The Secret Of The Villa Basement

Wu Feng is a freshman who has just entered university, and his monthly living expenses are 1,200 yuan. He rented a separate villa in a private villa design high-end community for 400 yuan a month. It is very big. Wu Feng is really ecstatic, you know , only 400 yuan a month, renting a villa and it is in a high-end community, now he has the opportunity to show off, and he doesn't know why the landlord would do this.

Just after moving in, Wu Feng inspected the villa: a large living room, a kitchen, three bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a basement. Wu Feng checked carefully a few times and made sure there was nothing wrong with it. He thought it was fine, but It’s just that the basement is a bit weird. Wu Feng feels a little creepy when he enters the basement during the day.

And after Wu Feng moved in, he found that the neighbors around him were watching him carefully, just like the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) observing the designated target, think again: maybe just to see how the new neighbors are doing, Wu Feng didn't care too much, the first five days of moving into this house just passed.

But Wu Feng still felt it was very strange. These neighbors were staring at him more and more closely, for fear that something might happen to him. That night, after Wu Feng washed up and was about to go to bed, he suddenly heard footsteps. Wu Feng thought: "It's strange, I live alone in this house, so how can there be footsteps? Forget it, maybe it’s the neighbor.” Thinking of this, Wu Feng heaved a sigh of relief, and continued to walk upstairs. Halfway through, a thought flashed across: this villa is so big, How did the neighbor’s footsteps come from? Thinking of this, Wu Feng shuddered and tried to control his breathing. He stopped and walked slowly in the room, looking for the source of the footsteps. After he ruled out other rooms, he finally One room is just that: the basement.

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Wu Feng didn't fully believe in ghosts, but he didn't completely disbelieve them, so he was a little scared at this moment, and he listened carefully, and found that the footsteps were in the innermost part of the basement, as long as he went in carefully, it should be He would not be noticed by that thing, so he turned off the light to prevent the light from entering the basement when he opened the door, opened the door quietly, and walked slowly. There are many things in the room . If you want to get closer, you have to quietly Pass through these things without a sound.

Walking and walking, the ghost villa movie Baidu cloud , the surroundings were silent except for the sound of footsteps, Wu Feng could hear his own heartbeat, he hid behind a pile of objects, raised his head, looked, to his surprise there was nothing! But the footsteps Sheng Sheng was still lingering in the empty space more than ten meters in front of him. He remembered that there was an old man who knew yin and yang near this community, and he would look for him tomorrow, so Wu Feng tried his best to control his breathing and walked out slowly.

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The next day, he found Uncle Zhang who understood Yin and Yang. After listening to the situation, the uncle asked: "Has there been any unjust deaths in this room before?" , if you hear footsteps again at night, go down with a camera, the camera can capture a lot of invisible substances”

After Wu Feng left, he inquired about the neighbor who was staring at him the most. The neighbor said in a panic: "In this house, someone died six days ago. The cause of death is unknown. I don't know what the relationship is with the landlord. Price rented this house to you, we have been watching you just worried about what happened to you, hey, young man, I know you don't believe there are any monsters and ghosts in this world, but I advise you to be careful, tomorrow is this person The first seven to die…"

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When Wu Feng heard this, he was frightened. In the afternoon, he went to buy a few bottles of high-strength spirits to strengthen his courage at night. Time passed quickly, and at 11 o'clock in the evening, the terrifying footsteps sounded again. Feng drank a large bottle of wine, carried his camera, and tiptoed down. Wu Feng took a photo and went back lightly. Nothing happened. It was the same as yesterday, with footsteps and no one.

The next day, Wu Feng looked at the photo, oh my god: a man in a red dress, with a purple face, badly rotted, covered with moss, and covered in blood was wandering there. Wu Feng went to Uncle Zhang and told him everything he spoke

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Uncle Zhang looked at it and said: "I advise you to move out of here. This is the complaining ghost. Today is the first seven days. It is too late to deal with it. Today, the complaining ghost will turn into a fierce ghost. At that time, it will not just stay here." In the basement…"

However, Wu Feng didn't give up after listening to it. How could he give up on a villa worth 400 yuan a month? Uncle Zhang told Wu Feng that if you soak it in bamboo leaves and dew, and put it on your eyes, you can see that kind of beauty. Things, but they are generally used by professionals, and ordinary people can't cure ghosts even after seeing them.

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Time passed again, at 11 o'clock in the evening, footsteps came, Wu Feng wiped his eyes with bamboo leaves and water, pasted a few charms, and quietly went to the basement again.

The next day, everyone found that Wu Feng had died. After checking the cause, it was found that the sudden cardiac death was a sudden death caused by extreme fear.

What did he see?

Editor's remarks: A person who is greedy for petty gain and vanity will pay a heavy price.

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