A Long Ghost Story That Comes After Death

2. Ferocious beasts

Yu Xiaolan's sudden disappearance made Chen Xi feel even more depressed. Seeing that Chen Xi was frowning all day long, Jiang Ping decided to take her to the countryside to relax during the weekend when she was going to Bumrungrad Hospital for a review.

Bumrungrad Hospital is located in the Jiulangshan Scenic Area in the suburbs. After leaving the city, we walked along the winding mountain road for about 20 minutes and saw the Bumrungrad Hospital located in the valley in the distance. At this moment, a person suddenly appeared from the side of the road and rushed diagonally to the center of the road. Jiang Ping was caught off guard and quickly stepped on the brakes.

This was a dark, thin middle-aged man. He said out of breath: "Yes, I'm sorry. I heard that someone died on this mountain…" The middle-aged man said and ran towards the hillside not far away. go.

The direction the middle-aged man went was towards the hillside behind the hospital. It was densely covered with tall trees, which looked eerie and it was difficult to see what was inside. Several people in police uniforms ran towards the hillside, followed by a long line of spectators. Out of professional sensitivity, Jiang Ping decided to go up and take a look. He quickly drove the car to the side of the road and parked it, telling Chen Xi not to get out of the car, and then followed the crowd in the direction they were going. When Jiang Ping ran to the accident site on the mountainside, the police had already set up a cordon to keep the onlookers away from the scene.

Jiang Ping squeezed into the crowd and saw the deceased lying on the ground. She was a long-haired woman in her twenties, wearing a patient uniform from Huimin Hospital. She stretched her hands forward and dug her fingers into the soil, as if she was trying hard to crawl forward. Her head turned back, her eyes widened, as if she had seen something terrifying. As for the patella of her right leg, which was trailing behind her, her pants were torn into shreds, and her exposed thigh was a bloody mess.

Jiang Ping saw that the police were busy investigating the scene and Chen Xi was still waiting for him on the roadside. He felt that it was inconvenient for him to stay at the scene any longer, so he hurried down the mountain.

Back in the car, Jiang Ping briefly told Chen Xi what he saw and drove into the hospital. After being busy until noon, Chen Xi finally finished the inspection. At this time, Jiang Ping's stomach was already growling.

When Jiang Ping and Chen Xi walked into the snack bar outside the hospital, the people inside were discussing the discovery of dead bodies on the mountain.

It turned out that the deceased's name was Chen Hong, and she was indeed a patient at Bumrungrad Hospital. She had been discovered missing the night before. After preliminary investigation just now, the police found that there were animal teeth marks on the deceased's legs that were as deep as the bones. It seemed that they were caused by an attack by some kind of large carnivore.

"There is a man-eating beast on this mountain? What kind of beast is it?" Chen Xi couldn't help but ask.

The man who was talking enthusiastically curled his lips and said: "The police are just guessing now. However, in the past few years, the trees on the mountain have become taller and the forests have become denser. It is not impossible that there are actually a few tigers and wolves." .”

At this point, Chen Xi asked in a low voice with a worried look on his face: "Jiang Ping, do you think Xiaolan was also picked up by a wild beast in the mountains?"

Thinking of the female corpse on the mountain, Jiang Ping frowned and said, "After eating, I will go outside to inquire. If it doesn't work, I will go to the mountain to look for it."

After each person ate a bowl of noodles, Jiang Ping asked Chen Xi to sit in the snack bar and wait for a while before walking out of the snack bar.

3. Millennium Legend

Outside the gate of Bumrungrad Hospital, the guard is posting a notice on the wall. Jiang Ping walked up and saw that the notice was written by the police station. The general idea is to warn villagers and hospital patients not to go to the hillsides because there may be wild beasts on the hills that can hurt people.

I learned from the guard that because it had just rained the night before, although the police brought their police dogs, they did not find any useful clues. However, the police had already searched the entire Wolf Slope. Although they did not find the man-eating beast, at least they were sure that the beast's den was not in the Wolf Slope.

"The police have closed down the entire Wolf Slope?" Jiang Ping breathed a sigh of relief after hearing the news.

