Yin Yang Acacia Scattered Crisp Breast Junior Brother Chapter 192 Blue And White Porcelain Vase

Nangong Yan was so frightened at this moment that his lips were tightly glued together and his eyes were facing each other. His heart was filled with the fear of dying, but the eyes of the one-eyed young man were extremely hot, and his expression was intoxicated like a lover in love.

With the sound of "plop", the waterproof flashlight rolled into the water, reflecting a hazy green light, which made the atmosphere especially strange.

The old eunuch had been castrated six hundred years ago, neither male nor female, but the body of Nangong Yan was a pure virgin. At this moment, he had skin-to-skin contact with the young man. After the initial shock and fear passed, his body began to gradually respond .

Nangongyan gently hugged Youliang with both hands, her complexion was as shy and ruddy as coals, her breasts heaved and she was gasping for breath, her eyes looked affectionately at the one-eyed opposite, with a burst of love in her heart.

Youliang didn't realize it at the moment, a steady stream of old yin corpse qi poured in from his mouth, and immediately accumulated in the sea of ​​yin veins in Dantian, but his lower abdomen gradually swelled. At that time, Huang Jianguo even swallowed the corpses of dozens of Japanese soldiers at a time and inhaled in the air, and his skill was much higher. Before that, Youliang could only grab people's arms and use the Laogong point to absorb them through the meridians. Infuriating. However, tonight, by accident, he accidentally used his mouth, and as a result, the huge potential hidden in his body was stimulated, making his skill a qualitative leap.

The old eunuch's 600-year-old yin qi is so powerful. Youliang has swallowed about 60% to 70% at this moment, and his belly has reached the limit. a full burp. His mind drifted between half-drunk and half-awake, facing police officer Nangong Yan's shy face like a flower, his affectionate gaze, he felt a slippery and sweet tongue in his mouth, and his whole body involuntarily became hot. Junior Brother Su-chest , the penis in his crotch suddenly erected and pressed against Nangongyan's stomach like an iron rod.

Nangong Yan smiled sweetly, stretched out his hand to hold his nipple, Youliang's head was dizzy, and the numbness spread all over his body in an instant, and he involuntarily hugged him tightly.

A vision of himself and Erya being lingering on the bed at Uncle Han's house appeared in his mind, a wide and fat tongue swept out

He suddenly realized that this is not Erya but the old eunuch!

At this moment, he suddenly felt a tingling pain from his lower body. It turned out that Nangongyan's long nails had scratched his pants.

Youliang was startled suddenly and woke up in an instant. His heart was not good, and his buttocks retreated abruptly. Unexpectedly, Nangongyan hugged him tightly and did not let go. Nightmare

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With a "plop", You Liangxiang hugged Nangong Yan and landed in the long sand dunes of the Gobi Desert together. After rolling a few times, he was surprised to find that what he was hugging was no longer the beautiful woman with icy skin and jade skin. The female police officer, but a shriveled old man with white hair all over his body, wrinkled face and corpse spots, was sticking out his big and fat long tongue to lick the saliva flowing from the corner of his mouth.

"vomit…" Youliang quickly let go of his hand, rolled to the side and vomited again and again.

The old eunuch got up in a hurry, staring at the night sky, the bright moon and the endless yellow sand under his feet in amazement, his clothes collapsed loosely, his scrawny body couldn't support Nangong Yan's plump 83-style female police uniform .

In the void of "Dunhuang Nightmare Picture", the old eunuch Gang Gang finally turned back to himself, showing the original form of a six-hundred-year-old walking corpse.

Under the moonlight, the numb old eunuch was covered in unkempt hair, face, bones, orange peel, and a large scar between his crotch, exposing two black and dry nipples, the urethra and anus.

Youliang stared at Nangongyan's lower body dumbfounded, how was it the same as Master Qiao back then.

He felt sticky inside his crotch at the moment, he hurriedly unzipped the zipper and found that the pants were already stained red with blood, he quickly pulled out his butt carefully for a closer look, fortunately, the old eunuch's nails only scratched the foreskin and did not hurt the vitals, It's really too dangerous.

"What's wrong with you, Youliang?" The Hakka nanny stood in front of her at some point.

"Oh," You Liang raised his head, blushed, quickly fastened his pants and said in a panic, "It's nothing, I just fought against Nangong Yan."

Chuan Yin Yang Acacia San

"This old eunuch is simply perverted, he specifically picks people's weak points." The Hakka nanny was extremely angry.

"That's right, he actually used the tricks of the underworld to confine him in the void now so that he won't go out and harm others in the future." You Liang hesitated, thinking to himself, in fact, your apprentice Shen Caihua also likes cutting Others balls.

"It turns out that I lost all my skills in Zhang Daoling's void." The old eunuch squatted on the ground and gently hugged the living master, muttering to himself.

"Youliang, what are you going to do with this old fellow?" the Hakka nanny asked.

"Let him and that big maggot here fend for themselves, senior, let's go find Dr. Zhu." Youliang endured the pain, this injury was nothing, just recalling the wretched scene in the water prison just now and felt a burst of pain nausea.

Hearing the words, the old eunuch stood up quickly, with an ambiguous expression, and said softly with some grievances: "Your name is Youliang, right? Don't leave the old man alone. Think about us just now." Warmth and a little sad and sad.

"Bah!" Youliang interrupted him, angrily said, "You almost broke my incense, and you still want to go out? Just dream."

