Ask The Bird To Evolve The Water Demon, A Long Ghost Story


It's that light box.

The light box that was about to fall apart finally fell apart at that time, and a large piece of iron sheet cut straight to the ground. If Guan Tao didn't roll over, the piece of iron sheet could just split Guan Tao in half.

It's just so thrilling.

Guan Tao sat on the ground and was stunned for a while.

The courageous and courageous manager was no longer bold. His face turned pale with fright, while the deputy manager was so frightened that he ran away for more than 20 meters. After a while, he slowly came back after seeing that it was completely safe.

It was the courageous manager who reacted first.

He took out his cell phone, found a number and started cursing. After cursing for more than ten minutes, he hung up the phone.

He leaned towards Guan Tao.

"Are you okay?" he asked Guan Tao.

Guan Tao was still confused and did not answer him.

The deputy manager answered.

"He shouldn't be injured. I just checked and he didn't bleed anywhere," the deputy manager said.

The manager stopped caring about Guan Tao and began to inspect the scene again.

"It's really dangerous," said the manager.

The deputy manager agrees with the manager.

"It was a risk. It only missed Xiaoguan by a small margin." said the deputy manager.

The manager glanced at Guan Tao, who was sitting on the ground.

"If you hit him, he'll definitely be finished," the manager said.

"Yes, that's for sure." said the deputy manager.

The manager patted Guan Tao on the shoulder.

"Young man, you can make this light box. You can quote whatever you want," the manager said.

Guan Tao didn't have any reaction, but the deputy manager was a little happy.

"I just scolded that advertising company," the manager said. "What did you do? The quality of this light box is too bad. Just a little difference can kill people."

“The quality of their light boxes is too poor,” said the deputy manager.

"The boss of the advertising company was horrified when he heard what I said. He promised me that he would give me a 50% discount on the rental fee for this billboard this year. Otherwise, I would not be able to spare him," the manager said.

Guan Tao slowly returned to normal.

He stood up and asked about the evolution of the bird into the water demon . He didn't even brush the dust off his pants and started looking around.

"Young man, what are you looking at?" the manager asked.

"I'm looking for a black cat." Guan Tao said.

"Black cat? What kind of black cat?"

"A big black cat." Guan Tao said, "Before the iron sheet fell, I saw the black cat hiding behind the railing."

Behind the railing, there was now nothing.

They didn't find the cat within their field of vision.

"Are you dazzled?" the deputy manager asked.

Of course Guan Tao was not dazzled.

He saved his wife from the big black cat's mouth. How could he not recognize the big black cat?

But now, the black cat just disappeared without a trace.

Maybe, after doing bad things, the black cat hid?

"Xiaoguan, our manager has decided to let you take over this advertising light box without cutting your price." The deputy manager said, and of course he told the manager to avoid regret.

But how could the manager regret it with his character?

He confirmed this.

"You can quote whatever you want." He said to Guan Tao.

Guan Tao still didn't care, his attention was elsewhere.

The deputy manager reminded Guan Tao.

"You haven't thanked our manager yet. I'm letting you quote whatever you want." said the deputy manager.

Guan Tao then numbly thanked him.

Guan Tao returned home completely devastated. In his current state, Princess Long didn't seem too surprised.

He talked about his adventures and the big black cat.

"It's that big black cat, I recognize it clearly." Guan Tao said.

Princess Long believed in Guan Tao.

Unlike the manager and deputy manager, who always said that Guan Tao was dazzled and couldn't see any black cats, anyway, they didn't even see any cat hair.

Princess Dragon frowned slightly.

"It's strange why that black cat keeps following you." Princess Dragon said.

"Yeah, it's so strange. I took the bus and then changed to a car, but when I arrived at the billboard, I still saw the damn black cat." Guan Tao said.

The dragon princess is thinking.

"Do you know where that black cat came from?" Guan Tao asked Princess Long.

Princess Dragon shook her head.

"I don't know." Princess Dragon said.

"That black cat almost ate you. You still don't know what happened to it? You are the Dragon King's daughter, you should know." Guan Tao said.

Princess Dragon continued to shake her head.

"My skills are all gone. I am no different from ordinary humans. I can't tell." Princess Dragon said.

"If your skill hadn't disappeared, you should be able to tell, right?"

Princess Dragon nodded.

