Chapter 687: What Appears

Yang Jian didn't expect that at this time, he would enter the market to look for Xiao Yuan and Lin Xiaoxi and watch him die , but in the end he would become the most dangerous person.

There were strange things approaching from all directions. These approaching things were all terrifying supernatural events that he had experienced before. It was like the fear in his heart manifested in a dream, leaving no room for escape.

The old man who looked exactly like the ghost who knocked on the door, the woman who was holding a baby as a starving ghost, the heavy coffin carried out from a nearby shop, he was not sure whether there was a ghost inside… ….These are nothing. The most fatal thing is that the person blocking the front is a girl wearing red clothes and a red headband, who looks like a girl who is about to get married.

Ghost Bride.

A nightmare within a nightmare, Yang Jian had briefly come into contact with this thing. At that time, the three levels of ghost realm could not stop the ghost bride from killing people. The ghost paintings suspected to be related to the ghost bride suppressed his ghost eyes. Can't open.

It's impossible to face this thing without being afraid.

"There is only one real ghost in the dream. The others are all false and can be killed." Yang Jian gritted his teeth and did not move. He held tightly the one he just picked up from the stall in his hand. knife.

At this time, I can only choose to fight hard.

Although he now only has one hand and has lost the power of the ghost in his body, his mentality and quality are still there, and it is impossible to sit still and wait for death.

"These weird people approaching me should all be fake and illusory, but not all of them are necessarily fake. They may also be real… The real ghost is hidden among these things. It will definitely be there. When you get close to me, take advantage of me when I'm not paying attention, and kill me here."

Although Yang Jian was a little panicked at first, he calmed down extraordinarily now.

Because this is also an opportunity for him.

An opportunity to kill the ghosts here.

As long as the real ghost is killed in the dream, the nightmare will end. This is the rule that Madoka and Lin Xiaoxi figured out before.

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But the only thing Yang Jian is worried about now is whether the ghost in the dream is really that easy to deal with?

You must know that the time in the dream has entered the middle and late stages. According to the situation in the dream, the later the ghost appears, the scarier it will be. In the end, you will not even be able to deal with it.

"Knocking ghost, ghost baby, ghost coffin…or ghost bride." Yang Jian quickly glanced around.

The knife in his hand became tighter and tighter.

It seemed like a random choice, but in fact he didn't think so, because the ghost here was very familiar with his memory. If the ghost wanted to get close to him and do something to him, he would choose a target that he was least likely to target.


Absolutely not. I had already slashed this guy with a knife just now. If it was a ghost, it would be impossible to chase him.

Ghost baby?

Or the woman holding the ghost baby?

Yang Jian's eyes flickered. This possibility was very high. In addition, the probability of the ghost bride was also not small.

There are so many weird people here, and the one he dares not approach the most is the ghost bride, and the tall male corpse that appeared in the market before. This thing is so terrifying in real life that it makes people tremble. The existence has the strange ability to kill any ghost master.

But during the time he was thinking, the strange people around him had already approached within ten meters of Yang Jian.

"I borrowed it, I borrowed it, and the person in front gave way."

A voice rang out, it was the owner of the coffin shop, and then the coffin in the shop was carried over by five or six people. It seemed that they were traveling with Yang Jian and wanted to pass by him.

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Dangerous people and things are approaching.

Although it looks lively, the normal market is actually dangerous and scary.

"Do it."

Yang Jian gritted his teeth and didn't want to think any more. He felt that the devil here was scratching his head because of his own style of doing things. He liked to think first and then act, so that he missed some very important opportunities, so he planned to change and started to be impulsive and reckless. .

Anyway, people and ghosts in dreams can be killed. If that's the case, it's a waste of time.

In an instant, he rushed out like a thug.

The first target is the ghost bride.

The best way to face fear is to get rid of fear, kill the ghost in the red wedding dress first, and then let it disappear from your nightmare.

Yang Jian's only remaining hand was holding the sharp knife tightly. He felt that the blood in his body was boiling and his heartbeat was intensifying. It was like an ordinary person killing someone for the first time. Logically speaking, this feeling should not appear again. Because his body was affected by ghosts, if he really wanted to kill someone, he would not even blink an eyelid, just like crushing an ant.

"By the way, without the influence of ghosts, this is the real me… It turns out that I can also be nervous, scared, and excited. My instincts and subconsciousness were all influenced and suppressed by ghosts before that. Now that I have escaped the influence of ghosts and entered the dream, these potential things of mine can emerge."

Yang Jian's eyes were slightly red, and he was violently murderous at this moment.

He rushed in front of the strange man dressed as a ghost bride, and stabbed it directly with the sharp knife in his hand without any hesitation.

