Ghost Eyed Man Chapter 1025 The Last 601

At the moment when the corpses were successfully spliced, I thought that a ghost that had been sleeping for many years would be awakened, but I didn't expect that the entire ghost post office would change.

The post office was shaking and shaking, as if there had been a strong earthquake.

The post office has not collapsed, but the walls inside the post office are peeling off, the wooden stairs are crumbling, and the floors are disappearing.

The original location of the post office patio was no longer shrouded in darkness, that darkness dissipated.

Yang Jian, Ye Zhen, Li Yang, Wang Yong, Zhou Ze, and Zhong Yan were caught off guard and fell down. Each layer was falling apart. In the blink of an eye, they were falling down again. Falling back to the lobby on the first floor of the post office.

Dust flew and rubble flew.

It seems that the old furnishings can no longer be maintained and were finally damaged today.

"Bah, what a rubbish building, it just collapsed. The guy who built this thing in the first place must have received kickbacks. It's a typical shoddy project. If I, Mr. Ye, were to meet him, I would definitely kill him."

Ye Zhen stood on the ruins and couldn't help but vomit.

"Part of the supernatural power that maintained the post office disappeared, so the old building reached its limit, so it was damaged. It was because of the corpse. The corpse opened its eyes and showed signs of waking up, and then this happened. Variety."


Yang Jian stood tall and looked around with his scarlet ghost eyes.

The flying dust quickly dissipated, and the rubble on the ground disappeared in the blink of an eye.

He used the ghost domain to clean up the garbage.


Peripheral vision returned.

On the ground, Li Yang, Wang Yong, Zhou Ze and others also hurriedly stood up from the ground.

They fell from the fifth floor and were not injured.

They are all ghost masters with supernatural powers, and ordinary falls cannot kill them.

At this time, everyone saw that the layout of the post office had undergone tremendous changes. It was a zigzag building with a total of five floors upstairs, and there were openings for stairs on the wall. The stairs were made of concrete and connected to Up and down all floors.

"There is actually a staircase hidden in the wall." Wang Yong's face moved slightly.

Li Yang said in a deep voice: "When we were on the fourth floor, we were attacked by a ghost. When the ghost appeared, a staircase appeared, but then disappeared again. Now it seems that the stairs have not disappeared, but have always been there. Now, it's just covered by the wall, so the messenger can't find it."

"So this is what the post office is like? The first and fifth floors are all connected to each other. There is no layer-by-layer separation." Zhou Ze raised his head and looked at it slightly.

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"If this is the case, then the previous post office must have been renovated by someone, and the rules for messengers going upstairs were also formulated later, not from the beginning." Li Yang speculated.

Wang Yong pondered: "Only managers are the ones who have the qualifications to transform the post office and re-establish the rules for delivering letters."

"Knocker? That old man named Luo?" Li Yang looked at Yang Jian.

This is very likely.

The old man surnamed Luo probably wanted to select a new manager, so he formulated such cruel message delivery rules in order to select a messenger who was outstanding enough to replace him.

"Wait a minute, where is the body?" Suddenly, the woman named Zhong Yan said cautiously.

These words immediately drew their attention back.

Everyone looked around, looking for the female body that had been spliced ​​together just now.


Yang Jian and Ye Zhen were the first to look up at the top of their heads.

That's the location on the fifth floor.

Although the hall on the fifth floor had collapsed, a corridor was left adjacent to the rooms. In that incomplete corridor, a strange female corpse was found, all pale and with pieces of black letter paper stained on her skin. I don't know when the corpse woke up while standing there, and looked slightly down at the people downstairs.

"She is provoking me. No one has ever dared to stand on top of my head, Ye, and look down at me. This clearly shows that she does not take me seriously." Ye Zhen was angry, and he immediately wanted to rush up and talk to the female corpse again. Fight.

However, he was stopped by Yang Jian.

"Why did you stop me? Do you think I am not her opponent?" Ye Zhen said.

"…" Yang Jian felt that Ye Zhen's thinking mode was really speechless.

"There's no need to fight with that thing. There are too many weird things in this post office. I just have to wait for Sun Rui to show up again. Before that, it's better to do less than to do more. Moreover, the female corpse is in a very strange state and doesn't look like a ghost. If you rush in and kill others hastily and cause any bad consequences, it will be very bad for the situation."