The guard nodded and replied, "Yes. Even the people who dug the graves asked about it."

Jiang Ping felt a little strange: "What kind of gravedigger?"

"An ancient tomb is being dug there!" The guard pointed in the direction of the bottom of the Wolf Slope in the distance and said, "A few members of the archaeological team live there and have been digging for two months."

"Oh? Did Evil Langpo discover the ancient tomb?" Jiang Ping suddenly became interested and begged the guard to take him to have a look.

The guard said that he was going there to help the police comrades put up notices, and he could take Jiang Ping there as he pleased. On the way, the guard told Jiang Ping that the ancient tomb was accidentally discovered by a farmer collecting herbs half a year ago. Later, the archaeological team confirmed that this was an ancient tomb from before the Han Dynasty. Now, the archaeological team has sealed the place and no one is allowed to enter.

While talking, Jiang Ping saw several tents set up in the woods in front of him. On the cliff next to it, there was a cave that was as tall as one person, and a man in archaeological clothes was coming out of the cave entrance. As soon as the man saw Jiang Ping, he shouted loudly: "Jiang Ping, hello!" Jiang Ping was startled and took a closer look. Isn't this his middle school classmate Liu Kaisheng? Unexpectedly, Liu Kaisheng, who once liked tinkering with pots and pots, has now become an archaeological expert.

The two chatted with each other for a while, and Liu Kaisheng wanted to take Jiang Ping to see the ancient tomb that had just been excavated.

Climbing onto the shelf, Liu Kaisheng led Jiang Ping and the guard into the cave-like ancient tomb. Liu Kaisheng told Jiang Ping that this was a typical Han Dynasty cliff tomb. The so-called cliff tombs are caves dug into the cliffs as tomb chambers. However, this cliff tomb is not only very large, but the walls of the cave are also covered with portrait tiles that were popular at the time.

As he spoke, Liu Kaisheng turned on the flashlight in his hand, illuminated the portrait tiles on the stone wall in the cave, and pointed it out to Jiang Ping. I saw all kinds of strange patterns carved on these portrait bricks, some of them were dancing people, and some were running animals.

"The ones engraved on these are all wild wolves!" Liu Kaisheng pointed to the group of animals in the portrait bricks.

"Wild wolf?" Jiang Ping took a closer look and saw that almost every portrait brick had such a wild wolf pattern. On one of the portrait bricks, a man wearing a high crown was waving a whip, and in the direction where his whip was pointing, a group of vicious wolves were charging at a group of unarmed people!

Liu Kaisheng explained to Jiang Ping: "This is the owner of the tomb driving wild wolves to bite his slaves."

Jiang Ping was fascinated when he suddenly heard the guard beside him whisper to himself: "It turns out that the legend about the origin of Evil Langpo is true."

Jiang Ping couldn't help but ask: "What legend is it?"

The guard told Jiang Ping that the legend about Wolf Slope was passed down many years ago. It is said that a long time ago, Evil Wolf Slope was a place where a cruel prince raised wild wolves. This prince raised a total of nine wild wolves. He not only asked his slaves to go to the mountains to catch wild game every day to feed the wild wolves, but also often let his slaves fight with the wild wolves for entertainment. Every night, in this Wolf Slope, in addition to the howls of the wolves, there are also the wails of the domestic slaves who were bitten to the point of dying. As a result, the people nearby gradually forgot the original name of this place and called it Wolf Slope.

"What happened next?" Jiang Ping asked.

"Later? Later, it seemed that before the prince died, he killed all nine wild wolves and buried them in this mountain. Some people said that in fact, both the prince and the nine wolves were killed by angry domestic slaves. "

Liu Kaisheng took over and said: "We also heard this legend when we were excavation. At first, we naturally didn't believe it, but after discovering these portrait bricks, we realized that this legend was not groundless."

Then, Liu Kaisheng pointed to another portrait brick and said, "Look, all the slaves on this brick have mutilated limbs, either broken hands or broken legs…" Jiang Ping looked towards the portrait brick and saw several people on it. Sure enough, slaves are all missing arms and legs. For some reason, he suddenly remembered the bloody scene of the female corpse's leg bones on the mountain, and suddenly felt a chill down his spine.

