Ghosts Hurt Love

1. Is he a ghost?

There are five people in our dormitory, they are Wang Ya, Zhang Jing, An Hui, Liu Xiao, and Li Ru.

But only An Hui has a boyfriend, because she is as beautiful as a flower.Therefore beauty is also a sin

Anhui's boyfriend (Li Chuan) treats her very well, which also makes us very envious and jealous. Every night, she will be sent back to the dormitory.

But every time Liu Xiao looked at him from the window, he looked at Liu Xiao with a strange look.

What surprised her even more was that there was no shadow of Li Chuan walking under the street lamp.

But Liu Xiao kept all of this a secret, she still didn't believe what she saw.

There is another reason: Li Chuan loves Anhui very much, and Anhui is also very happy now

that's enough

2. Are there ghosts in the world?

That night, An Hui went out to eat, and several other people chatted in the dormitory to pass the time.

Li Ru said, "Do you think there are ghosts in this world?"

Said: "Don't talk nonsense, how can there be ghosts in the world."

Liu Xiao hurriedly stopped and said, "Shut up, the trouble comes out of your mouth."

Li Ru said, "Cut! Don't be nervous, even if there are ghosts, I'm not afraid."

My Ghost Friend_Ghost Friend Thailand_My Ghost Friend

Zhang Jing stopped talking about this topic.

The next morning, they all got up very late, and they rushed to their classrooms when they were about to be late. They agreed to have dinner together in the cafeteria at noon, but Li Ru was nowhere to be seen.

The others didn't find it strange, maybe they went out with other friends, and Li Ru still didn't come back at night. It was dark at night, An Hui and Liu Xiao decided to go find her.

They searched everywhere in the school, but they dared not go to the stadium.

I heard that this stadium is haunted. A girl once committed suicide here, fearing that the ghost is still here. They felt that it was important to find someone, so they tremblingly entered the stadium with a flashlight.

The scene in front of them shocked them.

At this time, Li Ru's hair was disheveled, her eyes were wide open, as if she was about to come out, she suddenly became short of breath and fainted, and when Liu Xiao and An Hui carried her to the infirmary, she was already dead. Liu Xiao and An Hui kept crying and were very scared.

They didn't dare to fall asleep in the dormitory. Li Chuan came to accompany An Hui. An Hui cried even harder. Li Chuan hugged her and patted her on the back and said to her, "Don't be sad, this is also unpredictable." An Hui Asked her: "Can you stay with me?" Li Chuan said with a embarrassed expression: "I'm sorry, I can't accompany you."

At this time Liu Xiao was even more puzzled.

3. Eating meat

After Li Chuan left, the others couldn't fall asleep for a long time, An Hui was always sad, but Liu Xiao was always puzzled. Because when Li Ru died, there was a man clearly standing in the corner – Li Chuan, looking at An Hui with a very sad look.

At this time, Liu Xiao became more and more frightened as he thought about it, and before he knew it, it was twelve o'clock in the middle of the night.

Liu Xiao turned over and happened to be on the opposite bed. There was a figure under Wang Ya's bed. It was too dark and the lights were not turned on. So I couldn't see his appearance at all, and I didn't know if he was a man or a woman.

He was lying under the bed, eating something with relish. The sound made was chilling. But he just ate a mouthful and spit it out like this for a long time.

My Ghost Friend_Ghost Friend Thailand_My Ghost Friend

Suddenly a circle of light appeared on the wall, and the figure disappeared.

The next morning, they were awakened by a pungent smell, and they got up to look for the origin of the smell. Follow the smell to Wang Ya's bedside. They lifted the quilt and everyone vomited after seeing it.

Because Wang Ya has no flesh on her body at this time, only a skeleton with a few pieces of meat left on the skeleton. Turned into a shell, but her head is intact, but the hair is gone.

This way of dying made everyone feel broken and sad. An Hui was also in no mood to go on a date.

Zhang Jing secretly went to Liu Xiao and asked her what to do. Only then did Liu Xiao tell Zhang Jing what he saw.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Jing said: "We might as well kill An Hui, then we'll be fine."

Liu Xiao said in embarrassment: "It's not good for us to do this. After all, Anhui is our good friend."

Zhang Jing said with a dry smile: "If you don't kill her, we will be the ones who will die in the future. You should think it through yourself."

Liu Xiao smiled strangely

4. Betrayal

At lunch that day, she deliberately told An Hui not to eat, and brought her food herself, but on the way to a small forest, she poured a pile of white powder in her hand, but was stopped by Li Chuan.

Li Chuan shouted loudly: "She is your friend, how could you treat her like this, are you a femme fatale!"

Zhang Jing knew that Li Chuan was a ghost, so she didn't dare to resist and went back to the dormitory. But she didn't stop her actions.

In a place where the crowd was noisy, he followed An Hui and threw An Hui down the stairs, and looked at An Hui with panicked eyes the moment he fell.

_My Ghost Friend_Ghost Friend Thailand

Because Anhui thinks that Zhang Jing is her best friend, but she doesn't want to be betrayed.

An Hui was hospitalized for a month, Zhang Jing never came, Liu Xiao only came once in a while, and the two never mentioned this incident, as if they knew it well.

Li Chuan, on the other hand, accompanied her every day. He was at the bedside before she woke up in the morning, cooked for her at noon but didn't take a bite for himself, and went out to see the scenery with her in the afternoon when she was bored, and at night after she fell asleep. go again.