Yang Jian said, he was observing the female corpse.

At the same time, the situation seemed to be stable now, and he didn't want to cause trouble.

Moreover, the figures of the five fierce ghosts in the lobby on the first floor were still wandering around, so he had to pay more attention to them.

"Don't worry, I, Mr. Ye, am definitely not a person who has gained a reputation in vain. She will come back after I kill her, and she won't be in the way." Ye Zhen said.

Yang Jian said: "If you have this time, you might as well deal with the ghosts in this hall first. Listen to my advice and put the female corpse on the fifth floor away for now."

He felt that there was a secret in this female corpse, and he didn't want Ye Zhen to destroy it.

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"Forget it, ghost-eyed man , for your sake, I, Mr. Ye, will let her go temporarily." Seeing this, Ye Zhen snorted coldly at the female corpse, looking very dissatisfied.

But Yang Jian's words were obviously very useful. Ye Zhen turned to look at the terrifying ghost figures in the hall.

Yang Jian was slightly relieved when he saw this.

He was really worried that if he couldn't stop Ye Zhen, he would start fighting again.

Now it seems that Ye Zhen is more respectable and does not act randomly according to his own personality.

"Ignore that thing for the time being and continue to wait for a while. If Sun Rui is not dead, he should come back, and the attack from the ghost after tearing up the black letter has passed. If nothing happens next, there should be a period of time. Safe time.”

Yang Jian said to Li Yang, Wang Yong and others.

"The ghost hasn't been dealt with yet. Isn't it in the way?" Wang Yong said.

He was referring to the four ghostly figures walking around the hall.

"Now that we know the rules of killing, nothing will happen for the time being, and there is no way to deal with this ghost for the time being. We can only let Ye Zhen find a way." Yang Jian said.

Everyone nodded.

At this moment, Ye Zhen was very interested in studying the figures of those fierce ghosts.

Although he was in the second grade, he still had the brains he needed to deal with supernatural events. It wasn't that he didn't really understand anything, it was all due to his recklessness.

"The shadow is just an illusion, the source is the key. Is it a decryption game again? This is not a problem for me, Ye." Ye Zhen stared at the ghosts and started thinking.

at the same time.

Another part of the post office.

This is a staircase that few people have stepped on. Sun Rui was limping up this staircase alone at the moment. In front of him, there was a strange and vague figure leading the way, as if signaling him to let him go. follow.

Sun Rui did indeed do this.

The steps were very long and seemed to have no end. The front was dark, the surroundings were particularly depressing, and it was eerily quiet. The only echoes were his steps as he walked step by step.

The cramped, dark, and depressing corridors can easily make people nervous.

But Sun Rui looked calm and not afraid.

He had experienced enough horrors during his days at the post office, when he spent every night alone and it was nothing here.

It seemed like I had been gone for a long time.

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There is a road at the end of the steps.

That's a room.

There was a dim wall lamp on the left and right sides of the door, and a copper house number hung on the door, which read: 601.


Sun Rui's expression changed slightly: "Sure enough, there is a sixth floor of the post office. This seems to be a strange place that exists alone and is not connected to the fifth floor."

When he looked back.


The door of this 601 room suddenly opened.

The wall at the door flickered, and the strange figure of the old man disappeared immediately.

That figure should be some kind of supernatural phenomenon, not a real ghost, just to guide specific people to enter here.

"This is letting me enter that room." Sun Rui thought to himself. At the same time, he felt that his condition was getting better and better, and he no longer had the restlessness of the evil ghost reviving.

His lameness is no longer so severe, and he can walk more flexibly than before.

"There are still many people outside waiting for me to go back despite the attacks from the evil spirits. We can't waste time."

Sun Rui didn't hesitate, he immediately walked into the room.

The room was dark, very dark.

It was so dark that I almost wondered if I was blind.

But soon, another oil lamp lit up strangely, and a strange smell filled the air.

The lamp oil exuded a corpse smell, which made people feel uncomfortable.

"It's exactly the same as the oil lamp I got on the first floor." Sun Rui walked towards the bright place.

Soon, he came to where the oil lamp was.

