Who Is The Ghost Buying Drunk For?


In the early years of the Republic of China, there was a fortune-telling area on Xinghe Street, Chengdu, where dozens of fortune-tellers and fortune-tellers were often lined up. , his real name is Wu Daokuan, but everyone calls him Datou Wu every day, and forgets his real name. Other fortune-telling stalls can't make a lot of money in a day, so it's not bad to be able to eat porridge. But this Wu Datou is very accurate in fortune-telling, and his business is very good. Not only common people count, but even high-ranking officials and nobles count.

On this day, a bandit (bandit) from Wenchuan County was annihilated by the local garrison and ran to Chengdu alone, hoping to hide in the city and escape the murderous disaster. This great second child was wandering on the street, and just happened to meet Wu Datou who was about to close the stall. He had heard that this man was very accurate in fortune-telling, so he insisted on counting it once.

Wu Datou saw that the visitor had a fierce look on his face , but he couldn't get drunk for someone , so he dared not refuse. So he sat down again and took another look at the great dick. Seeing that this person has an inch-long scar on his left cheekbone, and his eyebrows are upturned, he knows that this kind of person is either a good dick or a bully, and he cannot be provoked. Then follow the "shock" tactic passed down by the teacher, first frighten the people who come, and then speak.

"The Yintang is black, disaster stars are coming, and within three months, great disasters are coming!"

This great second child was originally guilty, but at this moment he was so frightened that he broke out in a cold sweat, thinking that it was a fortune teller, and his reputation was well-deserved. I am glad that I found the right person, because the fortune teller can calculate your fate and change your fate. So he knelt down to Wu Datou with a "dong", and said, "Master, please give me some guidance and change my life!"

How to fight for whom the ghost buys drunk_How to fight for whom the ghost buys drunk_How to fight for whom the ghost buys drunk

Wu Datou asked this stick to test the characters, first shook the bamboo tube of Sheng characters, and then said: "You can draw a lottery at random and see what characters are on it."

That sticky old man smoked tremblingly in World War II, and ended up smoking the word "itch".

Wu Datou shook his head for a long time, and then said leisurely: "This word, the upper part is 'Guang', and the lower part is 'Yang'. If a sheep enters Guang, it seems that he will be imprisoned and imprisoned. But there are still two sides unsealed. Your life has yet to change. Open both sides of the net, and you will survive in a desperate situation!" The second brother, who was panicked, finally relaxed, and asked how to "open both sides of the net"?

"Test another character." The second stick had to draw another lottery, which was written with the word "Jie". When he saw this word, the second stick was scared out of his wits. Detention means that the government will arrest him immediately?

_How to fight for whom the ghost buys drunk_How to fight for whom the ghost buys drunk

Fortunately, Wu Datou was not flustered, but said calmly: "Don't be anxious, let me explain this word to you. This word, the upper part is 'four', the lower part is 'leather' and 'horse', I ask you The luck just happened to happen, that is to say, if you seek from all directions, it will definitely turn around, and with the help of noble people, you will rise to the top, and you will be a soldier for a lifetime.

Unexpectedly, this great dick later fulfilled Wu Datou's nonsense, pea rolled into the asshole-meet fate. When the second brother returned to Wenchuan, Liu Xiang and Liu Wenhui's uncles and nephews were fighting for territory. His team was recruited by Liu Xiang and became the National Revolutionary Army. After a few years, this great second child became a major general and brigade commander. Fortunately, this person did not forget the old days and made a fortune. He remembered that the trouble he had at the beginning was that Wu Datou helped him change his life, so he sent a security battalion commander to Chengdu to give Wu Datou who was still setting up a fortune-telling stall on the street. Holding a gold plaque of "magic fortune telling" and two hundred silver dollars, Wu Datou, who was originally a low-ranking man, became a celebrity in no time.


With money, Wu Datou will be in a position to play, because today's him is no longer yesterday's him. He dared to take care of many things that he was not used to. No, the big hotel he stayed in was called "Sanmao One Night", which was considered a place where the three religions and nine streams of Chengdu gathered. Runners, prostitutes, fortune-tellers, cheaters, there are all kinds of people anyway. It is not easy for these people to survive, but the money they earn has to be scraped by the police. Wu Datou went to the sky to tell his fortune, that is, he earned one or two yuan a day, and he had to pay the police twenty cents a day. Ever since the brigade commander's brigade gave him a golden plaque, he has raised his self-esteem: only ten lives are counted every day, and the people counted are all of the upper class. Each person gets a minimum of five cents each time. Seeing that his income was too much, the police asked him to pay one silver dollar a day, which made him very angry. So there was some complaints in his mouth-"This bastard policeman has become a dog that can't get enough!"

How to fight

When he was scolding that day, he was overheard by a sub-chief of the police station, so he arrested Datou Wu and put him in the police station. Now, Wu Datou didn't dare to be stubborn anymore, obediently took out a few hundred dollars, and walked out of the "chicken ring" with injuries all over his body. The pot is made of iron, and he is just a fortune-telling vagrancy, so he should avoid provoking others. From then on, besides fortune-telling, I just went to smoke opium, drink alcohol, and whore women.

The tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesn't stop. Guan Ta's sub-bureau chief is Dai Lidai's boss, the military commander. He squeezed a good barrel of oil out of this fortune teller and blew it away. This matter was known by the Central Committee led by Chen Lifu and Chen Guofu. The two families have always been incompatible, so the Southwest Station of the Central Committee also sent people to arrest Wu Datou. This time it was also torture to extract a confession, and the dead would come out of their souls here, Wu Datou knew the benefits, so he had to explain exactly how the military commander arrested him, how he squeezed his money, and how he let him go Bai, the central government will release people. The Central Command cannot beat the Military Command, so we will fight against each other and hold a press conference to expose the atrocities committed by the branch chief. This annoyed all the fortune-tellers in Chengdu who looked at yin houses and visited foundations, and they went to the city hall to petition together.

Under pressure, the branch chief was dismissed.

Now, Wu Datou's name became even more famous, and he became a "petition for the people" warrior, and his fortune-telling stall business was very good.

How to fight

But this good fortune did not last long. Half a month later, someone came to the place where he lived one night, covered his mouth with a wet veil, covered his eyes with dog skin plaster, and kidnapped him. Wu Datou knew who kidnapped him, and it must be someone from the military commander who came to take revenge. Fortunately, his luck came at the right time, just when Liu Xiang led his team into Chengdu, the great second brigade commander came to find his benefactor. The battalion commander under him came to invite Wu Datou, and when he saw that someone was kidnapping Wu Datou, he arrested the two robbers without saying a word. Together with Wu Datou, he came to the station of Bang Laoer Brigade Commander. After hearing Wu Datou's clarification of the truth, Bang Lao Er brigade commander buried the two military commanders alive. At that time, people in Sichuan hated the KMT's central army, and incidentally also hated the so-called central dispatchers. These Sichuan warlords are all about brother Pao's loyalty, so it doesn't matter what Dai Li or Chen Lifu or Chen Guofu you are. After these two life changes, Wu Datou has completely changed.


At that time, there was a large smoking pipe at Niushikou, which was very famous, and it was called "Luo Limei". This Wu Datou counted the lives of ten people every day, so he closed the stall and came here to swallow the clouds. Originally, the second brigade commander asked him to be a military adviser, but he refused. He knew that there was no joke in the army, and if he made a mistake, his head would fall to the ground.

The service in this opium hall is very thoughtful. Among other things, there are women who will rub your back for you, and young masters who will light cigarettes for you. If you want to sleep with a prostitute, there are beautiful young women waiting for you. Wu Datou doesn't like this mouthful, but just greedy for cigarettes. Take his words: "What is a god? This is called a god." He counted his own fate, and if he passed the hurdle, he was lucky. Now he has just entered Shun Luck.

Not everyone knows how to burn opium, and it is very particular. People in Sichuan call it a little bubble. There is a young master named Chen Gang who lights cigarettes very well. He often waits on Wu Datou. His cigarettes are wrapped very tightly, and he is smooth and comfortable when he smokes. This Chen was just eighteen or nineteen years old, and he had a sweet mouth, and he called him uncle and grandpa, making people's hearts sweet. No, Wu Datou, who has never married all his life, is rich now but has no son, so he wants to adopt Chen Gang as his son. But first look at his fate. That's not bad. He asked Chen Gang to report his birthday and said that he would tell his fortune for free. Of course, Chen Gang knew that this was a great blessing. This Wu Datou is not a person who pays for his life, not to mention that he is free.

Wu Datou made a calculation, this Chen Gang was destined to be rich, he is not an ordinary person, and he will be prosperous in the future. This is very particular about fortune-telling, it is called "Golden Fate", and it is hard to find in thousands of miles. This strengthens Chen Gang's determination to be his adopted son.

At first, Chen Gang declined. He said that he was a servant of a big smoke den, and he was a rich man now. But after Wu Datou worked for two days, Chen Gang figured it out. Looking for an opportunity, he held a banquet and officially became Wu Datou's adoptive son, changing his name to Wu Gang. This Wu Datou has not lived in a hotel for a long time. He has a large courtyard at the edge of the city, and hired servants, gardeners, chefs, and bodyguards. Because after a few incidents, he became more careful. This Wu Gang is no longer the young master in the opium hall, every day when he is waiting for Datou Wu to rest, he specially lights cigarettes for him. It's so cool to serve Wu Datou in a cloud. He also said "Father" one by one, so that Wu Datou didn't know his surname.

At this time, Wu Datou no longer set up a fortune-telling stall on the street, but in a special "fortune" room, just like a doctor's clinic. Only the top ten will have a chance. The remuneration is not the fifty cents in the street in the past, but two silver dollars. Of course only rich people have money to come. Common people can't get enough to eat, how can they afford such an expensive life!

This Wu Datou is making money every day, so of course he is very rich. On a dark night, Wu Gang served Wu Datou until he fell asleep, when suddenly an ax hit Wu Datou on the head, and before he could snort, he died.

It turned out that it was none other than his adopted son Wu Gang who killed Wu Datou. This Wu Gang is none other than the son of the dead military commander. He learned about his father's mission from his father's diary, and when he didn't see his father back, he knew something had happened, so he investigated this big head Wu. Knowing that Wu Datou likes to smoke opium, he went to the opium hall as a young master, looking for opportunities. Unexpectedly, when he fell asleep and hit the pillow, Wu Datou wanted to adopt him as a foster son, so what happened later became a matter of course.

After Wu Datou's death, everyone sighed. A person who has been telling fortunes to others all his life ended up digging a big hole and jumping into it, even losing his own life.

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