Midnight Taxi

Today’s story was narrated by an enthusiastic netizen, and it made my hair stand on end and scared me. This friend repeatedly emphasized that this was his own personal experience, so even though it is horrifying and bizarre to read, readers please be merciful and don’t criticize me.

The story happened when this netizen was in the third grade of junior high school. As the high school entrance examination was approaching, the school arranged for them to study in the evening. After the self-study, they would clean the court and do their duty. When he and several classmates walked out of the school gate laughing, they were already It's past ten o'clock in the evening.

I don’t know what top prestigious school this netizen attended, but he was just in the third grade of junior high school and he was working so hard. I recall that when the original poster was in the third grade of junior high school, he would play with things all day long and chase "Slam Dunk" with the TV. It was really one moment and another moment!

Is Midnight Taxi a horror movie_Who stole the car in Midnight Taxi_Paranormal events in Midnight Taxi

Netizens and a group of classmates reported a mysterious midnight taxi incident . They spent almost half an hour at the bus stop, but no bus came in. It was cold in spring, and when the night wind blew, they suddenly felt cold all over their bodies, and they just wanted to get in the car and go home. I don't know who muttered in a low voice: "Why don't we guys take a taxi back? It's so cold!"

As soon as he finished speaking, before everyone could react, they saw a taxi with the red "empty" light on, whizzing past them without any intention of slowing down and stopping. Netizens and classmates felt that they had missed it. When they were about to stop a car, the netizen's sharp eyes saw that the taxi stopped more than ten meters in front of them.

Paranormal events in Midnight Taxi_Is Midnight Taxi a horror movie_Who stole the car in Midnight Taxi

So the netizen took the lead and ran towards the taxi. He opened the door first and got into the back seat. When he raised his head and was about to tell the driver his destination, he was suddenly stunned. The front row was empty, and there was no one in the driver's seat or passenger seat.

Netizens were horrified, thinking that a five-thunder attack was nothing more than that. At this time, the students behind started to squeeze towards the car one after another, and the netizens who reacted tried their best to push everyone out. At first, the students felt that the netizen was joking with them, so they pushed in harder and harder. In desperation, a netizen shouted: "Get off quickly, there is no driver in this car!!"

Is Midnight Taxi a horror movie_Who stole the car in Midnight Taxi_Paranormal events in Midnight Taxi

The classmate who had already squeezed up looked forward intently and said, "I'm going!" There really is no driver! He and the netizen quickly ran out of the car. Everyone stood in the cold wind of early spring, and they were shocked again. A few half-grown young men were shivering and swaying.

Someone said maybe the driver got off the car and went to the toilet? Everyone looked around for a while, but there were no public toilets or people on the quiet and deserted street in the dead of night. At this time, I heard one of the students exclaim: "Look, the taxi is gone!!!"

Supernatural events in Midnight Taxi_Who stole the car in Midnight Taxi_Is Midnight Taxi a horror movie

In less than three minutes, a Nuoda taxi appeared and disappeared before everyone's eyes. Netizens still remember that it was a night of full moon. The moon was big and round hanging in the dark sky, emitting a strange and dazzling moonlight.

For many years, this netizen has been puzzled about what his classmates saw back then. It is impossible for several people to have the same hallucination at the same time, but where did the taxi without the driver go in front of everyone?

Long after that incident, netizens accidentally heard that the classmate who got into the car after him had a car accident while taking a taxi and unfortunately passed away. I don't know if this is a weird coincidence or some kind of fulfillment. It's really scary to think about it and make you sweat.

The daytime belongs to the bustling world, but the dark night is a world where alien beings roam freely. Dear friends, you must be vigilant and cautious when traveling at midnight. Once you find someone or something strange or strange, you would rather believe that it is happening and run away immediately. It should be noted that reverence and respect for each other are the bottom line and principle for both parties to do their own thing without interfering with each other.

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