The Wet Man Of Guanzhong Strange Talk

According to the records of "Ren's Family Words", the Jiang family has been doing this "crossing people during the day and crossing the soul at night" for six generations. The person sitting in front of us smoking a dry cigarette with his head sullen is the sixth generation of the Chiang family. This soul-crossing business will be over in this generation, because the sixth generation of Jiang's descendants have no wives, let alone heirs. Uncle Wu asked why this ordinary river can cross the soul at night? Jiang explained that this kind of Yin-Yang River is rare, and it must be where the Tianji is pointing right, and there happens to be a river flowing through it. Six generations ago, we didn't have the Yinyang River here. Did the Yinyang Corpse Collector have a heroine? However, a big earthquake moved a river in the north to our side for six miles, and this Yinyang River came into existence. It was at that time that my ancestors were chosen to be the Soul Ferryers. We are very lucky to have a Yinyang River here, and its location is on the Yuhe River in our county.

However, the Yuhe River we usually see is no different from other rivers. Even at night, I didn't notice anything unusual. When I expressed this doubt, Jiang smiled and said: "I will take you to see it tonight. If you are lucky, you may even meet some scattered souls crossing the river." After hearing this, I was very excited. "However, the river is about to dry up, so there are not too many opportunities for this. The water level has risen again after the continuous rain a few days ago. Tonight may be the last time for me to cross the soul. A few years ago, Fifth Master Ren gave My father calculated that this business should stop on the eighth day of October this year. I didn't believe it at the time, but now it seems that it is exactly the same."

At night, the three of us started to set off. Yuhe is not far away, about five kilometers away from our village. Mrs. Jiang was not used to taking a car, so he let us drive away, and he walked back by himself. When we arrived at a dilapidated hut by the river, Mrs. Jiang walked out of it. Experts naturally have great qualities. Although Uncle Wu and I were surprised, it was difficult to ask. The three sat down in the hut, drinking tea to pass the time. Jiang said: "There is still an hour to go. Don't be restless, don't be impatient, and don't make a sound when you see something for a while." Uncle Wu and I nodded, but Uncle Wu touched his bosom. I knew he was looking at the iron gossip. Anzai.

The three of them chatted one after another. It is very quiet here, except for the sound of slowly running water coming in through the window, there is almost no sound. In such a quiet environment, people tend to get nervous easily. While we were talking, there were three unhurried knocks on the door. I was startled, but Mrs. Jiang said, "It's okay, I'll go and see the door." After speaking, he stood up and opened the door. A young man in his twenties Standing at the door, dripping all over, she asked flatteringly, "Can you ferry me today?" Mrs. Jiang gave him a disgusted look, and said, "Well, who knows. Maybe it's possible…" The man seemed to have just left It was as if he had been fished out of the water, and his body was drenched, and dripping water continued to drip from his body, forming a large pool on the ground.

The man was still not reconciled, and said: "If you can, call me before you leave. Thank you very much." Jiang was already impatient, and said: "If you can, I will call you naturally, and you go." The man smiled, Happy to leave. When Mrs. Jiang closed the door, I obviously heard the sound of something heavy falling into the water. I was about to get up, but Mrs. Jiang pressed her down: "Don't move, it's okay. You'll know in a while." I asked Mrs. Jiang: "Grandpa, What kind of person is that? Why is he soaked all over?" Jiang said, "That's a poor man. It's not that I won't cross him, it's that I can't cross him, and I dare not cross him! Speaking of it, it has something to do with the drying up of the river. ."

Only then did Jiang talk about this somewhat bleak story:

This young man is called Hua Chen, but no one knows what his surname is. He used to be a peddler, and before liberation, he picked up a shoulder pole and ordered some odds and ends like needlework, and walked around the streets to make a living. When he came to our Yuhe Village, the husband of the widow Chen Meizi was dying.

The night before he died, Meizi's man came back from the outside, and the six dogs kept at home barked at him without exception. If he hadn't been chained, the man would have been torn to pieces by the dogs. The plum man wondered, these dogs have never been so disrespectful to him since he was a child, what happened today? It was Meizi who came out to stop the dog's madness, and the man Meizi entered the house. When he was lying on the kang after eating and smoking, the man Meizi felt dizzy, and soon his mouth and eyes were crooked, and his whole body twitched. Meizi was so frightened that he ran out without wearing shoes to invite the doctor from the village.

