News Short Ghost Story About Barbecue And Eating Dead People

★ frog legs

Chen San is a self-proclaimed "gourmet" and has loved finding weird and unusual things to devour since he was a child. When he became an adult, he started a large business and traveled to all corners of the world to find news about people eating barbecue and eating dead people to satisfy his appetite.

In fact, people who know him secretly say that he is cruel because his biggest hobby is eating frog legs.

Some people would say that people who eat frogs must like their legs, so what does it have to do with cruelty?

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Chen San eats frog legs by tearing the legs off the frog alive and then asking someone to fry or grill them to make a delicacy. He often said: "If you wait until the frog is dead before eating the legs, the taste will be completely different from tearing the legs off alive."

Since it was publicized that frogs are human beings' good friends and the sale of frogs is prohibited, Chen San's hobby has been subject to many restrictions, and he feels very angry.

One day I heard from a friend that frogs are produced in the mountains and fields in the suburbs and their meat is delicious. When Chen San heard this, he felt as energetic as a shot of chicken blood. Regardless of his family's dissuasion, he drove to that strange and remote place.

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News about dead people eating barbecue_Deaths from eating barbecue_Man eating barbecue’/>

After finally asking all the way to find the destination, it was already dusk. He found that there were few people there, and there was only a small restaurant standing alone on the road in front of the village. The hungry Chen San got out of the car and entered the store, asking to eat frogs.

The boss hesitated for a long time, saying that there were regulations from above that did not allow restaurants to sell frog food. Chen San took out two big bills from his pocket. The boss smiled when he saw it and went straight to open up.

Not long after, the boss came in with a net full of jumping frogs to show him. He got excited and went to the kitchen with his boss to do it himself, tearing and tearing off all the frog legs.

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There is news about the mountain-style barbecue that can kill people . Although it is not luxurious, it is delicious and appetizing. After drinking a few glasses of the boss's home-brewed sake, I was already feeling tipsy. I couldn't drive back like this, so I slept in the boss's backyard guest room.

Just when I was confused, I heard someone shouting outside, saying loudly that someone reported that the store sold frogs to customers. Not only would the boss be fined, but the guests who were dining would also be fined.

Chen San's head was dizzy. He didn't understand how someone could report him after eating a frog leg. Listening to the noise, it seemed that a lot of people were coming. Some even yelled at him for being cruel to animals and beat him to death. .

The boss's flattering explanations were getting closer and closer, and it seemed that those people were about to come in. Not wanting to suffer the immediate loss, Chen San had an idea and hid in the big closet in the corner.

The door was opened, and the leader was a man in green clothes. He had a strange face, and his eyes were especially ridiculously big.

He searched the room for a while with bright eyes. The boss smiled and said, "There are really no guests. There are very few outsiders here."

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The man in green had a stern look on his face, and seemed to glance at the wardrobe, but said nothing. With a wave of his hand, the group of people followed him out, and the small restaurant finally became quiet.

The boss returned to the house and called Chen San softly: "Mr. Chen, they have left. Come out."

There was no reply. The boss shouted louder, but there was still no sound. He looked at the closet in the corner. It was the only one in the room that could hide people. He walked over and opened it, and the boss screamed.

Chen San had lost his breath and was curled up in the closet. His two thighs seemed to have been torn off by someone, and the fractures were uneven. Blood, like running water, had covered the closet and was now beginning to trickle down.

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