It's precise, but it's more ruthless.

After all he has experienced, his growth is still very obvious. I dare not say that he is at least a ruthless person compared to his murderous cousin.

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The sharp knife pierced the body of the ghost bride very easily, passed through the clothes and penetrated deeply into it.

The feeling of the flesh being torn apart came clearly, which made people feel strange, but it also allowed some of their negative emotions to be vented.

Is this what it feels like to stab a ghost with your own hands?

At this moment, Yang Jian was no longer afraid of the Ghost Bride, and felt like he was looking down on life and death.

To put it simply, this state is a red eye.

"Plop!" No abnormality appeared as expected. After the ghost bride was stabbed, her body swayed, and finally she fell to the ground. Blood flowed and dyed the surrounding area red.

It did not attack Yang Jian, or even resist. It was like a flower stand. It only had the image of a ghost bride, but did not have the ghost bride's terrifying and strange ghost abilities. Therefore, in the dream, it was injured and died.

But the ghost bride's fall did not stop the others from approaching.

It seems that this death will not affect the outcome of Yang Jian's continued attacks.

"Isn't it a ghost? Then keep killing." Yang Jian became more and more bold, but at the same time he did not lose his mind.

Without any words, he held the sharp knife and stared at the woman holding the ghost baby.

The ghost baby is a ghost, and the woman is not a human being. We cannot treat them as normal, so there is no sense of guilt or guilt, so Yang Jian rushed over again, taking advantage of the moment to solve the problem first. A few of them can be eliminated. As long as there are fewer people around, the probability that the remaining ones are ghosts will increase, and your own safety will be guaranteed.

Facing Yang Jian's attack, the woman did not run away, but the ghost baby in her arms let out a shrill scream, like a real ghost, which made people's hair stand on end.

But these things couldn't stop Yang Jian's actions. He quickly killed the woman and the black and blue dead baby.

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Breathing heavily.


Yang Jian seemed to have a kind of catharsis for his fear and caution when facing the fierce ghost. He had an indescribable and hearty feeling, and he was trembling at this moment.

It was not fear of watching him die , but excitement.

At this moment, his eyes were fixed on the old man who knocked on the door and sold his knife.

This is his third goal.

Yang Jian, holding the knife, rushed over again, ready to kill the old man in the nightmare.

But it didn't seem to go so smoothly at this moment. When Yang Jian rushed over, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his body. A stranger carrying a ghost coffin who was very close to him appeared next to him for some reason. , he held a long coffin nail in his hand, which pierced Yang Jian's body and entered his abdomen.

The blood was flowing, and the strength of the body seemed to be drained out at this moment.

Yang Jian turned around and looked.

He saw a strange and stiff face. The face was exactly the same as the corpse on the ghost rope before, but there were some differences. The previous faces were numb and dead, but there was something wrong with that face. Emotions reveal a hint of humanity.

But it is precisely because of this that this face looks so weird.

"Is this guy a ghost in a dream?"

Yang Jian woke up instantly. Although he was injured, he still gritted his teeth and roared, bursting out all his strength and fighting to the death.

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As long as you kill this guy and wake up from the nightmare, no matter how serious the injury is, it won't be a problem.

But the man with a strange face seemed to be alert, and quickly retreated, avoiding Yang Jian, and distanced himself, as if this ghost had been killed like this at some point in the past, so it learned , I have grown up and will not make the same mistakes again. I am so experienced that it is shameless.

The desperate attempt failed.

Yang Jian stumbled and fell to the ground. His wounds were getting worse and the blood was being drained.

At this time, the old man selling the knife came over. It did not attack Yang Jian, but picked up the knife in Yang Jian's hand, and then left without saying a word.

Yang Jian wanted to stop it, but had no strength.

The injury was too serious, and the long coffin nail was still stuck in his body.

Suspected to be the ghost in the dream, he was standing aside, stiff, with a somewhat weird smile on his ashen face.

The ghost did not approach, but waited for Yang Jian to die.

It is too cautious and cautious.

It also seemed to have touched all of Yang Jian's characters, so it disguised itself as a coffin bearer and carried the ghost coffin. In Yang Jian's mind, he felt that the ghost bride was in great danger, the starving ghost was in great danger, and the knocking ghost was in great danger. …In fact, it is neither. The real danger lurks in the small and inconspicuous corners.

"This guy…" Although Yang Jian was seriously injured and lying on the ground, he was not dead and his consciousness was very fresh.

Looking at the ghost not far ahead, he felt angry.

There is also a sense of powerlessness.

It turns out that this nightmare is like this. People and ghosts are all very fragile. If they are stabbed, they will lose all their ability to move.

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