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The two of them live in a nice community (I'm sorry, I can't disclose it, so as not to affect the sales of other companies' houses!). The family has three dogs: British Cocker Spaniel, German Shepherd, and Xile Emperor; three dogs except German Shepherd – Asia Madman (disgusting name) is more ferocious, but the other two dogs are very docile! The three dogs never barked, and they would not bark when someone was going up or down the stairs, as long as they were not staying in front of his house.

That night (around August 7, 2004, I can't remember clearly), she went to bed first as usual. The two dogs, the British Cocker Spaniel and the Happy Emperor, slept in the same room with her, while the Asian madman slept with her. BF works in the study.

Because Chongqing is very hot in summer, the air conditioners are on in both rooms and the doors are closed! When she was sleeping soundly, two dogs sleeping next to her suddenly rushed to the bedroom door and barked, scaring her awake. She thought her boyfriend was in trouble, so they opened the door to go to the study. At this time, his boyfriend also opened the door and came out. , it turns out that almost at the same time, the Asian maniac also started barking, and his BF thought it was strange, so he opened the door and came out to see…

At this time, the three dogs had already rushed to the gate of his house, barking at the gate together~~~! Her boyfriend looked out with a peephole and saw directly the door of Block A opposite! They thought it was the dog that was making a fuss, and they dragged them into the house while scolding the dog~~~~~At this moment, the Asian maniac, as if he was crazy, threw himself at the door with all his strength, showing an expression he had never seen before—— Ya, with fierce eyes, made a sound of "Woooooooooo…" from his throat!

I have never seen my dog ​​like this before. My friend was so scared that she grabbed her boyfriend and almost hung on her boyfriend. In this situation, the boy should naturally show the courage he deserves, but he never expected it. Unfortunately, his courage brought them a terrible night! He rushed towards the door and yelled: "Which one? Are you sick? It's in the middle of the night! I don't believe I can't catch you."

Watch the door while holding the key! With a bang, he pushed open the door, and the three dogs rushed out. The scene in front of him made him dumbfounded. There was nothing at the door, and the three dogs just stood guard at the door of his house and roared! My friend was frightened at this time. She was a girl after all. She was so scared that she pulled her boyfriend into the house. Her boyfriend was also dumbfounded and dragged the dog in with all his strength. Anyway, my friend didn’t dare to sleep alone, so she wanted her boyfriend to sleep with her. The two of them and the three dogs that were still growling went into the bedroom and closed the door, got on the bed, and turned off the lights… Everything was normal, except for the three dogs, who were very vicious just now. The three dogs seemed to be restrained by something at this time, with their tails between their legs, and the sound of "Woooooooooo…" was still in their throats, but it was no longer like it was at the beginning. It could be said that they were angry at the beginning, but Now… what are you scared of!

To be honest, anyone would feel something is wrong if a dog is so abnormal! My friend scolded the dog several times, but still couldn't sleep! The most depressing thing is that her boyfriend has been asleep for a long time! A person has insomnia, and it’s a night like this. If you say you’re not afraid, I don’t believe you! After tossing and turning, she finally fell asleep, but she vaguely felt her boyfriend get up, open the door and go out. She was very surprised. Her boyfriend was the kind of person who never stayed up at night. How could he get up when he could sleep until midnight?

In the haze, she felt someone touching her face. In fact, it was not so much touching, but gently scratching with nails. She tried hard to open her eyes, but she didn't know why her eyes couldn't be fully opened. She couldn't move her whole body. She wanted to call her BF, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't make a sound… She was so frightened that she broke into a cold sweat. She felt very isolated and helpless. She could vaguely hear the low scream of the dog!

Whoever it was, would be extremely scared now! When she felt like she was about to suffocate, she suddenly felt a cold sensation on the soles of her feet (PS: Although the air conditioner was on, it was covered with a thin air-conditioned quilt, and her air conditioner was installed on the wall beside the bed), and there was someone on her right foot. She was touching, and moving from the soles of her feet to her calves. She was so scared~~~~~

No need for me to say it, you all know it! She really wished she had fainted, it would have been better than suffering this kind of torture! This lasted for nearly 2 minutes, I felt nothing, but my body still couldn't move! She felt that she could only rely on herself now, so she yelled with all her authority. Just like that, her body twitched and she could move. She immediately turned on the bedside lamp and the room lit up. She was about to get up and call her BF, but as soon as She turned around and said, "Yeah~~~~~~" She was startled to see that her boyfriend was sleeping soundly next to her!

