Dog-free Village

(Preface: This story was told by my late second uncle. It was very scary. When I heard it, I was so scared that I didn’t dare to sleep at night. I was also scared when I saw my dog. Now I have compiled it for everyone to read. I hope it won’t shock you.)

The story happened many years ago. At that time, my second uncle, because of the pressure of life, bought a big boat, and he and his second aunt ran a transportation business, mainly selling bricks, and occasionally doing other businesses. It is said that one summer day, it was getting late, and they came to a village. Because they had almost sold out the bricks, the second uncle and second aunt decided to stop the boat and rest. They went ashore to find a restaurant to have something to eat.

What surprised my second uncle and second aunt was that not a single dog bark was heard in this village. You must know that dogs are the most common animals in the rural areas of northern Jiangsu. They can not only protect the home and the courtyard, but in many cases are also people's partners in relieving loneliness. Their doubts were soon solved. In the small restaurant at the end of the village , a stray dog ​​died , and my second uncle and second aunt heard about a strange thing that had just happened in the village, a very scary thing.

There was a carpenter in the village who was very skilled in craftsmanship and very loyal. He married a wife and had children, and his life was prosperous. The villagers couldn’t remember when a stray dog ​​came to the carpenter’s house. No one knew where it came from. The carpenter got up in the morning and found a dog lying at the door. It was all black, without a single hair. It was tall and mighty, but it looked very tired, as if it had traveled a long way. As soon as it saw the carpenter, the dog Very happy, walking around him and jumping up and down.

The carpenter was very happy to see that the dog was so understanding of human nature, so he kept it. This dog is really smart and loyal. It never runs around or fights or plays with other dogs. Although it is a male dog, it never plays with female dogs. With it at home, no one can even get near the carpenter's door. Someone once tried to take advantage of the carpenter's family and tried to lure the dog away with ribs, but the dog would not touch the bones and instead pounced on the visitor. Nothing has been lost at the carpenter's house since the dog arrived.

Moreover, the reason why this dog is loved by the carpenter is that every time the carpenter goes out, no matter how far or near, the dog will follow him until he and the carpenter go to the home of a relative or employer, and then he will immediately go back to look after the house. And at night, the dog will go outside people's doors, wait quietly for the carpenter to come out, and then accompany him home. The carpenter used to be afraid of walking at night because robberies often occurred in that area, but after getting a dog, the carpenter no longer has to worry.

Many years passed, and the carpenter changed from a father to a grandfather, and the dog also showed an old look. He was not as flexible as before, but he was still loyal to his duties as before, looking after the house and picking up the carpenter. As for the carpenter, because of his years of love, he was extremely kind to the dogs. He would always leave a bite of any delicious food or drink for the dogs. Someone even joked to the carpenter that he treated the dog better than his grandson. The carpenter laughed and said, "My dog ​​is also a member of the family!"

The mixed-haired dog died in a car and its mother died_The mixed-haired dog died in a car and its mother

The carpenter and the dog are getting older day by day. For a while, the old dog often looked at the carpenter with tears in his eyes. The carpenter was also surprised. In the eyes of rural people, dogs are spiritual. The carpenter told his friend about this matter, and he speculated: "Does it know that it is about to die and its life span is up, so it can't bear to leave me?"

His friends also thought so and reminded him that it was time to find a puppy so that he could do a good job of "taking over". But the carpenter firmly rejected their suggestion. He stroked the old dog and said affectionately: "I will never keep a dog again, because there will never be such a good dog again!"

In the summer when the second uncle and second aunt came to the village, there was a day when the temperature was very high. The old carpenter opened the door without going out, spread a mat on the ground at home, and lay on it to take a nap. A passerby saw the old dog doing something very strange: it picked up a reed from nowhere and used the reed to measure the old carpenter's height (length to be precise). The measurement was very careful and accurate. He grabbed the excess part of the reed except for the carpenter's height, clasped it with his claws, and bit it off with his teeth. Then he ran out with a reed that was exactly the carpenter's height in his mouth.

Passers-by were very curious about the fact that the mixed-haired dog died in a car , so they told the old carpenter about it in the evening. The old carpenter said disapprovingly: "This beast is just playing by himself. It's nothing. You can see how surprised he was."

However, in the next few days, the dog began to behave abnormally. He left the house early every morning and did not come back until dark at night. Moreover, when it came back, it was wet, dirty, and looked very tired. It had to eat a lot as soon as it came back. The carpenter's wife felt strange, and the carpenter explained impatiently: "The dog is old and it's time to retire. It went out to have fun on its own. What's wrong? Do you expect it to watch over your house until it dies?"

The old carpenter rarely works, travels far, or walks at night. But just a few days before my second aunt and others arrived, the old carpenter was invited with a large sum of money to make a traditional bed for the wedding of a family's son. There are a lot of things to pay attention to in the traditional wedding bed, especially the carved patterns, which are very difficult. After accepting the invitation, the old carpenter took his tools and went out early in the morning.

The mixed-haired dog died in a car and its mother died_The mixed-haired dog died in a car and its mother

As usual, the dog followed him to his employer's house and then left.

For the first few days, the carpenter went home before the sun went down. On the last day, because the bed was made, it was very exquisite, beautiful, and strong. The employer was very satisfied. Not only did he pay the salary as agreed, but he also gave an extra fifty yuan as "happy money" and forced the old carpenter to have dinner. . The old carpenter had no intention of eating, but he couldn't resist persuading him, so he sat down.

