Ghost Mom Caroline Mandarin Mysterious Sleepwalking

Lily is a very cute little girl , ghost mother Caroline Mandarin , and she is also the top student in her class, and her ranking in the school is always moving forward. The teacher likes her ghost mother Caroline Mandarin , and the classmates like her too. However, the better the grades, the more jealous some people will be. In the class, Lily’s three deadly enemies always call her in private: ghost!

One night, Lily was sleeping and her mother was watching TV. Suddenly, the power went out at home, and Lily jumped out like a zombie. He was still muttering: “I’m a ghost! I’m a ghost!” After walking around the house for 3 times, he went back to his room to sleep.


It’s been like this for days in a row.


On the fourth day, Lily jumped out like a zombie again. This time, her mother noticed that Lily’s lips were white.


Mom and Dad thought that Lily was sick, so they took Lily to the hospital for examination. The test results came back and Lily was healthy and showed no signs of being sick. However, Lily’s sleepwalking continued. On day 2, Lily died.


Hearing this news, the school was very sad, the teachers were very sad, but Lily’s nemesis cheered. What’s puzzling: Lily’s nemesis was all dead that night. Moreover, their blood is gone.


After another night, the power went out again in the house. The door to Lily’s room opened. Suddenly, as if something moved, a large pool of blood dripped in front of the door. The blood was still spreading to the house, and the voice came again: “I’m a ghost! I’m a ghost!” Mom took a closer look, and there was something looming, no, it was Lily who led the pool of blood, and she was at home. Walked 3 laps.

Likewise, Mom and Dad died, and the blood in their bodies was still gone. Who knows who the next one will be, maybe, the next one will be you!

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