The doctor walked into Meizi's bedroom with his usual pace. The man lay unconscious on the kang. The doctor took out a silver needle as thick as a hair from his bag, burned it on the oil lamp, and then ordered Meizi to forcefully open the man's mouth. Afterwards, the doctor inserted a needle into the man's palate, about an inch. The man spat out a mouthful of black blood, and then sneezed seven times, then he laughed and said, "I'll just say it. With you here, I'm not willing to take this life!" Meizi said happily, "Thank you, sir. "He took out a silver dumpling from the bottom of the box and handed it to the Lang Zhong, but the Lang Zhong said with a gloomy face, "Leave it to him. Hurry up and send someone to tell Father Jiang, prepare to cross your soul." Meizi let out a loud voice Crying loudly, at this time, all the dogs outside the door broke free from their ropes, guarding outside the bedroom door and barking inward.

Not long after the doctor left, the man became more energetic. I can run and jump, and I ate two big bowls of lo mein. Meizi said happily, "Perhaps the doctor is wrong. You should be fine." The man was also happy, and the two talked all night. When the man woke up early in the morning to wash his face, he plunged his head into the washbasin and never got up again. The woman entered the bedroom from the outside, still holding hot steamed buns in her hand, but saw a vague young man riding on her husband's neck from the mirror. But her husband had already passed away.

At this moment, the voice of the salesman and the rhythmic beat of the rattle drum resounded happily in the whole village: "Here comes the needle, thread, thimble, and comb!" At the same time, Meizi threw away the steamed bun and stood there carefully Listen to the cries like the sound of nature. She accidentally ignored her husband who was still washing his face in the washbasin for a long time, walked out of the gate, and shouted to the young man's back: "Wait a minute!" The salesman turned around, but saw a woman full of joy. With a handsome pink face, the woman was also amazed at the young man's delicacy, and the two stood there staring blankly.

After a long time, the woman returned home, took out a large lock of hair stuffed in the crack of the wall, and exchanged some needles and threads with the young man. In the rural areas of Guanzhong, women with long hair will inevitably break or fall off when they comb their hair every day. This is a handful every day. They carefully collect these fallen hairs and stuff them in the cracks in the walls. Change some needles and thread to subsidize the household. The plum hair is long and thick, and after saving for a month, it has a big handful. The shopkeeper took the hair, and not only gave Meizi some more needles and threads, but also gave her a comb that could be inserted into the hair. The two of them know each other.

On the night Meizi buried the man, something strange happened. The body of Meizi's man lay quietly on a wooden board, enjoying the last time he stayed in his home. The guests who came to express their condolences all left one after another. In the second half of the night, only Meizi was left alone in front of the coffin, whining. At this time, on this clean and peaceful night, when a widow was guarding her husband's coffin, a wind blew up in the mourning hall. The wind was very cold, and the already weak lights of the two white candles in front of the coffin were blown even smaller, and the whole The mourning hall dimmed. The woman felt chills on her back, and she felt countless resentful eyes staring at her from behind. She stopped crying. At this time, the mourning hall became even more silent, even the six normally noisy dogs were also unusually quiet at this time…

The wind stopped, the lights flickered, and then turned on again. When Meizi looked at the husband's body again, she bit her tongue out in fright. The quilt on the man's body seemed to be fished out of the water, dripping water on the ground continuously. Meizi carefully lifted the quilt, and the man's body was also dripping wet. Meizi didn't even dare to take a big breath. She stared blankly at everything in front of her, and her mind went blank for the sudden change.

She just knelt like this, dazed and cold. Until the rooster crowed three times, everything finally returned to normal. Meizi, however, knelt in front of the coffin like a statue. When everyone lifted her up, her posture did not change. It wasn't until she was put on the kang, and a few maids helped her massage and dredge her muscles and bones, that she recovered a little.

After Meizi buried her husband, she lived alone. This kind of loneliness and misery can only be slightly relieved in the process of exchanging with the salesman once a month. In this village, apart from her dead husband, this shopkeeper was the person she had the most contact with. Over time, the two had an affair. The first person to discover this was the fool of Liu Er's family. One day at noon, the shopkeeper entered the village carrying a load. The fool followed behind the shopkeeper and carried the burden like him. Everyone watched happily. At this time, the fool suddenly lay on the ground and kept shaking his body up and down, and everyone laughed even harder. The salesman blushed, and amidst the laughter of the crowd, he left as if carrying a burden and fleeing, ignoring Meizi's call.

