Who Is The Ghost Buying Drunk For?

But this Wu Datou is very accurate in fortune-telling, and his business is very good. Fortunately, this person did not forget the old days and made a fortune. He remembered that the trouble he had at the beginning was that Wu Datou helped him change his life, so he sent a security battalion commander to Chengdu to give Wu Datou who was still setting up a fortune-telling stall on the street. Holding a gold plaque of "magic fortune telling" and two hundred silver dollars, Wu Datou, who was originally a low-ranking man, became a celebrity in no time. Of course, Chen Gang knew that this was a great blessing. This Wu Datou is not a person who pays for his life, not to mention that he is free. Knowing that Wu Datou likes to smoke opium, he went to the opium hall as a young master, looking for opportunities. … Continue readingWho Is The Ghost Buying Drunk For?