Lao Yangpi's language skills were limited, and he spoke confusingly. Fatty and I were confused, but we finally understood what he meant. In Lao Yangpi's hometown, there is a sandy land, and this area is arid. There is little water, but the soil in the middle of the sandy land is indeed very moist and eerie. It has been said since ancient times that it was a corpse raising ground. The corpses can be buried in it to prevent it from rotting. In fact, some weird plants grow on that land.

Legend has it that this plant was introduced from Yuansha City thousands of miles away in the Western Regions in ancient times. This plant is extremely poisonous and its whole body resembles a human shape, a bit like an abnormally large ginseng, but it is dozens or even hundreds of times larger. , it itself has nothing to do with ginseng. There is no accurate name for it in the mainland. It is only generally called corpse ginseng or ghost ginseng. In ancient times, it was called "Obulu" when returning to China.

This thing thrives in dark, putrid soil. Some tombs eroded by moisture, or ancient river beds where silt accumulates, are very suitable for its growth. Its roots can go deep into the ground for several feet. It is said to be a plant, but it can also extend its roots. Humans and animals must be strangled for food, just like a huge man-eating grass. If the ground is dug up to find this plant, no matter whether humans or animals are exposed to its poisonous gas, they will definitely die.

Most of the methods adopted are to confirm the location where the Oshiburus grows, and then dig four ditches around it. The depth of the ditch is based on the large water tank that can accommodate the rural area. From the bottom of the ditch, grave bricks are piled up to form the shape of a brick kiln. , even the upper part was completely sealed. Before sealing, several vicious dogs were locked inside, and then completely sealed with tomb bricks to form a secret room.

The vicious dogs locked in the brick room had difficulty breathing. After a burst of roaring, they would instinctively dig in the mud with their paws and try to dig out a trench. Once a poisonous plant like Oshibulus is dug out, vicious dogs will be infected with the poisonous gas and die immediately.

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There are also ways to tie the dog's legs to the poisonous roots with leather strips. If the person hides in the upwind distance and sets off firecrackers, the dog will be frightened and run away, and the roots will be uprooted. Although this method saves time and effort, it is not safe. , often causes the excavators to be poisoned and die, so it is not as widespread as the first method.

After the "Oshiburashi" returned to the country is unearthed, it won't take long for it to lose its earthy properties and its toxicity will disappear. At this time, people went over and buried the dog corpse that died of poisoning, together with the extremely poisonous "Oshibululu", back into the pit. When they dug it out a year later, the dog corpse and the "Oshibululu" roots grew into one body, and the corpse Although rotten and smelly. It can still squirm like a living thing in places without sunlight. If it is cut and dried in the sun, it can be sold as a very valuable medicine.

A little grinding wine can make a person paralyzed, as if he is half-dead. Even if you cut off his hands and feet with an axe, he won't feel anything. After a few days, he will be given the antidote. Then the activities will return to normal as before. It is said that in ancient times, Hua Tuo could perform cesarean rupture and abdominal rupture to treat diseases, and he always used this anesthetic. There are records of its use in the Imperial Palace Hospital in the Song Dynasty.

In his hometown in the northwest, Lao Yangpi saw someone digging up wasteland and digging up graves and dug up this humanoid poison. That dig was able to unearth a long list of dead bodies, all of which were villagers who were accidentally killed when passing nearby at night. After it swept people, the toxins were transferred into the corpses, even though the deceased was already dead. But the dead body is like a corpse, with hair and nails still growing, being nourished by Yin energy for a long time, and moving when encountering Yang energy. No matter what living humans and animals are caught, they will be poisoned and become part of the nutrients of this strange ginseng.

We speculated on the situation of the brick room. It seemed that it was a place specially built by the Japanese to train people with paralyzing drugs. According to legend, the flesh of zombies buried in the corpse ground was called "suffocating fragrance" and could be used as medicine. These have almost grown The carrion of plants is also a strange medicine, but its cultivation method is really outrageous.

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I was about to ask Lao Yangpi if there was any way to completely eliminate this monster, otherwise it would not be the end if it blocked the door. But before I could say anything, I suddenly thought of something fatal, and my body suddenly became cold. , Fatty and I struggled with those rotting corpses for a long time. We were splashed with a lot of smelly and unpleasant juice, and we were probably poisoned.

The fat man and I quickly looked at our exposed hands. Our hands were mixed with too many things and were so dirty that we couldn't see anything. However, there seemed to be a layer of tiny pimples on the backs of our hands, which felt slightly itchy. , there are no other symptoms for the time being. Although I don’t know if it is a sign of poisoning, it is probably not a good sign.