After the patriarch noticed this detail, he felt that the fool must have seen something, and after a little questioning, he knew that the shopkeeper and Meizi were not clean. So they sent someone to secretly monitor these two people. Finally, once, the two were caught in a broken cave dwelling. According to the rules, what is right and wrong in front of this kind of widow's door depends on who seduces whom. If the widow takes the initiative to seduce someone, she must hang it on the beam for three days, and the man can be exempted from punishment; His body crawled around the village for three days.

This man is also a man, he took the initiative to admit that he was wrong and seduced the widow. So, he had to crawl around the village for three days with the body of Meizi's husband on his back. On the night when the coffin was opened, the salesman was escorted into the cemetery, and when the coffin was dug out, a lot of water stains had already been seen seeping out of the coffin. When the coffin was opened, the plum man's body was suspended in the water slowly filling the coffin, without any signs of decay, and it was as if it had just fallen into the water. Everyone was surprised that no one dared to go down to pick up the corpse. So everyone untied the shopkeeper and kicked him down.

The salesman felt as if he had fallen into the water when he went down to the cemetery. He dragged the body out of the water, loaded it on his back, and crawled out of the cemetery. Strangely, the salesman's body was also dripping wet like falling water, dripping water constantly. The shopkeeper puffed his cheeks and crawled in the village alley, but he made a posture like swimming. Three days later, the shopkeeper disappeared, but Meizi's man came back to life! He smoked, drank, and beat plums as usual. This unimaginable thing happened just like that. After a period of panic, the villagers did not see that Meizi’s husband was any different from before, so they accepted the fact with peace of mind: a man died again more than half a year later. After he came back to life, he greeted the people in the village as usual, and flirted with the big girls and the young wives in the village… No one knew the whereabouts of the shopkeeper except me.

On the night that Meizi man died, I was the one who crossed his soul. This is actually a definite thing, because after I took over, my father has long since quit this job. The trembling plum man got on the boat, and he was talking to me, but I ignored him completely. Of course, I could hear and understand, but according to the rules, I couldn’t hear, let alone speak. He babbled and told me: "I know, Meizi will definitely steal people after I die. I told him to steal people! I told him to steal people." He laughed and shouted, "This way I can survive! Really alive." I knew what he meant. This must be the doctor's idea: after a person dies, if he falls into the water during the process of crossing his soul, he will be exempt from being judged by the Netherworld, thus temporarily sealing his soul on the Yin-Yang River. This is naturally a very painful thing, but it is a good way to survive. Then find a man (this man must have been a dewy couple with his wife) to carry the corpse for three days, and he will be reborn, but the soul of the corpse-carrying person can no longer cross the Yinyang River, and can only look at the water and sigh on the river bank . Before the doctor left, he told Meizi to inform my family that she was preparing to cross the soul. In fact, the plan had already been agreed upon. Of course, he finally accepted the piece of silver lump with a smile. Although he said that he would hold it in the hands of the plum man and hand it over to me at that time, but the Chinese soul runners have never had the rules of collecting gold and silver, and all the sayings are just to deceive people.

In fact, this plan is sure to be realized. Because before the man Meizi died, there were already signs: Meizi saw a person lying on the head of the man before he died, and the man Meizi died in the water. But just after the salesman entered the village, the man died. Is this a coincidence? Of course not, it's just a plan. As long as other men jumped into the water during the river crossing, they could largely survive.

So, after the boat sailed into the center of the Yinyang River , does the Yinyang Corpse Collector have a heroine ? This man is ready to fall into the river. Of course, I can't intervene, because I "can't hear", even if I do hear, I have to pretend not to hear, I'm just a punter. My mood was so contradictory at the time, of course I wanted to prevent him from jumping (of course being dragged down by a ghost in the water is another matter). However, once I stop him, it can only mean one thing: I heard. The consequence of this is: you don't have to do this kind of thing in the future. So I didn't stop him. After he jumped into the Yinyang River, he immediately reacted on his coffin. Meizi was thinking at the time, should she seduce that salesman? She knew it was a shame, but for the sake of her husband, it was completely beyond her control : All the wives married by men in the clan add men to the clan. Only she has just passed through the family and has not yet conceived a child. All hopes are pinned on her. The plan to seduce the salesman must be perfect, otherwise the hope of the entire clan will be destroyed.