The guard seemed to have thought about this problem at the same time. He blurted out: "Could it be you who released the evil wolf souls from this tomb…" Before he could finish his words, Liu Kaisheng interrupted him loudly: "Okay. Yes, we have discipline. If you go inside, you can’t go in. We’d better get out!”

The guard seemed unhappy when he saw Liu Kaisheng's expression, so he had to hold back half of what he said.

4. Death is coming

Jiang Ping neither believed that there were any evil wolf ghosts in the world, nor felt that there were really wolves on this mountain. But how Chen Hong died, he couldn't figure out.

One day, Jiang Ping went to Bumrungrad Hospital to help Chen Xi get medicine. As soon as I arrived at the hospital, I heard that two more patients died in Wolf Slope the night before. One of them had his arm bitten to pieces by some wild beast, and the other had his calf bitten off!

Jiang Ping inquired some more about the situation, then took the medicine and hurried home.

When he got home, Chen Xi was watching DVDs. Jiang Ping took a glance and found that what Chen Xi was watching was the American movie "Death is Coming". Jiang Ping has seen this movie before. It's about a group of high school students who were about to take a flight to France. Before boarding, due to an accident, several people didn't board the plane. The plane exploded after it took off, and several students who did not get on the plane escaped. But later, these few children who managed to escape died in accidents one after another. Only then did people realize that it turned out that the death flight had been arranged by the God of Death. Even if those people escaped temporarily, the God of Death would come to take their lives!

Seeing that Chen Xi was fascinated, Jiang Ping did not disturb her. Until the subtitles started to appear on the screen, Chen Xi still stared at the screen motionlessly, seeming to be thinking about something. Jiang Ping walked over, turned off the TV, and said casually: "Two more people died on Wolf Slope…"

Before Jiang Ping finished speaking, he was interrupted by Chen Xi: "I know who it is! Are the deceased one named Yang Song and the other named Wu Lidan?" When he said this, Chen Xi stared at Jiang Ping with an expression on his face. Turned red with excitement.

Jiang Ping rarely saw Chen Xi so excited, and what surprised him the most was that what Chen Xi said was the names of the two dead people found in Wulangpo today! How could she know?

From Jiang Ping's expression, Chen Xi knew that he had guessed correctly, so he continued: "I know why they died! I thought of it from the movie just now!"

Chen Xi told Jiang Ping that Yu Xiaolan once told how she was injured. That day, on the way back to the city from the tour, the tour bus Yu Xiaolan was riding suddenly rushed down the mountain road while avoiding an oncoming car. Five people, including the driver, died on the spot. The one who survived was There were only six people including her. Among them are Chen Hong, Yang Song and Wu Lidan!

When Chen Xi watched "Death Is Coming", he suddenly realized that assuming that the missing Yu Xiaolan was dead, the two people who were dead in the evil Langpo were both people who narrowly escaped in the same car accident. Could it be that the God of Death is bent on taking the lives of the people in the car? Therefore, even if you escape by chance, the God of Death will hunt you down to the end. If that were the case, the other four people who survived the same car accident would have died one by one sooner or later. Unfortunately, Yu Xiaolan only remembered the names of Chen Hong, Yang Song and Wu Lidan. As for the other two, she only knew that they were also in Huimin Hospital.

After listening to Chen Xi's explanation, Jiang Ping breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that Chen Xi's theory was deduced from the movie. As a policeman, Jiang Ping would naturally not believe a fairy tale made up by a Hollywood horror movie. But the missing person and the three dead people were all survivors of the same car accident. What is the connection between them? Although Chen Xi's theory made no sense, Jiang Ping could not refute her.

Seeing that Jiang Ping had nothing to say, Chen Xi thought he agreed with her point of view, so he begged Jiang Ping to find a way to find the other two car accident survivors and protect them in time.

5. There really is a ghost

Although Jiang Ping felt that Chen Xi's inference was very ridiculous, he also felt that the deaths of several people must be connected in some way. He thought he might be able to find a connection by checking the medical records in the hospital.

