The Shroud Part 2: Ghost Pot

The bonfire was blazing. Ao Lao looked at the old man Qing Kui doubtfully and said: "The people from the Central Plains are very courageous when they venture into the rainforest without a guide. I wonder what you call me?"

"Wu Chushan people," the old man Qing Kui replied, and asked at the same time, "Dare you ask the master's name?"

"The Dharma name is Ao Lao." Ao Lao put down the roasted pangolin leg in his hand and said.

Master Wu Chushan smiled slightly and said, "Master, I'm afraid he's not a monk, right?"

Ao Lao was startled and asked warily: "How can you see it?"

"How do monks eat animal meat? Isn't it suspected of killing animals and violating the precepts?" Wu Chushan said as he glanced at the pangolins grilling on the wooden frame.

Ao Lao smiled disapprovingly: "Those are the precepts of Mahayana Buddhism in the Central Plains. Our Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia does not have such a saying."

"Theravada Buddhism only allows eating 'three pure meats'. One has no eyesight, two has no ears to hear, and three has no thoughts. But the master kills wild beasts with his own hands and eats them. Isn't this a violation of the precepts?" Wu Chushan said aggressively.

Ao Lao was speechless for a moment, thinking in his mind, although these two uninvited guests are strong and strong, especially this old guy, who seems to have martial arts skills in his movements, they definitely have no internal strength. They are really ordinary people, and they are definitely no match for him. If he is unhappy, If so, you can knock it down at any time.

"Hmph, doesn't Monk Jigong in the Central Plains also drink alcohol and eat meat? Doesn't this count as breaking the precepts?" Ao Lao asked back.

The way of yin and yang couples_The dual practice of yin and yang suction wall gong for couples_What does yin yang gong mean

Wu Chushan smiled and said: "Buddha Jidian used illusions to save people, so we cannot generalize."

Ao Lao nodded and said with a sly smile: "Isn't I also crossing this pangolin?"

"Then why did Master capture a girl and close her numb acupoints?" Wu Chushan said coldly.

This guy was indeed a martial artist, and he could tell at a glance that Miss Shanni had been hit on the numb and mute points, so he was definitely not an ordinary person, and Old Ao was shocked.

"This…" Ao Lao didn't know how to explain, and murderous intent gradually arose in his heart.

Wu Chushan was originally an arrogant and aloof person. He saw at a glance that the monk in front of him was a fake, and he was definitely not a good guy who ate meat and kidnapped women. His chivalrous heart suddenly aroused and he decided to expose the fake monk's true face and save the girl.

"Who is Ao Lao? He pretended to be a monk and robbed women from good families. It is not allowed by nature." Wu Chushan saw the murderous look in Ao Lao's eyes. He was secretly on guard in his heart and spoke irritatingly.

"Humph, mind your own business…" Ao Lao suddenly took action while he was speaking. Sitting cross-legged on the ground, he suddenly jumped up in the air, and his index finger poked the Tanzhong point on Wu Chushan's chest like lightning.

Wu Chushan was shocked. He did not expect that this fake monk's martial arts was so good. His speed was definitely not comparable to that of ordinary masters in the world. Unfortunately, he had lost all his internal strength, which was sucked away by Huang Jianguo, a man from the Great Yin six years ago. Although he has some moves now, they are just a show after all. He hurriedly dodges, and the fingertips have already reached his chest…

Han Sheng, who was standing next to the mountain man, suddenly activated his corpse between his brows, his eyes opened suddenly, and he saw Ao Lao slowly jumping up, and then slowly thrust his finger towards the mountain man Wu Chu… so he rushed forward. , grabbed the roasted pangolin off the wooden stand and rushed towards it…

Gong_The way of yin and yang couples

There was a muffled sound of "pop", and Ao Lao's index finger had already penetrated the pangolin's hot belly…

"Ouch…" Ao Lao shouted, retracted his fingers, and stepped back. When he lowered his head, he saw that the skin on his fingers had been burned.

Han Sheng stood by the bonfire with a smile, tore off two pieces of tender pangolin meat and handed them to Wu Chushan. He said with a smile: "I happen to be hungry, let's satisfy my hunger first."

Ao Lao was astonished. He didn't see clearly what was going on at the time, but he felt the figure flicker and he was caught in the blink of an eye. It was simply unbelievable that such a magical movement technique existed in the world.

"You… you…" Ao Lao said in shock.

Wu Chushan ignored the fake monk, walked to the girl's side and said, "Don't be afraid, I will open the acupuncture points for you."

"Bang, bang," the mountain man clicked hard twice and released the girl's acupuncture points.

"Hansheng!" Shanni shouted with tears in her eyes.

Han Sheng was taken aback and looked at it carefully. He seemed familiar, so he said hesitantly: "You are…"

"I'm Shanni." Shanni said excitedly.

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"Sanni…" Han Sheng suddenly remembered that he had used half a bottle of Shanni, the human demon whose limbs had been chopped off by the great master Monratcha Ong Kumba, who was rescued from the Bangkok Miyangye slum six years ago. 'History' came to treat him and said in surprise, "Sanny, your hands and feet have grown back? Is the Yancheng boy still with you?"

Shanni's face turned red and she said shyly: "I am already a real woman. The boy from Yancheng is now Shanni's husband, and there is Nasuo. We all live in Mei Salong. All of this is thanks to my benefactor." Grant."