"That should be about the same." Princess Dragon said.

"Anyway, that black cat must have some evil ways. As soon as I saw the black cat, my pores stood up, and I felt something was wrong. When the iron sheet fell, I could subconsciously roll aside ." Guan Tao said.

Princess Long looked at Guan Tao.

She sees things differently.

"Maybe it was the black cat who saved you." She said.

Guan Tao was dumbfounded for a while.

Ask the bird to evolve into the Water Demon God_Ask about the evolution of the Bird_Ask about the evolution of the Bird or the Water Demon God

"How is that possible? That black cat looked at me with such vicious eyes that I took away the meat from its mouth. It hated me so much. How could it save me?" Guan Tao said.

Princess Dragon analyzed it for him.

"If you didn't see the black cat, you wouldn't be so sensitive, and you wouldn't notice that something would fall on top of your head. In this sense, the black cat reminded you." Princess Dragon said.

Guan Tao doesn't think so.

"I think that the black cat did some bad trick and the light box fell down. Otherwise, why didn't the light box fall down just when the black cat appeared?" Guan Tao said.

Princess Long still has different opinions. But she said nothing more.

She just smiled politely.

Seeing the smile of Princess Dragon, Guan Tao threw the black cat away.

He pulled Princess Dragon into his arms, let her sit on his lap, and held her tightly.

He kissed Princess Dragon's white and tender cheek, forgetting everything.


Guan Tao finally confirmed that it was really the little bird talking.

Originally, Guan Tao was lying on the bed in a rental house bored and checking his cell phone. Suddenly, he heard someone speaking. It was a woman's voice. It was quite pleasant. He searched the whole room and realized that the voice seemed to come from that little bird's mouth. It comes from inside.

It was a green bird, small in size, and it was hard to tell what kind it was.

This little bird was rescued by Guan Tao by the river in the afternoon. When Guan Tao was wandering by the river, he suddenly saw a big black cat in the grass on the roadside. The black cat had a little bird in its mouth. It was estimated that the black cat had just caught the little bird not long ago. The bird is still struggling.

Guan Tao aimed at the black cat and kicked it. The black cat screamed and the bird fell out of its mouth.

Guan Tao held the bird in his hands and looked at it. The wings were bleeding and it looked like it was dying. Guan Tao held the bird in his hands and brought the bird back.

The strange thing is that the black cat did not give up and followed Guan Tao from a distance for a while.

It was a big black cat, and its eyes looking at Guan Tao were full of sadness and anger.

But how could Guan Tao be afraid of a cat? Guan Tao didn't take it to heart.

After returning home, Guan Tao opened a pack of instant noodles to feed the little bird. He didn't cook himself, so the food at home was instant noodles. But the little bird didn't eat the instant noodles. He just drank a few mouthfuls of water, then curled up at the corner of the table and fell asleep. stand up.

It was a pretty good little bird. When Guan Tao brought it back, it didn't resist at all.

Guan Tao put down the bag of instant noodles for himself, picked up his cell phone, and forgot about the little bird. Unexpectedly, this little bird could actually talk.

The bird stood on the bedside table, the blood on its wings had dried. The little bird looked at Guan Tao with a pair of black eyes.

"Please, help me." It said again.

Guan Tao was shocked.

But he did not panic, and still looked at the little green bird with interest.

"Who are you? How can you speak?" Guan Tao asked.

"I am the youngest daughter of the Dragon King of the East China Sea." said the bird.

Guan Tao chuckled.

"Really? Then how did you become like this?" Guan Tao asked again.

The little bird lowered his head, seemingly helpless.

"I have been bewitched," said the bird.

"Then how can I save you? I don't know magic."

The little bird raised its head again and looked at Guan Tao.

"I'll teach you." said the little bird.

"Teach me, that's good, that's good." Guan Tao said.

The little bird's teaching was quite simple, that is, prepare a glass of wine, put some salt in the wine, wait until midnight, hold the wine in your mouth, and then spray it on the little bird, and the little bird can Returned to human form.

"Please save me, I will definitely repay you." said the little bird.

Guan Tao became more energetic.

It was quite a blessing to meet the Dragon King's daughter, and of course it was even better that the Dragon King's daughter planned to repay him.

"How can you repay me?" Guan Tao asked.

"I can grant you a wish."

Guan Tao was a little disappointed.

