"Light Fear Afternoon Tea" The Full Text Of The Scary Ghost Story

Today I’m going to tell the story of Ahou, a netizen in the building. One afternoon last week, Ahou sent me a private message saying that she was bored at home, and she had been following my stories for several days to relieve her boredom. Thank you for not giving up. Ah Hou was so frightened by the long-winded fake ghost stories I concocted that she was sweating and couldn't care less. As she watched, she suddenly realized why the house was so quiet today.

Ahou subconsciously called her husband and asked him what he was doing. No one answered for a long time, and the originally lazy and pleasant afternoon was eerily quiet at this moment. Ah Hou was so angry that she roared several times, and then she heard her husband answering in the study room next door, writing materials. Ahou thought that he was too engrossed in the idea, so he stopped disturbing her husband and continued to read the post.

After a while, Ahou heard the sound of a game video coming from the study room next door. She got up and went over to see that her husband was indeed fighting fiercely in the game. Ahou was surprised and asked her husband: "Did you finish writing so quickly?" When her husband heard this, he also became Zhang Er King Kong and asked, "What are you writing about? Aren't I always playing games in this house?"

Ahou suddenly felt chills all over his body, and asked his husband sternly: "No way! You lied to me, right? I just called you several times, and my throat was broken!" Her husband couldn't take his eyes off the computer screen, and was extremely impatient. He said: "Hey, why don't you play games here instead of watching cat movies? How about I secretly lie to you?" Ah Hou thought about it again, it didn't make sense at all! But I had clearly screamed several times with my neck straight up, and heard my husband's answer clearly.

So the question becomes, who made the sound that Ahou heard? When she shouted loudly, were she and her husband in the same dimension? I don’t know, and it’s scary to think about it carefully.

Since I wrote the post, I have received private messages from netizens saying that they encountered something strange while reading the post, such as the screen going black at the first comment on a certain level, inexplicable crashes, etc. Compared with Ah Hou’s strange experience, everything is completely different. It’s no big deal. Could it be that I coded words late at night all year round, and because of my sincerity, I had a channel in the building? When I thought about this, I felt a little excitement amidst my panic. This just feels so good!

Ahou also shared with me a personal experience from her high school days. During the first year of high school, Ah Hou was very weak. He often suffered from colds, fevers and gastroenteritis. Sometimes he would vomit after drinking water. One day she played late with a dormitory classmate and slept in the classmate's dormitory.

People often get excited and find it hard to sleep when they change beds, not to mention Ah Houcai who had been playing wildly with her classmates all afternoon. She lay in bed tossing and turning and her thoughts were running wild. Suddenly, she glanced out the window and saw a strange human face emerging in the half-dark moonlight! Ahou's scalp went numb, and he was instantly frightened and at a loss. Immediately afterwards, a puff of black smoke floated into the room along the crack of the dormitory's simple wooden door, and transformed into a man in a Chinese tunic suit in front of Ahou's eyes.

Horrified, Ahou wanted to call out to the classmates around her, but found that she was too stunned to move or make a sound. She just watched the man in Mao suit floating around in the dormitory, acting like he was looking for something. Ahou was quite surprised, thinking that apart from a stack of meal tickets and a complete set of "The Final Battle of College Entrance Examination Questions", there was nothing valuable in the dormitory of my classmates. It wasn't until the sky was dimming and a rooster could faintly crow from the east that the strange man disappeared and the monkey returned to normal and could speak and move.

Early the next morning, Ahou, who had been up all night with a pair of panda eyes, told his classmates about what happened last night in shock. However, the classmates refused to believe it and joked that they had never met him after living here for so long. It's too weird. Could it be that the Zhongshan man in disguise is destined to be a monkey?

Until now, Ah Hou still doesn’t know the origin of the man in Mao suit. The only thing he is certain of is two things: First, he was awake at the time and was definitely not dreaming. Second, the man in the Chinese tunic suit had no ill intentions at all. He was just anxiously looking for something very important.

Looking for ghosts in a scary haunted house in this life, who hasn’t had a thrilling supernatural experience that sends chills down the spine just thinking about it! I don’t have one… So the more I wrote, the more I became envious and itchy my teeth. I had no choice but to chew on a proverb I heard recently to comfort myself: Good things and bad things are worse than nothing.

Thank you very much to the lovely Ah Hou for sharing these two supernatural and fun supernatural experiences with me. Let’s name them “Light Fear Afternoon Tea”. Please enjoy them with a cup of low-fat Fuli while reading. Looking for ghosts in the scary haunted house is so refreshing and wonderful. You deserve this feeling!

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