The Wet Man Of Guanzhong Strange Talk

Then find a man (this man must have been a dewy couple with his wife) to carry the corpse for three days, and he will be reborn, but the soul of the corpse-carrying person can no longer cross the Yinyang River, and can only look at the water and sigh on the river bank . If you die, you can't even cross the Yinyang River! The Bai family asked someone to do a fortune-telling, saying that I, Jiang's crossing the soul, broke his family's Feng Shui, and the reduction in life and death was due to the Yin-Yang River. If you want to reverse Fengshui again, you can only let the Yinyang River dry up, and then move it, and the person surnamed Bai must act as a soul crosser to reverse it. That soul crossing man must be a descendant of that Bai Langzhong? … Continue readingThe Wet Man Of Guanzhong Strange Talk