Chapter 9 Ghost Signal

Since I left the army, I have often had nightmares, or suffered from insomnia all night. After starting an antique business in Beijing, I had a spiritual sustenance, which gradually improved, and I fell asleep when I fell down.

After an unknown amount of time, he was suddenly woken up gently by someone.

Although I was sleepy, I felt a faint sense of uneasiness in my heart. At this moment, I was pushed and woke up immediately. At this time, the heavy clouds in the sky had moved away, and the cold moonlight was coming down. The person who woke me up was Shirley Yang. Seeing that I opened my eyes, Shirley Yang immediately put her finger to her lips and made a silent gesture, signaling me not to speak loudly.

I looked around, and the fat man was still sleeping like a dead pig in the sleeping bag, and I didn't know when a thin blanket was added to my body. At this time, my brain had just woken up from a deep sleep, and it was still a little hard to use, but then I understood that there was something wrong.

I saw that Shirley Yang had already held the 64-type pistol in his hand, pointed to the two intertwined husband and wife trees with the other finger, and pointed to his own ear, asking me to listen carefully to the sound in the tree.

I immediately turned over and sat up, and listened carefully. Although I didn't have the windy ear skills like a partridge whistle, I could clearly hear what the horse ghost was referring to in this extremely silent forest, so close to the big tree. There was a light tapping sound coming from inside the tree.

The sound was not loud, but it seemed very strange in the dark night, completely out of rhythm, what was it coming from? It's definitely not a woodpecker, and the sound is coming from the trunk above. Is there something in the tree?

Thinking of this, I can’t help but feel a little nervous. What is the horse ghost referring to ? It is said that there are accompanying tombs and burial pits around the tomb of King Xian, as well as those human figurines hanging upside down as "Yin Yin". God knows what else is in this old forest. evil things.

I didn't dare to make a sound, and slowly pulled back the bolt of the "Jianwei" rifle, and hung the carrying bag on my body. In the carrying bag are the hooves of the black donkey from the Xiexie Town Corpse, as well as corpse binding ropes, glutinous rice and other things. No matter what the situation is, if you have these things, you can fight with it.

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At this time, the dull knocking sound sounded again, like water droplets, and like fingers hitting an iron plate, fast and slow. I looked towards the source of the sound, and my sight was blocked by the branches and leaves of the trees, so I couldn't see the situation above clearly. The moonlight flickered between the branches, making it even more haunting.

Shirley Yang whispered in my ear: "You fell asleep just now, and I heard this sound after I calmed down. It seems that there is someone in the tree…"

I also asked in a low voice: "Human? How can you be sure it's not an animal?"

Shirley Yang said: "The sound is small and weird, and there are no rules. I thought it was from an animal at first, but I just listened carefully and heard a short Morse code signal. However, this signal only appeared once. Afterwards, it became less regular, perhaps because the signal sound was relatively small, and I most likely missed part of it.”

I was at a loss, but the unease in my heart became more intense. I whispered to Shirley Yang: "Morse code? That is the international code with only two signals, long and short? What did you hear?"

Shirley Yang said: "Three shorts, three longs and three shorts, that is, beep, beep, beep, translated into the international distress signal — SOS."

I said to Shirley Yang: "Don't scare yourself. Although this Morse code is the most popular in the world, it is a secret code that is encoded in English after all. In this forest, there are only blind people and others in the Republic of China. I have been here before, and there are a few stone quarry workers who have come here. They just walked through the cave out of curiosity, went in and walked around the edge of the forest before going back. The local people are very superstitious, so they dare not come to Zhelong Mountain back forest because they are afraid of running into ghosts… ghosts."

When I said the last word, I felt unlucky, so I hurriedly spat, and said in my heart: "There is no taboo."

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Shirley Yang waved to me, told me not to talk, and listened carefully, the voice came out from the tree again, this time I heard it clearly, there were short and long, it really was three short and three long plus three short, short Urgent, long and heavy.

At this time, Shirley Yang had already taken the wolf eye out of the bag: "I'll go to the tree to have a look."

I grabbed her and said: "I can't go, look at the moon in the sky is red, and the monster fog in the forest is getting thicker, there must be dead people in the tree, this sound is the ghost signal in the legend."

Shirley Yang asked: "What is a ghost signal? Why have I never heard of it?"