"Only one wish can be fulfilled." Guan Tao said.

The bird explained to him again.

"Any wish is fine, as long as I can do it." said the bird.

Guan Tao smiled.

"What can you do?" Guan Tao asked.

"For example, jewelry," said the bird.


"Yes, I can give you one of the rare jewels in the world, which can make you a rich man." Xiaoniao said.

Haha, Guan Tao is not a rich man, this little bird can tell.

"You have jewelry with you?"

"That's not true. But I can give you a piece of jewelry from the Dragon Palace."

The jewelry of Dragon Palace must be rare in the world.

Guan Tao remembered another question.

Although this question was a little embarrassing, Guan Tao still decided to ask because the interests were at stake.

"If I help you restore your human form and help you return to the Dragon Palace, how can I be sure that you will not forget your promise?" Guan Tao asked.

Xiaoniao paused for a moment before answering Guan Tao.

"I can swear to Dragon Ball, if you can help me restore my human form, I will do my best to help you realize a wish." Xiaoniao said.

"What is Dragon Ball?" Guan Tao asked.

"That is the most sacred artifact of our Dragon Palace. Anyone who swears an oath to the Dragon Ball, the people in the Dragon Palace will work hard to fulfill that oath, even if they lose their lives." Xiaoniao said.

Guan Tao was a little relieved.

"What time is it?" Guan Tao asked. He knew this question was idiotic, but he still asked it.

The bird told him.

"We still have to wait for more than an hour, can't we start now?" Guan Tao said, he was a little anxious.

"No. We have to wait till midnight for the wine and salt to break the spell cast on me," said the little bird.

"Oh, okay then, just wait."

There was half a bottle of wine left at a party, and Guan Tao brought it back. In addition, although Guan Tao didn't cook much, he still bought a bag of salt. Occasionally, he would buy himself a few noodles for dinner.

He prepared the wine and salt, poured them into a cup, and waited for midnight.

Asked which one is better, the little bird or the water devil_asked the little bird to evolve the water devil_asked the little bird to evolve the water devil

The bird curled up again and closed its eyes. It talked so much and was hurt again, so it was probably tired.

Guan Tao did not disturb it and let the bird rest quietly.

As soon as it arrived, the bird woke up.

The bird stood up and flapped its wings a few times.

"That's it." It said to Guan Tao.

Guan Tao was also looking at his cell phone, but he was worried that the time on his cell phone was inaccurate. He planned to wait a few more minutes to ensure that it was indeed midnight.

The bird told him there was no need to wait.

"What if the time is not accurate? Didn't you say we have to wait until midnight? Otherwise, just wait a few more minutes." Guan Tao said.

"No need, I know, it's already midnight." Xiaoniao said.

Guan Tao wanted to ask why Xiaoniao was so sure. Did Xiaoniao carry a watch? But later, Guan Tao swallowed the question.

The little bird probably has its own ideas. After all, she is the little princess of the Dragon King.

Guan Tao picked up the cup and wanted to perform his magic, but the bird stopped him.

"Put me on the bed," said the bird. "This place is a little small."

That's true. The bedside table is small. Suddenly a person appears on it. I don't know what will happen.

Guan Tao held the bird and carefully placed it in the center of the bed.

He took a full mouthful of wine, leaned close to the bird, and spit out the whole mouthful of wine.

He didn't care that the wine would wet his sheets.

In fact, he doesn't care about anything.

He just stared, trying to see what was going to happen.

But he didn't see anything clearly.

When the wine was sprayed on, the bird just shook its wings and nothing happened. After waiting for three or four seconds, suddenly, a dazzling white light flashed out.

The white light was so dazzling that Guan Tao couldn't help but blink his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, a naked girl appeared on the bed.


It's perfect.

This girl is absolutely beautiful.

Her skin is so fair that it almost gives people a greasy feeling, her big black eyes seem to be full of endless charm, and her long hair is as black as satin.

Can't fault it at all.

Sure enough, he is not an ordinary person in the world.

Guan Tao was completely shocked.

The girl probably realized something was wrong, so she picked up Guan Tao's blanket and wrapped it around her body.

Guan Tao felt a little sorry. His blanket had not been washed for more than a month. It was obviously too rough and inappropriate to wrap around such a beautiful creature.

Princess Dragon smiled at Guan Tao.