It was a desk, of an old style, and the top was covered in starch. It seemed that it had been used for a long time.

There is a black booklet on the desk, along with a writing brush and an inkstone.

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Sun Rui focused his attention on the small black book.

As for the brush and inkstone next to him, he ignored them. Those two things were ordinary objects, not supernatural items. Only the black booklet had an ominous atmosphere.

There was something familiar about the black paper.

"It's letter paper…" Sun Rui saw the size and immediately understood the style.

But before he could observe more, a horrifying scene appeared.

A skinny old man's hand suddenly stretched out from the depths of the darkness opposite the desk. The palm grabbed a page of the black booklet and opened it gently.

On the first page, a very beautiful name was written with a brush: Luo Wensong.

Sun Rui's whole body tensed up, and he subconsciously grabbed it, only to find that his cane was no longer around him, and his face darkened at the same time.

"Luo Wensong? His surname is Luo? Captain Yang seems to have said that the knocker's surname was Luo when he was alive. As for the name, it is impossible to verify it. There were no ID cards or files in those days, and the name was all passed down by word of mouth, so this Luo Songwen was the one Did you know Luo’s real name?”

"But the name doesn't matter, it's just a code name."

He stared at the skinny palm, his mind filled with thoughts.


The skinny palm turned to the second page.

There is actually a name on the second page: Ghost-Eyed Man . The name was written with a pen and the font was elegant.

"Tian Xiaoyue."

Obviously this is a woman's name.

"No, that's not right."

Sun Rui's face moved slightly at this moment: "This book should record the name of the manager. Luo Songwen's name is on the first page, which means that he is the first to recognize the manager. But after the death of Luo, the ghost resurrected and formed The supernatural incident codenamed Knock Knocker was only a year ago."

"According to this inference, it is impossible for a second manager to appear."

However, the name on the black book is real. The three words Tian Xiaoyue were written in that elegant font.

This indicates the existence of a second manager of the post office.

But the skinny palm stretched out in the darkness did not stop and turned to the third page.

At this time, what made Sun Rui feel numb was that another name actually appeared, and that name was: Zhang Xianguang.

Ghost Eyed Man_Ghost Eyed Man Rising_Ghost Eyed Man Comic

Sun Rui didn't recognize this name, but Yang Jian did, because there was an oil painting of Zhang Xianguang left in the post office. He was the messenger on the fifth floor and successfully delivered three letters and escaped from the post office.

But no one thought that Zhang Xianguang's name would appear here.

Could it be that he is also a manager?

Sun Rui didn't think much, he just wrote down the names in these notebooks and discussed them with Yang Jian.

The skinny hand stretched out from the darkness slowly opened the fourth page.

The fourth page on the black book was blank with no name, as if waiting for Sun Rui to fill in his name.

"Whoever can come here and leave his name behind will become a manager?"

Sun Rui took out a ballpoint pen he carried with him from his jacket pocket. He leaned down without thinking and quickly signed his name on it.

The fourth manager: Sun Rui.

As soon as the name is written, immediately.

Suddenly, countless glowing flames appeared in the dark room. The flames gradually lit up and turned out to be oil lamps. Densely packed oil lamps were placed in various places in the room, illuminating the originally dark room 601.

And as the darkness recedes.

Sun Rui stared at the front of the desk, but found that there was no trace of the skinny hand in front of the desk. There was only a clothes hanger at that location, and a strange black gown hung on the clothes hanger.

There is no wind in this room.

The black gown on the hanger fluttered strangely a few times, as if someone had moved it just now.

Sun Rui stared at it with fear on his face.

He was certain that the black gown was not an ordinary piece of clothing, and that it was responsible for the previous supernatural phenomena.

But now is not the time for him to pay attention to this. He must find out the situation here as soon as possible, change the rules of the post office, and deal with the supernatural phenomena in the post office.

Sun Rui used the light of countless oil lamps to look around.

Suddenly, he saw a painting. It was an unfinished painting. There were various dyes next to it. The painting was very large and strange. It showed an old building: the Ghost Post Office.

The post office in the painting is very simple, just a prototype.

"I probably understand…" Sun Rui thought thoughtfully.

The meaning is clear.

The ghost post office is an unfinished painting. Each manager draws the post office he wants according to his own preferences.

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