There is no cure for the louse poison that Ding Sitian was infected with. Unexpectedly, Fatty and I were also infected one after another. My mood was very complicated. But one thunder is strong and two thunders are resistant. If there are too many lice, I won’t bite them. If there are too many tents, I won’t worry. , this is already a messy situation, and it’s not a big deal to add some more trouble. At worst, the three of us will go to see Marx together.

The young people of our time do not have very complicated thoughts and feelings, and the education we received since childhood prevents us from knowing how to write about difficulties. Is there anything in the world that can be difficult for a revolutionary warrior? Therefore, I didn't take Tian Da Di's worries too seriously. I quickly put aside the worries about whether I was poisoned and asked Lao Yangpi if there was anything I could do.

Lao Yangpi shook his head and sighed, there is nothing we can do. The poison that returned home will die immediately after leaving the soil. After a while, the Yin Qi will dissipate, and it will probably not move. For now, we can only imitate the earth man and squat here and wait, but who knows what will happen. The root of the thing is so long. If there is still part of it that is connected to the earth, we will be strangled and poisoned by it as soon as we go out.

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Ghost blowing the lamp corpse ginseng_Ghost blowing the lamp corpse ginseng_Ghost blowing the lamp corpse_Ghost blowing the lamp corpse_Ghost blowing the lamp corpse_Ghost blowing the lamp corpse ginseng_Ghost blowing the lamp corpse ginseng_Ghost blowing the lamp corpse_ Ghost Blowing Lamp Corpse Ginseng_Ghost Blowing Lamp Corpse Ginseng’/>

Just when we were helpless, we suddenly heard a strange movement above our heads. The fat man and I raised the engineer lighting tube and looked up. At the interface between the wall and the ceiling, there were several narrow windows connected to the corridor. The demon ginseng outside the basement door. The roots broke through the window and were trying to get in for a sneak attack. The fat man swung the knife to chop the roots that had reached into the basement. He only heard the sound of scratching the leather bag. The rotten liquid splashed where the knife fell, and the corpse looked like tentacles. The roots quickly shrank back.

Only then did we discover that although the door and wall of this basement are strong, they are not tight. There are many air holes and transom windows, which can easily allow the other party to take advantage of it. This basement seems to be a data storage room, with many similar files. An iron cabinet and a wooden box for first-class documents. The fat man and I pushed the iron cabinet to block all the gaps on the outside.

There is an extremely thick iron cabinet at the end of the room. This is the best defensive object, but no matter how hard the fat man and I push it, it won't budge. As if it had taken root in the ground, I adjusted the light beam of the engineer's lighting tube and carefully looked at the iron gate. I suspected that there was a secret door here that needed to be opened and closed. We saw this in most anti-special films at that time. kind of plot.

The fat man and I made random guesses, but unexpectedly this time it was actually covered. When I followed the edge of the iron cabinet and moved the light to the corner, I suddenly saw the gap between the iron cabinet and the wall. A human hand was stuck. The claws were withered and purple, covered with animal hair. Like most of the dead bodies in this research institute, they died due to some sudden and unknown reason. After death, due to the special environment near the Hundred Eyes Cave, this abnormal sign of corpse transformation was caused.

There seemed to be a lot of space behind the gap where the corpse was stuck, but I couldn't see clearly even after looking at it with a light bulb for a long time. The door to the basement was currently blocked by the corpse ginseng that grew into one with the zombie. . If there is a passage behind this iron cabinet, maybe we can leave from this secret passage, and this secret passage is built strangely. Unprepared, there are things we need stored inside.

The fat man and I were convinced of this exciting guess. The fat man immediately groped around to find the mechanism to open the iron cabinet. I was not busy doing it. I felt that something was wrong with the secret door of the iron cabinet, but I thought for a moment that something was wrong. Not sure, I took a breath to calm myself down as much as possible. My mind was spinning rapidly, thinking that the body stuck in the gap between the iron cabinet and the wall might have planned to escape into a secret room in an emergency, but because he died suddenly, he just opened the disguised subway cabinet and entered the secret passage. He died immediately, rather than being trapped alive by the iron cabinet, but the iron cabinet that automatically returned to its position clamped his body.