The employer kept complimenting the old carpenter and urging him to drink. The old carpenter was also intoxicated by other people's compliments and kept raising his glass. Unknowingly, the old carpenter got drunk. When the employer saw this scene, considering the age of the old carpenter and fearing an accident, he decided to let the old carpenter stay overnight and wait until dawn the next day before leaving.

But the old carpenter refused and insisted on leaving: "No, no, no, the dog… is still outside… waiting… for me, and at home… the old woman… is still waiting for… me." He was vague. Said clearly. The employer couldn't persuade the old carpenter, so he had to send him to his door, but strangely, he didn't see the old carpenter's dog.

The old carpenter was also puzzled: "This beast is really old. I don't know where he died!"

If he didn't come, he was determined to take the old carpenter home by himself. The old carpenter refused, but he drank too much and couldn't hold his employer back, so he had to let him support him. The two of them walked for a while and finally reached a trail. There were cornfields on both sides. The corns were growing luxuriantly and the stalks were so high that they were almost ready to bear ears. Suddenly, the old carpenter shouted happily: "Dog!"

The mixed-haired dog died in a car and its mother died_The mixed-haired dog died in a car and its mother

The employer will never forget that night – the old dog came out of nowhere and came to the old carpenter's side, wagging its tail. The old carpenter bent down, and just as he was about to pet the dog, the dog suddenly showed a fierce look in its eyes and bit the old carpenter's throat. The old carpenter snorted and struggled desperately. But the dog bit tightly and dragged the old carpenter towards the cornfield at a very fast speed.

The employer was shocked. He had heard about the old carpenter's dog and said that his dog was good. But now, he saw this tragic scene with his own eyes. The employer was stunned for about a minute, and finally came to his senses. He walked into the cornfield and chased the dog in the direction where it had just been drilled. But the corn is too tall and dense, and the summer dew makes it difficult to move. He turned around for a while and fell a few times, but still didn't find the dog or the carpenter.

The employer calmed down and decided to go back for help. He hurriedly ran back. As soon as he returned to his home, he immediately called his wife and son, breathlessly told them what had just happened, and asked them to find their neighbors again. His wife and son did not dare to neglect and took action immediately. After a while, dozens of people gathered, including village cadres.

The village cadres immediately called the police, but it took about an hour to get from the police station to the village. Therefore, the village cadres immediately decided to divide the people into several groups, armed with flashlights, and launched a carpet-like operation in the cornfield in the direction indicated by the employer. search. At the same time, two young men were arranged to report the news to the old carpenter's house.

They searched many fields in succession, but found no dogs or old carpenters. Later, the police from the police station and the old carpenter's wife and son also participated in the search, but still nothing was found. As daybreak approached, everyone had to disperse. The old carpenter's wife said with tears in her eyes: "Is this beast crazy?" No one could answer her.

The old carpenter's body was discovered by a farmer in his private land on the river beach two days later, that is, a week before my second uncle and second aunt arrived in the village. At that time, because it was going to rain, the farmer decided to go to the river beach to see how the rapeseed was growing. From a distance, he saw a black dog lying in his field. The farmer knew about the old carpenter. When he saw the dog, he immediately shuddered. While he was looking for someone to report to the village cadres, he quickly found a few brave young men with sticks, iron chains and other things. Slowly pounce on the dog.

The mixed-haired dog died in a car and its mother died_The mixed-haired dog died in a car and its mother

The dog was already dead, or rather stiff. But it still maintained a majestic posture, lying there quietly. Moreover, there are no scars on its body. Next to the dog, there is a reed. People who walked by the old carpenter's house that day identified it as the reed that the dog used to measure the old carpenter's height.

Not far from the dog, there was a piece of ground that had obviously been turned over recently. The brave ones among them used a shovel to dig about 10 centimeters deep and saw the old carpenter's body. What is strange is that except for the wound on the throat, there are no other wounds on the old carpenter's body. And even though he was buried in the ground, his face was clean, but his expression was extremely frightened, or rather painful.

The forensic doctor came to the police station, examined the body, and concluded that the old carpenter died from the dog bite hole in his throat. He slowly bled to death until all the blood was gone. After hearing this conclusion, the old carpenter's wife fainted at that time, and everyone who heard it had goosebumps on their bodies and trembled involuntarily.

The most authoritative old man in the village explained the matter as follows: The dog was actually the person who owed the old carpenter a debt in his previous life. Because he had not repaid the debt in his previous life, the Lord of Hell asked him to turn into a dog to repay the debt in this life. Therefore, it diligently looked after the old carpenter's home and nursery for many years. But after paying off its debt, it was unwilling to be manipulated by others for many years, so it died together with the old carpenter.

After hearing the old man's "answer", the villagers disposed of all the dogs in the shortest possible time by taking out, killing, and giving them away, not only the dogs, but also the cats. Moreover, they clearly told my second uncle that from now on, there would never be any cats or dogs in this village.

I was young at the time. After hearing this story, I was frightened and trembling, but I asked my second uncle in confusion: "Then why did the dog kill the old carpenter? Is it really to pay off a debt?"

The second uncle pondered for a while, touched his head and said, "Who knows, maybe it knew that he was old and dying and could no longer protect the old carpenter, so he took him away with him. Dogs have Spiritual.”

Dear friend, after reading this story, will you keep a dog again?

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