After Meizi's man fell into the water, the body immediately appeared. This was the vision after the gust of wind, and the water in the coffin was also a sign that his soul was in the water. It all starts with the salesman. The peddler was really fooled, the idiot's performance was flawless, sending someone to follow him was just a feint, there was no need to follow him, Meizi was the best intelligence agent, it was actually very easy for her to get the peddler caught. Therefore, the shopkeeper can only be his own wet man on the shore, until now.

"Then what will happen if you force him to cross the river?" I asked curiously. Jiang smiled and said, "Then I can't come back either. It's getting late, let's go." After speaking, the three of us walked out of the room and walked to the ferry tied to the river bank. There was a wet figure beside the ferry, needless to say, it must be that peddler Hua Chen. He was still waiting, hoping to cross the river, Jiang said: "I still don't have your chance today, wait until next time." The salesman looked at Jiang disappointedly, but there was nothing he could do. left.

"Then who are we waiting for?" I asked Mrs. Jiang, and Uncle Wu said, "Don't tell me, Lao Jiang, let me guess!" Mrs. Jiang smiled, waiting for Uncle Wu's answer. Uncle Wu said: "I have a 90% chance of guessing right, we are waiting for the offspring of that plum!" Jiang still smiled, nodded but shook her head, and said: "This is the last guest! Look, he's here!" We followed the direction pointed by the soul walker, and saw a soul limping towards this direction. When we got to the ferry boat on the shore, we could see the man's face clearly. He looked very strange. If the highest point of one nose was the central axis, this central axis extended up and down to his whole body, and we could see two completely different faces. parts. The left half is tall and strong, and the right half is petite and flexible, like two different people put together. But his body is complete, not as abrupt as if it were really pieced together, but in this way, the shape of his head is very strange, like a shrunken teapot, or a weird-shaped pumpkin, The left side is about ten centimeters higher than the right side, and the already gray hair is like crops planted on the hillside, undulating and patchwork. And his eyes are naturally higher on one side and lower on the other, and their size and shape are completely different. His nose is the hardest hit, like two pears, one large and one small, cut in the middle and reattached one high and the other low. Together, the mouth is like a piece of lean meat suspended by two wires, one long and one short… This appearance is really unimaginable. I thought to myself, if you grow up like this, you must be very cautious. Once you break the law, it will be difficult to escape, and it will be easy to arrest.

Such a person can actually say: "Will you cross tonight?" It is obvious that the voices of two people are mixed together. "Du, I'll be waiting for you!" After Jiang finished speaking, she untied the cable, let us into the cabin first, and waited for that strange man to board the boat. However, just as the weirdo was about to take that short leg and was about to board the boat, the wet shopkeeper appeared in front of the weirdo. He stared at the other half of the weirdo's face angrily, and then fought fiercely with the weirdo. Tearing, the weird man had trouble moving, and the right half of his body resisted passively, and sometimes he even hit his left half to make trouble. When he couldn't let go, an old man with white beard and hair appeared on crutches! "It's really lively today, everyone is here!" I thought in the cabin. The old man didn't speak, but took out a big knife, this rusty big knife can still emit a cold and gloomy light in this dark night, on the banks of the Yin-Yang River. Without saying a word, he raised the big knife tremblingly, and slashed at the strange man's head! With this knife, the strange man's soul was immediately divided into two halves! The old man said to the shopkeeper, "I will return your flesh and blood to you! We owe neither!" My dead body? Do you dare to exchange my life back?" The old man said: "Why don't I want to! If I knew this was the case, I wouldn't agree to that doctor at all! Now I can't die, and you can't live either. Don't I want to die? Don't I? I'm getting old and I can't die. I'm not hard?"

The old man became more energetic as he spoke, completely ignoring the soul of the second son who had been divided into two halves: "I gave birth to a son and continued the incense to the ancestors, but who knew he was a freak! Half of the child is yours! How do you know?" What are you dissatisfied with?" "Why are you dragging me about the affairs of your clan? What does all this have to do with me? I am a shopkeeper, and I was involved in this big conspiracy for no reason. What does this have to do with me?" The old man said: "If you are not greedy for beauty, why are you here?" The salesman laughed and said: "I am greedy for beauty, what about your patriarch? He is not greedy for sex? What about the doctor? He is not greedy for sex? I have lost so many men, but I can't cross it! I can't even cross the Yin-Yang River when I'm dead!"