The next morning, when I rushed to Huimin Hospital, there were not many patients. Jiang Ping found Chen Xi's doctor, Ma Zheng, and pretended to understand Chen Xi's condition, hoping to find an opportunity to secretly look at the medical records. Ma Zheng is the director of the Department of Orthopedics, and the medical records of Yu Xiaolan, Chen Hong, Yang Song and Wu Lidan are all on his desk. Jiang Ping was chatting with Ma Zheng when suddenly a nurse ran in and reported that the body of a patient was found in the woods of Evil Langpo.

Upon hearing that another corpse was found, Jiang Ping couldn't help but blurt out: "What's the name of the deceased?"

The nurse looked at Ma Zheng, as if she didn't know whether to say death or not. After a moment, she replied: "It's another patient in our department, named Xu Qiuxia. Her lower abdomen was bitten by a wild wolf ghost with a big hole."

Ma Zheng's face was frighteningly dark. He stood up and rushed to the hillside to take a look. Jiang Ping glanced at the medical record on the table, grabbed it, stuffed it quietly into his coat, and followed Ma Zheng outside.

After returning home, Jiang Ping walked to the study, closed the door, took out the medical record, and started reading page by page. Soon, he discovered that Chen Xi was right. Judging from the medical records, Yu Xiaolan, Chen Hong, Yang Song and Wu Lidan were indeed admitted to hospital on the same day, and the cause of their illness was also listed as a car accident. What surprised Jiang Ping even more was that there were two other people injured in the car accident who were being treated at the same time, one named Xu Qiuxia and the other Pan Min.

Xu Qiuxia! Jiang Ping suddenly broke into a cold sweat when he saw this name. In the hospital just now, wasn't the name of the deceased that the nurse mentioned just found was Xu Qiuxia? Chen Xi's prediction was correct. All the people who died were survivors of Yu Xiaolan's car accident! What has actually happened? Judging from the medical records, Xu Qiuxia's injuries in the car accident that day should have been relatively serious. She was injured in the abdomen, and it was Ma Zheng who debrided and healed her wounds…

abdomen! Jiang Ping's eyes suddenly lit up and he remembered something. Yes, when I was in the hospital today, didn't the nurse say that Xu Qiuxia died because of a big hole in her abdomen? The fatal part she was bitten on when she died was the same part she was injured in the car accident! Are the other deceased people like this? Jiang Ping quickly turned to the medical records of Chen Hong, Yang Song and Wu Lidan, and his suspicion was confirmed. Chen Hong's injury in the car accident was a fractured patella in her thigh, while Yang Song and Wu Lidan suffered fractures in their arms and lower legs respectively. Including Xu Qiuxia, the parts where the four car accident survivors were bitten to death by mysterious beasts were all injured parts in the car accident!

What does this show? Everything seems to be as predicted by Chen Xi. It seems that the God of Death is really chasing them, and he must attack in the same part? Jiang Ping thought this was incredible.

At this time, an uncontrollable desire to find out made Jiang Ping decide to go to the hospital immediately to find Pan Min, the last survivor of the car accident, hoping to learn something from her.

When we arrived at the hospital, it was already dark. Jiang Ping showed his police officer ID to the guard and asked the guard to take him to the surgical inpatient department to find Pan Min. But when Jiang Ping rushed into Pan Min's ward, he was shocked: there was no one on the bed with Pan Min's name tag hanging on it! After hearing the news, the nurse on duty turned pale with fright and stammered: "Where did Pan Min go? Wasn't he still there when the lights were turned off?"

There was only a middle-aged woman in the same ward. She seemed to be sleeping very deeply, and she was woken up at this time. Asked if she knew where Pan Min had gone, she thought for a while before saying that she seemed to have been called away by a doctor.

"Go and report Dr. Ma quickly!" someone shouted.

But after a while, the nurse on duty ran back: "Oh no, Doctor Ma is also missing!"

"Doctor Ma?" Jiang Ping blurted out, "You mean Ma Zheng is also missing?"

