long Ghost Story

Wang Chao was probably afraid that the Chinese teacher would blame him, so he kept mumbling and refused to tell the truth, and was betrayed by me in the end. Ni Zhen December 29, 2023 [Long Ghost Story] Font: This ending leaves suspense and uncertainty, making readers have more questions and curiosity about this bizarre event. First, it is true that no one has ever seen the fool's mother, but the woman is mentally ill, and the fool's father is afraid of being laughed at, so he doesn't let her show up.

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Creepy Granny

I still ignored the old lady’s eyes that could be regarded as hatred, because the most important thing to me is the taste of the shrimp. On the last day, my parents took me to the food street. In front of the jelly shop, I only stopped. The old lady was at the door of the jelly shop with a weird smile on her face. My father crawled on me, and my father seemed to have noticed my abnormality, "What's the matter, baby? My little finger pointed to the old grandma at the door of the jelly shop. Mom and Dad didn't seem to see it. The old grandma smiled even more weirdly, and I was so scared that I cried. … Continue readingCreepy Granny


Nuwa is a goddess with the head of a man and the body of a snake. Back then, after she repaired the sky with five-colored stones, she sat on the back of a turtle in a daze. When she raised her head and saw the beautiful sunset in the sky, she could not help but smile. With a smile, she flew to the sky to pick up the five-colored clouds, and weaved two colorful god clothes, one is a blue man’s robe with a long robe and long sleeves, and the other is an elegant and delicate red dress for women. The kind-hearted Nuwa prayed to heaven, if she Meet him wearing the five-colored divine clothes, then they will be in love for the rest of their lives, and nothing in the world can separate them, except death. … Continue readingWucaiyi