I said to Shirley Yang: "You don't know, there has always been this kind of legend in the army. Some troops stationed in remote mountainous areas often receive inexplicable signals on the radio. These signals are intermittent. There are calls for help and warnings. In short, the content is all kinds of strange. When the troops receive such radio waves, they will think that there are victims asking for help, and most of them will send people to search for the source of the radio signal, but those who have gone will never come back. After that, those ghostly signals disappeared immediately, so this is the legendary signal of ecstasy."

Shirley Yang had already put the mountaineering helmet on his head, and said to me: "How can such rumors be accurate? This place has already entered the scope of Xianwang's tomb, so any unusual situation may be related to Xianwang's tomb. It is related to the king's tomb, we must investigate to find out the truth. Besides, if there is really a trapped person asking for help, we can't just ignore death."

After Shirley Yang finished speaking, he used the climbing pick to hang on the thick vines on the tree trunk, and climbed up, with very brisk movements, and he climbed halfway in a few strokes. These two entangled couple old trees are about 20 meters high, and the canopy with a diameter of more than 100 meters blocks the moonlight. In addition, the branches and leaves on the trees are too dense, and you can see them with a wolf-eyed flashlight under the trees. Height within ten meters.

Our searchlights have been destroyed, and the most powerful lighting now is to use flare guns to fire flares. This place has not yet entered the worm valley, and there will be no supplies on the way, so we can't use it here. I saw Shirley Yang climbing higher and higher on the tree. I was very worried about her safety. I hurriedly woke up the fat man in the sleeping bag and asked the fat man to meet him under the tree. climbed up the tree.

The fat man had just been woken up by me, and he hadn't figured out the situation yet, so he kept asking me what was going on under the tree holding his "sword power". As soon as I climbed to a third of the height, I saw the fat man circling around with a gun like a headless fly under the tree, so I hung a climbing pick between the tree gaps, stopped and lowered my head and said to the fat man, "Don't put the gun on the ground." Go up, be careful that the fire will kill me. There seems to be something in this tree, let's climb up to see what's going on, and you should be vigilant below, don't be careless."

At this time, Shirley Yang, who had already climbed to the height of the old banyan tree, suddenly shouted: "There is half of the wreckage of the plane stuck on the top of the tree, which seems to be a plane of the US Air Force."

Hearing her words, I hurriedly climbed up with my hands and feet, looking for the light on Shirley Yang's mountaineering helmet, and saw that Shirley Yang was touching a dark object in the middle of the canopy. Can't tell if it's a plant or some kind of plane wreckage.

I climbed up to Shirley Yang, and then I could see clearly. Under the quiet and frosty moonlight, there was a section of the cabin of a huge plane inserted upside down between two trees. The wings and tail were missing, and there were several big holes in the fuselage. , the hole was stuffed with things, and it was impossible to see what was going on inside. The hatch had been separated from the fuselage, and it was completely deformed by the collision. It was covered with rust and mottled, thick moss and vines, almost becoming one with the tree trunk, and the landing gear got stuck in the gap between the trees.

I turned my head and looked at the tall and vast Zhelong Mountain at the other end. I thought that the plane probably hit the mountain and broke into several sections. This section of the cabin just fell on the treetop. With such a big impact, only these two rare huge couple trees can bear the nearby trees.

Shirley Yang pointed to a large piece of green plant mud covering the fuselage scraped off with a paratrooper knife, and let me watch it. There was a string of numbers C5X-R1XXX-XX2 (X is a vague and unrecognizable letter). I don’t know much about the United States. According to the rules of the Air Force, he asked Shirley Yang: "The bombers of the US Air Force? The Flying Tigers that aided China during the Anti-Japanese War?"

Shirley Yang said: "I haven't found the Flying Tigers logo on the fuselage. It should be the wreckage of a C-type transport plane of the US Air Force. It may have taken off from the Calcutta base in India during World War II for the Chinese expedition in Myitkyina, Myanmar. The military transports supplies. If it is supporting the Flying Tigers in the Chinese theater, there should be a blue sky and white sun mark on the fuselage."

I nodded and said: "This is not far from Myanmar. According to the news, dozens of wreckages of US military transport planes have been found in the area of ​​the Nujiang Grand Canyon and Gaoligong Mountain which is very close to here. During the three years from 1942 to 1945 Among them, no less than 600 or 700 U.S. military planes crashed in Southwest China on the China-Myanmar border and later on the Hump route, and one of them crashed here unexpectedly.”

The fat man waited anxiously under the tree, and shouted: "Old Hu, what are you two doing speculatively on the tree? You asked me to stand guard for you two at the bottom. What is there on the tree?"