Jiang Ping suddenly remembered that the medical records had shown that the missing Yu Xiaolan and the four dead car accident survivors had the same attending doctor, Ma Zheng! That day, it seemed that there was only one attending doctor on duty in the surgery department, Ma Zheng. From this point of view, in addition to being survivors of the same car accident, the deceased also had one thing in common – they were all Ma Zheng's patients.

Now, Ma Zheng and the last patient on the survivor list disappeared at the same time, and Jiang Ping immediately had an ominous premonition! He quickly said to the nurse on duty: "Hurry up and call the police! If something happens to someone again, I'm afraid no one will be able to take responsibility!"

The nurse hurriedly ran to call the police, while Jiang Ping quickly found a few flashlights and led a few hospital security guards to the mountain to search.

6. The secret of tooth marks

Relying on the light of several flashlights, Jiang Ping and several security guards called Pan Min and Ma Zheng's names while looking up the mountain.

But it was too late. Halfway up the mountain again, everyone found Pan Min's body! Just as Jiang Ping guessed, Pan Min's fatal injury was on her left leg, which was bitten and bloody. What Jiang Ping didn't expect was that not far away, they actually found Ma Zheng's body! Ma Zheng's neck was bitten off!

Jiang Ping suddenly felt great fear. Are there really ferocious beasts in this mountain?

At this time, the police finally arrived. Because it was getting too late, the police protected the scene and decided to wait until dawn before conducting the investigation. Back at the hospital, Jiang Ping told the police who were investigating the situation in the hospital what he found out from the medical records. Of course, he did not say anything about Chen Xi's speculation about "death pursuit".

The police didn't seem too surprised by Jiang Ping's discovery. The police told Jiang Ping that they had just discovered that Ma Zheng might be an important clue and were preparing to investigate him tomorrow. Unfortunately, I didn't expect that he would die tonight.

After dawn, the police carefully investigated the scene the night before. This time the police actually found some animal hair in Ma Zheng's hands. At the same time, the police who searched Ma Zheng's dormitory found Ma Zheng's personal blog on the computer. In his last blog written the night before, Ma Zheng wrote that because patients continued to die unexpectedly, in order to uncover the truth He decided to go to Evil Lang Slope to guard the secrets of the ferocious beasts. The police concluded from this that Ma Zheng might have encountered the mysterious beast while squatting and died as a result.

A few days later, Jiang Ping learned that the identification results of the animal hair in Ma Zheng's hand came out and he thought it was canine hair. However, based on the tooth marks on the deceased's body and its ability to pounce on and bite people to death, it seems that it was some kind of huge carnivorous canine. Jiang Ping once asked if it could be a wild wolf, but the other party told him that it was only a possibility.

Although there is still no news about Yu Xiaolan, no one has been killed by wild beasts anymore. Chen Xi's leg is getting better day by day, and he will soon be able to remove the steel plate from the leg.

Thinking that the surgery to remove the steel plate from Chen Xi's leg could only be performed by other doctors, Jiang Ping planned to take Chen Xi to the hospital for a comprehensive examination first so that the new doctor could understand the situation.

After Chen Xi finished the examination and was waiting for the X-ray results, Jiang Ping decided to use this time to go to the dentist to check his teeth. Recently, his teeth have been hurting. But because he was busy taking care of Chen Xi, he never got around to taking a look.

There were many patients in the dental clinic, so Jiang Ping had to sit on the waiting table and watch boredly as several dentists kept busy.

I saw a dentist put a plaster-like thing into the patient's mouth and made a mark, and tooth-like grooves were pressed on the plaster. Seeing this, Jiang Ping suddenly realized something, stood up suddenly, shouted: "I know!" Then he turned and ran out the door.

It turned out that Jiang Ping suddenly thought that the teeth marks of wild wolves on the bodies of the deceased did not mean that there were really wild wolves! Those tooth marks were probably the murder tools made by the murderer by molding and turning them from the teeth of wild wolf specimens or other beasts. If this is really the case, many problems can be explained. For example, why the police have never found traces of the beast on the Wolf Slope; why the hair looks like that of a canine, but the damage caused by the attack is far greater than that of ordinary canines.

