Two Fox Fairy Stories

I have heard a lot of stories about fox fairies, but I found an interesting phenomenon. Generally speaking, fox fairies appear in the north. We in Sichuan seem to rarely hear legends about fox fairies. After staying in Beijing for seven years, I have met many friends from the north and heard many stories about fox fairies from them. Now I will choose a few more credible stories to tell you. Why is the credibility level said to be higher? First, because I trust the person who told me the story, and second, after analysis, I feel that they have no motive or need to lie to me.

(1) Brother Li is a producer I know. Brother Li is from Hebei and has been living in Beijing for many years. He has been living in Beijing since his divorce. One of my sisters was in a relationship with him, so we often had dinner together. The first time I heard about the Fox Fairy was from him.

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People who film movies generally believe in this, and often pray to Buddha for peace before starting the movie. Brother Li is no exception. He told me that he knew a fox fairy. The fox fairy's surname is Fu, a native of Qingdao, and he is quite famous in the Beijing film and television circles. Many crews will ask him about good or bad luck before filming begins. Brother Li said that Fu Huxian was originally a farmer in the village. He was in his early forties and never smoked or drank. He fell ill once and after he recovered, he said that he was possessed by the fox fairy. In fact, you can often see this kind of result on TV. Of course, the final explanation is that these people are pretending. But Brother Li said that once Fu Huxian was possessed by the fox fairy, she immediately changed into a different person. Her expression and demeanor were completely like that of an old woman. She also spoke standard Northeastern dialect and smoked heavily. Brother Li said that even the most professional actor would not be able to act like this. What's more, an ordinary farmer? Brother Li said that in 2005, their crew encountered an incident. A man named He misappropriated about 2 million of the crew's public funds and disappeared. After calling the police, there was nothing they could do, and the police could not find this person. Everyone had no choice, so they found Fu Huxian. Fu didn't say much and just invited the fox fairy to come forward. I saw him closing his eyes and mumbling something. Within 10 minutes, I saw him yawning non-stop, then opened his eyes and turned into an old lady, reaching out for a cigarette. Brother Li quickly handed over the cigarette, and the fox fairy said: On a certain day, a certain year, a certain month, and a certain time, this He will appear downstairs in a certain community in Beijing wearing white clothes. After hearing this, Brother Li quickly wrote it down. As expected, at that time on that day, he blocked He Moumou at that place and successfully got the money back. After this incident, Brother Li believed in Fu Huxian even more. About last summer, Brother Li also said that Fu Huxian had come to Beijing. I originally wanted to go and have a look, but Brother Li said it was not convenient and Huxian generally didn't see outsiders, so I didn't force it. Regarding this Fu Huxian, Brother Li also said one thing. In the winter of 2005, when they were filming in Qingdao, they found Fu Huxian again and asked him to calculate whether the crew would go well this time. As a result, Fu Huxian said that there would be fatalities in this filming. Everyone didn't believe it at first, because all the scenes were shot in urban Qingdao, and it wasn't a dangerous scene. But just the second week after filming started, something happened. An actor accidentally bumped into a lighting engineer while filming a 58c driving scene. It was nothing at the time, except that he hit his leg. Everyone asked the lighting engineer if he was okay, and the lighting engineer said it was okay, but when everyone sent him to the When I was in the hospital, the lighting technician couldn't do it. It turned out that it hit the femoral artery. It is said that the lighting engineer’s wife was 6 months pregnant, but I didn’t expect such a thing to happen. This incident seemed to have been reported on television at the time.

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(2) Fox Fairy

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Niuniu was my college classmate and later married one of my brothers. Niuniu is from Suihua, Heilongjiang, and she married my brother the autumn of last year. Then I didn’t see them for a long time. When I was still in Beijing last year, they came to see me one day. Everyone stopped talking about this matter. As a result, my brother told me about a fox fairy.

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After getting married in 2000, during the Spring Festival of 2006, my brother and Niuniu returned to their hometown in Northeast China. Niuniu's grandfather's home is in a village in Harbin's Xiao District. It was snowing heavily that day. As soon as they reached the entrance of the village, they suddenly saw a dog running in front of them. (–#My brother said he thought it was a dog at that time) It shocked my brother, but he likes dogs very much, so when he saw this snow-white dog, he wanted to go up and touch it, but as soon as he went to After taking a step forward, the dog stepped back. Suddenly it raised its forelimbs, stood on the ground with its hind feet, and made a bow-like gesture with its hands. The ghost, fox, fairy , and monster bowed to them three times and ran away. My brother and Niuniu thought the dog was so cute and didn’t think much about it. When we arrived at Grandpa Niuniu's house, we talked about what happened at the entrance of the village. Grandma said at that time that this was not a dog, but a fox fairy from their family. She knew you were newly married and was here to congratulate you. And he took my brother to a house. I saw a memorial tablet on the table with incense burning, and it said a certain fox fairy (there was a specific name, but I forgot it). At that time, my brother did not He didn't believe it too much. He felt that people in rural areas in the north liked to say that fox fairies were not fox fairies.

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On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, Grandpa Niuniu's family happened to be moving. They built a new three-story building near the city, and my brother also helped move. It was that night after everything was done. After everyone finished eating, they went to bed. It was still snowing the next day. My brother got up and opened the door to go out for a walk, because he is from the south and rarely sees such heavy snow. As soon as I opened the door, I saw a white fox lying at the door. As soon as he saw my brother coming out, he made a show of bowing his hands again. When my brother saw her, he called her out. But when she came out, the fox didn't run away. Instead, it bowed to her three times before turning around and running away. Grandma said it was the fox spirit in the family who knew they were moving and followed them. My brother thought it was amazing at that time. But the strange thing is still behind, because there are not enough rooms upstairs, the fox fairy's tablet is placed in a small attic. The small attic has no windows and the space is very small. Every night, I hear something banging in the room. There was a bang, and I went up to take a look. It turned out that the tablet of the Fox Fairy had fallen over. After fixing it, I went to see it the next day and it fell down again. After struggling like this for a few days, grandma said: The Fox Fairy was not satisfied with the new house and thought it was too small, so everyone made a big room and put the Fox Fairy in it. Strangely enough, just like that, the Fox Fairy's tablet was again Didn't fall over either.

My brother left after the 15th, and on the morning of leaving, my brother saw the fox again. My brother said that he had never seen a real fox before, but the one he saw this time looked very clever and cute. He said he would rather believe that there really was a fox fairy protecting Niuniu and her family.

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