"I'm sorry, do you have any clothes for me to wear?" Princess Dragon was a little shy, like a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl.

Guan Tao got busy.

He found his own shirt and a pair of women's jeans that his ex-girlfriend had left behind and forgotten.

Guan Tao turned his back consciously.

The girl coughed twice before Guan Tao turned around.

The little girl was still sitting on the bed, wearing Guan Tao's loose shirt, which had a unique flavor, and jeans, which didn't fit too well, but they were okay.

The girl smiled at him.

"Isn't it ugly?" the girl asked him.

"It's not ugly, it's not ugly, you won't look ugly no matter what you wear." Guan Tao said.

Girls still benefit from Guan Tao's flattery.

She pursed her lips delicately.

"But why do I feel so ugly? I think these clothes are so ugly." The girl said.

That definitely can't be compared with the gorgeous clothes of Dragon Palace.

"Sorry, I've wronged you." Guan Tao said.

We can only make do with it for now.

The girl moved her arms and grinned.

"What's wrong?" Guan Tao asked.

He was worried that his shirt was too rough for the girl's fair skin.

"It's nothing, just a little injured." The girl said.

Guan Tao immediately became concerned about the girl.

"How could it be hurt?" he asked.

"Well, it wasn't bitten by that damn cat. It doesn't matter, it's no big deal."

Guan Tao then recalled that a few minutes ago, the stunning girl in front of him was just a little bird.

"How did you get caught by that black cat?" Guan Tao asked.

Princess Dragon sighed.

"I turned into a little bird. I don't have any magic power anymore, just like an ordinary bird." Princess Dragon said.

"Oh, I understand. Now that you have returned to your human form, has your magic power also been restored?"

Princess Dragon shook her head sadly.

"No. All my magic power has been wasted." Princess Dragon said.

Guan Tao was also a little melancholy.

"How could this happen?" Guan Tao said.

Princess Dragon sighed and seemed unwilling to talk more.

Her tender eyes looked at Guan Tao.

"I'm afraid, I have something else to trouble you with," she said.

Go through fire and water, Guan Tao is willing to do it.

"What's the matter?" Guan Tao asked.

"I'm afraid I have to trouble you to send me to the beach. I have no magic power and can't fly. It's probably quite far from the sea. I have to trouble you to send me there." Princess Dragon said.

"Hmm." Guan Tao said.

"You take me to the beach, and I can call someone to take me back to the Dragon Palace."

Asked which one is better, the little bird or the water devil_asked the little bird to evolve the water devil_asked the little bird to evolve the water devil

"Hmm." Guan Tao said.

"When you return to the Dragon Palace, I can give you a treasure."

"Well." Guan Tao said again.

Seeing Guan Tao's weakness, Princess Long wanted to encourage Guan Tao.

"What kind of treasure do you want? How about a luminous pearl? I can give you a luminous pearl bigger than an ostrich egg, or how about a gem?" Princess Dragon said.

Guan Tao still doesn't seem to have a cold.

"You can have whatever you want, as long as I can do it, it's no problem." Princess Dragon said.

Guan Tao smiled slightly.

"Can I fulfill any wish I want?" Guan Tao asked Princess Long.

"Anything is fine. As long as I can do it." Princess Dragon said.

Guan Tao laughed again.

"I think there is one thing you can do." Guan Tao said.

"What's up?"

Guan Tao was about to speak but stopped.

Princess Dragon urged him.

"What's the matter? You tell me, as long as I can do it, I can do it." Princess Dragon said.

"Then I'll say it."


Guan Tao spoke slowly, word by word.

"Well, I want you to be my wife." Guan Tao said.

The smile on Princess Dragon's face suddenly froze.

"What?" Princess Dragon asked.

Guan Tao plucked up the courage and repeated it.

Princess Dragon was silent.

"You should be able to do this, right?" Guan Tao asked.

Princess Dragon did not answer him directly.

Her cold face no longer looked shy.

"Why do you have such an idea?" Princess Dragon said.

Guan Tao looked at the beauty half lying down. Even if her expression is cold, she is still a beauty, a rare beauty in the world. What kind of treasure can compare with such a beauty.

"Because you are so beautiful, I, uh, I kind of fall in love with you." Guan Tao said.

