Grave Robbing Is Widespread, And The Tomb Robbing Novel Arouses Suspicion

In 2005, the most popular online tomb-robbery novel "Ghost Blows Out the Lamp" came out and became popular with a number of archaeological exploration works. Currently, "Legend of Ancient Magic", "I am the Tombkeeper in Xinzheng", "The King of Tomb Robbers" ", "Yellow River Ghost Coffin", "Tomb Robbers", "Xishuangbanna Bronze Armored Corpse", "Descendants of Maoshan", etc. have continued the splendor of "Ghost Blowing Lamp", making people unable to extricate themselves from the tomb robbery novels.

If, in "Ghost Blowing the Lamp", "grave robbing" is only a factor and gimmick in the thriller plot, then the emergence of a large number of "grave robbing novels" that directly carry the banner of "grave robbing" means that the tomb robbing literature It can already be separated directly from "thriller literature" and become its own genre. Dr. Zhou Zhiyu, a well-known popular literature researcher, believes that the publication of "following the trend" works such as "Tomb Robbery Notes", "Legend of Ancient Magic" and "I am a Tomb Keeper in Xinzheng" have made the ranks of "tomb robbing novels" spectacular, and at the same time also It means that the competition in the market will become more fierce, making readers dizzy. There are some common problems in these tomb -robbery novels , which cannot help but make people think deeply. 1. The plot is exactly the same, and plagiarism is serious. The original post of the "Ghost Blowing Lamp" series of "Ghost Blowing Lamp" series of "Ghost Blowing Lamp Bar" tomb robbing notes describes three modern "gold-touching captains" (grave robbers) who use the secret skills of Feng Shui to interpret the pulse of the world's mountains and rivers. Weird experience while digging an ancient tomb. The protagonist Hu Bayi's ancestral Feng Shui secretary's fragments, he accidentally entered an ancient tomb of the Liao Dynasty when going to the mountains and countryside, discovered a nine-story demon tower on the Kunlun Mountain Glacier when he joined the army, and an exquisite ancient city disappeared in the desert of Xinjiang… The novel has a sticky adventure. The curious color suddenly became the most popular online novel in 2006. Like "Ghost Blowing the Lamp", "Tomb Raiders Notes" is also the kind of novel that people can't put down after picking it up. But the general story is the same. The protagonist in the book is a young man from Hangzhou. He and a few people went to explore the thousand-year-old tombs in Shandong according to the treasure hunt map in the Warring States silk book passed down by his grandfather… No one thought that this There are so many strange things in the ancient tomb: seven-star suspicious coffin, blue-eyed fox corpse, Hydra cypress, etc.

And, coincidentally, in "Ghost Blowing the Lamp" there is a fat man who talks about revolutionary slogans and forgets to hurt famous weapons when he sees them. In "Tomb Raiders Notes", there is actually a fat man among the important characters who also speaks revolutionary slogans. , is also a brave and greedy master. Unfortunately, "Ghost Blowing the Lamp" took the lead, and "Tomb Raiders Notes" was a bit behind. So, we cannot say that the two authors Nanpai Sanshu and Tianxia Bachang have plagiarized whom, who is more inspired, and whose writing is more attractive to readers. However, the same plot, similar characters, etc., cannot but make people feel Have questions! 2. The writing is mostly based on imagination, and it is difficult to adapt to reality. Ancient civilization, lost treasures, and mysterious ancient tombs are nothing more attractive to readers than these elements. Critic Mr. Zhou Zhiyu interpreted the popularity of "tomb robbery novels" in this way. He said that in the story, all the good elements of popular literature are present, including legendary nature, serious suspense, and a sense of horror. "In fact, the direction and structure of this type of novel are very similar to "The Da Vinci Code", except that its carrier has become 'grave robbing'. The novel contains a lot of history, geography, and archaeology." Knowledge, these are also elements that can particularly meet the needs of readers." However, what surprises many readers is that whether it is the world-famous "Ghost Blowing Lamp" that "created" a new "genre" of novels, or it is still known as a writer The third uncle from the Southern School wrote "Tomb Robbery Notes", which is "the most enjoyable tomb robbery novel". The authors of such novels are actually young Internet writers who rely entirely on their own imagination to write. Many story plots make people feel incredible, and they are not as good as real life. The supernatural power and actions that transcend cognition make readers not only feel in the fog, but also have a suspicion of scientific psychology.

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