questions to Tongxin's mother.

The childlike mother smiled awkwardly: "I don't know, that child never tells me anything."

The bearded policeman nodded and did not continue to ask. He stood up and walked directly to the photo of Tongxin. He stared at the girl in the photo for a long time and said to himself: "She smiled so happily, as if she had seen heaven." Wan turned to Tongxin's mother, "Tomorrow I will come with a search warrant to take away Tongxin's belongings, especially books, notebooks, diaries and the like."

Looking at the back of the bearded policeman walking away, Fu Jun and Lina were not sure what he noticed, but the childlike innocence in the photo was smiling proudly. She disappeared, and her wish finally came true, but it left an indelible memory scar in everyone's heart.

3. Sweet blood

When leaving the mourning hall, the afternoon sun was a bit dazzling. Even though the distance was so close, Lina could feel Fu Jun's indifference.

Lina once thought with her heart racing that meeting Fu Jun was the happiest thing. If I hadn't met Tongxin at the same place on the same day and been pulled into the dark vortex by her, things wouldn't have become so bad. Now that her childlike innocence has disappeared, her gloomy figure should also disappear from her and Fu Jun's world, right? Lina quickened her pace, took Fu Jun's arm and suggested: "Let's go eat cake together. My favorite is strawberry cake, what about you?"

"In the future, there will no longer be a need for Ying to buy blueberry cakes for Childlike Heart, and she will no longer need to eat blueberry cakes desperately." Fu Jun answered the question with a faint smile on his lips that looked a little sad.

Lina still clearly remembers the scene when she met Fu Jun and Tong Xin on the rooftop for the first time. Full of questions squirming in her mind like worms, she hesitated for a long time and finally asked: "At that time, you wanted to kill your innocence, right?"

Fu Jun stopped and looked at Lina confusedly.

A blaring car horn sounded, and the sidewalk was in chaos. The driver jumped out of the driver's seat, glanced at the girl lying in a pool of blood, and shouted to the onlookers in a panic: "She suddenly ran out on her own! You all saw it, right? The sidewalk is still a red light now. !”

"Call an ambulance quickly. Just as I was about to hold her, the child rushed out."

"I saw her crying very sadly just now."

Onlookers speculated that the girl saw a speeding car and deliberately violated traffic rules and ran off the sidewalk.

While calling the hospital and the transportation bureau, the driver stamped his feet and said angrily: "If you want to die, don't run onto the road to scare people. It's so unlucky."

He asked about the girl's condition through the gaps in the crowd. Only the bright red color kept shaking. Fu Jun picked up Lina and strode forward. He didn't slow down until he was far away from the accident scene. He adjusted his disordered breathing and whispered Said: "When existence becomes torture and pain, even falling into hell instead of flying to heaven is happiness to her."

Lina didn't know whether the "she" Fu Jun mentioned was Tong Xin or the girl who ran a red light, but she remembered that when she met Fu Jun and Tong Xin on the rooftop for the first time, his expression was as sad and desperate as it is now. At that time, his hand tremblingly fell on the back of Tongxin who was looking at the distant scenery. Tongxin turned around and showed a bright smile, just like the photo in the mourning hall. Then, she spotted Lina running up to the rooftop, and the smile on her lips gradually turned ferocious.

From then on, Lina realized that the childlike innocence that was weak in front of other students and always bullied and ridiculed would turn into a terrifying devil in front of Fu Jun and herself. Lina did not escape from the black bag hell of childlike innocence, because she could only save Fu Jun by jumping down.

There was a lot of blueberry cake left in the first-class store. Lina glanced at it with disgust and went straight to the freezer where the strawberry cake was placed. Fu Jun took out a piece, brought it to his mouth, bit it in one bite, and ate it with relish. Lina screamed in horror and slapped the cake out of Fu Jun's hand.

"Actually, I am the one who likes blueberry cake." Fu Jun said softly.

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The sweet smell of blueberry cake filled the air, making Lina feel dizzy. Childlike innocence reveals the ugliest secrets in front of itself, but Fu Jun is just the opposite, hiding his secrets in the darkness where no one can see.

Before Lina could ask, Fu Jun walked to the cashier to pay. The familiar clerk put strawberry cake into the exquisite cake box and said with a sweet smile: "Finally changed the flavor. In fact, the strawberry cake is also very sweet. Speaking of which, today A policeman with a beard bought a lot of blueberry cakes and asked if there were two Beiling High School students who often bought them. I think he probably meant you."

