Chapter 53: Ghost Mother Hitting Bowl

We searched the ancient temple in front of us. There were no traces of anyone in the grass. Except for the weeds and rocks, we occasionally saw some animal bones half buried in the soil. Looking at the shape of the bones, there were even Tibetan horse bears. It is not known whether large animals like yaks died of old age or were left behind by other ferocious beasts.

During the journey to the gate of the ancient temple, the lama briefly talked about the situation of this abandoned temple. According to ancient legends in Tibet, the world’s king of jewels, who conquered enemies in the world, was entrusted by Princess Jiadi (Jiadi: Ancient Tibet With the help of Master Lianhua, he killed the demon concubine who hid in Kunlun Mountains. It has been described in detail in the long oral narrative poem that has been handed down for thousands of years. It is mentioned in the poem that The demon concubine was originally the reincarnation of the ghost mother of the Demon Kingdom.

Since ancient times, this valley not far from the Kunlun Spring has been a cursed place. The shepherds and livestock passing by here often disappear inexplicably. Find out why, but still have no clue.

Until the reign of Emperor Qianlong, a strong mountain collapse occurred. Someone found an unnamed ancient tomb exposed on the hillside. It was located on the back of the mountain and faced the lake. , only looked inward from the outside, only to see a lot of old oak trees inside.

Half of the stone path outside the ancient tomb is submerged in the lake. The stone men and animals in the tomb such as sheep and tigers have been damaged, and all inscriptions such as inscriptions and marks can't be found. It is impossible to know who is buried in this tomb. , People who stay nearby often bring disasters.

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The Living Buddha sent lamas into the cracked ancient tomb to search, and some human bones were pulled out from it, and the rest were rotten. In addition, a stone tablet was unearthed, engraved with a scene from an ancient Tibetan legend " The picture of the ghost mother hitting the bowl".

The local people think that all the disasters that happened here before must be related to the ghost mother and concubine of the Demon Kingdom. Maybe this is her final burial place. Later, this incident was learned by the court, because at that time Tibetan residents became more frequent. In order to win people's hearts and show the emperor's holiness and benevolence, the court funded and built a temple here to honor the "Valanta King Kong". Sweep away the evil spirits, and ask the living Buddha to send people to preside over the big and small things in the temple.

After the "Big Phoenix Temple" was completed, the incense was very popular for a while, and many herdsmen came from thousands of miles to travel around the mountains and lakes. But strange things continue to happen in this area. Many people see a strange man in Tsing Yi haunting the nearby lake at night. When the day turns around, one person will definitely drown in the water, and the drowned person will die. No matter whether a person is fat or thin, as soon as his head is submerged in water, even if he is rescued immediately, there will only be skin and bones left, as dry as bark.

People have witnessed more than one time that a giant blue hand as big as a wheel stretched out of the water, grabbed the people and animals on the bank, and pulled them into the water. Seeing the dead bones at the bottom of the lake, chanting sutras and doing great things, it didn't work, so I had to seal up the ancient tomb with stones, and abandoned the temple. In Tibetan areas where Buddhism is prosperous, the fact of abandoning temples is too rare. Afterwards, people warned each other to stay away from this ominous forbidden land.

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In the 1970s, except for some old lamas, the rest of these past events have gradually forgotten, and some people began to hunt winter grass on this barren meadow for convenience. The relics of the stone path we found are The sutra stones that blocked the cracks in the ancient tombs were all engraved with the big day scriptures of Tantric reincarnation mantras, which cannot be stepped on with your feet. The lama told us so far, shook his head and sighed, and muttered in a low voice: "Oh, there are not many people now. You still take Buddha's words seriously."

The big man heard this and said to me in a low voice: "Old Hu, can there really be such a thing as he said? Are you kidding me?"

I was noncommittal, thinking of the frequent volcanic activity at the bottom of the Kunlun Mountains a few days ago, which caused a major earthquake, which may have cracked the sealed ancient tomb again, but since everything in the tomb has already been destroyed by Qianlong It was emptied during the past few years, which means that there is only one "tomb" left here. I only know that the place of the tomb should not stay for a long time. As for the strange legend in this temple, I can't figure it out.

In order not to leave any clues behind, the four of us drew a certain distance in parallel and advanced to the broken wall of the ancient temple, but we found no suspicious signs along the way. At this time, the first group led by the company commander also Walking out of the wild grass, they didn't find anything there, and the two groups temporarily merged again and entered the "Great Phoenix Temple".

The temple was severely damaged and collapsed, only a few circles of ruined walls remained, and the scale of the year could be vaguely seen. At this time, a big and round moon appeared from the thick lead cloud, and the moon was as bright as In the afternoon, the dilapidated temple was brightly illuminated, but the heavy snow on the mountain ridge was still falling non-stop. The cold wind blew down, choking people's lungs and tubes, and the internal organs seemed to be frozen into ice. Appreciate, this wonderful scene of half moonlight and half snow.