It seems that there was no wild beast at all, and the murderer used the teeth marks of the wild beast just to divert the attention of the police. At the same time, if it is a wild animal, it will definitely bark and make some noise. Regarding this, you can ask Liu Kaisheng. Liu Kaisheng's archaeological team has been stationed at Wolf Slope for several months. If he has never heard the cry of wild beasts, then at least his speculation is reasonable.

Jiang Ping was pleasantly surprised by his discovery. He quickly dialed Liu Kaisheng's cell phone and told him his guess. Liu Kaisheng obviously did not expect that Jiang Ping would be investigating these cases in Wolangpo on a voluntary basis. Jiang Ping had no choice but to tell Liu Kaisheng that his girlfriend Chen Xi had known Yu Xiaolan and later she disappeared. After listening to Jiang Ping's explanation, Liu Kaisheng also felt that Jiang Ping's speculation was reasonable, and he told Jiang Ping that during this period, he had indeed not heard the cry of wild animals in Wolf Slope.

After hearing this, Jiang Ping decided to report the discovery to the Public Security Bureau immediately.

7. Ghost in White Clothes

After making the call, Jiang Ping breathed a long sigh of relief and went back to find Chen Xi while humming a song. But when he pushed open the door to the hospital lounge, he was dumbfounded: Chen Xi was missing! Chen Xi is in a wheelchair and has limited mobility, so he shouldn't be able to run very far. Jiang Ping suddenly had an ominous premonition. He suddenly remembered that he had overlooked a detail: Like several car accident survivors who had died, Chen Xi was also a patient of Ma Zheng!

Jiang Ping didn't dare to think about it anymore, and he quickly found the director of the hospital. The dean immediately summoned all the security guards and asked them to go to Wolf Slope to find someone. At the same time, the dean also told Jiang Ping that in Chen Xi’s X-ray today, the doctor actually saw a strange wolf-shaped white shadow on the injured part of Chen Xi’s leg!

White wolf teeth? Jiang Ping suddenly thought of the MMS picture that Yu Xiaolan sent to Chen Xi. Wasn't it just a white wolf fang? Could it be that what Yu Xiaolan took was the X-ray of her own wound? Moreover, she reminded Chen Xi to pay attention to whether his wounds also had such white shadows of wolf teeth!

"What could that be?" Jiang Ping asked anxiously.

The dean frowned: "We don't know yet, but we will understand when Miss Chen's injury is healed and we take out the steel plate inside!"

Speaking of Chen Xi, Jiang Ping suddenly remembered that the most important thing now was to find Chen Xi first. He searched inside and outside the hospital again, but still couldn't see anyone. The sky was getting darker and darker, and the ominous feeling in Jiang Ping's heart became stronger and stronger. Seeing that Chen Xi could not be found, Jiang Ping decided to call the police.

At this moment, a nurse next to him muttered: "Why are there lights in the surgical operating room? There are no operations scheduled tonight."

When Jiang Ping heard this, he stood up in excitement and ran towards the surgical operating room. When Jiang Ping ran outside the operating room, he saw that the door of the operating room was ajar, and he could faintly hear the slight sound of the collision of surgical instruments inside. Jiang Ping gently opened the door and walked in. In the preparation room outside the operating room, Chen Xi's wheelchair was placed there. Jiang Ping opened the curtain of the glass door between the preparation room and the operating room, and saw that there was nothing moving on the operating table in the operating room. There is a person lying down, isn't that Chen Xi! And standing next to the operating table was a man in a white coat and a mask! Is it Ma Zheng? Isn't he dead?

Before Jiang Ping could react, the man in white had already raised a sharp scalpel and stabbed Chen Xi on the operating table!

Jiang Ping yelled and pushed the glass door hard, but the door was locked tightly from the inside. The man in white inside was alerted by the noise, turned around and looked at Jiang Ping who was knocking on the door, hesitated for a moment and then stabbed Chen Xi in the leg with his knife.

Chen Xi's injured leg was pricked, and blood immediately flowed out. When Jiang Ping saw it, his eyes turned red. He quickly turned around and pushed Chen Xi's wheelchair towards the glass door. The man in white wanted to stab him again, but seeing that the situation was not good, he threw the knife away and dodged to the corner.