Fu Jun smiled, took the cake box, and pulled Lina out of the first-class store without saying anything.

On the way to send Lina home, Fu Jun remained silent until they separated at the intersection. He handed the box containing the strawberry cake to Lina's hand and said, "I'll wait for you here tomorrow morning. Let's go there again . " A trip to Tongxin’s house, there may be secrets in Tongxin’s diary that we don’t know about.”

Although Lina was reluctant, she nodded in agreement.

4. The mysterious curse

There was a thunderstorm in the middle of the night, and the raindrops hitting the glass window made an annoying sound. Lina desperately shrank into the quilt and curled up into a ball. The sound of rain seemed to be mixed with childish laughter. Lina clearly remembered that she kept laughing loudly when her childlike innocence fell, until a loud "bang" came from downstairs, and the scalp-numbing laughter lingered in the air for a long time.

The alarm clock rang, and Lina jumped up from the bed suddenly, feeling dizzy. Although the heavy rain had lightened up, the sky was still as gray as night. She really didn't want to go out, but she had promised Fu Jun yesterday, so she had to start washing and dressing.

When they arrived at Tongxin's house, it was a young policeman who opened the door for Lina and Fu Jun. The bearded policeman was whispering something to Tongxin's mother in the living room. As soon as the bearded policeman saw them, a weird smile appeared on his lips.

"Where is the child's heart?" When Fu Jun asked this question, everyone was stunned, as if the child's heart was sleeping in the room and was not dead.

"Oh, you mean Tong Xin's corpse, right? The forensic doctor did an autopsy, so it's a bit of a gain." The bearded policeman corrected Fu Jun, and continued to look through Tong Xin's relics.

Fu Jun and Lina were terrified. Seeing that the police were unwilling to disclose the new clues they found on Tong Xin's body, they did not dare to ask further questions. The bearded policeman was looking through the stack of diaries belonging to Tongxin, his brows knitted into a ball. There was dead silence in the living room, except for the sound of scraping paper. After a long time, he raised his head and asked, "Did Tong Xin have the habit of writing diaries every day before he was alive?" Tong Xin's mother nodded, stroking one of the diaries, with a sad expression: "The child must have a lot to say, but he doesn't want to say anything. Tell me, for her, the diary is her most loyal audience." The bearded policeman smiled and separated the two diaries with his fingers: "Every once in a while, a diary is missing. It is torn out carefully. Or is it because Tongxin made an exception and didn't write a diary that day?" Tongxin's mother, who had always been calm and composed, turned blue in the face, and her eyes wandered unnaturally over the diaries on the table, as if she was looking for a reason to convince the bearded policeman. Childlike innocence did not write down the diary of those days in person, but it was deeply imprinted in my mother's heart. Lina curiously picked up a diary and looked through it. Tongxin's daily diary was just a running account of life, and Fu Jun and his own names were not even mentioned. Why does Mei Mie insist on writing such a meaningless diary? As the bearded policeman said, every once in a while, the childlike diary will be disconnected for a day or two. Lina remembered that Tongxin would occasionally miss a day or two of school. If the date of Tongxin's absence matched the missing date in the diary, then what on earth was Tongxin doing these days?

A person's name was mentioned in a diary written in red pen, and Lina couldn't help but blurt out: "Who is Mei?"

The bearded policeman snatched the diary from Lina's hand and read the diary carefully.

"Mei defeated everything. He came to me and stretched out his hand to me. I could no longer refuse Mei." The bearded policeman read, touching his beard and guessing, "This diary is the last diary of a childlike heart. Could it be that Mei killed me?" childlike innocence?"

"But who is Mei? With just one code name, we are far away from the prisoner." The young policeman sighed, worried that the case would not progress.

Fu Jun also concluded in his heart that the bearded policeman could not find out anything based on "sleeping".

The bearded policeman closed the diary with a "snap" and his eyes were like arrows, directed at Fu Jun and Lina: "Classmates Fu Jun and Lina must have seen me, right?"

"Even if it was sleep that killed Tongxin, how could we know what happened in Yipin Store when Tongxin died?" Fu Jun retorted.

"I forgot to tell you that although there was a delay, the forensic doctor still found the ingredients of the blueberry cake from Tong Xin's body, which he had eaten before death." The bearded policeman said while raising the autopsy report in his hand.

Horror ghost story long_Horror ghost story short_Horror ghost story

Tongxin's mother, who had always been pale and silent, suddenly stood up and said firmly to the bearded policeman: "I killed Tongxin and had nothing to do with these two children."