Then who went out just now? Hallucination? The dogs were still barking, but this time all three were barking at the bed. Their owner was sleeping on the bed. Why were they barking fiercely (a low sound coming from the throat) and shaking her BF awake? When he was asked to yell at the dog, his boyfriend was helpless and had to get up to appease the dog, but the dog didn't listen at all.

Her boyfriend planned to take the dog to the living room to sleep . The mixed-haired dazzling dog died in a car . She didn't know why, but she suddenly had the idea that the dog couldn't go out! Her boyfriend asked her why, and she didn’t know. Even when she told me, she didn’t even know why she suddenly had that idea!

Her boyfriend had no choice but to go to bed muttering , ready to continue sleeping. After comforting her not to think too much, he turned off the light and fell back to sleep! She was left sitting on the bed staring at the three dogs! She didn't know why the dog was yelling at her! Thinking about it now, maybe the dog wasn't yelling at her at all, but the one behind her! She felt a line of sight behind her and turned around to look, but there was nothing! After a few times, she already felt like she was about to collapse! She reached out to pull out the light, but when she reached out, a hand was placed on hers, "Ah~~~~~~~" she yelled and frantically shook her BF awake. Her BF turned on the light, confused. Look at her! I thought she was having a nightmare, so I comforted her a little and hugged her to lie down without any explanation. She still dared to sleep there! She broke away from her boyfriend, rushed out of bed, turned on all the lights in the bedroom, and searched for the Buddhist bead bracelet her grandmother had given her.

Her actions really scared her boyfriend. She was looking for her while shouting: "Where is it, come out~" As she said this, she started crying! Her boyfriend was also frightened. He got out of bed and asked to help her find it, but she ignored him at all and kept crying and rummaging around! I may have been searching for about 30 minutes, but still couldn't find it. She cried more and more fiercely. Her boyfriend was not sleepy now. He could only sit and look at her and ask her what was wrong! She ran over and hugged her boyfriend without saying a word. She was trembling all by herself. Now her boyfriend was so frightened that she wanted to take her to the hospital, but she couldn't move her feet! Dragging him hard to make him call his mother!

It was past 2 o'clock in the morning, and his BF was afraid of disturbing her parents' rest, so he coaxed her to forget it and talk about it tomorrow! But she insisted on calling (she was a very docile girl, that is, the kind of person with no personality, but she insisted on being like that at that time). Her boyfriend had no choice but to call! As soon as she heard her mother's voice, she cried even louder, yelling that she was in trouble and that she was going to die! Her mother was so frightened that she said she would come over right away with her father and grandma! It takes nearly 30 minutes to take a taxi from her mother's house to hers. She pulled his boyfriend and didn't allow him to sleep. The dog still stared at the bed like always! At this time, she seemed to realize something, and she pulled her boyfriend out of bed, curled up in the corner, and stared at the bed!

Her BF is the most amazing person, she can actually fall asleep like this, sweat~~~~~~~ I don’t know how long it has passed, but suddenly the Asian madman pounces forward and starts yelling at the bed again, just like the last Start the same! It seemed like something was approaching them, but the Asian madman was trying to protect her! The other two dogs were also hiding behind the Asian madman, barking "Woooooooooo…"! Her BF was finally woken up by the dog at this time. Strangely enough, after her BF became a star, the dog stopped barking and turned into a low growl of "woo woo woo…"!

She was so scared that she couldn't speak! Her boyfriend hugged her and comforted her, telling her not to think too much, and restrained the dog for fear of waking up the neighbors!Nearly 40 minutes passed and her mother still hadn't come. She got a little anxious and asked her BF to get the phone to make a call. Just as her BF went to the bedside to get the phone, their bedroom door suddenly opened.

She immediately rushed over and hugged her boyfriend, closed her eyes and screamed wildly~~~~~~~ It wasn’t until her boyfriend called her name in a louder voice that she opened her eyes and stopped going crazy! The ones who opened the door were her mother, father, grandmother and two security guards! A false alarm! She rushed forward, hugged her mother and cried! The two security guards were depressed and didn't know what was going on. They could only stand there and watch her family and comfort her (later she said that when she saw the two security guards, she ran away, it was so embarrassing to be seen). ).