The old man was stunned. He was completely ignorant of these things, and he was bewildered. Decades of grievances ended like this. He didn't know how much his wife, the Lang Zhong and the Lang Zhong's elder brother who was the patriarch had concealed from him. The shopkeeper and Meizi's man, a pair of yin and yang enemies, experienced such absurdity when they met for the first time, which has to be embarrassing. However, they have the same purpose, which is to quickly cross the Yinyang River and start all over again. "That damned plum, the whore!" He was very excited when he thought of that woman.

However, like the salesman, this old man who can't remember his actual age often wants to die but can't. After Meizi died, he and his monster son lived a very difficult life. In order to cross the river, after he found out that he was too old to die, he frequently used various methods to commit suicide, hoping to start again. He really didn't want to drag this aging body indefinitely. When he jumped off a cliff from a high mountain, he was always caught by a branch and hung in the air for several days. When he was about to die of starvation, the branch, no matter what kind of tree it was, could bloom beautiful flowers after falling leaves. The flowers exuded a refreshing fragrance, and all the discomforts in his body disappeared without a trace in an instant; he cut his throat with a kitchen knife, but instead of bleeding, water spewed out from the blood vessels! And the wound healed quickly.

"You can't pass? The cock crows! This time, I'm doing something good, so I'll send you all there! Brilliance, come up first and bring your half son! Uncle, drink a few sips of river water and find a way to die. I'll wait for you!" Mrs. Jiang couldn't wait any longer, and this last soul crossing couldn't just be missed. The old man immediately drank a few sips of water from the Yinyang River, wiped the big knife on his neck fiercely, a stream of blood spurted out, and he fell to the ground quickly, a wandering spirit came out of his body, and he brought After the half son, he can get on the boat. Jiang said: "You are all people whose genealogies have been revoked by the underworld. According to the regulations, you can't cross the Yinyang River, so you hold half of your son tightly, and you can't let go at any time." The two nodded. The boat slowly left the pier and headed to the place on the other side full of beautiful flowers…

This Yin-Yang River is not wide, and it can be crossed to the other side in no time. But this waterway is not safe. The ghosts in the river swam to the boat one after another and tried their best to climb up. I was worried that they would climb up suddenly. But I soon discovered that these ghosts would never get on the ship. Because each of them worked hard to climb up, but when they saw that other guys were about to go up, they stopped one after another and pulled the person who was about to succeed, and it kept going like this, repeating itself. No wonder that Mrs. Jiang dismissed these wandering souls at all.

The river was pitch black, only a few incense sticks were burning on Jiang's boat, shining fainter than the stars. The wind is blowing, and there is a fragrance of flowers, which must be the fragrance of the other shore flowers. You should be able to see it on the other side. I know it's almost time, we should be almost there. At this time, the boat stopped suddenly, and here we are!

Can these three people go ashore? I was very worried, because the two of them obviously did not have the qualifications to cross the river, but Mrs. Jiang seemed confident and didn't care. Those three people went ashore, and two shadows came to approach them. They first reassembled the two and a half people, and the other two people locked up and left without asking any more questions. Before leaving, I seemed to look back at Jiang's boat, and my fifth uncle and I immediately retreated to the cabin, not daring to look any further. However, I still saw that face that was pitch-black and faceless, and I was terrified.

"We have to go back as soon as possible, or there will be no water in the river. We will talk about everything after we go back, don't talk." Jiang, who has become an old man, showed the physical strength of a young man after sending away the three souls. Rowing the boat desperately, I saw that the river bank was approaching the boat continuously, and the river was disappearing from here. Mrs. Jiang rowed desperately, but when she was a few hundred meters away from the bank of Yangmian River, the water of Yinyang River completely dried up. Mrs. Jiang yelled: "Run! You will die!" We ran desperately forward in the river full of skeletons and dead bodies. As soon as we landed, the rooster crowed. The three of them were panting, and Mrs. Jiang was panting like a bellows.