Jiang Ping hit it with all his strength several times, and the glass door was finally knocked open. The security guards who followed rushed into the operating room with Jiang Ping, only to see that except for Chen Xi who was unconscious on the operating table, there was no one else. The man in white just disappeared out of thin air! Could he really be Ma Zheng's ghost?

Jiang Ping didn't care much and rushed over to help Chen Xi up. He saw that the original wound on her leg had been stabbed to death , and blood was flowing down. Fortunately, the dean has already arrived with several doctors. When he saw that Chen Xi was bleeding, he quickly instructed the doctor to inject Chen Xi with anesthetic, then debridement and suture the wound. Only then did Jiang Ping feel like he was breaking out in a cold sweat. Fortunately, he arrived in time. If he had been one minute late, the consequences would have been disastrous.

8. Fatal Blood Qin

An hour later, the operation, which was presided over by the dean himself, ended. To Jiang Ping's surprise, the dean said that during the operation just now, the doctor not only removed the steel plate from Chen Xi's leg injury, but also discovered that the wolf-tooth-shaped shadow turned out to be a wolf-tooth-shaped jade piece!

Jiang Ping couldn't figure out why there was a jade piece in Chen Xi's leg. At this time, Chen Xi was sleeping deeply under the influence of anesthetic. Because he was tired, Jiang Ping leaned against her bed and fell asleep unconsciously. Jiang Ping was in a daze when he suddenly felt someone entering the ward. He woke up immediately, only to find a white figure flashing outside the ward and then disappearing. The piece of jade taken out from Chen Xi's leg was also missing. Jiang Ping immediately chased after him.

In the corridor, a white figure was seen running quickly towards the operating room. When Jiang Ping chased him to the operating room, he found that it was empty again!

Is there a secret passage here? After searching carefully, Jiang Ping found a secret door next to an equipment cabinet against the wall. He opened the secret door and saw the bottom of the Wolf Slope outside. It seems that the man in white escaped from here! It's just that everyone was busy rescuing Chen Xi last time and didn't check very carefully, so they didn't find the secret door.

Jiang Ping bowed and chased out through the secret door. Not far after chasing him, Jiang Ping saw a white figure running up the mountain in the forest in front of him.

Jiang Ping shouted and chased forward. It's a pity that he is not very familiar with the mountain roads, and Bai Ying runs faster and faster, and it seems that Jiang Ping will be unable to catch up.

Just when the man in white was about to disappear, suddenly a black figure rushed out of the darkness and rushed towards the man in white. The man in white was suddenly attacked and fell to the ground unprepared. Just as the man in white stood up, the black shadow pounced on him again. The man in white became unsteady and rolled down the hillside. And the black shadow also rushed down the mountain.

Jiang Ping was horrified by what he saw and quickly followed him to the bottom of the slope. The man in white hit his head on the stone and passed out. And a big dog was standing on a stone not far away, barking at the man in white.

Jiang Ping saw that the dog didn't seem to have any ill intentions towards him, so he walked up and took off the man in white's mask, and then shot his face with a flashlight. When Jiang Ping saw the appearance of the man in white, he couldn't help but be stunned – this man turned out to be Liu Kaisheng!

Jiang Ping quickly used a tissue to suppress the bleeding blood on Liu Kaisheng's forehead, and shouted: "Liu Kaisheng, wake up quickly and tell me what's going on?"

Liu Kaisheng woke up slowly. He shook his head and said to Jiang Ping: "Jiang Ping, you don't need to look for Yu Xiaolan. She was killed by me long ago and buried in the ruins of the ancient tomb."

From Liu Kaisheng's intermittent narration, Jiang Ping finally understood the truth of the matter.

It turned out that Liu Kaisheng had been using his status as an archaeological team member to make fake antiques. This time, Wei Langpo's discovery of the ancient tomb gave him a good idea to make a fortune. According to folklore, he deliberately spread the news that a wolf tooth jade necklace was found in an ancient tomb site. He also said that this was what was found in the tomb of the legendary prince who once raised wild wolves. In order to make the jade pieces he bought cheaply pass off as ancient jade, he began to think of ways to add blood to the jade pieces to make them look like they were unearthed from ancient tombs. In order to hide it from the very professional buyers, he also decided to use real people's blood to make Xue Qin.