The local garrison has such a catchphrase: "Passing Kunlun Mountain, entering the gate of ghosts, arriving at Budongquan, tears freeze into ice, Kunlun Pass, and wolves freeze to death." The mountain pass where the ruined temple is located is just a big hole for the wind, and the cold wind with ice slag pours in from all directions, forming a strange whimpering sound, lingering over the ancient temple of barren grass, the strangest thing is that here The temperature is very low, but the green plants next to it can still survive, and the lake never freezes, and there are no fish or aquatic plants in it. It is said that in ancient times, there was no wind and there were three-foot waves here. It dried up, leaving only a small piece of blisters, so it is regarded as the past life of "Ghost Lake Laangcuo".

As soon as the team entered the wall of the ruined temple, the company commander asked the lama to introduce the temple and the surrounding terrain to everyone in detail. After getting a good understanding, the company commander still divided the people into two groups. Go to the entrance of the ancient tomb behind the temple. The second group is responsible for searching the ruins of the ancient temple. It is necessary to confirm the situation and not cause unnecessary ethnic conflicts. If the missing squad is still not found before dawn, the superior will join the army The division dispatched the entire battalion to carry out search and rescue.

After the company commander made arrangements, he took his few people and walked straight through the Duantan. In fact, the ancient tomb behind the temple is not very spacious, only the size of two private houses. The reason why we saw the scripture stone for sealing the tomb in front of the temple is that the earthquake caused the cracks in the geological belt to expand, and the geological layer of the entire hillside was torn apart, and it was connected with the tomb at the other end.

We didn't dare to delay, let the lama lead the way, and searched the inside and outside of the ruined temple. In the middle, we saw a broken statue of a bull-faced, multi-armed god with a ferocious face. Anger, this is the mighty Dharma Vajra with the power to subdue evil and support good.

Under the statue of Dawei Dade Vajra, there is a large stone slab more than one meter thick, which was dug out from the ancient tomb behind the temple. It is very dilapidated and dilapidated. The big man, Director Xu, and I were all very curious about the stone carvings, and wanted to see what the ghost mother looked like, but the carvings on the huge stone were almost gone, and there was no color. Fortunately, the texture of the stone In detail, you can still see six or seven points of the old appearance.

A naked woman with three eyes and six arms, wearing strange ornaments all over her body. These ornaments are twisted in shape and seem to be related to snake gods. Beside her is a huge water bowl with cicada wing patterns on the body of the bowl. Sitting in the middle is a black and fat child, also with three eyes and six arms, holding a short snake-shaped staff and beating on the bowl. The background of the picture is countless piles of cow skulls.

The lower half of the stone slab may have been buried in the soil all year round, and has been eroded and rotted by water and soil, so we can only see the upper half of the picture. The director said: "This image is disrespectful to women. Fortunately, the evil feudal forces have been overthrown, and millions of serfs in Tibet have been liberated. This is all thanks to the chairman and his old man."

I said that is of course, so we should not forget the well digger and the chairman's teachings, and we must tighten the string of class struggle at all times. What does a ghost mother do? Is it the watchdog of the feudal ruling class?

The lama led us to the lake behind the temple, chanting mantras while walking, and talked about the origin of the ghost mother. It turns out that in the poem describing the deeds of the hero king, the biggest enemy of the Ling Kingdom is the devil country, and the ghost mother is the devil. The people with high status in the country are like queens, who are responsible for the reincarnation of the monarch after the death of the demon kingdom. The ghost mother will be reincarnated and reborn every time after death. Mother killed, otherwise the nightmare of Ling Kingdom will never stop.

In that era, death in people's eyes was divided into many levels. The death of the ghost mother must be the complete demise that terminated her reincarnation. When we mentioned these contents, we were reluctant to listen, so we accelerated our pace and suddenly thought in our hearts, The nine-story demon building hidden deep under the great glacier is the tomb of a nobleman from the Demon Kingdom, and a fucking ghost mother came out here. Does this mean that a large area nearby was once the mausoleum of the ancient Demon Kingdom?

The area behind the ruined temple is even more desolate and dilapidated, and the old lama has never been there. Everyone is on guard at the moment. I always don’t care, but I am personally on the scene, stepping on this wasteland that exists in ancient legends, I couldn’t help feeling tense all over. There was only a small pond left in the lake behind the temple. The herdsmen came to report to the People’s Liberation Army that this was the place where the yak was dragged into the water. There were still many traces of struggle and dragging on the ground. It doesn't look like an enemy agent in disguise.

The water in the pond is almost completely black, with rotten grass and mud, and a strong stench. The four of us stood by the pond without daring to take a deep breath. Said to me, "That looks like a military cap."

The big man was standing by the pond, sticking out his bayonet-mounted rifle, trying to pick out what looked like a sheepskin hat in the water, but I was about to stop him when suddenly the smelly water in the pond shook slightly, as if there was a huge cyan The man's hand quietly emerged from the bottom of the water, trying to catch the big man in . I immediately raised the semi-automatic rifle that had already been loaded. Corpse water golden silkworm ghost mother , the other group of people may also encounter unexpected situations…

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