The three of them returned to the hut exhausted. The stove in the room was still burning red. It's good to be alive! It's nice to be able to talk! We sat silently for a while, and finally Jiang spoke: "The common surname in this village is Bai, and Meizi's man is named Bai. The patriarch, doctor, and Meizi's men are all of the same clan. But my Jiang family has been working since six generations ago. After starting this business, the population of the Bai clan began to decline. Not only that, but the lifespan of the Bai family also continued to shorten. The patriarch died at the age of forty. Although my Jiang family is not prosperous, but the life expectancy is long The Bai family asked someone to do a fortune-telling, saying that I, Jiang's crossing soul, broke his family's feng shui, and the reduction in life and death was due to the Yinyang River. If you want to reverse the feng shui again, you can only let the Yinyang River dry up , and then shifted, and the person surnamed Bai must act as the soul crosser before it can be reversed. As long as the Jiang family crosses the evil ghost once to violate the destiny, the goal can be achieved, but a person of the same family must be sacrificed, that is, there must be a person from the Bai family. Only when a man of bloodline is used as bait, can the goal of becoming a soul crosser be achieved! As long as everything is successful, the Jiang family will have no children and grandchildren, and the descendants of the Bai family will prosper and live a long life!

So the doctor used witchcraft to displace Meizi's man's soul. Before the plum man died suddenly, why did his dog bite him? The reason is here. This witchcraft has turned Meizi's man into half a human, and the other half is the upper body of an evil ghost. Afterwards, the salesman also accomplished this wonderful deed under the witchcraft. The Bai family was very cautious in handling things, so they would never make mistakes, and everything went smoothly. I had expected it when I crossed the plum man's soul, because it was just a feigned death caused by witchcraft, the soul was not entirely the plum man's, but half of the ghost's soul was there, he jumped down, the ghost's soul Still on my boat! I crossed the river by crossing the river with the ghost's soul, which was a disobedience to the destiny. I knew at the time that this business would not last long. Once the other side finds out, this business will be the same as the originally designated Yinyang River, and it will be impossible to do it! Hun Meizi committed adultery with the shopkeeper, carried the corpse and became a scapegoat, all of this was arranged by Bai Langzhong. Tonight, I want to go all out. Anyway, our Jiang family has lost all children and grandchildren and has been punished. Let's do good deeds to the end and send them all away. Although I know that these wronged souls are not qualified to cross the river, once their souls cross the river, they cannot be sent back, and they can re-enter the cycle of reincarnation. It can be regarded as exceeding them. "

"You mean, another Yinyang River has appeared now?" I asked Jiang. He replied: "This river has dried up, and another river will definitely appear. There will be no shortage of water in these sixty rivers." "Why did you choose the man with plums as the bait?" I still don't understand, They are born from the same root, so why rush each other! "The plum man didn't have a name in the end, he might as well be his mother-in-law. He was called 'Plum Man' all his life, why? Because this man was born illegitimately by the old man of the Bai family, and the old man only recognized this man before he died. Son. But because it involves the distribution of property, Langzhong and the patriarch have never acknowledged this fact. But there is no problem with bloodlines. So he was selected." "The soul-crossing man must be the descendant of that Bai Langzhong? "I totally get it. "To be precise, they are the descendants of Bai Langzhong and Meizi." Jiang said.

However, one night three days later, Mrs. Jiang found us again, and she was pleasantly surprised: "My business is here again." Uncle Wu and I were naturally happy, but we didn't quite understand. After Jiang's explanation, it became known that Bai Langzhong's carefully planned conspiracy had been brought to light. The reason was that Bai Langzhong's descendants followed the rules left by their ancestors: every time a soul is crossed, they will charge a fee by themselves. Therefore, the local people have rules after death. The living must hold a silverware in the hands of the deceased, otherwise they will not be reborn. This matter was finally found out by the other side, and after investigation, the fortune-teller was found. He was summoned to the trial hall together with Bai Langzhong, and confessed everything. The other side was grateful for Jiang's dedication, and then reopened the Yin-Yang Soul Ferry, with Jiang still at the helm.

"But the Jiang family only has your lineage left, and it will be difficult to continue, what should we do?" Fifth Uncle said sadly. But Mrs. Jiang said shyly: "It's not a problem, the descendant of the Langzhong has another father." My fifth uncle and I looked at each other and smiled, and immediately understood that the Bai Lang had planned for the rest of his life, but he didn't count the one named Meizi. The ambiguous relationship between the woman and Jiang's family is the most comprehensive plan, and Jiang's blood is still at the helm. Is this "one drink and one peck, could it be set beforehand" or "mantis catches cicada, and oriole follows behind"? It can only be left to the reader's imagination.

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