Worship With Strangers

That's right, in the first scene, Zuo Ming sent someone to pick her up to pay her respects. Everyone laughed: "The bride wants to pay her respects, I can't wait!" Zhou Hui added another line, saying emotionally: "Comrade, wake up, you can't die…" The soldier groped in a daze, while Ask: "Xiao He, I know it must be you. The soldier said sadly, "Xiao He, I love you so much, but unfortunately, I will never have the chance to marry you again!" Zhou Hui looked in the mirror, dressed up carefully, and then walked gently to the soldier. … Continue readingWorship With Strangers

“Ghosts” In The Lab

Khalid has a very special laboratory built in the backyard of the hospital, clinging to the bluff of a hill. According to Khalid’s instructions, Fuhrman fixed a malfunction in the laboratory. Fuhrman tampered with the place, and within a week at most, he would re-enter Khalid’s lab and take the camera. He is confident that this week’s video has recorded all of Khalid’s actions, and the truth of what kind of tricks is hidden in the laboratory will be revealed. However, just yesterday, I finally learned all the secrets of this laboratory. To prove himself right, he started experiments in the laboratory. … Continue reading“Ghosts” In The Lab