Finally she stopped crying. Her father sent the security guard away and the family sat on the ground. Only then did she remember to ask her mother how she called the security guard to open the door and come in! Her mother's words frightened her and her boyfriend to death! Her mother said that they had been shouting at the door for at least 15 minutes. After ringing the doorbell for a long time, no one came to open the door. They leaned against the door and listened, but there was no sound. They were afraid that something might happen to them, so they asked the security guard for help through the monitor. Just came in!

sky! Everyone, the sound of the three dogs can’t be heard at all outside? No way! The doorbell is not loud, but if you knock hard, it will be loud enough, right? Neither of them heard it!

Now her boyfriend was also frightened, both of them were dumbfounded! Only then did her grandma say, don’t stay here tonight. If you can’t stay here, there’s no guarantee that something will happen! Asked them to change clothes and go to her mother's house!

The two changed clothes, took the dog, followed her mother and father, turned on the lights, and were about to close the door, when my friend said that she saw someone, probably a shadow, smiling at her at the door of their bedroom! Khan~~ She said that although she couldn't see clearly, she just felt that it was smiling at her! She didn't know how to get on the elevator or downstairs; they were standing downstairs, waiting for her boyfriend to go to the garage and drive out. She couldn't help but look at her window. Her lights were on and it was so bright! She panicked and called her dad to look, but when her dad looked up, it was pitch black! Now she was dumbfounded and didn't dare to say anything!

The car came, and the five people and three dogs finally got into the car. Just as the car was driving, she saw the man on the rear mirror smiling at her again. It was blood red!To this day, she doesn't know if it was a hallucination caused by her nervousness.

Anyway, none of their family slept that night. Her mother, father and her boyfriend were all staying with her in the living room of her mother's house, while her grandmother was looking around for something! It was finally dawn, and his grandmother asked her to stop going to work and go out with her! Because his grandmother believed in this, plus that night of fright, even if she was expelled, she would still go with her grandmother! His grandmother took him to an old woman's house, which was a bit remote. Anyway, it was the person who was still named in Chongqing (I don't know the specific name. They said they couldn't advertise it everywhere, so if you want to find her, you have to go with the flow! Khan! ~~~~~Sounding full of energy), she said that as soon as she walked in, the mother-in-law looked at her with a frown, and then said, little sister, you have already fallen in love with someone else!

My friend was frightened and asked her for help. The mother-in-law asked her to tell her what happened. She told the mother-in-law everything that happened that night. After listening, she said that the mother-in-law said something , you asked for it! If you don't open the door, nothing will happen! You open the door to welcome it in! Originally, people's houses, especially new ones like theirs that face the sun, have a strong Yang energy, so it is difficult to get in. If you open the door in the middle of the night, you are welcome! Sweat~~~~~~~I got chills when listening to her talk!

The mother-in-law told her that the man most likely came to her to be a substitute, but why he came to her? Maybe it was because she had a strong yin energy, and she might have been depressed recently and had a weak vagina (sorry, I really can’t remember what it was) Weak) so he found her. As for where she found her, it is unknown!

To get rid of that, we must first let the dogs leave the house so that they don’t go back. The house must be empty for seven, seven, forty-nine days (sweat~ that’s the number again), and every day when the sunshine is strongest, let the dog with a heavy zodiac sign ( It seems like (I can’t remember clearly) she put talismans on all the doors of her house, but not on the windows (I forgot the reason). She put them up every day, and after putting them up, she had to leave at the specified time, no sooner or later! Then she (my friend) needs to keep the amulet with her, and not go to places with strong negative energy, such as cemeteries, hospital morgues, etc. (I feel dizzy, who can go to these places with nothing?), her boyfriend also needs to bring an amulet, and he is wearing a 49 Don’t do dirty things during these days! The two of them should not go out alone at night… They were told a lot, saying that as long as this was done, everything would be fine after 49 days, and they were also told to go to the temple to burn incense before going home.

Later, my friend did it and it seemed that he no longer felt that way! She said she gets chills down her spine just thinking about it now.

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