"Hey" the old eunuch laughed, "But this old woman is the offspring of the old man, how can she forget her ancestors and live alone?"

"What did you say?" You Liang was taken aback.

The old eunuch said proudly: "This old man is from Qingtian. In his early years, he was taught by Liu Bowen the different art of Yin-Yang Hehuan Sansu chest younger brother , so before he entered the palace and was castrated, Yuan Yang was retrograde. Unfortunately, the old man was not good at learning, so he had to drop a drop of Yuan Yang into the dantian. After hundreds of years in the catacombs, the living master finally hatched and broke out of the cocoon. The larvae bred by the single living master are pervasive in the water, and the little living master has already penetrated into the old woman's body and combined with her yin essence to give birth to new life. Now it's almost time to give birth."

It’s broken, and I’m conscientiously startled, I jumped into the dungeon to save the Hakka mother, will those live teacher larvae also get into the anus or belly button? If you have a stomach full of disgusting maggots, you're in trouble.

He didn't know that the old yin energy in his body reacted instantly, freezing all the live larvae to death, and the corpses floated on the water.

Youliang looked at the Hakka nanny with puzzled eyes, only now did he notice that her abdomen had obviously bulged, like a pregnant woman.

With tears in her eyes, the Hakka nanny looked up to the sky and sighed, "Youliang, what the old eunuch said is true. In the water dungeon, live teacher larvae have indeed penetrated into the old woman's body, and I can feel that they are growing up every day, but After they came to the void, they stopped growing. Alas, go out by yourself, the old woman is afraid that one day she will suddenly give birth to a group of disgusting maggots, so why would she have the face to see my apprentice? If Han Sheng has a way to heal, then It’s never too late to go out.”

"The old eunuch is too despicable, he is despised by people in the world." Youliang said angrily.

The old eunuch laughed: "As the saying goes, 'Ants still steal their lives', not to mention the clever and loving teacher of the old man? Procreation of offspring is a matter of course, and it is the instinct of all living things."

Youliang ignored him, turned to the Hakka nanny and said worriedly: "I'm a little worried that senior is here alone."

The Hakka nanny smiled miserably: "It's okay, the old eunuch and the old woman have lost their skills, and no one can beat the other."

Chuan Yin Yang Acacia San

"Okay then, as soon as I go out, I'll find Dr. Zhu quickly. He is a genius doctor and he must have a solution." Youliang said, but he didn't know what to do.

"My child, this is for you," the Hakka nanny reached into her skirt with a dignified expression, pulled out a small blue and white porcelain bottle from her anus, and solemnly handed it to You Liang, saying, "For several years, the old woman had to Accumulate this bit of history and bring it to Han Sheng to heal diseases and save lives.”

With trembling hands, Youliang took the blue and white porcelain vase that was stained with a little bit of feces from the Hakka nurses and the remaining warmth in her body, and was speechless for a moment. This is the real heroine of the Jianghu.

"Senior, don't worry, even if Dr. Zhu can't cure you right now, I will always carry the painting scroll on my back, and I will always think of a way when I get the blood ganoderma in Xiangxi and return to Blue Moon Valley." Youliang comforted her.

The Hakka nanny nodded. This child has the qualities of a chivalrous man in the world, and he is trustworthy in emphasizing love and righteousness.

"Then I'll go first." Youliang bid farewell to the Hakka nanny with fists in his hands, then jumped up on the ground, about to plunge headfirst into the yellow sand.

"'Blood Ganoderma lucidum'? Hey, I know where it is." The old eunuch's voice came from behind.

Youliang hurriedly stepped back and turned around: "What are you talking about, do you know where there is blood ganoderma?"

"Of course, the old man has been in the Babaoshan catacombs for more than six hundred years, of course I know." The old eunuch said hehe.

Youliang was dubious, what kind of tricks is this old guy playing again? But the blood ganoderma is too tempting, for Erya, he can't let go of any chance.

"What do you mean 'Blood Ganoderma lucidum'?" He asked first.

"Isn't it 'coffin fungus'? Its color is bright red like blood, and its medicinal properties are extremely strong. It is the dream of ancient and modern doctors. It's just that the conditions for growth are extremely harsh. Not only the material of the coffin must be good, but the deceased must also be seventy-three to eighty-four. A man who died of poisoning between the ages of two hurdles. He must have taken too much ginseng during his lifetime. After he was buried, he sprayed his last mouthful of blood on the ceiling of the coffin, so that the ginseng gas would not disperse after being buried in the soil. It has been a long time Naturally, a blood ganoderma will grow from the mouth of the corpse, forming bacteria on the ceiling of the decaying coffin, and the older it is, the stronger the medicinal effect will be." The old eunuch said eloquently.

The old eunuch said the same thing as Han Sheng, it seems that he may really know.

"Where is the blood ganoderma?" Youliang asked eagerly.

"Youliang, don't be fooled." The Hakka nanny warned.

"Hmph, it's a waste of time to go to the backcountry in western Hunan to look for blood ganoderma. The rich and noble people who can eat too much old wild ginseng are only in the capital. It doesn't make sense to look far away." The old eunuch sneered.

"It's because the climate in the north is dry, which is not suitable for the growth of blood ganoderma." Youliang asked doubtfully.

"That's on the ground. It's different underground. As long as the tomb is close to the underground water source, it will naturally be warm and humid, which is suitable for the growth of coffin bacteria."

"Where is the place you said?"

"Hehe," the old eunuch smiled slightly, "I'll tell you when I take this old man out."

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