The ancient hanging clock in the living room rang slowly, like a funeral song, and the childlike remains hung next to the clock. She looked at it all with a satisfied smile.

5. Who is the murderer?

The cold handcuffs touched Tong Xin's mother's thin hands with prominent veins. Fu Jun suddenly came over to stop her: "I am Meng Xin. I was the one who drove Tong Xin to a dead end step by step, and finally pushed her into Bu Gaolou with my own hands."

The bearded policeman hesitated for a moment, put away the handcuffs, and looked at his childlike mother, Fu Jun and Lina with interest, and finally sat on the sofa again and drank tea. "That autopsy report is just one of them." The bearded policeman took out Tong Xin's autopsy report from his arms, "Tong Xin should have been taking sleeping pills often, right? He also went to the hospital for gastric lavage because of overdose, right? Also, although he hung himself with a rope, If you fail to commit suicide, the marks on your neck will disappear afterwards, but hanging yourself multiple times will cause lung damage."

Tongxin's mother began to sob. She hugged the diary tightly and gradually began to cry uncontrollably: "Tongxin said that only by writing a diary every day and writing repetitive and mechanical life accounts can she feel the reality of survival. But she saw There are more and more sleepy nights, and the sleepy nights are wrapped around her desperately. I know that she has worked very hard."

The young policeman suddenly realized: "Does the childishness have obsessive-compulsive disorder to commit suicide?"

The bearded policeman added: "The 'sleep' mentioned in the last red diary is probably the 'god of death' seen by a childlike mind."

"Then the childlike innocence really committed suicide." The young policeman confirmed to the bearded policeman a little disappointed. After struggling for a long time, it turned out to be nothing.

"No, it was a homicide." The bearded policeman said firmly, turning to Fu Jun and Lina, whose faces turned pale. "Every time Tong Xin tried to commit suicide by swallowing sleeping pills, she couldn't die because of insufficient dosage. Every time she tried to hang herself, she failed. There are many students in the school. I have seen Childlike Heart standing on the edge of the rooftop of the experimental building but never jumped off. On the one hand, she was chased and forced by the God of Death, and on the other hand, she was unable to successfully commit suicide because of the cowardice deep inside her heart."

"If you really love me, push me down with your own hands." Duo Jun said with a sweet voice while looking at the distant scenery with his childlike heart behind his back. The empty cake box was blown by the wind to Tongxin's feet. She picked up the box and threw it into the sky. The box flew for a few seconds, then staggered to the ground. Tongxin suddenly burst into tears and begged Fu Jun: "Please, let me fly, even if it's just for a few seconds. Death stalks me day and night, and living is hell to me."

"I really love Tongxin very much. I told Tongxin that every time she wanted to commit suicide, she would eat blueberry cake. That was how I felt after losing her. Tongxin hated blueberry cake the most, but after eating blueberry cake, she could I felt my grief after she committed suicide. I know that she really tried hard for me." Fu Jun recalled the time spent with Tong Xin and turned to the surprised Lina, "But that day, do you still remember it? Tong Xin She said, 'I like the blueberry cake and it's very sweet when I eat it.'" There is another meaning of this sentence that only Fu Jun understands, that is, nothing can stop the suicide factor in Tongxin's body.

"So, you lend me my hand to fulfill your childlike innocence?" Lina smiled miserably.

Lina's words made the bearded policeman and the young policeman look surprised at the same time.

When Lina saw Fu Jun and Tong Xin on the rooftop, Fu Jun stretched out his hand. It turned out that he was going to help her realize her suicide wish. Unfortunately, because of his love for Tong Xin, Fu Jun couldn't do it in the end.

"I told Tongxin that being bullied all the time will make people afraid and hateful. I taught her how to treat you cruelly, boss you around, make you hate her, and make you want to kill her."

Fu Jun, Tong Xin's mother, and Tong Xin in the photo, they all showed the same smile.

Lina finally understood that when she met Fu Jun and Tong Xin, she fell into an abyss of eternal destruction. It turns out that the "terrible childlike innocence" is just a performance that allows himself to push Zhenzhi's childlike innocence to death. Death is the paradise of childlike innocence. Lina stared blankly at the cold handcuffs on her hands, and saw a smug expression on the face of a child with a broken heart in a dark world, laughing at herself.

"Thank you, Lina, thank you for killing your innocence for us."

Lina turned around and saw that Fu Jun and Tong Xin's mother were smiling at her, and Tong Xin behind them was also smiling happily.

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