I broke off a branch and threw it at the fat man under the tree from above: "What are you talking about, we found a US military transport plane in the tree, and I will go down after I find out…"

At this time, I suddenly remembered the sound of the distress signal knocking from the tree just now, and looked at the wreckage of the transport plane. How could anyone survive the crash? What happened to the signal? Could it be the undead soul of the crew pilot, who lingers and keeps asking for help…

At this time, the clouds in the sky suddenly covered the moon, and the tree immediately became dark. I held my breath, gestured to Shirley Yang, and put my ears on the cabin with her, to find out if there was that weird Moss inside. Code distress signal.

It doesn't matter if I listen to it, as soon as I put my ears on the cabin, I heard three rapid knocking sounds of "Dangdangdang" inside. The sound came so suddenly that I was taken aback. If I hadn't held the mountaineering pick firmly with my left hand, I would have almost rolled and fallen from the canopy.

We didn't dare to make too much noise from the beginning to the end. Except for me yelling a few words to the fat man under the tree, we talked in a low voice. Since we went up the tree, we haven't heard the "ghost signal" again. Suddenly it came out from the cabin, because it was too close, the voice was very clear, how could it not be shocking.

Shirley Yang and I looked at each other, and saw that she also had a puzzled look on her face: "Damn it, is there really something in it? I just saw a broken iron plate on the top of the cabin, let's open it and see Look inside."

Shirley Yang is not afraid, and naturally I can't show fear, so I nodded and agreed: "Okay, if there are still bones of American pilots inside, we will try to bury them temporarily, and then take the ID cards back. The rest is to notify The U.S. consulate is here, let them come to retrieve the remains. Americans don’t pay attention to the idea of ​​burying loyal bones everywhere in the green hills, and they will definitely cover them with the national flag and take them back to their hometown.”

Shirley Yang said: "That's my plan too. Let's do it. If there is… something in the cabin, we will deal with it with Captain Mojin's black donkey hooves."

I pretended to be calm and said with a smile: "We don't have to worry about it. This is a military transport plane. Maybe there are military supplies in it, preferably explosives or something like that. Maybe it will come in handy."

I spotted a tree branch where I could stand, and installed a tension-fixed piton in the gap between the trees, then fixed myself and the piton with a climbing rope, and used a climbing pick to pry the changed piece on the roof of the engine room. Shaped rotten iron plate.

Shirley Yang used a paratrooper knife to cut off the plant vines wrapped around the iron plate, and assisted me in opening the iron plate. Since more than 40 years later, the plane was seriously damaged and squeezed by the ever-growing old banyan tree. I pried the iron plate and only half of it fell off. With all my strength, I couldn't pry any more.

I lay prone in the hole in the cabin, trying to see what was sending signals non-stop, and Shirley Yang was covering me with a 64-type pistol and a black donkey's hoof. The tactical spotlight of the mountaineering helmet is far more useful in the jungle at night than in the deep hole, and it is enough to see the situation in the cabin clearly.

My heart was hanging in my throat, and I slowly leaned my head back. At this time, the forest was very quiet, and the knocking sound in the cabin was heard one after another. Every time there was a sound, my heart trembled Followed by Xuan Gao.

The beam of light from the headlights shot into the pitch-black interior of the cabin, and the first thing I saw was a pilot's helmet, as if the pilot's skeleton was just hanging under the iron plate that I pried open, but he lowered his head, it might be the plane When the crash occurred, the cervical spine was broken, and the head was hanging on the chest. The deformation of the body was serious, and the gap was narrow. I couldn't see the quality of the corpse under the helmet for a while, but I was sure that the angle of the head and body could not be the posture that a living person could make.

When he was about to reach out to lift the helmet up, who would have thought that the pilot's helmet, which was originally hanging down, suddenly moved twice slightly, as if he wanted to lift his head up forcefully. Every time he moved, there was a sound of hitting the iron sheet.

I was already covered in white sweat at the moment, and I screamed secretly: "It's bitter." This time I definitely encountered a zombie. When I was a child, I was most afraid of hearing the story of the zombie knocking on the coffin board in the coffin. I really encountered it today. However, he didn't know whether the black donkey hooves that Xiaowei Jin had used to restrain zombies since ancient times worked.

I bite the bullet and use the mountaineering pick to peel off the broken pilot's helmet, and with the other hand I lift up the black donkey's hoof and stuff it in. However, a strong golden light suddenly shot out from under the helmet…

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