Cursed Dead Island University Of Science And Technology Ghost October Peach Blossom

Among my current classmates, there are people from all over the country, and one of them is from Ningbo, Zhejiang. The story happened to her. Her name is Yi Yin, a very gentle name, because I often do some weird tricks in the class, such as fortune-telling, playing disc fairy, etc. She is very interested in these, so she often discusses with me, and the relationship is very good. There are four districts in the school. Yiyin lives in the girls' dormitory in Sipailou in the east district. Behind the dormitory is an old peach tree that was just replanted earlier this year. It is said to set off a ladylike atmosphere. Three days before the long holiday in October, the peach trees bloomed suddenly, the trees were as red as blood, the branches swayed in the wind, and the flowers fell colorfully, which was really beautiful. The old professors of the School of Life explain this because the genes inside the peach tree have mutated, plus climate factors, school soil factors and so on. Of course, some people think that the old peach tree has become a spirit.

No matter what the world says, the peach blossoms are still blooming brilliantly, attracting many campus lovers to take photos under the flowers. Yi Yin, who lived next door, was not in such a good mood, because the dormitory had changed since the peach blossoms bloomed. First, a puppy raised by her roommate drowned in the washbasin for no reason, and then all the sisters in the room felt something pressing on them every night when they slept, and they couldn’t move. Eyes are watching her all the time. She felt a little frightened, and thought she was in trouble, so she came to me and asked me to help her find a way. I'm just an empty theorist. Tan Xuan said that empty is okay, but collecting demons and catching ghosts is not a piece of material. But in order to save a little face in front of girls, he gave her a little parrot that he raised that could recite spells, and gave her a heart-warming comfort. Yi Yin took it religiously and hung it on the clothesline in the bathroom. On October 4th, the sisters in the same dormitory were all out shopping, and Yi Yin played basketball with a few male classmates all afternoon. At about five o'clock, she went back to the dormitory to drink a glass of water, and wanted to have a meal after taking a shower. Taking off her clothes, soaking in hot water, and relaxing both physically and mentally, all this made her feel like a dream. But it didn't take long before she realized that something was wrong. She was soaked in hot water, but felt a whizzing chill coming from the side.

Yi Yin took off the towel covering her face, and looked towards the bathtub inadvertently. She was quite surprised: from the stagnant water beside the bathtub, a strand of long black hair was slowly floating up. Yi Yin was stunned in shock, staring blankly at the water surface, only to see long hair constantly floating out from the bottom of the water, the long hair crawled into the bathtub wriggling like life, and then cursed the island of death , gradually, a body floated up under the bathtub. The woman's head, her eyes wide open, her face pale and with a strange and terrifying smile. Seeing that Yi Yin was too frightened to make a sound, the female ghost slowly approached her. When they met each other, her long hair wrapped around her neck, trying to drag Yi Yin's head into the water. Yiyin struggled desperately, but she couldn't control her body, and she couldn't speak with her tongue, so she had to let the ghost pull her into the water.

The moment her head was completely submerged in the water, Yiyin heard a woman's screams and cries: "You let me go, I will never do it again, don't push me down, don't, don't… Immediately afterwards, the voice changed its tone, mixed with anger and desolation: "Tell you to plant trees on my head, tell you to plant trees on my head…" Yiyin remembered that a classmate told her that this building A few years ago, a female student disappeared, and it happened during the National Day. Now it seems that the woman was not missing, but was pushed down, so after death, the grievances did not disappear, and they gathered in the place of death until the peach tree was transplanted, and the grievance was vented through the spirituality of the peach tree. But it was too late to understand all this, the water in the bathtub kept pouring into Yi Yin's body, and she began to lose consciousness. "Nama Maha Moyuling Peacock Buddha Mother Mingwang Bodhisattva", at the very moment, a mantra sounded in the bathroom, and Yi Yin felt his body relax suddenly, and his head came out of the water. Taking a deep breath, Yi Yin saw the parrot on the clothesline whirling above the bathtub while chanting "The Peacock Buddha Mother Mantra".

Looking at the water again, it is already normal. Although it has become cold, there is no chill. The next day, under the strong request of Yiyin's dorm roommate, the head teacher and the teachers in the department contacted the security department to secretly remove the peach tree. A female corpse that had turned into dry bones was brought out. The police found out that the deceased was the missing female student. Because she was in love with several boys, she was pushed down from the seventh floor by one of the geology students. During the National Day holiday, there were not many students at the school, so she dug a pit and buried her body.

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