On the first night after being discharged from the hospital, Zhang Jing came to An Hui's bedside with a knife in her hand, and approached slowly, An Hui woke up.

Seeing Zhang Jing holding a knife in her hand, An Hui asked Zhang Jing: "Why did you do this, what did I do wrong?"

Zhang Jing said with a ferocious expression: "It's not all because of you, it's because you and the others are dead. You ordered Li Chuan to do this, right? You knew he was a ghost, so you used him."

An Hui opened her eyes wide and didn't believe all of this, but then she looked at Zhang Jing with a gentle expression, she held Zhang Jing's hand, and slashed her face fiercely, Zhang Jingque stopped and said: "This I'll let you go this time."

After Li Chuan knew all this, he went to Zhang Jing and said to her: "Since you already know that I am a ghost, then I will not hide it. If you dare to touch An Hui again, I can kill you in an instant." Drop it, if you don’t believe me, try it.”

And Liu Xiao disappeared a few days ago.

5. Forget worry grass

That morning, An Hui was wearing a white shirt and a long white skirt underneath. Her hair was long and fluttering in the wind, but her expression was tangled and sad.

Li Chuan approached her and hugged her tightly. As if to comfort her, An Hui cried on his shoulder, but said, "Li Chuan."

Li Chuan replied: "Yes, I am here."

An Hui said: "I hate you, I don't want to see you again." She pushed Li Chuan away and left.

Ghost Friend Thailand_My Ghost Friend_My Ghost Boyfriend

Later, she used various reasons to refuse Li Chuan's request to meet, and in order to make him give up, she even got together with another boy.

Li Chuan no longer entangles her, because he has no strength to entangle her. Now he is very weak and cannot see the sun, but Li Chuan always thinks of her.

Although Li Chuan is a ghost, he does not drink human blood, so it is difficult to survive in the human world. He knew that his time was short, so he went to the underworld.

Li Chuan doesn't like the underworld, he is kind by nature.

He came to Wangyoupo's side, and he said to Wangyoupo: "Grandma, please give me a piece of Wangyoucao, I am willing to exchange everything I have."

Wangyoupo stroked her hair and said, "Child, do you know the price of eating Wangyoucao? Although you will increase your spiritual power greatly after eating it, you can only survive for a week. After a week, you will be out of your wits." , why are you bothering? It's not worth it for a mortal woman."

Li Chuan smiled and said, "Grandma, I'm not afraid, she has become a part of my life before I know it, and she gave me courage."

Li Chuan went to find Anhui after eating Wangyoucao. He wanted to spend his only seven days with Anhui, but he didn't know that Anhui told him to go away.

Li Chuan was sad, but couldn't shed tears.

6. Crazy

Zhang Jing would have nightmares every night, in which there was always a voice telling her, you will die soon, don't worry, hahaha.

Zhang Jing said loudly: "I'll die." She jumped down without any hesitation. There were a lot of people gathered around the next morning. An Hui pushed through the crowd and saw that Zhang Jing was indeed bloody, but her mouth was smiling.

This should be a relief for Zhang Jing.

7. Ghosts are everywhere

There were fewer and fewer people in the dormitory, leaving only An Hui alone. It was Liu Xiao who came back and looked at her with evil eyes.

She approached An Hui, held a knife in her hand, put An Hui on the neck and said to her: "An Hui, you are so stupid, don't you ever doubt me? Why can I see ghosts, because I am Ghost, haha. If you were still with Li Chuan I couldn't touch you, but now you're away from him. I'm going to kill you so I can regain my spiritual power."

An Hui yelled at Li Chuan. It was Li Chuan who appeared in front of them. Liu Xiao said, "It's useless. With your current strength, you can't kill me."

Li Chuan laughed and said, "Oh, really? He took out Liu Xiao's heart as he spoke."

Liu Xiao fell to the ground, Li Chuan turned to look at An Hui and said, "Is it true that I can only exist for you when you need me? I will let anyone who hurts you die, but now I want to kill you ,I hate you."

Slowly walking in front of An Hui, only then did An Hui realize how fast time was.

When Li Chuan approached her and touched her chest, An Hui hugged Li Chuan, closed her eyes, and said in a trembling voice, "Li Chuan, you love me, right?"

At this moment, Li Chuan's movements stopped, and his hands gradually dropped. A tear was shed, to be precise, it was not tears but blood.

Li Chuan said: "I think I love you, these are not what I want to do, you understand."

An Hui smiled and said, "Yes, I understand."

Eight, still love him

An Hui still loves him, no matter if he is a human or a ghost, she still wants to be with Li Chuan, they hugged each other tightly, but at this moment, Li Chuan's soul disappeared, he disappeared and became a pile of ashes.

An Hui witnessed all this, she did not cry, she stabbed herself in the heart with a knife, and fell to the ground. But she smiled happily.

It turned out that for my ghost boyfriend , people and ghosts cannot love each other in the underworld. This violated the rules of the underworld, and the underworld sent many ghosts to hinder them. Ready to kill Anhui. But Li Chuan protected An Hui with what little power he had.

Anhui began to hate him, and gradually, his consciousness was blinded by hatred, so he went to kill Anhui, but when he heard Anhui's words, he still couldn't let Anhui go, and finally his power disappeared, leaving the first and last drop tears.

The love I give you is considered hurt by you.

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