The Shroud Part 2: Ghost Pot

After eating, Nizi came outside the yard, sat under the old elm tree, took out the martial arts secret book given to her by Master Yidu from her arms and continued to read. The two men were dressed in black and wearing high-waisted yellow sneakers with soft soles. They were lying behind the old elm tree, observing quietly. One of them was the middle-aged salesman who had been to the village during the day. The man in black kept doing nothing, stabbing the dagger straight into his body. With a "pop" sound, the sharp knife sank into Youliangniang's belly.

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The Second Part Of The Blue Sac Corpse: The Ghost Pot

Tanzhong acupoint is the meeting point of Renmai. The pericardium raises acupoint, also known as “Yuan’er”. As the saying goes, “When the Yuaner acupoint is clicked, the ghost jumps three times. The moonlight sarcophagus is connected with the ancestral tomb of the Guo family by means of the earth’s air. The biological magnetic field of the human corpse, which is commonly referred to as the ‘corpse gas’, is sucked into the sarcophagus, forming a phantom image of the corpse, just like a real person, and then gradually dissipated with the local gas and ran away to the old house. The white mist-like ominous aura was enough. Daoist Master Fei continued, “This old Guo’s corpse is the real body, because the corpse gas in the body is empty, and when the body is broken, the bones will shrink and the flesh will naturally collapse. … Continue readingThe Second Part Of The Blue Sac Corpse: The Ghost Pot