"Oh, that's great, Naisuo, your brother, I remember…" I met my old friend by chance in Hansheng Rainforest, and I was very happy, so I asked, "Sanni, how could you be arrested by this fake monk? What’s up?”

Shanni's eyes turned red and she whispered: "Ao Lao took me as a hostage and forced me to go to Guogang to marry a vice chairman named Deqin. If Shanni didn't comply, he would tap my acupuncture points…"

"Don't be afraid, Shanni, as long as we are here, no one will try to bully you." Han Sheng comforted her.

Wu Chushanren walked to Ao Lao and said lightly: "Go away."

Ao Lao rubbed his hot fingers and thought in private. This old guy should not be afraid. The young man named Han Sheng's martial arts is unfathomable. He is definitely no match for him. It seems that the only choice is to ask Comrade Huang Mingyue to take action… Thinking of this , he said with a chuckle: "Okay, today I will give you two Chinese comrades a favor." After that, he walked to the root of the Wangtian tree and shook Huang Jianguo awake from his deep sleep.

"Son, wake up, we're leaving." Ao Lao said softly.

"Dad, I'm hungry again." Huang Jianguo rubbed his eyes stupidly.

"Get up!" Ao Lao shouted sharply.

Huang Jianguo quickly got up, swallowing saliva.

Ao Lao pulled Huang Jianguo aside and whispered softly: "Son, there are two bad guys trying to steal our barbecue. Go ahead and suck them both."

"The bad guys are trying to steal our barbecue! I'm going to suck them all up…" Huang Jianguo was furious when he heard this. He stared at his two gray eyeballs and looked around for the thief.

Wu Chushan and Han Sheng never dreamed that this ugly, stupid, bald and toothless blind man would turn out to be Huang Jianguo. They didn't care about a disabled person and just watched with cold eyes to see what tricks this fake monk was going to play.

Ao Lao held Huang Jianguo's hand, pointed at Han Sheng, and said, "My son, that's him."

Before he finished speaking, Huang Jianguo looked at Han Sheng blindly, estimated the height of his waist, then tightened his nose, twitched his shoulders a few times, and then took a sudden breath…

Han Sheng saw the movement of this fool's nose inhaling, and felt that he had seen it before. Just as the thought flashed through his mind, he suddenly felt a chill in his abdomen, his navel seemed to open, and the essence in his body leaked out…not good. , "The Bardo Sucking Corpse Technique"! He suddenly realized and broke into a cold sweat.

Han Sheng does not know martial arts, but by chance he has mastered the "Hysteria Magic". He can hold his breath, go crazy, float in the air and look at people with flying eyes, but he has no internal strength. Logically speaking, as long as he is sucked into Huang Jianguo, he will have difficulty escaping. In the world, yin and yang wax and wane, and all things interact with each other. When Guo Pu realized the number one evil spell in the Central Plains, the "Bardo Corpse Absorbing Technique", he spent his whole life developing a set of ancient and strange "Eighteen Postures" to restrain it. Which one is higher or lower depends on the practitioner's understanding and skill in the "bardo corpse-sucking method". Although Han Sheng did not know the "Eighteen Moves of Zhu You" as a couple practicing Yin and Yang wall-absorbing skills , he mistakenly swallowed the Zhu You relic from Grandma Wang. When the relic entered his stomach, it turned into essence and became invisible, and Shen Caicai's mind The relics grow slowly inside the skull.

The relic essence in Hansheng's belly felt the old yin energy of the "bardo corpse-sucking method", so it condensed into a ball of old yang energy and sealed his Shenque point (belly button). Although it was unable to Defeat the enemy, but protect yourself.

"The great method of sucking corpses from the bardo!" Han Sheng shouted to Wu Chushan people to warn him.

The mountain man was shocked when he heard this. His inner strength was absorbed by this evil spell, and he almost lost his life. Unexpectedly, he would meet again in the rainforest of northern Myanmar tonight…

Han Sheng opened his eyes and swayed as the couple practiced the yin and yang wall-sucking skill . In an instant, Huang Jianguo's nose became suffocated. It turned out that Han Sheng tore off two pangolin meat shreds, kneaded them into two small balls, and stuffed them into Huang Jianguo was slapped several times in the nostrils.

"Dad, the bad guys hit me…" Huang Jianguo's eyes filled with tears and he shouted with great grievance.

Ao Lao was shocked when he saw that Huang Mingyue's "Bardo Corpse Absorbing Technique" had no effect on this young man. He was meeting a peerless master tonight. "Thirty-six Stratagems are the best", so he had better run for his life. So he quickly lifted Huang Jianguo onto his shoulders, and ran deep into the rain forest. The cane was only two or three meters away, and after a few ups and downs, it disappeared into the darkness.

Han Sheng was about to give chase when he was stopped by Wu Chushan.

"Stop chasing him. That Ao Lao is not weak in martial arts, and with his son who knows the 'Bardo Corpse Sucking Technique', it won't be worth it if something goes wrong." Shanren said.

"Unexpectedly, there are still people in this world who know this evil magic…" Han Sheng sighed sadly.

Wu Chushan nodded and sighed: "The world is so big, there are many wonders."

Han Sheng sighed for a long time, then turned around and said to Shanni: "Sanni, come and have something to eat first. We will take you home after dawn."

That night, Han Sheng and others slept outdoors beside the bonfire.

Early the next morning, a group of three people headed south towards Mae Salong.

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