Princess Long was not happy at all when she fell in love with Guan Tao. She even regretted it. If her expression had been more serious from the beginning, Guan Tao probably wouldn't have such a desire to go beyond the limits. However, showing off a bit of coquettishness was a habit she developed unconsciously, and was not deliberately unleashed on Guan Tao.

"Is it okay?" Guan Tao asked again.

Princess Dragon cannot say no. She swore on the Dragon Ball that she couldn't lie.

But she still wanted to convince Guan Tao.

"I'm afraid it will do you no good to marry me as your wife." She said coldly.

Humph, if you can marry such a beauty as your wife, why should you care about the benefits?

Guan Tao smiled happily.

"It's okay." Guan Tao said.

Princess Dragon's expression became even colder.

Guan Tao is not someone who takes advantage of others. If the next day was not Singles' Day and it was the first unbearable Singles' Day after his girlfriend abandoned him, Guan Tao would probably not have such thoughts, or even if he had such thoughts Thoughts may not be dared to be spoken out. However, his girlfriend of five years finally abandoned Guan Tao because of his poverty. Guan Tao has actually never gotten over this pain.

If you can marry the dragon princess, all your worries will disappear immediately.

How can that ex-girlfriend be compared to Princess Dragon?

Therefore, Guan Tao took the liberty to state his wish and insisted on it.


Guan Tao wants to buy some suitable clothes for Princess Long.

The Dragon Princess was unhappy. Based on Guan Tao's experience, women would probably be in a better mood when shopping and asked the little bird to evolve into the Water Demon God . In addition, such a beautiful Dragon Princess really needs two sets of clothes that fit slightly.

They went to the largest local supermarket.

At the beginning, Princess Dragon was a little interested in supermarkets like humans, but soon her interest disappeared. I am afraid that these inferior human clothes were too inconsistent with her aesthetics. She just followed Guan Tao numbly from stall to stall. When asked to try on clothes, she tried them on honestly.

It's no exaggeration at all, she seems to look good in whatever she wears.

She's not picky either.

Guan Tao can buy him anything.

However, Guan Tao was still very kind. He tried his best to buy the most expensive clothes for Princess Long within his ability.

After putting on one of the new clothes, Guan Tao took Princess Long to a restaurant next to the supermarket for dinner.

When Princess Dragon was asked to order, she was not polite at all.

All she ordered was fish, and she was not interested in other dishes.

It seemed that she hadn't eaten properly in many days. She had a huge appetite and her food intake was completely inconsistent with her appearance.

She also took a sip of beer and then immediately spat it out.

"It tastes really bad," she said.

"No, it's not that bad." Guan Tao said with a smile, and he took a big sip of beer.

The dragon princess pushed the beer away.

She doesn't explain.

After Princess Long had finished her meal, Guan Tao led her to wander in the square.

The square was quite lively, with people dancing, singing, and a few half-year-old children gathering around to play skateboards.

Princess Dragon came to a place and stopped.

That was probably a beggar.

It was a man of insignificant age, squatting there with his head lowered and an unkempt beard.

He was wearing a cycling suit and had a piece of white paper in front of him with words written on it.

I lost my wallet, my bike, and my mobile phone. I need money to go home. Please help me and buy my things.

Just a few words.

There are several small objects placed on the white paper, such as flashlights, knives, slingshots, etc.

There was a stone among them, and Princess Dragon's eyes were firmly fixed on that stone.

Ask about the evolution of the little bird_Ask about which is better, the little bird or the water devil_Ask about the evolution of the little bird into the water devil

"Do you like this stone?" Guan Tao asked Princess Long.

Princess Dragon neither denies nor admits it.

Guan Tao took the stone in his hand and looked at it.

"This stone seems to have characters carved on it, but they are not Chinese characters." Guan Tao said.

Princess Long didn't even get close enough to see anything.

"It's Tibetan." Princess Dragon said.

"Tibetan? Do you know Tibetan?"

"Understand a little bit." Princess Dragon said.

"What words are engraved on it? What does it mean?" Guan Tao asked.

Princess Dragon still didn't come close.

"It's a six-character mantra in Tibetan." Princess Dragon said.

"What's the six-character mantra?" Guan Tao asked again.

Princess Dragon said it again.

The six-character mantra is so famous that even Guan Tao knows it.

"Oh, that's what it means." Guan Tao said.

Princess Dragon still stared at the stone.