Also, this research institute is heavily guarded. It seems that there is no need to create such a hidden secret door in the already very hidden underground facility, unless the space behind the door is a secret ghost blowing the lamp and corpse ginseng . It is very likely that even most of the personnel in the Japanese Military Research Institute will not know that only some leaders in this organization have control over the things inside. The corpse that was stuck after death should be the leader of this devil's cave, but this dead corpse Why are your arms exposed? Is it normal to die in this way? Could it be that he was not escaping inside, but was about to escape from it? This secret room within a secret room…

My mind was wandering around, and I was making random guesses. The fat man had touched a protruding floor tile under a table. The location was very hidden and inconspicuous. If he hadn't touched the tiles one by one, there would be no way to find it. , he peeled it off for a few times, but nothing happened, and then stepped down with his feet. The force of this step was quite strong, and the floor tiles sank a centimeter or two under his steps. With a rumble, the iron cabinet was retracted to the side and flashed out. Coming from a narrow corridor, maybe because he exerted too much force, or maybe he stepped on the mechanism too much, the movable iron cabinet retracted into the wall, but it no longer automatically restored itself as I expected.

There is a secret door in this corridor. The door is wide open, and deep in it is a larger basement. The fat man thought that this secret room was used to store medicine and food, and he was about to step in anxiously. I hurriedly blocked it. At the entrance of the passage, he said to Fatty and Lao Yangpi: "Look at the zombie trapped in the passage. His head and arms are facing outwards. This posture probably means that at the moment before his death, he was Escape from the secret room instead of hiding in the secret room for refuge, where…"

I had just finished speaking when I heard a loud noise, and the wooden chair at the top of the door was suddenly smashed into several pieces. Lao Yangpi, who was sitting behind the door, was shocked and dragged Ding Sitian away in a hurry. I looked over with a light bulb. , I saw the iron door opened, and a strange face like an old woman poked in from the door. This alien plant was shaped like a ginseng, but its shape was far more ferocious than the ginseng. This time, I saw it very clearly. The demon ginseng Its face is full of wrinkles, and the two huge eye bags are particularly obvious. I think it is more like a semi-organism that lives in the soil and sucks the juice from corpses to survive than it is a pure plant.

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Not to mention facing its ugly face, just smelling the damp and smelly smell of grave soil on its body already makes people feel swollen and dizzy, and now we have no choice but to step back. Lao Yangpi and I picked up Ding Sitian, and the fat man slashed the tentacles that kept extending out with a long knife. The four of us were forced to retreat into the secret room behind the iron cabinet.

I was worried that the fat man would be alone and die. After entering the secret room, I didn't care about the surrounding environment. I handed Ding Sitian directly to Lao Yangpi, then turned around to meet the fat man at the secret door, trying to close the secret door and resist the attack. The demon ginseng was coming, but in the panic, he couldn't find the mechanism inside the secret room.

In desperation, the fat man pushed the zombie out of the corridor, and one of the demon ginseng's tentacles immediately wrapped it up in the dense roots. I took this opportunity to close the door of the secret room firmly, and talked to the fat man. We searched for everything we could find and put them behind the door. Only then did we see that this huge hidden room was filled with large cabinets containing specimen bottles. We knocked over many glass bottles, containing human organs and strange-shaped objects. The dead animals were strewn all over the floor, and a strong smell of antiseptic potion suddenly emitted from the basement.

We were in a frenzy that was close to hysteria, and our bodies were close to exhaustion. Seeing that the door was temporarily blocked, our tense spirits relaxed a little, and I suddenly felt that there was no root under my feet. The pain in my shoulder wound was unbearable, so I took a few steps back, trying to find a place for myself. I found a place to sit down and take a breath. There happened to be a stone platform behind me. I sat on it in the dark without looking carefully. After I sat down, I felt an unusually cold feeling behind me. I reached back and touched something with my fingers. The cold, concave and convex metal object was touched casually, and it turned out to be a metal mask in the shape of a human face. I was startled, and immediately thought of the masked female corpse of the Xianbei woman on the mural. I quickly turned around and used the engineer lighting tube to shine it. On the stone platform that looked like an autopsy table, there was indeed a female corpse in ancient costume lying with a gold-mask face. The metal mask gave off bursts of quiet light under the dim yellow light of the lighting tube.

Fatty and Lao Yangpi also noticed something was wrong and came to watch. The invisible force of death made our whole bodies tremble. The engineer lighting tube hanging on our chests also fluctuated with the rapid breathing rhythm. Maybe I was dazzled for a moment. When the light from the lighting tube moved, the mask of the female corpse was swayed by the flowing light beam, as if it came to life. The originally calm and solemn face without any expression on the mask seemed to be facing me. We started moving.

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