In order to achieve this goal, he specially hired surgeon Ma Zheng and promised that the money from the sale of the wolf tooth ancient jade necklace would be divided equally with Ma Zheng. Under the temptation of profit, Ma Zheng agreed to use his work to insert seven jade pieces into the patient's body. It is hoped that the plate can be removed quietly while the patient is removing it. Ma Zheng first implanted a jade piece into each of the surgical sites of Yu Xiaolan and the six injured in the car accident, and the remaining one happened to be installed on Chen Xi who came to treat his leg the next day.

Their plan went very smoothly. But later, Yu Xiaolan suddenly ran to another hospital for a checkup for some unknown reason, and then accidentally discovered the white shadow of "wolf teeth" on her wound. She thought Huimin Hospital had used inferior steel plates for her, so she approached Ma Zheng and threatened to file a lawsuit with the hospital. Seeing that the matter was about to be exposed, Ma Zheng told Liu Kaisheng, and the two of them killed Yu Xiaolan to silence her. But then, they discovered that Yu Xiaolan had visited another patient, Chen Hong, after coming to the hospital. They suspected that Yu Xiaolan had told Chen Hong, who also had jade pieces implanted in her body, so they simply killed Chen Hong as well. .

But one after another people disappeared, which would inevitably lead to police investigation, so they deliberately faked it as the scene of a wild beast attack. As for the murder weapon they used, just as Jiang Ping guessed, Liu Kaisheng captured a dog, anesthetized it, molded the canine teeth, and then used cast iron to make a scissor-shaped murder weapon that could be opened and closed up and down. But when making it, I just made the teeth part particularly sharp.

During the murder, Ma Zheng quietly knocked the victim unconscious in the operating room, and then the two of them dragged him to the Wolf Slope, used a scalpel to remove the jade piece, and then used a specially made wolf-mouth-shaped weapon to cut the injured part of the victim. "Bite" until the flesh is bloody to cover up the traces left by the scalpel.

The two had never thought of killing anyone else, but Chen Hong's death caused panic in the hospital, and many patients asked to be transferred. Seeing that Ma Zheng could not stabilize the patient, he was afraid that after several patients with jade implants in their bodies were transferred to the hospital, not only would they not be able to get the jade pieces, but what they had done would be exposed. So, they killed several other patients with jade pieces implanted in their bodies one by one and took out the jade pieces.

That day, Jiang Ping went to the hospital and stole the medical records. Liu Kaisheng realized that sooner or later, after the medical records were obtained by the public security organs, suspicion would be drawn on Ma Zheng. In order to prevent Ma Zheng from being exposed and leading to him, Liu Kaisheng killed Ma Zheng in the same way on the night when Ma Zheng killed Pan Min. But then, he discovered that he didn't know which patient the last jade piece was implanted in.

This morning, when he received a call from Jiang Ping, he realized that the last piece of jade was on Chen Xi. So, he put on Ma Zheng's white coat and mask, sneaked into the hospital, hijacked Chen Xi, and planned to take out the jade piece.

At this point, Liu Kaisheng couldn't hold it in anymore. He fumbled and took out seven wolf-tooth-shaped jade pieces from his bag, handed them to Jiang Ping and said: "I know I am not qualified to say sorry… these seven jade pieces , you give one to Chen Xi, and the other six to the other six families of the deceased. This jade is not worth much…"

Before Jiang Ping could take the jade piece, Liu Kaisheng died.

Jiang Ping didn't know what to say for a moment. He stood up and saw the big dog not far away, still staring here. Jiang Ping knew that it must have been tortured by Liu Kaisheng when he molded it with his mouth and cut its hair to disguise it, and then it took revenge in anger.

Dogs also have a clear distinction between good and evil, but humans, on the other hand, will do anything for their own benefit. Jiang Ping sighed, took out his cell phone, and dialed the police number.

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