"Do you want this stone?" Guan Tao asked Princess Long.

Princess Dragon still neither said yes nor no.

It seems he likes it.

At least, she didn't refuse.

Guan Tao asked the cyclist who was squatting on the ground and dejected.

"How to sell this stone?" Guan Tao asked.

The unshaven man looked up at Guan Tao angrily.

"Two hundred," he said.

Guan Tao was a little surprised.

"What? Two hundred yuan for just such a broken stone?" Guan Tao said.

The man nodded affirmatively.

"Two hundred, no less." The man said stiffly.

Guan Tao disliked his tone a little. Besides, Guan Tao thought he was a liar. He wore an outdoor coat and said he had lost something and needed help. Many people used this trick to defraud people.

Guan Tao wanted to throw the stone back, but when he turned around, he found that Princess Dragon was still looking at the stone reluctantly.

Guan Tao felt cruel.

"It's cheaper. If it's cheaper, I'll buy this stone." Guan Tao said.

Guan Tao originally expected that he could definitely buy this stone for one hundred yuan.

But he was wrong.

The unshaven man shook his head.

"Two hundred, a penny is a lot," the man said.

Guan Tao was anxious.

"Why are you so rigid in business? Why don't you drop a penny?" Guan Tao said.

The man glanced at Guan Tao faintly.

"There's no way to surrender," he said.

Why can't a piece of broken stone be dropped?

"Why can't you surrender?" Guan Tao asked.

The man answered him.

"It costs me two hundred yuan to go home," the man said. "It costs two hundred yuan for you to buy this stone. If you take all these things from me, it still costs two hundred yuan. You can't lose a penny."

Guan Tao looked at his remaining belongings.

Guan Tao is not interested in those gadgets. In fact, he was not interested in this rotten stone, but Princess Dragon liked it.

In the end, Guan Tao gave in.

"Okay, okay, two hundred, just two hundred." Guan Tao said.

Guan Tao handed the stone to Princess Long, but Princess Long did not accept it.

"What? Don't you want it?" Guan Tao asked.

"Put it in your bag." Princess Dragon just said.

Guan Tao understood a little bit.

"Oh, you want me to hold this stone so that I can be blessed. Okay, okay, just put it in my bag." Guan Tao said, and Guan Tao put the stone into his handbag. Fortunately, the stone is not too big and only bulges out a little when placed in the bag.

The strange thing is that when Princess Dragon left, she actually bowed to the unshaven man. However, the man didn't seem to see it and didn't react at all.


Princess Long didn't resist sleeping on the same bed as Guan Tao.

Of course, she doesn't welcome it either.

After lying down and chatting for a while, Guan Tao's hands began to become dishonest.

Princess Long didn't resist, she just didn't cater.

Guan Tao became more and more courageous.

Only now did he understand why the ancients described the love between men and women as clouds and rain.

It was really like falling into the clouds and mist.

So cool.

The same thing is completely different when done with an immortal like Dragon Princess. Hehe, Guan Tao can completely forget about his ex-girlfriend.

Princess Dragon was normal, and her mood did not fluctuate much.

She just half-smiled.

Guan Tao hugged her and confided in her.

"I know that it must be very wrong for a god like you to be my wife. But I will do my best to be good to you. Really, I will do my best." Guan Tao said.

He repeatedly promised to the Dragon Princess.

Princess Dragon still smiled but didn't say a word.

But Guan Tao didn't sleep well. He had a lot of messy dreams. When he woke up in the morning, he was still dizzy.

When he saw the Dragon Princess next to him, he completely woke up.

He jumped out of bed.

"I want to work, I want to make money. With such a good wife, I have to take good care of her no matter what, hehe." Guan Tao said.

Princess Dragon just smiled.

But Guan Tao did think so.

You have to work hard and make good money.

When Princess Long sends Guan Tao out, she really looks like a wife.

Guan Tao felt that she was even a little reluctant to see him go out.

Guan Tao did not go to the company, but went directly to run a big order.

He has been eyeing this big order for a long time, and is familiar with the deputy manager of the other party's marketing department. The deputy manager has promised Guan Tao that this batch of information will be color printed by Guan Tao's company.

However, there is a general manager above the deputy manager.

The manager had to nod.

Guan Tao has never met the manager before, but the deputy manager has made an appointment for him to see the manager early this morning.

"Don't say too much, just quote the price we said." The deputy manager told him.

Guan Tao understood that this was a warning to him not to expose the kickback to the deputy manager.

"What if he asks me for a kickback?" Guan Tao asked the deputy manager.

The assistant manager snorted.

"He won't want it, he's a fool." said the assistant manager.

Guan Tao was a little doubtful that a fool could become the manager.

But it was hard for him to ask any more questions.

Guan Tao is still a little uneasy as he is going to meet this fool today. You know, his performance this month depends on this list.

This executive manager is indeed different from ordinary people.

Particularly unsmiling.

Guan Tao was busy taking out a cigarette, but he blocked him.

"I don't smoke this brand of cigarettes," the manager said.

Guan Tao was a little embarrassed.

But he only had this pack of low-grade cigarettes in his pocket.

The assistant manager came to his rescue.

“Our manager only smokes one brand of foreign cigarettes,” said the deputy manager.

The assistant manager held a box of that brand of cigarettes upside down and lit them for the manager like a flatterer.

The manager took a deep breath, and then looked at Guan Tao sharply.

"How much is your quotation?" he asked Guan Tao.

It's straight to the point.

Guan Tao originally wanted to introduce his company's situation, but he was well prepared, so he skipped it.

Guan Tao said the price.

The manager said another price without any doubt.

"That's all I'll pay. No, forget it." The manager said.

This was all expected by the deputy manager.

The deputy manager told Guan Tao in advance what price the manager would get, and sure enough, it was exactly right.

Guan Tao looked embarrassed.

"Can you add a little more?" Guan Tao asked.

"No. Not a cent." said the manager.

"Well, I can't decide the price. I have to ask my boss for instructions." Guan Tao said.

"I'll give you five minutes." The manager said, and continued to look down at the information in his hand.

Guan Tao went out and wandered around for a while, then came back in three minutes later.

"My boss reluctantly agreed. He mainly wanted to attract you, the long-term users. This price, uh, this price is really a little low." Guan Tao said.

The manager didn't want to talk nonsense to him, so he turned around and ordered the deputy manager to sign a contract with Guan Tao.

The deputy manager and Guan Tao looked at each other knowingly, and everything was under control.

But, immediately, something happened that the deputy manager did not expect.

"We are going to make an outdoor advertising light box at the station entrance of the expressway. I want to go over and have a look. You can go with me and give us another price." The manager said.

Guan Tao really wanted to tell the manager that he only made color printing, not outdoor advertising light boxes.

But the assistant manager winked at him.

Guan Tao stopped talking.

"Go and have a look together. We haven't been to that place to see it either. It just so happens that we can all go and have a look together." said the deputy manager.

The location of that outdoor billboard is excellent. It stands at the exit of the highway, about thirty meters high, and it is indeed very conspicuous.

Guan Tao kept flattering the manager and chose a good position.

The manager smiled slightly at Guan Tao.

"This location is good and very conspicuous. I kept staring at it. When the previous advertisement expired, I immediately bought it. But I don't plan to let that advertising company make the light box. Look, that advertising company does a good job in making light boxes. How bad," the manager said.

is very poor.

The light box for the previous advertisement has not been taken down yet, and it is almost in a state of shock, as if it will fall apart soon.

"That advertising company wanted to provide one-stop service and let them make the light boxes, but I didn't agree to it. If you were asked to do it, what price would you quote?" the manager asked.

Guan Tao has no idea about this kind of advertising light box.

Guan Tao hesitated and looked at the deputy manager next to him. But the deputy manager was just anxious and couldn't tell Guan Tao.

Guan Tao understood what the deputy manager meant. The deputy manager wanted him to take over the light box work together. Even if it was subcontracted to others, the two of them would still make a profit.

But the manager was very anxious and asked Guan Tao to quote a price immediately.

Guan Tao was in a hurry and looking for excuses to delay when he suddenly saw the cat.

That black cat.

The big black cat was kicked by Guan Tao and was forced to put down Princess Dragon.

At this moment, the big black cat squatted behind the roadbed railing, still looking at Guan Tao with sad and angry eyes.

Guan Tao trembled and forgot about the existence of the manager and deputy manager.

Suddenly, he heard a gust of wind above his head. He didn't even look at it and rolled to the side completely subconsciously.

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